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He's Back!; a JQ narrative
Topic Started: May 14 2012, 07:33 PM (1,044 Views)
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 1

"Pigma! You got those repairs finished yet!?" Peppy Hare walked up to Pigma Dengar, who was lying on his back, on a creeper, under one of the Arwings. "Yeah, yeah, it's done awwl-ready! Sheesh!" Pigma grunted, as he rolled out from under the Arwing, and got up. He put the last of the tools back in the toolbox next to him, and put away the creeper and the toolbox. "Don't give me that attitude, Pigma! We're counting on you to do your damn job around here, and we shouldn't have to ask you to do it more than once!" Peppy scolded.

"Well sh!t, I'm doin' ma' best 'round here! I went to awl those years of tech and flight schools, just to end up as a...'Space Jockey'...a..." Pigma groused bitterly, only for a voice to chime in from the nearby dark doorway "...'a what', Pigma? What else?" said James, startling Pigma. "Ah! James! I wuzzin't, I...I...that is to say..." Pigma stuttered, but James, as he walked into the room, raised a hand to silence him.

"Need I remind you, PIGMA, that your criminal records, your poor credit history, and the countless bad decisions you've made in your life, have seriously limited your options for employment. You're lucky to have even avoided prison time, had the Star Fox Team not conscripted you." said James, staring at Pigma from behind dark sunglasses.

"Yuh, but...you guyz got the better end of the deal! Someone with my technical and piloting skills, working for cheap, even though I got financial troubles, I still..." Pigma was drowned out by Peppy making a farting noise. "You got something to say to me, bunny boy!?" Pigma snarled at Peppy. "Yeah I do...all this bitching about your financial problems and 'advanced skills', is getting tiresome." Peppy commented. "I agree there." said James, adding "Pigma, you have my sympathies for your financial problems, however, need I remind you, they are your financial problems! They're exclusively the fault of your own, and your responsibility to correct." said James.

"But, but, but...someone with advanced skills, who busts their ass, and has the limitless potential, deserves their fair share of pay. I also know that the investments I've made in myself and in my work should have sumthin' to show fer it, and..." as Pigma wheezed, James erupted, "DAMN IT PIGMA, I AM NOT GETTING INTO ANOTHER FINANCIAL DISCUSSION WITH YOU, ONCE WAS BAD ENOUGH!" James panted for a minute, as Peppy and Pigma looked at James, with shocked expressions on their faces.

James composed himself, and then said, in his normal, deep, low, soft tone of voice, "It would be unreasonable for me to ask anyone to never, ever make mistakes...however, it's perfectly reasonable for me to ask anyone who makes mistakes, to learn from their mistakes, even if it means paying for them." said James. Pigma nodded slowly. "Good, now, we have to go to the CDF Headquarters, General Pepper is expecting us." James said. He left, with Peppy in tow. Pigma stood there, looking nonplussed, and lost in thought. "You coming, or what, Pigma!" Peppy called from the car, where he and James now sat, in the next room/hangar. "Yeah, yeah, I'm cummin'!" Pigma said, waddling after them.


I woke up in a cold sweat, after having the weirdest dream...I dreamed I was...Pigma, for some reason. I remembered seeing what might have been a flashback scene from his life...I felt his feelings of anger, desperation, greed, bitterness, resentment...It seemed all too real. To make matters more disturbing, this wasn't the first time I'd had one of these "Pigma Flashback" dreams. I got out of bed gently, so as not to disturb Misty, my silver vixen girlfriend, and a fellow member of Team Star Fox, as she slept peacefully in our bed. I walked up to the balcony, as the early morning rain poured down, and splattered the panes...

As I stared into the rainy, cloudy, early morning sky, I wondered....what could this all mean?

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 2

The next day, after breakfast, I was watching tv in the media room, when Misty joined me. "Why were you awake early this morning?" she asked me. "I...had a nightmare." I told her about seeing flashbacks, apparently from Pigma's point of view. Misty's eyes went wide with shock. "This sounds serious. Maybe we should see Madame Vulpine, or Peppy! Those dreams...you said you've had them before?" she said. I nodded. "Julius, this is serious." she said.

"At least Peppy's gonna visit the Star Fox Team today at McCloud Ranch. In fact, we're due there in an hour or so..." I said.

We watched tv, and enjoyed each others' company, snuggling, until it was time to go. I drove us there, and We met with Fox and the others. "Hey, how you two doin'?" asked Falco. "Fine thanks!" I said to him. I suddenly felt one of my pockets had been emptied. "Lola, please give me my wallet back." I said automatically. Lola giggled and handed me my wallet back. "Hey, Julius." she said. "Hey, you..." I said, as we exchanged a hug. Todd and I shook hands and patted each other on the back. "Hey Todd." I said. "Hey." he replied.

Fox and Krystal entered the room. "Hey Fox, Krystal!" I said. "Hi Julius." said Fox. "Hello, Julius." said Krystal. "Hey Jules." Tigress said, messing up my hair. "Ow! Hi Tigress!" I said. Akasha gave me a big sad expression. "Hello, little Akasha!" I said in a creepy voice. Akasha hid behind Kylie, who said "Hello Julius...still ignoring my request for you to not talk to Akasha in that scary voice, I see..." he sighed. "Hi Kylie...sorry, couldn't resist." I said.

I greeted Babs, Edge, Madame Vulpine, who looked at me strangely, before moving on to greet the others, and I said "Hello" to Miyu, Fay, Fara, Slippy, Katt, Pal, Conrad, and Silas. When that was all and done, Peppy arrived. That's when things really got weird. As I shook his hand, I said the unthinkable:

"Peppy! Long time, no see!"

in a very familiar sounding voice. I clamped my hand over my mouth, and gasped. Peppy looked at me in shock and horror. "Julius! That's not funny!" said Fox. "Yeah, greeting Peppy like that, imitating Pigma...You jerk!" said Slippy. Misty came to my defense "Shut up, Slippy! He wouldn't do that on purpose!" she said. "That's right! Julius! Lie down for a moment..." Madame Vulpine said.

Everyone surrounded me as I lay down on the couch. Madame Vulpine placed her bejeweled hands on my forehead, and concentrated, as she sat in a chair next to me..."Clear your mind, Julius, and relax..." she said. I did so...After twenty minutes, Madame Vulpine gasped. She pulled her hands away from my head and screamed. "What!? What is it!?" said Fox, and the others. "What did you see?" asked Todd. Madame Vulpine fainted, and Conrad caught her from behind, as I got off the couch, and helped Conrad place her on it safely.

