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Cape Fur
Topic Started: Aug 31 2012, 11:09 PM (1,490 Views)
Julius Quasar
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Chapter 1

Todd ran down the hallway through the main building of McCloud Ranch. "FOOOX!" he shouted. He burst into the rec room, where his cousin sat watching TV. "Hey, Todd, how are you?" asked Fox McCloud. "FOXXX! We gotta talk, in private, NOW!" said Todd, his voice filled with fear and panic. "Well, okay, but I hardly see why-" Fox was cut off by his cousin shouting "RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT! This is serious!" Todd said, breathing hard. "OKAY! What is that is so important!?" asked Fox, annoyed by Todd's rudeness.

Falco Lombardi entered the room, along with Slippy Toad, Katt Monroe, and Rud "Pal" Whetherwax. "What is it that's so damn important you had to drag us all out out here!?" Falco asked Todd grumpily. Todd locked the doors to the rec room behind them, and turned up the TV. He motioned for all of them to come together in a huddle. "Lionel Duveaux has just been approved for parole!" Todd said in a horrible whisper.

"WHHHHAT!? NO!!!" came the cries of the others. "Oh crap, he knows what we did to him all those years ago, and he's gonna be pissed!" said Slippy. "We're in big freakin' trouble here!" said Falco. "This is not right!" said Katt. Pal screamed like a girl "I don't wanna die!" he shrieked. "Damn!" Fox said, partly in anger, and partly in fear. "I know, right!?" asked Todd.

"I didn't think he'd get out...we all did that thing...that night...but he's the only one who got busted." muttered Fox, reminiscing...


Years ago, When Todd, Fox, Katt, Slippy, Pal, Falco, and Lionel were much younger, they had gathered together to play with illegitimately acquired explosives. They had a habit of hanging out together, and practicing the use of these explosives. One day, things got a little out of hand...

"Todd, you there?" Fox called out in the back lot behind the dockside warehouse. "Yeah." Todd replied. "Falco there too?" asked Fox. "Yeah I'm here, so is Katt..." Falco said, his voice partly containing disdain when he mentioned Katt. "You're not gonna hog all the fun, boys!" Katt declared. "Hey guys, wait up!" Slippy's voice wafted over the fence. "Shut up Slippy, you want the whole neighborhood to find out we're here!?" Lionel snarled. "You shut up!" said Pal, jumping to Slippy's defense. "Stop acting like such a girl!" Lionel snarled at Pal. "Stop acting like such a jerk!" Slippy said, returning the favor.

Pal, Lionel, and Slippy entered the lot through the loose board in the fence. Todd climbed down from the rooftop, using the ladder that was built into the wall of the warehouse. Fox climbed over the fence on the other side of the lot from Where Slippy, Pal, and Lionel had entered. Falco and Katt came out of the storm drain pipe at the water's edge, and climbed up the rocky shore bank and into the lot.

"You guys got the stuff?" Fox asked Lionel. "Yeah, stole it from my Uncle's workplace. He'll never miss 'em!" Lionel bragged. "Guys? We can't keep doing this here forever! We might get found out eventually." said Slippy. "Why the hell do we let him tag along with us!? It's bad enough we have your cousin, the slutty tomboy cat, and the sissy girly collie!" sneered Lionel, motioning to Pal and Katt. Katt was dressed in jeans, a sports team jersey, and sneakers, and Pal was wearing a dress, slippers, and had his hair done in a feminine style. "Shut up, or you can play with those explosives by yourself, I hope you blast your hands off!" Todd squeaked in his younger voice.

"Go blow your nose, twerp!" Lionel sneered. "Shut up!" Fox said, defending his cousin. "Hey, yo, easy! Let's stop wasting time fighting, and start enjoying these explosives!" said Falco. "Fine..." sighed Lionel. They began priming the explosives, laughing, and setting off the Improvised Explosive Devices, Rockets, Missiles, Bombs, and more...They were enjoying the summer afternoon, the first day after school had let out for the holidays. They enjoyed the explosives, all down to the two last missiles they had constructed. "Ready! Fire!" Lionel set one of them off, and it rose, sputtered out, and landed on the roof of a nearby shore side warehouse.

"Ha! LAAAME!" Lionel's accomplices taunted him. "Ah, you guys didn't prime it right, I still have the other one I made myself, and it works just..." Lionel was interrupted by the rocket sputtering on top of the warehouse, and then it exploded! A fire broke out, consuming the warehouse in minutes, and SPREADING everywhere! The mills, boat houses, docks, piers, and more, all along the industrial shore line were burning like paper. The solvents and fuels stored in many of them helped the blaze spread faster than the fire sprinklers could extinguish them.

"RUUUUUN!" Katt shouted.

All of them took off.

As they escaped the yard, through the storm drain pipe, the came out of the other side of the storm drain in a nearby parking lot. The police cars pulled up. "There! Those are the kids messing with the explosives!" shouted a police officer. The thick smoke obscured the vision of the police officers, so they could only make out the outlines of Fox and his accomplices. "Freeze, you're all under arrest!" shouted the police officers.

As Fox and the others took off in multiple directions, all but one of them escaped. Todd and Lionel dashed towards the nearby alleyway, but then Lionel had shoved Todd aside, and escaped into the alleyway. Todd got up, jumped into the water and swam away, he barely missed being apprehended by the cops. Lionel was caught by the cops when the alleyway turned out to be a dead end.

