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Saphiria's Corner; Character Presentation
Topic Started: Jun 4 2012, 11:25 AM (1,184 Views)
Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Member Avatar
CDF Sergeant Major
20 years after Information:
Full Name: Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
Nickname: Saph
Date of Birth: 18.12.
Age: 44
Gender: Female
Species: Porcupine/Hedgehog (Hybrid)
Place of Birth: Corneria
Current Residence: Zoness
Height: 5'5 ft
Weight: 137 lbs
- Parents: Olivia-Emera & Richard O'Hedge
- Siblings: None
- Others: Falco Lombardi (Boyfriend), Vincent-Constantine van Sky (Son), Noel O'Hedge (Daughter)
Job/s: Botanist
- Food/s: Noodle and Rice recipes, Sushi
- Drink/s: Fruit juices, water, hot chocolate
- Sweet/s: White chocolates (filled with raspberry marmalade)
- Sport/s: Shuttlecock, Cycling
- Color/s: Red, blue, orange, green
- Musicgenre/s: Jazz, Rock, Pop, R'n'B
- Freetime Activity/ies: Reading, swimming
Likes: Flowers (Orchids), being together with her friends/family
Dislikes: Dirt, all kinds of insects, senseless discussions
Strength/s: Good memory, tidy, organized
Weakness/es: Isn't listening while working
Weapon/s: Hand Gun (using poison attributed liquids)
Alignment: Good
Theme Song: It's all about You [by Dakota Star]

~Positive/Negative Behaviours:
+ Strong will, likes to help, patient, reasonable, understanding, calm
- Takes her work too serious, complicated at times

~Personality (Short description):
Saphiria's personality hasn't much changed during the last 20 years. Like in her younger ages she's working as a Botanist and cares a big smile in her face to cheer up everyone in her proximity, but she learned to be more talkactive while she was surrounded by the Star Fox-Team. Her berserk-button reduced itself, making it more easy talking to her while she is working on new antidotes and other research works, though she still gives a 'warning glare' if someone comes too close to the equipment. Other than that she is a very carring and calm personality and tries her best that everyone feels comfortable.

Nothing big has changed between her and her parents relationship during the time Saphiria was guarded by the Star Fox-Team and after the work was accomplished. Though being separated from family and friends everything seemed to be as normal as it was before she left Zoness, but she learned that conversations are important to solve several problems and giving an insight into the opinions and emotions she mostly was holding back.

She shares a friendly relationship with the members of Star Fox but decided to stay on Zoness because of her family, children and work. Non theless she contacts the team about the newest antidotes and researches, giving them the chances to restock for more safety on their missions.

After several months of space traveling and taking care of the flora researches for her works Saphiria slowly started to come along with the members of Star Fox. It was a matter of time until she started to search for conversations and company within the team, realizing that work alone wouldn't make her forget about the small loneliness she carried inside of her heart. Being bullied by the ace pilot of the team in most cases taught her to fight back instead of remaining silent, even if silence is pretty much more of an annoyance for those that are bullying others, but the true reason behind it was to make her come more out of herself, something that made him sort of a good friend that wasn't intended to happen. In fact everyone helped her to evolve into a more confident personality that she started to show some gratefulness by developing certain antidotes when a mission on planet Fortuna was on the run. It was even more appreciated by the team when Slippy Toad poisoned himself through the touch of a vine during a mission, showing that she had true abilities that were pretty much underestimated by them because no action was ever in need. The period of residence on Fortuna was her chance to study further while the team itself took care of their own business.