When Madame Vulpine came to, she said "I saw Pigma Dengar. I know it makes no sense, but I saw him! Where Julius was lying down, that's where I saw Pigma!" she said.

Everybody stared at me, and I told them about the dreams I had been having for two weeks, including the one from last night. Peppy looked horrified. "Julius...how could you have known about all of that!? Those words, the conversation with James and Pigma. It all did happen!" he said in a grim tone. "Maybe Julius is psychic!" said Todd. "Maybe you're an idiot, Todd." said Tigress. "Leave him alone! Regarding you, idiocy is obvious, Tigress!" said Lola.

"Why you little painted bimbo hussy!" Tigress growled, but Krystal stepped between them. "Both of you stop it!" she said, as she extended her staff in a threatening manner. Tigress backed off out of respect for her friend, Lola, partly out of respect, partly out of fear. "Okay...we know Julius is somehow seeing everything Pigma had seen and heard, and has his memories..." said Fox. "Yeah, so?" said Falco. "He's channeling Pigma somehow!" said Babs. "Yes! That's right!" said Madame Vulpine, while still lying on the couch.

"That's not good...what do we do!?" asked Pal. "I don't know..." said Fox. "The key to stopping this, is to find out how it started." said Krystal.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 3

I suddenly headed out the door. I could hear Fox say faintly "Where's Julius going?". I ignored him, and my friends as they called out to me. I got into my car, and Misty joined me in the car, as she shook me, and spoke frantically to me. I ignored her, and drove..."Where are we going!?" she asked me. I drove us to a bad neighborhood, over to an abandoned gas station/auto mechanic garage there. I parked, and walked over to the building.

"Why are we here!? What's going on!?" Falco's voice drifted over my shoulder. The team had followed me and Misty here. I kicked the side door of the garage open. "Now where izzut!?" I grunted. I saw the safe in the corner. "Ahhh, found it!" I waddled over to the safe, and opened it. I don't know why, or how, but I knew the exact combination...it was most likely because I was "...still channeling Pigma!" said Todd, as I opened the safe.

There was a lot of money in the safe. "Looks like Pigma's money is now yours!" Edge said to me. "Correction, ours!" said Lola, helping herself to some of the money in there. Todd, Falco, and Katt followed suit, along with Misty. Soon, all my teammates started raiding the safe. "Guys, guys, GUYS! Wait a minute!" said Fox. Well, almost all my teammates raided the safe. I was barely able to get a handful of money, and I had almost been scratched by Akasha in the process.

We stopped, and turned to him. "First of all, we have no idea where Pigma got those Cornerian Credits, next, this is a serious problem, for us and for Julius!" he said. My teammates, all except for Fox, looked ashamed. "It's not all bad, at least we got something good out of it!" said Falco. "THIS time. Next time, though, it might prove problematic." said Krystal.

"Let's split up the money evenly, then we can handle my problem." I said. We split up the money, but after we arrived home, Peppy suddenly received a message. "Oh NO!" he said. "What!?" we asked him. "There's been an attack on the Mint, near the city of Pelt! Star Wolf is coming at them again, and this time they've broken through the defenses!" Peppy said.

"We'll stop 'em! C'mon team, let's move!" said Fox. We were in the Arwings, Akasha, Krystal, Tigress, and Kylie in their Aritch fighters, and heading towards the Mint outside of the city of Pelt. We saw a large orange cruiser ship outside of the Mint, a large hole had been blasted into the side wall of the Mint building. Ruffians were pouring out of the building, with armloads of gold, money....My team and I swept in, and fired at the ground around them, forcing them to drop what they had, and run around, scattering. Some of them tried to shoot back at us with their blasters, but it did them no good.

"You idiots! Don't waste your time with the Star Fox Team! Get the loot onto the cruiser!" said Wolf. "They're here already, eh? Good!" croaked Leon. "I was hoping you'd show up, now the fun can begin!" purred Panther. "Heya', Wolfy! Long time, no see!" I said, in Pigma's voice. "What the hell!? Julius, why are you imitating Pigma!?" Wolf asked me. "Here's why!" I said, firing at the cruiser as it sat on the ground. It slowly proceeded to take off. "NO! Wait! We haven't loaded the loot yet, you fool!" shouted a ruffian soldier.

Pal, Fay, Miyu, and Fara finished off the cruiser. "There, that oughtta mess things up nicely for Star Wolf!" bragged Pal. "Hope your Wolfens got plenty of cargo space, suckers!" said Fara. "Now you've done it!" said Wolf. "Ooooh, we're so scared!" Miyu taunted sarcastically. "Let's take out the ground forces!" said Fay, as she fired on the ruffians. Todd and Lola helped her, as Edge and Falco took out the small fighters that arrived as reinforcements for the ruffians. Fox, Krystal, Slippy, Silas, Akasha, Babs, Madame Vulpine, Misty, Conrad, Kylie, Katt, and I took turns between blasting ground and air support of the ruffians.

After we cleared out the ruffians, blasting them apart, things got quiet.

"Where are those three bums who call themselves 'Star Wolf'?" I said. "Right here!" Wolf launched a bomb at me. I barely evaded the blast with a loop. "Seriously!?" said Wolf, now ahead of me. "C'mon, little man! Shoot me!" I said in Pigma's voice. "I'm gettin' awfully sick of hearing Pigma's voice! Quit it, Julius!" said Leon. "Screw you, Star Wolf!" I said, but still in Pigma's voice. I suddenly found myself flying...differently. Leon was trying to shoot me down, but Falco and Katt took turns shooting him. He went down in a matter of seconds. "Me!? ME!?" said Leon. "I got only two words for you: LO-SER!" I taunted him.

"Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!" Wolf said to me. "You shut up!" I said, firing into Wolf's canopy. Wolf got so enraged, he didn't see Fox on his 3 o'clock, Lola just above him, and Akasha just beneath him. They shot his Wolfen so rapidly, the thing not only crashed, it fell like a stone, Akasha had move safely out of the way as it did. Panther tried to escape, but Babs got him with a bomb, Edge hit Leon with a charged shot, and Madame Vulpine fired a steady stream of shots that took Panther down. "Well played, my dear Madame Vulpine!" said Panther...

After Star Wolf was then apprehended by the authorities, the loot returned to the Mint, and the mess cleaned up, we were paid, and went home. As Misty and I went back to our home, I fell asleep watching tv.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 4

Pigma sat in his yellow spaceship, eating potato chips, as he was parked at a local refueling station. He listened to the music on the radio. "Heh! Kids and their music today!" he chuckled amusingly, as he grunted.

