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[ti]DA[/ti]Nightmare Contest March 2012; Must... breathe... life!
Topic Started: Feb 29 2012, 05:56 PM (634 Views)
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Jem'Hadar Observer
Here's one that I actually had, that was one of the few things in recent memory to actually scare me.

I'm alone in a forest. It's winter, and about midnight. I'm walking, reading some book by the moonlight, when I hear a noise. I turn around, but see nothing, so I keep on walking. I hear it again, and turn around, this time catching a glimpse of... something. What it is, I'm not exactly sure of yet, only that it's white and glowing. Panicking, I try to run, only to find that my legs won't budge. No matter how much I will them, they stay put. The thing's course has changed now, and I see that it has gone around, changing course to face whichever way I face. The thing comes closer now. As it weaves between the trees, I notice that it looks like a girl, about fourteen or fifteen years old. However, the way it moves reveals its true nature to me. Floating on her back, and undulating through the air like how an eel does through water, I realize that this is a spirit of some kind. Whether ghost, demon, or something worse, I don't know. I only know that it's coming towards me. Fast, and head-first. I start breathing heavily, and try to run, only to find my legs still refusing to move. She's close now, very close. However, seconds before she could strike, she disappears. Thinking that she's behind me now, I don't turn around. Wrong move. She re-materializes not even a foot in front of my face. It is now that I see her face for the first time. It is hideous. It is as if Linda Blair from The Exorcist had spent time in the Cthulhu Mythos. Skin and hair white as snow, and glowing like cold fire. Scars black as the void between galaxies cover her face, and her equally dark eyes reflect an unnatural and unholy malice. She opens her mouth, revealing black gums, and rotting teeth. Except for her canines, which are as white as her skin and hair, and glisten like gemstones in the moonlight. It is here that she lets out a scream like a banshee, only full of hatred instead of sorrow. It is then that I wake up, heart racing, covered in sweat. It is some time before I can go back to sleep.
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