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[ti]DA[/ti]Nightmare Contest March 2012; Must... breathe... life!
Topic Started: Feb 29 2012, 05:56 PM (636 Views)
Deleted User
Deleted User

Hey all, just because I am just coming back and still going through hellos, that doesn't excuse me from my duties as contest coordinator. So, I'm coming up with a contest to try to get activity in the site once more.

Your task is to come up with the most scariest, original, and memorable nightmare you can think of. Obviously you can't copy it from an RP or any other published work besides your own. Members are limited to one entry only, but they are welcome to change them as much as they want until the contest's end.

Judging will be different this time. Instead of everyone simply voting on what they like best, I'll be judging these myself based on Originality, Horror, Humor (if it applies), and how memorable it is. These scores will be added up and an average will be totaled. The person with the highest score wins.

I'm going to put in an entry too, but mine doesn't count for obvious reasons. It might be used for inspiration, who knows? I like to participate too, you know. :P

Unfortunately, no little cute badge will be awarded this time because I can't edit the coding section of SFG (because it has so many characters it constantly requires a subscription to ZB Premium and if I try to edit, I am forced to shrink it down to the max amount of characters limited on ZB Free). If anyone has any better ideas, you are welcome to share them.

Well good luck to all and may the best man, woman, fox, or wolf win!
Member Avatar
Jem'Hadar Observer
Here's one that I actually had, that was one of the few things in recent memory to actually scare me.

I'm alone in a forest. It's winter, and about midnight. I'm walking, reading some book by the moonlight, when I hear a noise. I turn around, but see nothing, so I keep on walking. I hear it again, and turn around, this time catching a glimpse of... something. What it is, I'm not exactly sure of yet, only that it's white and glowing. Panicking, I try to run, only to find that my legs won't budge. No matter how much I will them, they stay put. The thing's course has changed now, and I see that it has gone around, changing course to face whichever way I face. The thing comes closer now. As it weaves between the trees, I notice that it looks like a girl, about fourteen or fifteen years old. However, the way it moves reveals its true nature to me. Floating on her back, and undulating through the air like how an eel does through water, I realize that this is a spirit of some kind. Whether ghost, demon, or something worse, I don't know. I only know that it's coming towards me. Fast, and head-first. I start breathing heavily, and try to run, only to find my legs still refusing to move. She's close now, very close. However, seconds before she could strike, she disappears. Thinking that she's behind me now, I don't turn around. Wrong move. She re-materializes not even a foot in front of my face. It is now that I see her face for the first time. It is hideous. It is as if Linda Blair from The Exorcist had spent time in the Cthulhu Mythos. Skin and hair white as snow, and glowing like cold fire. Scars black as the void between galaxies cover her face, and her equally dark eyes reflect an unnatural and unholy malice. She opens her mouth, revealing black gums, and rotting teeth. Except for her canines, which are as white as her skin and hair, and glisten like gemstones in the moonlight. It is here that she lets out a scream like a banshee, only full of hatred instead of sorrow. It is then that I wake up, heart racing, covered in sweat. It is some time before I can go back to sleep.
Deleted User
Deleted User

Holy fuck, dude. That's a nice one :D
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Shadow Element Lieutenant
For when you get back, when are the entries due by? I'll try to get my ideas down as soon as I possibly can, but I may not be fast enough.
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Damn, Taran'atar! That's good! O__o
Deleted User
Deleted User

For now, there is no date, since there is only one entry. I wanna try to judge by the beginning of April.
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CDF Third Lieutenant
Here is one that I had when I was 13.

Well it was about 1:00 p.m. (in the nightmare) and I was about 3 or 4 years old and I was looking at an old house from the back yard. It was getting cold so I decided to head inside. there was two doors, a screen one and a wooden one. The screen was torn and the wooden was half way off it's hinges. As I walked in I shut the wooden door behind me, It was dim but I could see well enough to make out the walls and floor. Tile was torn up and the wallpapper was old and worn, there was bits of glass on the floor mold and milldew was everywhere. I walked past a kitten and I saw half a pan of corn bread... the other half was filled with roaches. I continued down a hallway and I heard the faint sound of crying so I went down the hall to see who it was. I walked until I came to the second door to my left and walked in. I saw a woman on a bed... sobbing I walked up next to the bed and suddenly I ask "Mommy? What's wrong?" but this woman wasn't my mother and on that note I sprang awake my heart pounding in my chest...

I soon came to find out that this nightmare was actuly a memory and that it was my life before I was adopted and that woman was actuly my mother.
Deleted User
Deleted User

That's a good nightmare description, but old topic is old. I remember the dream I had...

A while ago, I had a dream where I met a fox that was just lying there in a cardboard box. Can't remember the exact details, but we quickly became friends. It really liked me, and I could communicate with it. Later on down the line I had more dreams on a rare occasion that involved it, until that night.

It had been awhile since I last had a dream about it, and it knew too, because it practically lept into my arms and started licking my face. I had to go do something and left it to go do its own thing until I found the skin of the top of its back attached to the top of its head, its face locked in an eternal scream. I found out later that my mom did that with the excuse of her saying that she felt that I shouldn't keep one as a pet. I was devistated, because we were very close. However, upon closer inspection, it was looking less and less like my friend, the fur color was lighter than his, and I knew it was intelligent enough to not be caught by her. It kinda looked like a wolf's skin and head. Plus I found a note that suggested otherwise, but I can't remember a word it said. When I woke up, I was very confused and scared for it.

We were closer than you might think.
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