He finished his chips, then threw the bag in the trash can, along with a small mountain of trash that had accumulated in the cockpit. When he was done, he placed the fuel pump nozzle into into his fuel tank. "Hey, could sumbuddy get number eight goin'!?" he called out. He tapped his foot, waited, and then someone pressed a double barrel shotgun to the back of Pigma's head. "Where's my damn money, you fat sack of pig s***!?" came an angry voice. Pigma saw who it was in the reflection of his cockpit visor, as he washed the last of the grime off of it with a squeegee and soapy water.

"Oh, hey thar, Gus! I was just fuelin' up!" he said to the Gus the cougar, the angry owner of the fuel station.

"You're not gettin' a drop until you pay me the balance on your tab! 4,500 Cornerian Credits! Payment due, fatty!" said Gus. Pigma dug through his glove compartment. "Lessee here....ah! There we go!" Pigma handed the crumpled bills into Gus' hand.

Gus propped the shotgun against the post, and counted the money. "5,000 Cornerian Credits...okay, after interest, you'll get you 50 Cornerian Credits worth o' gas. I'll set the pump for ya'." he said, running the card through the slot. Pigma fueled up, and when he was done, he said "Thanks fo' helpin' me out, Gus!" he said. "Pleasure doin' business with ya'! Now get lost! And don't come back unless ya' got the money! No more tabs for you!" said Gus, pointing his shotgun at Pigma.

Pigma left immediately...

Pigma went to a nearby diner...he sat down, about to order, when he saw a CDF vehicle pull up. "Aw, s***!" he said, dropping the menu. He ran for his yellow vessel. Pigma was now flying towards a dive bar on Macbeth. He parked, and sat down, ordering a drink. "Hey fatass, you're sitting on my stool!" a thug said to Pigma in the bar. "Says who!? I don't see your name on it!" Pigma replied. "I just got up to use the bathroom!" said the thug. "Piss off!" Pigma said. A bunch of stools scraped on the floor, scooted by their occupants, as they surrounded Pigma. "You wanna repeat that to my friends?" asked the thug.

Pigma pulled a crudely made prison shank, but the thug bashed and twisted his arm at the crook of his elbow. "AAAAAuuuugh!" Pigma dropped the shank, and the thug and his friends beat Pigma senseless....


"...and don't come back!" shouted the thug, as he and his friends tossed Pigma out of the bar. Pigma landed in the row of trash cans out in the parking lot.

Pigma got up, waddled over to a row of jet bikes, and kicked them over, they fell like dominoes. The thugs came out of the bar and saw what he had done. "Suck it!" Pigma said, flipping them off. The thugs chased Pigma to his vessel, throwing beer bottles, bricks, and rocks at him. They also shot at him, peppering his ship with laser fire. He got away, and fled Macbeth...he returned home to his hovel on Corneria, in the slums of the city.

Pigma was watching tv in his rundown hovel of a home, a former mechanic garage and gas station. He sat on his sagging, stained couch, watching whatever garbage happened to be on. Later, Pigma was snoozing in front of the tv, when he heard what sounded like metal containers falling over outside. He grabbed his laser pistol. He edged his way to the door. "Whuzzat!? Who's there!?" he shouted, as he flung the door open, and aimed his pistol into the darkness. Nothing...

He walked out, into the dark. He thought he heard something coming down the street. He tried to run, but the door he had exited had slammed shut behind him, locking. "Damn wind..." Pigma snorted in anger. The sounds were coming closer, and something seemed to flit in and out of the shadows. "DAMN! I'm outta here! See ya' in hell, whatever and whoever ya' are!" Pigma ran down the street, huffing and puffing. James heard some sort of yelling, not too far from him. He ran forward to investigate. After running for a few feet, he heard huffing and puffing and turned around. He saw a flash of a fat pig running on the next path over. James cut over to the path and gave chase, not telling the animal to freeze.

After all.....why would he clue his enemy in on his location?

Pigma kept running, he now realized he had a red fox wearing sunglasses, AND a musclebound badger, and from the sounds of other footsteps, there were more pursuers on his curly tail. "I steal one bolted down motel tv, and I pay for it like this!" he said, as he oinked. James ran into view in front of the badger. Then jumping up on a crate, the fox made a second jump onto a small roof above continuing his running pace perfectly. Pigma ran for an alleyway, and got stuck trying to cut through a fence opening. "Aw, s***! NOOO!" Pigma struggled and squealed, as he struggled to get free. But it was no use for him.

Following the sounds of the chase, and Pigma's yells, Peppy took off in that direction, and found himself trailing Brunton before too long. Seeing James ahead of him, he watched as James made for the roofs to continue pursuit. "Now why didn't I think of that?" Peppy had never been built for sprinting, but he had good endurance, and rather unsurprisingly, could jump extremely well.

Before long, he found himself stopped in front of an alley, from which was emanating some less-than-pleased sounds that could only be coming from the target, Dengar. Reaching for his radio, he gave the call. "Lieutenant, we've got Pigma cornered in an alley - sounds like he's gotten himself stuck in something."

Brunton Manchester, the badger, arrived in the alleyway, and he saw Pigma stuck in the fence. "There you are, I knew I'd find ya'....I could hear you squealing like a stuck pig..." Brunton teased. "Shaddup and help me outta this fence!" shouted Pigma. "I oughtta help you piss blood, you moron..." said Brunton. James McCloud flipped off one of the roofs, and jumped down in front of where Pigma had gotten stuck. Coming up from out of his crouch, he glanced at the Badger behind him who he identified as one of his team mates.

"Let's not do anything rash." James walked up slowly. "Remember, Lieutenant Pepper wants him alive."

The fox glanced at the struggling pig and crouched down.

"You think you can get out of there?" he asked.

Lance, seeing Brunton run off, gave a sneer, "I smell bacon again." he began to charge forward, "Com' her' Piggy!" he shouted as he began to give his own chase. "Perfect, team," Lieutenant Pepper said, walking up. He gave them a short round of claps. "Went off without a hitch, I'm assuming?" "Pretty much." James answered. He continued to look at Pigma and his body size. "Right. Someone please get Mr. Dengar out of the fence," Pepper said.