Nearly a year passed by until their bodyguard job was finally coming to an end, but after some weeks Saphiria went missing for unknown reasons, leaving no trace of herself. Her parents, being pretty much aware of what happened, asked the Star Fox Team a second time to take care of their daughter while giving the information about the truth behind the guard job they were hired for, something that Krystal understood the most. It didn't took long for some small clues of Saphiria's last actions, but they quickly lost the trace when colleagues stated that she was the last one who remained in the working station and everything was just fine the next day, except she didn't appear to work. The last hope were some further information's of her parents which ended in a long story that not even Saphiria was aware of, but it all made sense and no time was waisted to take care of the mission. Their destination was an abandoned planet that was overrun by mutants, but this wasn't the case many centuries ago as old entries about this planet were held inside most of the Lylat libraries on near every other planet. Still everything made more sense when they arrived and remembered the story they got taught, and they successfully rescued the young botanist before further experiments were able to be in progress. Though the mission was complete there will be things that can't be changed since Saphiria wasn't the only one that was brought to the abandoned planet. Freeze brandings will always remain on her back and left shoulder, a nightmare that will haunt her for the rest of her life. She still managed to recover fast from this situation and was more than happy to finally discern who she really is, and that the team took care of her a second time. The question if she would like to join the Team was rejected though. She didn't felt that she is the right one for the 'medic' job and there are things that are far more important, it would be difficult to help further development of antidotes if she's residing in a mercenary group that is 'already powerful enough', but she consented to send them antidotes if a restocking is necessary.

Her life continued in a normal pace after two months passed away. Work was normal, family and friends were the best on the world, it was all in a happy-ever-after mood considering the horror that was going on before she was rescued by a team of mercenaries that taught her to be a woman with more self esteem. The contact to Star Fox was still there even if it was just for business reasons, still she felt kind of special to be one of a few that were able to help them if help is needed. The relationship between her and the ace pilot of the team just slowly became more than just a business connection, there were many similarities both shared when the ice started to melt more and more, giving them a more stressless chance of communication and even sharing one or two evenings somewhere in a bar on Zoness. On special occasions the team invited her though she actually never understood why, but it might be the good connection she had with Krystal since both understood each other pretty well and even shared unique abilities as well as dealing with some mysteries of their past, though both were sure that men will be the biggest 'mystery of all time'. Star Fox started to feel like a second family to her that was always busy as much as her real family was, mostly seeing them as the siblings she never had, that's probably the reason why she never rejected an invitation. She was also the one who kicked Falco's butt and wasted most of her time trying to make him act more like a gentleman rather than the outsider that doesn't want to be too much inside the spotlight. They ended up inside an argument with each other most of the time, making things like that obviously private and even willing to change the location just for situations like this. Strangely those moments only occur when a special occasion is going on which was realized by the other members of the team pretty fast, making hot speculations that 'there is more than just a friendship'. Of course their speculations were thrown out of the window now and then, but in fact even those who never seek for something like love can be caught by it, and everyone was aware of it except their teammate, Falco, who was actually very much respected for the way he thinks about this kind of topic. No drama was included when Saphiria was informed by Krystal that their ace pilot decided to remain on board the Great Fox to prevent further occurrences, which made clear that he is nothing but a 'lousy, loudmouthed coward'.

This issue was abolished several months later when both acknowledged that in some way they can't stand each other but also can't life without each other, turning everything from a friendship to some sort of tryout relationship thing, and for some reason it even worked out pretty well though heavy arguments were involved as well. Still they carried each other through this complicated or more insane mess until they managed to even raise up two children that never were planned. 20 years passed away since and they're fire and flame. Both evolved more mature when Vincent and Noel were born, even the ace pilot started to show more emotions though his work is more important than staying with his beloved ones. Since Saphiria completely understands his situation as the ace pilot of Star Fox and never dares to force him to chose between his work and his 'family', both consented not to marry. In this way Falco never gets too much distracted by a deep fear that Saphiria and his children might get harmed when he's not around, and he never loses the freedom he needs. She fully trusts him and knows that he will return if his heart seeks her and their children's proximity. Nonetheless she often has troubles getting close to their daughter Noel who really much has the brash attitude her boyfriend had back in his younger days while their son Vincent is the more calm breeze of the family that tries to alert his father about his overworked 'wife' and rebellious daughter.

~Skills [Assault System]:
Health: ****
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Flight: **
Land: -
Foot: ***

~Special feature/s: Possesses the ability to heal wounds, freeze brandings on her back and left shoulder.

Appearance: (Will come soon)
~Arwing Information: -None-
~Designed: 2001/12/18, Redesigned: 2003 ~ Onwards
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