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Kew Reunited.
Topic Started: Aug 5 2012, 07:32 AM (722 Views)
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Kursed aj rusb!
(This goes along the lines of the command ending where kursed saw fox on the planet Kew i've actually been working on this for awhile.)
Chapter I: Introduction.

Kew a planet sparsely populated by various creatures ranging from scaled lizard to skin covered pigs
Like Corneria Kew was covered in cities however, unlike Corneria the sparsely populated cities were far away from each other separated by large forest and other untouched landscapes depending on the climate and location on the planet. Raiders in the outlands as the boundaries beyond the city were called many names and made living outside a city almost impossible. Living in a city on Kew for many was the only way to survive and was considered very safe except one city.

Folsom had been forced to hire mercenaries and bounty hunters to bolster its already dwindling Police force. In this city one of the largest gangs on Kew had their base deep inside this capital city known as Folsom. The Scorpion gang was a notorious gang of smugglers, pirates and general outcast or poor people.

In Previous years the Scorpion gang was a small force easily dealt with by the local police until they became larger by recruiting poor civilians and anyone willing to join their cause they became known as a severe threat to the safety of Kewian officers all over Kew and especially in Folsom city.

Due to its most precious resource… ores used to make spacecraft a commodity used for trade for food and other valuable resources Kew was a general hotspot for traders and large freighters Carrying Supplies. Water was not needed as much as food thanks to the great water purification plants in the cities. Each plant produces pure fresh water from the sludge of the sewers for the whole city. Food however, was an issue as most of the creatures on Kew were very dangerous and some even poisonous to eat forcing cities to form their own indoor ranches right within the city to maintain the food for its many residents.

The ferocious creatures also made ranching food animals outside the boundaries of the city very difficult since most cattle were slaughtered and eaten within minutes of them being moved into the ranch and owners were not safe either they too faced the danger of becoming a meal for the next ferocious monster.

With their towering sky scrapers and smoking stacks of fire, the city was still the safest place to be within 100 miles of the next star port on Kew even with the Scorpion gang. The Scorpion gang made this a very risky stop; however with few private traders getting out with anything worthwhile only the heavily guarded commercial freighter pilots got any worth out of trading on Kew.

Any ship that landed faced the possible threat of being boarded and its supplies stolen by Scorpions posing as city workers and soon even ships in orbit were in danger as the gang grew in power and size.

The Scorpion gang had turned from a small gang of poor people begging for scraps of food into Pirates, raiders and a general nuisance and danger to the public in a matter of a few months.

Putting the general trade of Kew at stake forcing local authorities to bolster defenses in the city using up valuable manpower something new Folsom was losing fast. Stealing valuable supplies was one of the Scorpion gang’s top targets as it provided them with the materials to live on, sustain their weapons and keep their bases running.
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Kursed aj rusb!
Chapter 1:The beginning.(Thanks to Falcory for a little help with Falco here)

Our story begins one day when another mercenary is hired to protect one Folsom’s largest ranches from Scorpion attacks.

“You have a very good record of success miss Kursed… But still why should I hire you?” Ask the chief of police, an old Hound dog almost similar to General Pepper of Corneria but white and older looking. His gaze fixed on a purple haired vixen standing on the other side of his desk.

“Do you doubt I can take the job?” replied the purple haired vixen tilting her head to the side her face showing a sign of mistrust to the old hound, tail wagging slowly behind her ears slightly lowered amplifying how she felt towards the Chief at the moment.
“Let’s just say the Scorpion gang is not your average gang...Kursed.” The white Hound replied, a stern look on his face. ‘She’s tough that’s a good thing but is she tough enough for this job....’ he thought to himself.
The bounty hunter scoffed “I Can handle myself, thank you.” Kursed replied with a stern tone her expression not budging as her gaze shifted to look into the hound dog’s eyes.

\“I see… Well, we’ll just have to see about that, now won’t we,” The hound dog began. “Fine, you're hired, but you won’t get paid if you die. Do I make myself clear?”
“Crystal,” Kursed growled back, showing distaste for that word in her voice and the tone she presented while setting her datapad on the desk -- her attitude not changing.
“Very well then I’ll update your datapad with the information you need and you can be off and be quick about it I have other lowlifes to talk to.” The chief finished in a low tone obviously not enjoying speaking to Kursed.

Kursed silently nodded in reply waiting for her data pad to update. After it did she grudgingly took the datapad back into her hand as she headed out of the chief’s office then into an empty elevator out in the lobby. The doors slid shut, a white hologram then appeared on the floor of the elevator. “You want an update?” the hologram appeared to ask voice flowing through the small box of a room as if it were a real person talking.

“Wait till I actually need an update.” Kursed growled back “I’m not in a best of moods.” She added with distaste still in her voice.
“Alright, Kursed just try not to take it so personal, you should know by now that most employers you have had the same view of mercs and bounty hunters.” The hologram named Serena replied fading away.