Brunton cracked his knuckles in a reverse way. "Stand back!" he said to everyone but Pigma. He made a three-point stance, and charged, ramming his shoulders into Pigma's fat stomach, sending him reeling backwards, and out of the fence. "WWWWWWHHHHHOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!" Pigma squealed, before landing on his butt, and flopping on his back. Brunton hopped the fence, stun-cuffed Pigma, and dragged him to his feet. "I got 'im!" he said. Brunton talked like Sylvester Stallone's characters, from Rambo, Rocky, etc.

Pepper chuckled just slightly. "Not what I was expecting, but nonetheless, we have our target. Bring him back to headquarters," Pepper ordered. Lance watched as everyone took care of Pigma as he gave a sigh. He followed the rest back to HQ. He mumbled under his breath, is listened to, still going off about having a hunger for either ham or pork chops.

"I didn't do nuthin', I didn't do nuthin', like I said, I didn't do nuthin'!" Pigma protested, as Brunton shoved him into the back of the Paddy Wagon, it was a black and white, red top lighted, "Dodge Humpback" styled, flying paddy wagon. "Quit your squealin', no one cares fatass!" Brunton replied before shoving Pigma inside the back and slamming the door. Brunton got in front with the CDF soldier who was driving. "Yo! Take us to CDF HQ, Detention Facility." he told the driver. The paddy wagon drove off, the siren making that European siren wail as they left.


Pigma was locked in one of the many cells in the CDF HQ detention center. Brunton stood guard...

"Can I get some water in here!?" Pigma asked Brunton. Brunton didn't even look over his shoulder when he told Pigma "Shut up and drink from the spigot on top of the toilet!". Shortly afterward, the halls echoed with "CUMMON! LEMME OUTTA HERE YA' LOUSY SCREWS! DON'T I AT LEAST GETTA PHONE CAWL!? OR A' LEAST READ THE CHAWGES I'M BEIN' BUSTED ON!?" Pigma shouted. "Quit your squealin', fatass!" Brunton shouted down the hall, as he and the other CDF soldiers played cards.

Pigma played the harmonica while in his cell.

"Whatsa matter, fat boy?" Brunton asked, looking into the cell.

Pigma stopped playing the harmonica. "Ya' gotta lemme outta here! I'm going crazy! The walls are closin' in! I can't breathe! I've been in here 5 MINUTES!!!" Pigma shouted, as he pointed to the wall, where five hash marks had been scratched.

Brunton chuckled. "Just sit tight, chubs, the General will see you soon..."

"Well, Brunton. Should we "talk" to our guest here now?" Pepper asked after he had made his way to Pigma's cell. "Sure." said Brunton. He banged a side handle baton against the bars of Pigma's cell. "Wake up, fatass! You gotta visitor!" he shouted, waking Pigma. "Wha's goin' on here!?" Pigma grunted, as he awoke. "Mr. Dengar. Your bounty hunter license is two years expired," Lieutenant Pepper simply stated.

"Awwwwww, bullsh*t! It's only been..." Pigma took out his crumpled license card, which smelled like sweat and cheap beer, and read the expiration date. "Well damn...two years already! How 'bout that!? Wa-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa!" he said, laughing in an oinking sounding way.

"But I know this izzunt the real reason I'm here. Why didcha' really bust me!?" he asked.

"Well, it's that, and the fact that you've continued working as a bounty hunter for those two years," Pepper replied. "Izzat all!? Usually that offense jus' rezzults in a fine. Not arrest." Pigma said, then he paused, chuckled, and said "Then again, I ain't hadda license in a couple of years, whaddo I know!? The laws musta changed, huh? Hoo-heh-hah-ha-ha!" he laughed, in what sounded like a cough.

"It would result in a fine, if the expiration date was a week, maybe a month? A bounty hunter without a license is treated like every other person around. And you were hunting targets, still. Did you ever drift towards innocents, Mr. Dengar?" Pepper asked.

"Eh, I was jus' jerkin' ya's around, Gen'ral Pepper! Of couas I f*cked up royally, heh hah haaaaa!" Pigma chuckled. "But 'ey, maybe we could woik summthin' out, you an' me? I'd do ya' no good, rottin' inna place like this, oar prisun, at taxpayer expense. Mebbe I could do some woik foar yaz', in exchange foar a pahdun, eh? Heh-hoo-hah-hah-hee-ah-ha!" Pigma said.

"I'm afraid I'm not that interested in your line of work, Mr. Dengar," Lieutenant Pepper replied.

Peppy had arrived at the interrogation with James and Lance, and spoke up. "Wait a moment, Lieutenant. He may be a slob, among several other things, but he might prove useful. Perhaps some kind of... test, to see if he's worth the effort?" Peppy could hardly believe what he was saying. Why in the hell was he defending this idiot?

Still, he had to admit, he was curious to see just how good the hog actually was. He was easy enough to capture, but that was with a full team, and the hog's girth had weighed in against him. He had been successful in his own line of work, at least mildly, or he wouldn't have been worth the attention in the first place. Maybe if he proved to be skilled, they could make an effort to cleaning him up a bit?

As James strolled into the room with the wolf and rabbit, he watched as the hare offered a suggestion about Mr. Dengar. Maybe he could get somewhere with the swine.....seemed like it was worth a shot.

"Well then I'll snitch if you want, so's I can get outta here! I know stuff! I know folks who've pulled a ton 'a crap that ain't made the papers yet!" Pigma said, breaking out in a nervous sweat. Lance walked into the room, hearing what the others had to say, "Awww.....No porkchops then?" he whimpered, walking close to Pigma.

That's when I woke up, in a cold sweat. "Ugh!" Misty stood before me, looking scared. "Julius? Are you okay?" she said. "Whuzzat!? Was I just tawlkin' in my sleep!?" I said, in Pigma's voice again. "You were, and you sounded just like that...again!" said Lola, who was in the room with Misty. She stepped further in from the doorway. Todd came in, right behind her. "We decided to check up on you...and Misty. This is worse than we thought." he said.

It was dark outside, not from nightfall, but from overcast. A rainstorm was gathering, and in fact, lightning struck and thunder clapped, just outside the rec room. The bright light of the lightning caused me to cast a shadow across the room...in the shape of Pigma Dengar's silhouette! Misty, Lola, and Todd saw this. "Okay, well, we gotta get you to Madame Vulpine, like, right now!" Todd said. I went with my friends, to Madame Vulpine, she was currently staying at Fox's place, McCloud Ranch.

*that's it for this chapter*

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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 5

As we headed for McCloud Ranch, Fox's voice came onto the comm channel. "Team Star Fox! We have a problem! Meet at McCloud Ranch and we'll discuss it." Todd replied "We're actually on our way there now, with Lola, Misty, and Julius!". "Good! General Pepper just called...we have an emergency!". Fox closed the comm channel.

