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StarFox 2
Topic Started: Mar 6 2012, 05:34 PM (1,683 Views)
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Kursed aj rusb!
Hello there! Thanks for the welcome.Well this game is VERY different from StarFox 1. At the beginning of the game you chose two pilots. You can switch between the two pilots between battles. In these pictures, I had already selected Falco as my first pilot and was just snapping pictures of the other pilots as I selected my partner. I have several other pictures of different aspects of the game if you'd like to see more. Here is the text I included with the pictures in the original thread on the other forum:Details of Character Select ScreenSo a few things to notice here: 1. Each character's ship has a different appearance. There are three different types of ships in accordance with the 3 "classes" of characters. Fox and Falco have the same type of ship, but different colors. The same goes for Slippy+Peppy and Miyu+Fay. 2. Each class starts with a different item. You can see the red bar labeled "item" and then the icon for that character's starting item. The 3 is how many of these items you have in inventory. You can find all the items in the world during battles, usually dropped by defeated enemies. So just because Peppy starts with 3 healing items doesn't man he can't use bombs or obtain bombs. I didn't understand that part at first. 3. Next over from item is E.Charge. You'll notice Fay and Miyu have a very small red bar here, while Peppy and Slippy have a larger bar. This represents how long it takes you to charge up your blaster. Remember, you can lock on to enemies in this game like in StarFox 64. This bar is a little misleading. Miyu and Fay's short meter means they can charge very quickly. While using Slippy and Peppy, you'll have to hold the shoot button longer to get fully charged. The blaster works the same as StarFox 64 except for this charging meter concept. Fox and Falco have medium charge. Also, I noticed that Miyu seems to have a double blaster by default whereas Falco needs to find an upgrade during battle. 4. Beside the E.Charge meter is the Shield Meter. This is very important because this is your lifebar. You get to pick two pilots at the beginning of the game. During battles you can pick up healing items and between battles you can go to the MotherShip to heal and transport around the Lylat System. You can also switch between your two selected pilots between battles. However, if you get hit too many times during battle and die, that character is dead. That character can no longer be used during that game. There are different types of battles. Some are lengthy planet battles and some are short space dog fights. Obviously, having a larger lifebar with characters like Slippy and Peppy is valuable, but you sacrifice other traits like speed. Because there are very different types of fights ("levels") in this game, picking the right combination of pilots is crucial. 5. Lastly, we have speed. This is very self-explanatory. Players with weak shields like Miyu are extremely fast. This is valuable as sometimes enemies try to flee battles (especially during dog fights with missiles in space) and you must be able to keep up.The game itself is really awesome and if anybody needs help on how to play it, I'd be glad to help.

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yeah it's very intresting on top of the fact the arwings can transform into walkers
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Kursed aj rusb!
Jun 22 2012, 07:19 PM
I remember seeing this Arwing Operation's manual somewhere, and it kind of described how the Arwing would work realistically. It's a pretty interesting read.
just need a gravity diffuser or some form of artificial gravity.
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