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Waffle's SC2 Tactics Thread; Openings, Build Orders and more!
Topic Started: Feb 5 2012, 01:59 PM (229 Views)
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Nhas berhu uhna'dha!

Forge Fast Expand:

Goal: A forge expand (FE) is meant to delay your army for a little while so you can have a stronger economy against a Zerg opponent. This build will allow you to have a much different mid game units and tactics, whilst staying safe from Zerg aggression.

There are two variations to this build, the Nexus First build or the Forge First Build, Nexus First is used when pressure from a Zerg opponent isn't imminent whilst Forge First is if pressure is coming, such as early Zerglings:

Nexus First Build:
9 - Pylon, scout
15 - Nexus
15 - Forge
15 - resume Probe production
18 - Gateway
18 - Photon Cannon
18 - Pylon at your Main base

Forge First Build:
9 - Pylon, scout
13 - Forge
17 - Nexus
17 - Photon Cannon
17 - Gateway
Zealot to finish off wall-in

When you send a probe into the Zerg's base, check for these which will allow you to judge weather to go Forge First, or Nexus First:
Hatchery First- Go Nexus first. There will be no chance of aggression for the next few minutes.
Early Extractor- There is a good chance of a Roach bust. Build additional Cannons as needed. Nexus first is viable though.
Spawning Pool, not more than 7 Drones- This is a 6/7 pool. Build the Forge ASAP and a pylon near your mineral line in your main, build a cannon in the middle of the mineral line and use probe micro to keep the cannon alive while taking as little damage as possible, then you can slowly add Gateway/gas/cybernetics core and go for standard play.

When you reach the mid game, you can transition into any of these more easily now with your FE:
6/7Gate Timing attack
Phoenix/Void Ray Combo

A forge fast expand on Shakuras:
Edited by Evilwaffles, Feb 6 2012, 08:10 AM.
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Nhas berhu uhna'dha!

1-1-1 Opening:

Goal: The point of the Barracks, Factory, Starport opening (1-1-1) is to allow the Terran to get a powerful army up earlier on in the game and to do some serious aggression which is hard for enemies to adapt to.

Build Order:
10 Supply Depot*
12 Barracks
13 Refinery (1)
15 Orbital Command
15 Marine (1-4)
16 Supply Depot (2)
16 Refinery (2)
19 Factory**
24 Starport
Notes: (*-Wall-in using the 2 Supply depots and a Barracks in TvP and TvZ) (**-Only start building addons after this point so as not to delay the Factory)

This build is safe from rushes if executed properly. You need to scout to determine weather to go harass or defensive)

Your transitions will vary depending upon which race you are playing against:
Open Banshee first then you can tech into Thors and Marine push.
Open Raven first for a PDD then make Cloaked banshees. Attack with the banshees after throwing down some PDD's.
Open Hellions then move into cloaked banshees whilst building up a bio force.
Edited by Evilwaffles, Feb 5 2012, 02:37 PM.
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