We landed there, and we met up.

"As the rest of the team arrived, Babs yawned, exhausted from today. "What's this about, Fox?" she asked. "Yeah, what's with dragging me away from my afternoon nap!?" Akasha asked, crankily. "I'm sorry, everyone, I know this is the last thing you wanna hear or deal with right now, we're all exhausted...however, we can't relax or kick back just yet." Fox said. Fay, Katt, Pal, and Falco came in late, from the pool, after a late afternoon swim. Falco was drying off with his towel, while he was wearing..."Falco, what's with that banana hammock!?" I asked, looking at Falco's navy blue Speedo banana hammock.

"At least I ain't wearing what Pal's wearing!" Falco pointed to Pal, who was wearing that iridescent cobalt blue one piece women's swimsuit, as he was finishing drying off. We all stared at him. "What!?" he asked. The girls made a face at him, as Fay sighed loudly. She was wearing a gold, one piece swimsuit, and Katt was wearing a silver one piece swimsuit. Katt, Fay, and Pal also were wearing swim caps.

"At least I look good in what I wear, even if it's for the other gender!" Pal said, sashaying to his seat.

Fox rolled his eyes. "Anyway...like I was saying, I know this is the last thing you wanna hear or deal with right now, however, Star Wolf has escaped from the downtown metro jail in Pelt!" he announced. Everyone gasped, and started talking at once..."Oh NO!" "What about all our hard work!?" "That sucks!" and general rabble was heard until Tigress used her claws, and scratched them on the piece of slate material she had saved in the meeting room, for the sheer purpose of scratching and screeching her claws against it to get everyone to quiet down at meetings. Everyone except for her cringed or shuddered at the noise, but at least they quieted down. When she was done, Todd said "Oooh, do that again!" in a delighted squeal.

"NO!" the rest of us shouted at Todd.

"Uh, er, okay, thank you very much Tigress!" said Fox, shaking his head. He then told us "They escaped hours ago, but they couldn't have gotten far. We have to go after them as soon as possible. They haven't been detected fleeing the Lylat System, so they can't be far. I don't think we should go after them immediately. They will be hidden way too well right now, but we should all just relax, and tomorrow morning, we will regroup, and chase them down! We'll find, pursue, and capture them! Thank you all for coming to this meeting on such short notice, and I'm sorry to disturb you all, but I thought I'd let you know of the situation immediately, so you may be better prepared for it tomorrow." he said.

As everyone cleared out, and went back to their leisurely activities, Madame Vulpine approached me, Misty, Lola, and Todd. "You came here to find me, because of Julius' flashback dream of Pigma's past, yes?" she asked us. "How did you know about my dream...?" I asked, my jaw hitting the floor. "Close your mouth Julius, you'll attract flies!" Lola teased. "I'm a psychic, remember!?" said Madame Vulpine, giggling. "Sorry, yeah, now I remember..." I said, feeling sheepish.

"It's okay, I know you're disoriented. That announcement from Fox didn't help either?" she asked me. I shook my head. "Okay then, come with me. Todd, Lola, Misty, Lola, Conrad, join us in the back rec room. We'll have a little psychic diagnostic on Julius!" she said. Conrad, whom I hadn't noticed before, in his workout clothes (he must have been lifting weights when Fox called us to the meeting), nodded, and joined Lola, Misty, Todd, and the rest of us as we prepared to examine me.

In the rec room, I lay down on the couch. Madame Vulpine sat on the ottoman, next to my head, her hands on my head, and Misty stood behind the couch, holding my right hand, Lola my left hand, Todd my left ankle, and Conrad, also standing behind the couch, holding my right ankle. The room was dark, Madame V. had placed a warning note not to interrupt us or to barge in on us, on the rec room door, the curtains on the windows were closed, and only the lanterns, candles, and burning incense illuminated the room.

"Pigma Dengar! Speak to us! We know where you are, and who is channeling you!" said Madame V. Silence. "Pigma! You can't fool us, and you can't hide from us! Speak to us now!". Nothing. "Pig-ma! I'm warning you! You'd better stop hiding, or..." Madame V. was interrupted by the burning blue flames, giving the room a weird light. "Okay, okay already! I'm here! Sheesh! Whaz so all fire impoat'nt ya' gawtta yell a' me!?" I said, in Pigma's voice.

"Ahh, yes...there you are. Pigma, why do you inhabit Julius Quasar!? Why are you making him channel you!?" asked Madame Vulpine. "Huh? 'Julius' who!?" I said. I was half in and out of total consciousness, and my body had been limp since Pigma first spoke. "You are in the body and mind of our friend 'Julius Quasar', a human, from Earth, now here on Corneria!" said Madame Vulpine. "Oh! Him! Yuh, I remember now! Heh heh heh ha ha hoo heh ha!" I said, laughing out a gross, coughing fit, followed by a snort.

"WHY do you inhabit him!?" said Madame Vulpine. "Uuuh, I dunno. I wuz tryin' to break through to ya'...I don' remember why exactly. I was just tryin' to tie up some loose ends and such. Get somma my ol' stuff cleared out from where I hid it! I got one oar two things to go. Pluz, I got sum' 'unfinished business' with Stawr Wolf, ya' know? Show those stuck-up jerks what foar, eh?" I laughed another one of Pigma's gross laughs.

"Well, what a coincidence! Star Wolf has escaped from jail, recently. I bet you wouldn't happen to know where they might be hiding?" asked Lola. "Wha-!? Yuh, mebbe I do, and mebbe I don't!" I said. "Let's throw this dead weight out, regardless of whom he's possessing! Pigma's worthless, he knows nothing, he's just taking up space here!" said Conrad. "NOOO! Don't! I know a lot, and I- uh oh..." I said. I could feel Pigma's fear, and realization that my friends had tricked him into talking.

"That's better! Now, where might Star Wolf hide after escaping from jail!?" asked Todd. "Where do you think they'd go, Tawd!?" I asked, smirking. "Wolf always said you were a useless dimwit, Pigma. You'll never get revenge on him, he's right about that as well." said Misty nonchalantly. "Oh he said tha' stuff, did he!? Well, sweet cakes, it turns out I know the mos' likely place that they'd hide within the Lylat System!" I said with a burp.