"Whatever," Kursed growled, taking a glance at her datapad and looking over the topic given: Lodging Information. Grumbling to herself, the bounty hunter continued, "At least they paid for my room this time."
The doors then opened and Kursed slid her datapad back into her pocket. "Right next to the ranch, thank goodness it's not open-windowed!"

Meanwhile as Kursed walked out of the police HQ , back in the chief’s office a familiar orange fox followed by a blue falcon, and toad walked in.
“Team Starfox, eh? I’ve seen ones like you” he began.” Ragtag teams that don’t compare to any military unit.” Fox was about to speak up before he continued “But I cannot ignore you excellent record coming from Corneria. Let’s just hope you didn’t fake these reports.” He grumbled. “I’ll send your orders to your” He paused to let out a cough. “Command ship right away. Be on time and stay alive or you won’t get paid.”
Fox nodded and the three left the office having to pull Falco away before he said anything foolish.

Stepping into an elevator Slippy spoke up first
“Geese, Fox! What was that guy’s problem?” the toad spoke up just as the doors shut.

“He’s probably got too much paper work stuck up his tailhole to care, Slippy. Who does he think he’s talking to here?” Falco blurted out before Fox put a hand around his beak. “Mmphh hummen ffff!”

“Let’s not worry about that now we’re all tired anyway let’s just head back and go to sleep.” Fox said with a sigh. The doors opened to the main floor and the three walked out heading for the exit of the Police HQ.
"You can have your beauty sleep, Fox, and maybe -- just maybe -- some cute girl might find you later. IF she sees what she likes," Falco snickered back “IN YOUR DREAMS FOX!” he added and walked away. "As for this bird, I'm heading out for a night in town. Ciao!"

Slippy started to ask. “Can-“

"No," Falco quickly retaliated, cutting Slippy off from asking his question. "Tonight, this bird goes solo, like he always does.

Fox shook his head, and then began walking back to the docking bay where the Great Fox was docked the dock almost next to a particular hotel that happened to house the purple haired vixen. His thoughts were on a particular woman he once knew and he could only shake the feeling off, and grumble under his breath by repeating what Falco had told him: ‘Yeah, in my dreams.’

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Kursed aj rusb!
(long time ago chapter 2 should be up soon.
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Kursed aj rusb!

While she slept, Kursed soon sensed a familiar presence interrupting her dreams: She shot up waking up in a cold sweat inside her hotel room, the thoughts soon troubled her conscious. It took her a few moments to recognize the presence she felt. "That can't be him," she muttered to herself as she held the sheets close to herself wearing only her undergarments. "No, he CAN'T be here," she muttered to herself again as she sat her head back down onto the pillow, drifting back into slumber thought Vanishing into her mind.

As the morning sun peeked over the horizon and its rays blaring through her room's windows, Kursed stepped out of her shower wiping herself down with a towel. As she dried herself off quickly by wiping the towel against herself, thoughts from the previous night lingered in her mind. Walking over to the window and looking around, she said to herself, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to grab a bite to eat," breaking the silence in her room. Deciding what she wanted to do, the bounty hunter walked back towards the bathroom, but turning to look at a mirror in the door. Letting the towel drop to the floor she took a few minutes to look over her bare finely toned body. Running her hands down the side of her bare thighs , then running her fingers through her hair and a handful of it resting in her hand, she sighed to herself and let it flop back in place before looking off to the floor ashamed: “What have I done to myself?” This question would bug her from time to time, but now was not the time.

After she had finished drying herself off and slipping into her undergarments, Kursed walked over to a dresser near the bed. Pulling open the drawer, she gazed over her bounty hunter clothes: A Purple tank top, a Red shirt and a grey jacket. She then pulled them all out, laying them on the bed. Next, she reached down to the middle drawer, pulling it open to reveal her body armor, which would be worn only over her undergarments she slipped into it making sure each plate was where it was meant to be. Taking a deep breath to reflect back on her question to herself for a moment, she grabbed her tank top, slipped it on, then grabbed her t-shirt and slipped it on over her tank top, before walking over to the closet. She opened it to also reveal her brown armored pants and boots; she slipped on her pants first as she thought about last night when she thought she felt a familiar presence. Shaking away the thought, she stepped into her boots -- leaning down to make sure they were on tight.

Meanwhile in the Great Fox, Fox remained lying in bed - eyes staring at a picture of Krystal and him. "What did I do wrong?" he asked himself, always wondering if it was something he failed at doing right. Shaking off the thought he rolled out of his bed and onto his feet, taking one last glance at the picture before leaving his room. As he entered the bridge he was met by his teammates.