"And where might that be?" asked Madame Vulpine. I grinned from ear to ear. "You'll find thos' backstabbin', two-timin' bastardz, hiding in 'Meteor Land Amusement Park', on the gian' awtificial Meteor tha' got abandoned in that stupid pwoject, an' was used by that crackpawt Andross foar a bit. Now Staw Wolf got themselves a base out theah, in the theme pawrk area!" Pigma said. The light in the room stopped glowing blue, and Pigma disappeared, for now. I let out a long breath.

"Well, there you have it." said Todd.

As Madame Vulpine blew out the candles and the flames in the lanterns, Misty turned on the lights...and we saw Fox, Krystal, Tigress, and Kylie standing in the doorway, looking horrified. "We heard the whole thing." said Tigress, confirming my suspicions.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Great story julius, hope you post the next chapter soon, I want to see what's next.
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Thanks, I'll work on more as soon as possible!
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Chapter 6

"I know that this whole thing with Julius and Pigma is a touchy subject, but we may need to keep Pigma around a little while longer. He does, after all, know the secret locations for Star Wolf to hide." Krystal said the next day. "We can't trust Pigma. How do we know this isn't a trick!?" said Falco. "I wouldn't blame you for thinking that, Falco....but Pigma....he has a major grudge with Star Wolf. His act of channeling Julius, and his mention of 'unfinished business', his grudge with Star Wolf...I don't think he would have much to gain in destroying us, especially since he knows by now that Julius is with us, and destroying us he risks losing his only means of connection to the world of the living." said Kylie.

Fox nodded. "Pigma hates us, and we hate him right back, but we're the last thing on his mind at the moment." he said. "We can't let Julius channel Pigma forever! We have to do something!" Misty said. "We will, Misty, but for now, it'll have to wait. I hate to say this, but Pigma is currently our only hope of finding Star Wolf. Julius will have to wait." said Madame Vulpine comfortingly to Misty. "Are we gonna talk to Julius now, or Pigma?" asked Todd. "We have to get Julius to channel Pigma, and then make Pigma spill the beans, but not while Fox is around. If Pigma gets into it with Fox, he won't talk, I know Fox wouldn't start an argument with Pigma, but Pigma...he'd look for a fight, and we don't need to complicate this any further. Pigma has to let down his guard." said Tigress.

I was listening from the next room, but I leaned against the door harder than I had meant to. "Oof!" I fell , pushing the door open. I was surrounded by my teammates. "Julius, nobody likes an eavesdropper..." said Fay. "I thought that was 'a tattletale', or 'a blabbermouth'." I joked. "Shut up!" Tigress grabbed me, and then knocked me out with her fist...

I had come to, in the Malestrom. My hands and feet were shackled. "Huh? Whut the hell iz this!?" I said, in Pigma's voice. "Ah, good, you're awake." Lola said, her pretty face smiling at me from the front passenger seat of the Malestrom. She strutted up to me, and sat next to me in the far back seat as Todd piloted us. Misty sat on the other side of me. She slowly began to massage my back, as Lola stared into my eyes. "Whutz goin' oan!?" I said, confused. "Shhh...that's not important now." Lola said, pressing her finger to my lips. She then placed her hands to either side of my head.

As she ran her fingers down my cheeks, she climbed into my lap. She shook her shoulders gently, front to back, each of her breasts gently touching, brushing against me. Misty pressed herself against my back, rubbing up against me as she ran her fingers through me hair, and kissed my cheeks from behind. Lola stood up, her legs on either side of my legs, as I sat. "....you think you could answer some questions...for me?" she asked in a sultry tone, as she gently swiveled her hips, turned around, slapped her butt, as her tail caressed my face. She ran her index fingers up the rear of the leg holes of her leotards, while her back was to me. She then turned, and leaned forward towards me, running her fingers down the front of the leg holes of her leotards, then she reached forward, putting her hands on my knees, and leaned forward, keeping her cleavage in front of my face. She was careful as could be not to actually touch me, but she still successfully had me under her spell. Lola put her mouth to one of my ears as she whispered seductively "So...what's it going to be?".

Before I could answer, Misty got up from behind me, and Lola took her position behind me, as Misty dance seductively in front of me. She lifted her wrap skirt a couple of times as she danced, revealing the jazz cut leg line of her leotards. She seductively took off her black jacket, revealing one shoulder at a time, and placed it aside. She removed her dark red skirt, and after gently wrapping it around other parts of her body as she danced, she then wrapped it behind my head, and pulled my face into her chest, as she shook her shoulders gently, front to back, each of her breasts gently touching, brushing against my face. She put her skirt back on, slowly covering herself with it as she tied it, then she turned around, and lay back in my lap, her head against my chest, her feet way out in front of my feet, as she then turned over, and placed her hands on my shoulders, her knees on either side of my hips, her skirt draped over my lap, as she leaned into my face.

Lola was massaging my back as Misty performed.

But then the both of them were on my right and my left, embracing me and kissing my neck and face. "Well hey! This is moar lie it! As fawr as I know, the amusement pawrk facility has the entrance to the hideout, use the ferris wheel as a point of navigation. You'll hafta lemme waulk wit' ya's, so I can determine the exact entrance to the hidin' spot on the Meteoah Base, assumin' we're on our way now!" I said. "We're there as of now." said Todd, chuckling amusingly. He had seen Misty and Lola's little backseat performance for me. We landed. Todd removed my shackles, but not before placing handcuffs on me, my hands were cuffed in front of me.

We got out, and Edge, Babs, Madame Vulpine, Akasha, Kylie, Miyu, Fay, Fara, Conrad, Pal, and Silas joined us. I didn't see Krystal, Fox, Falco, Tigress, or Slippy. I led them to the amusement park of Meteorland. We went through the entrance, past the broken front gates, one of them sagging on the ground, its top hinge broken, the other front gate was swinging, but only barely. We either climbed over the broken turn-styles, or walked through the empty aisles where some of them once stood. Upon walking past the broken down rides, boarded up booths, closed and shuttered game stalls, and past them dark, deserted stage performance theaters, we came to the racing cart track entrance. "Uh, thiz way, over by the Ferris Wheel. I need ta' get my bearings." I grunted. We walked past the old merry go round, with Z-Gulls, and various aquatic lifeforms from Planet Zoness depicted as the riding animals for the merry go round.

We saw the ferris wheel, in the distance, near the rusting remains of the roller coaster tracks, and the ruined, broken arms of the trioka rides. Just behind it loomed the fun house. We walked up to the ferris wheel. "Lemme see...itz right about....theah!" I pointed to the fun house, as images in my own mind flashed to past events of Pigma, Andrew, Wolf, and Leon sneaking into the Fun House here at Meteorland. "Are you sure, hon'?" Lola asked me. "Oh I'm sure, sweet cheeks! We used thiz dump lawtza times!" I said to Lola.

I led them to the entrance, a giant head, with the open mouth resembling that of Monarch Dodora. We walked through the dark corridor, and turned a corner. We were now in a maze-like room, with checker tile floors, and mirrored walls, the mirrors were curvy, bumpy, and they would warp how you looked. Todd was playing with his reflection in the mirrors, as he moved along, until Babs shoved him gently "Don't screw around, no time..." she whispered to him. Miyu was looking around, and she said "I don't think it's a smart idea to just walk in here. We don't know the layout of this place, and what will we do when we find Star Wolf...besides capturing them, I mean?" she said.

"She's right...we need a plan. Madame Vulpine, Fay, Kylie, Akasha, Edge, you guys come around to the back with me, we'll cut them off. Let's go back out the way we came. Babs, Silas, come with us back outside, then cover the emergency exits from the outside! The rest of you press on forwards." said Conrad. "Make sure Julius, I mean Pigma, scouts ahead." said Fay. "Will do!" I said, moving past Todd, and to the front of the line. Conrad and his group left. I led Todd, Lola, Misty, Miyu, Fara,and Pal deeper into the funhouse. "STAWP!" I said. "Why?" asked Todd, as he and the others stopped.

I picked up a clump of dust, and blew it down the corridor in front of us. Faint, transparent red lines were barely visible before us. I pointed to a switch panel on the wall, it looked as though it had been newly installed. Todd aimed his EMP gun, and disabled it. We pressed onwards. I could hear voices up ahead. "They'll never think to look here, least I hope not." said Panther. "Why would you say that!? You trying to jinx us, you boob!?" came Leon's scratchy voice. "Shut up, the both of you, I'm tryin' to sleep here!" said Wolf.

Everyone but me drew their weapons. "Stay here, sweetie." Misty whispered to me. I nodded. My teammates ran into the room ahead of us, as I peeked around the corner. The room where Star Wolf was staying was a fake ancient castle tower, with a spooky night sky outside of its windows, a large orange moon and fake clouds painted on the dark blue background that was flecked with sparkly dots to simulate stars. There was a banged up old couch in there. Foam pads were used as beds, there was a cable spool as a table, crates as chairs, and a small fridge was plugged into an extension cord trailing out from an arched, wooden door that was partly open, the red old English letters painted on it forming the words "Employees Only".

My teammates opened fire on Star Wolf, as they tried to dive for cover. The hid behind the couch, but they couldn't retrieve their weapons on the spool table. "RUN!" Wolf and the others darted out the "Employees Only" door. Leon yanked out the plug with his tail as he ran out the door, behind Wolf and Panther. The door slammed, and we heard the lock click. My teammates pounded on the door and jiggled the handle. "Don't botha', I know wheah they're goin'! We can cut 'em off, c'mon!" I said. I led them out the back, as Lola spoke into her communicator headset.

We were joined by the rest of the team, even by Krystal, Fox, Falco, Tigress, and Slippy. I led everyone to "SKYROCKET DELIGHT", a ride that was an indoor, domed roller coaster that, despite the cheerful, campy, "For Kids" appearance, it was actually pretty fast, and a bit on the scary side. "Ugh, 'tacky' would be an understatement for this place." said Lola. I saw Star Wolf sneaking out a door next to the ride operator's platform. They turned on the ride. A calliope organ moaned, then came to life, playing cheerful music, though it was off key from lack of proper tuning maintenance. Hundreds of multi colored mosaics of tiny lightbulbs lit up everywhere around us. A smiling sun face beamed at us, and a smiling crescent moon on a side profile smiled down at us. There were five point stars everywhere against a twinkling sky of blue, and rainbows, rockets with colorful flames blasting from them.

We were almost blinded from all those colored lights. "Looks like we win today, Star Fox!" said Wolf, as he, Leon, and Panther hopped into a rocket shaped roller coaster car. "Stop them!" said Fox, but I blocked the entrance to the ride. "I wouldn't bother with them right now. Just wait and you'll see." I said. "They're getting away!" Fox said to me furiously. "They'd only end up back here, Fawx, besides, just watch!" I pointed to the track, as it twisted, climbed, and dipped crazily against the colorfully lit, tacky backdrop mosaics of colored lights.

As Star Wolf dropped out of sight after the fourth drop, there was a horrifying crash. I shut off the car launch on the controls, and then led the team around the tracks, over and under them, until we reached the wrecked rocket car. Wolf, Leon, and Panther lay injured and moaning beside it and the tracks. "There you go!" I said, smiling, and laughing a noxious, coughing like laugh. Fox and the others smiled, laughed, and congratulated me. "Payback's a bitch, ain't it Wolfy?" I croaked. "Ah, Pigma, you sonofabitch, you knew these tracks were out!" said Wolf. "Andrew warned me about them the first time we hid out here." I bragged. "Thanks for telling us about it!" Leon complained sarcastically. "I can see another reason why you guys kicked him and Andrew off the team..." said Panther.

After we got Star Wolf out of the ride, we waited for the CDF to take them. Fox had called them in advance, and he and his group had waited for them to arrive at the park. They approached us as we exited the ride, and took Star Wolf into custody. We headed home after that, as Star Wolf went back to jail.

*that's it for this chapter*

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Dude that was amazing!!, loved the part of the dance. :embaressed: :lol:
really nice chapter!
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Jun 7 2012, 06:51 PM
Dude that was amazing!!, loved the part of the dance. :embaressed: :lol:
really nice chapter!
Thanks dude. I appreciate it!
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Chapter 7

I was being exorcised...

They had me tied to a chair, and Madame Vulpine, Kylie, Tigress, and Krystal were surrounding me, as The rest of the team stood by in case of an emergency. The incense burners, candles, and lamps were lit, and Madame Vulpine read aloud from an ancient book on spiritualism, and the supernatural. She read a strange chant, as Krystal, Tigress, and Kylie joined in. The room held a heavy atmosphere...

It was mid day, but it felt like the middle of the night...we were in my living room, right in the middle of it. "Pigma! We request to speak with you NOW!" said Madame Vulpine. Nothing. "PIGMA!" shouted Fox, angrily. "WHHHHUUUT!?" I said, in Pigma's voice. He was with us fully, now. "Pigma, you do Julius harm by remaining! We request that you leave this world, and depart from Julius' body immediately!" said Krystal. "Why should I!?" said Pigma.