“Hey! Buddy, meet any pretty girls in your dreams last night?” Falco Squawked
Fox was silent as he walked in not responding to Falco’s squawk.
“Is something wrong, Fox?” Slippy asked.
Fox still didn’t reply his thoughts stuck on Krystal wondering what he did to make her leave.
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Kursed aj rusb!
After exiting the hotel’s lobby to the outside Kursed walked to the other side of the road entering a nearby cantina. As the Bounty hunter entered the cantina she saw mostly mercs and bounty hunters at the front with more civilians at the tables near the walls or out in the open. She took a seat at the front taking a glance to the stage where strippers were dancing. “Hire my body off to some random horny nut? No, Thanks!’ She muttered to herself turning to the bartender who had walked up to her. “I’ll have a Eisberg , please.” She told him laying down the credits for it; he nodded and went to get her drink. ”Heh, you look too pretty to be a bounty hunter…” One of the Merc sitting next to her muttered. “We’ll just see how pretty you look when I’m done with you if you continue Further.” Kursed growled to him. “Ahh, Okay then I’ll leave you alone to your drink then sweet cheeks.” The Merc replied about to say something more before he heard a gun click and saw Kursed’s laser blaster aimed right at his head. “Don’t call me sweet cheeks.” She grumbled. The Merc nodded Recognizing that she was a bounty hunter by her actions and the tone in her voice getting up and moving to another seat. “Men, think they know it all…” Kursed sighed as the bartender slide her drink across the counter. She let it slide into her hand and took a swig. “Mmm, strong just the way I like it.” She muttered under her breath.

Fox had left the Docking bay that held the Great Fox hands sunk into his pockets as he walked to the sidewalk walking down it, then across the street at a crossing. His mind still stuck on Krystal and his friends not helping much he stepped onto the sidewalk on the other side of the street staring up at the sky thinking about his father. ‘First my dad and now the only girl I ever had…whose next on the list to leave me I don’t even know if Krystal is alive anymore.’ He thought to himself with a sigh as he walked down the sidewalk to the very Cantina Kursed was in just in time too as the clouds above dropped their payload of raindrops. He sat into a stool and waited for the bartender to come to him “Strongest thing you got.” He muttered the tone of his voice clearly showing how depressed he was.

While holding her hand over her drink Kursed’s eyes glanced over to Fox quickly eyes soon darted to look in the other direction.’ It can’t be!’ She thought looking at him again ‘it’s him he’s here but why?’ She thought ‘He wouldn’t come back for me not after what I did.’ Turning her head to see him more clearly ‘No doubt about it that’s him thought patterns and all…What is he doing here?’ Kursed thought to herself doing her best to not draw attention or show in any way that she knew this ‘Fox’. Fox felt someone was watching him, turning his head he spotted Kursed not even recognizing her, he made no connection to her and the woman he once knew and had been close to. Much closer than anyone could get to the bounty hunter without some sort of bruise or flesh wound.

Kursed reminded Fox of a woman he once knew. She did not look like the vixen he knew in the past, but what the Purple vixen reminded him of her was how she looked as tough as the Krystal that he knew years ago. His thoughts began to wander wondering what had happened had Krystal not left, and then his mind turned to Falco’s comment from a day before. He recalled the Aparoid wars and the Saurian conflict before that, all which Krystal was present and both he fought alongside her or at least with her. “What is life worth now.” He sighed. The bounty hunter looked over to him his thoughts and emotions in her mind already causing her to feel sorry. ‘But what if he doesn’t want me back…’ She thought to herself, making sure not to slip her in mind conversation to Fox’s thoughts.
As the night dragged on Kursed left the Cantina heading for the hotel room she had rented out. Just as she stepped out the clouds in the sky dropped their payload of Rain. “Just my luck” The bounty hunter replied walking across the street her purple hair and blue fur starting to get wet from the rain she didn’t have a umbrella nor a hat and her helmet was left back in her space craft in the docks. Walking though the now gloomy city her thoughts remained on Fox. ‘Why do I keep thinking about him was I that interested in him?’ she thought to herself. “Ma’am” Krystal’s ears flicked as someone called out to her. The Fox came running up to Kursed, boots splashing in the puddles of water on the road. “Here let me at least keep you dry till you get to wherever you’re going.” Fox McCloud said holding his umbrella over Kursed. “Uh… S-sure” The bounty hunter replied with a slight nod. Fox and Kursed both crossed the street together almost as if Kursed was Krystal again. When the two got to the hotel Kursed had rented a room at, Fox split off from Kursed path heading to the great fox his ears drooping as they had been for the last few years. ‘I remember my first walk in the great fox, having my own room…’ Kursed thought with a sigh as she walked through the hotel lobby to the elevator. (Chapter1 End)
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Kursed aj rusb!
finnaly decieded to finish this though I don't think it's even near the end. might get rocky though)

Chapter2: the Secret of the purple dye.

The Next morning brought it’s sunlight through the large windows of Kursed’s hotel room. Already 6 in the morning the bounty hunter was up taking a shower. She had no idea why she took showers so much lately; maybe it was the air, the planet… She didn’t really know.

While getting dressed she checked her datapad. “First day on the job” The bounty hunter grumbled, as she got dressed, soon walking out of the her room and down the hall to an elevator. Her mind wandering to thoughts about Fox, why she had left him and missions together with him during the Aparoid invasion getting lost in her thoughts

, then a loud Ding of the elevator bell shook her back to the real world interrupting her thoughts . The doors of the elevator slid open and the purple vixen stepped out walking over to the ‘gun’ storage at the exit of the hotel.
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