"We just did, you moron!" said Tigress. "Oh yeah, ya' did...well, I ain't ready to leave yet. I'm havin' too much fun, heh heh!" I said. "You WILL leave, we are about to make you leave!" said Kylie. "You an' whut awwwrrrmy!?" I said. Madame Vulpine, Krystal, Tigress, and Kylie read aloud from the exorcism rites. I tried to force out Pigma by focusing on the words spoken by my friends.

It seemed like hours...later, I learned it was five hours. Finally, a voice spoke out, filling the room, it seemed like. "Mind if I cut in?". "James!?" everyone else said, except for me and Pigma. "PIGMA! Leave Julius' body, and this world. You do not belong here!" said James. "You're one to tawlk!" croaked Pigma. "SHUT UP!" I saw, in the mirrored wall of the room, myself, sitting in the chair, but no one else, despite the fact all my friends were there. The room around my reflection was black, dark.

It was just me sitting there, not even my chair or ropes were seen there. It looked weird, sitting there with nothing under me. James appeared behind me, and grabbed me...I felt strong hands gripping me, and I suddenly struggled. "Lemme go! Lemme GO! Lemme gooooo!!!" I shouted in Pigma's voice...but then, I didn't see myself struggling int he reflection...I saw PIGMA! "You are done here! I'm taking you to where you belong, and I'll see to it you stay there!" James said into my ear. He dragged Pigma away, as Pigma screamed and struggled. The whole room went completely dark, even the candles, lamps, and incense flames went out.

After several minutes went by, James appeared in the mirror, as light slowly filled the room. "He's gone now, I took him to where he needed to be, and deposited him there. He should never be able to bother anyone again, especially in this world." he said. "Thank you..." I said. "Thank you, James!" said everyone but Todd and Fox. "Thank you, Dad." said Fox. "Thanks, Uncle James!" said Todd.

"You're all welcome. It had to be done. Julius, I'm glad that he's not in you anymore. I regret not being able to reach him and the rest of you sooner, but it's all over now." James aid reassuringly. "I have to go now. Goodbye everyone." he said. We all said goodbye to him in our own way. "Will we see you again!?" I asked. "You just might..." he said, smiling. He walked away into the darkness of the shadows.

Light flooded the room again.

"You guys smell...roses?" I asked. "Yeah, I do!" said Akasha. "So do I!" said Pal. Everyone agreed. "It's the air freshener." said Babs, pointing. "It must have just clicked on." said Miyu. "Well, I'm glad it's all over. Julius, why don't you 'sit tight', while we go out to eat, to celebrate!" teased Todd, as he patted my head. "TODD!" Misty said to him angrily, as the others laughed. "I was only kidding!" Todd said, as he untied me.

We went out to eat, to celebrate my newly acquired freedom...


A week later, Todd, Edge, Conrad, and I were seated with the rest of the Star Fox Team at the nearby theater in the artsy area of Corneria. We watched as the stage curtain parted and closed with each act. The final act was starring Lola, Misty, Babs, and Madame Vulpine. The stage curtains parted, revealing a large bird nest on stage, with four light colored, speckled eggs in it. The eggs shook, vibrated, and muffled cries for help and release were heard from within them.

After what seemed like ten minutes, the eggs burst open, revealing Madame Vulpine, Babs, Misty, and Lola inside of them, the girls were wearing feathery, bird-like outfits, composed of high heeled dance shoes, fishnet stockings, long sleeved leotards with high cut leg-lines, angular and feathery capes draping from their backs and arms, and hoods adorned with feathers, and large crests of feathers on top of the hoods. They also wore ornate, feathered face masks with attached beaks.

The girls let out gasps of air as they hatched out of the giant eggs. "I think we made the shells too thick." said Madame Vulpine, as she gasped for air. "Yeah..." said Misty, agreeing, as the girls panted. They composed themselves, and straightened up, and began to dance. "Next time use your egg tooths!" Alex, a female hybrid of a wolf and a vixen, shouted over the crowd. There was laughter among the crowd.

"Oh ha, ha!" Babs said softly, as she danced. The four of them, in their bird costumes, performed very sensual dances, and suddenly, large feathered fans they had concealed in their costumes, suddenly appeared. The girls performed very sexy fan dances. The audience was captivated...I know I was. They finished their fan dance, and the curtains closed, concealing them and the stage. Everyone cheered. Lola, Misty, Babs, and Madame Vulpine received standing ovations, and loud, thunderous applause and cheers.

After the performance was over, Edge, Todd,, Conrad, and I waited by the dressing rooms, with large floral bouquets in hand. Babs, Misty, Lola, and Madame Vulpine finally came out of the dressing rooms, back in their regular outfits. We gave them their bouquets, and exchanged compliments, kisses, and embraces. "I LOVED your performance!" I told them. "Yeah that was awesome!" said Todd. "The best I've seen in a long time, anywhere, from anyone!" said Conrad. "You four were terrific! Fantastic!" said Edge. "Thank you!" said the girls.

We took them home with us...

Later that night, Misty and I had sex, and afterward, we cuddled. "I really loved your performance with Lola, Madame Vulpine, and Babs." I said. "Thanks! I'm glad you did!" she said. "Could you hatch out of an egg, and wear that costume in the bedroom when we have foreplay?" I asked her. "I was going to, but Madame Vulpine doesn't want us messing up the costumes...plus, the eggs are difficult to construct, and hard enough to get into...and out of!" she giggled. I laughed too. We settled in each others arms, as I turned out the light. We slept, and I had no more "flashback dreams" of Pigma.


Thanks for reading!

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I'd like to thank all of you who read this, and all of you who read and commented on it!

I'd also like to thank:

Star Fox Galaxies and all other sites where I've posted this!

Kursed, for the use of her FC's Tigress, Kylie, and Alex, as well as a joke that Kursed had told to me "through Alex" once.

Falcory, BlazeTheSage,Radigal, and Zwolf for their "Star Fox: Origins" Roleplay thread (see the RP Archives), and its inspiration for this story, especially chapter 4

Radigal for the use of his fan characters from the "Star Fox: Origins" RP

The Star Fox series, its creators, and Nintendo for its existence..

and anyone else, if I forgot to mention you, I'm sorry, I'll add you as soon as I can, but for now, here's a blanket THANK YOU!
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Pretty good story julius, I enjoyed the chapters too bad it's finished X3.
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Thank you caat00! I appreciate it!
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Thank you caat00! I appreciate it!

You're welcome julius
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