Later, as Lionel was being taken into custody, the rest of the kids met up in Fox's back yard. Todd was dripping wet, but safe. "Lionel got busted!" Todd told the others, who gasped. "What if he rats us out!?" said Slippy. "He wouldn't do that...but he's gonna be mad, the fact he's the only one they busted. He'll stew in jail, and harbor a grudge!" Falco said worriedly. "Yeah, but he burned down half the industrial shore side, the docks and the piers! They'll throw away the key!" said Katt, hopefully. "Even if he rats us out, no one's going to believe him, he's a bigger trouble maker than Todd!" said Fox. Everyone laughed, even Todd, until he caught on that the joke was at his expense. "HEY! Shut up you!" he said to Fox.


Now, back in the rec room at McCloud Ranch, they stood around, all of them but Lionel. "We gotta do something, and fast!" said Todd. "Yeah, but for now, we keep quiet about what had happened. Fortunately, that fire didn't hurt or kill anyone, but we still don't want anyone else to know what we did!" said Fox. "Right! We deal with Lionel, and keep this whole dark past event a secret. Shouldn't be too hard, right!?" said Slippy.

*that's it for this chapter*

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Kursed aj rusb!
(Krystal:Pal...seriously....boys calm down we can work this out...*tosses grenade*)

Julius Quasar
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Chapter 2

Pelt County Correctional Facility....

Lionel Duveaux was fitted for a new suit...afterwards, he was walked into the processing office. "Prisoner #572208, here are your personal items you had on you when you first arrived." said the guard. He took out and unsealed a brown envelope. As the guard read the items aloud from the list, he handed them over to Lionel, who took each of them one by one.


1 folding pocket hairbrush, black plastic and rubber...
1 cigarette lighter, gold plated metal with flip top opening...
1 pack of nude vixen playing cards...
2 dice, white plastic with black dots...
1 domino, white plastic with 7 multi-colored dots
1 billfold, imitation red leather, containing 1 state issued I.D. card, 1 city bus pass, 1 student I.D. Card, $33 Cornerian Credits in bill form, and 1 photo of a scantily clad female orange tigress pin-up model
1 super bouncy ball, multicolored and glow in the dark
1 Arcade token
1 bunch of keys in an imitation brown leather key wallet

Please sign here for your valuables!"

Lionel did just that. He took his file folder, and as he left, the guard at the gate asked him "So, Lionel, what are you going to do now that you're free?". As Lionel stepped out the gate, he stared at the guard and said..."I have some 'business' to take care of, for starters." with that, he boarded the bus, and was on his way to Corneria City.


"Maybe we should come clean and tell the others what we did..." said Slippy. "NO!" Todd, Katt, Fox, Falco, and Pal all shouted at once. "Are you stupid!? We can't involve the others, this is our problem! Our fault! Why would they help us!?" said Katt. "Yeah, besides, I can't risk Babs finding out, she might tell her old cop buddies it was us who caused that fire!" said Todd. "There's six of us, and one of him! We can take him down just like that!" said Falco, snapping his fingers.

"Falco's right, and so is Katt. We made this mess, we'll have to clean it up ourselves!" said Fox. "Maybe as a back up strategy, we could buy some protection in the meantime!" suggested Pal. "How are condoms supposed to help us!?" Todd asked Pal. "No, dummy, not that kind of protection! He means we should hire someone to protect us while we plan for Lionel's 'arrival'..." Katt said, rolling her eyes at Todd's stupid question. Slippy giggled at what Todd had said.

"Yeah, but who...?" asked Fox.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Kursed aj rusb!
Krystal:from what i got it was lionells fault he launched the faulty rocket)
Julius Quasar
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Thank Kursed, I'll work on more of this tomorrow
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 3

"Who should we hire? Todd, what about your in-laws?" asked Pal. "No. I can't risk Lola finding out, and asking a bunch of questions...plus, they'll wanna know why Lionel's after us, and when they find out about the wharf fire, we're screwed. They'll use it against us as blackmail." said Todd. "Maybe we could ask your old hot rodder buddies?" Slippy asked Falco. "Pffft! Not a chance!" said Katt, rolling her eyes. "Yeah, besides, they wouldn't wanna get involved with Me and Katt anymore." Falco said.

"Fox, you know anyone?" asked Todd. "No." said Fox, shaking his head. "Slippy?" asked Todd. "Get real!" said Slippy. "Pal?" Todd asked. "Not really." Pal replied. "CRAP!" Todd said. "Well, believe it or not, there is...ONE group we can turn to..." said Fox, looking out the window...


Wolf O'Donnell, Leon Powalski, and Panther Carosoe, were hanging out in their headquarters in the slums of Macbeth. "Got a great deal on this dump..." Wolf commented, chuckling, as he polished the last spot on his Wolfen. "Yeah, and it's in a part of town the inhabitants of this planet are afraid to go into." said Leon, calibrating the laser cannons on his Wolfen. "It's very becoming, in an 'Ironic' and 'Industrial Chic' sort of way." said Panther. The other two rolled their eyes at Panther's comment.

There was a knocking noise at the door. "What the hell!?" Wolf asked, grabbing his laser pistol. Panther and Leon armed themselves as well. "Who's there!?" said Wolf. "It's us." said Todd, Falco, Katt, Fox, Slippy, and Pal at the same time. "What are you jerks doing here!?" said Wolf, angry at being found out so soon. "Where's the rest of ya'!?" asked Leon. "What do you want!?" asked Panther.

"We want your help." said Todd. "It's just the six of us." said Pal. "We wanna talk to you...in private!" said Katt. "May we come in?" asked Slippy. "This isn't a trick!" said Falco.

Wolf looked confusedly at his teammates, then unlocked the warehouse door. "Come in." he said. Fox, Falco, Slippy, Katt, Todd, and Pal came in. "What's this crap all about!?" asked Wolf. Fox explained about wanted to hire Star Wolf for protection, and how an ex-con was out to get them. He made sure not to mention as to why the ex-con was after them, but he made his point clear. He also told Star Wolf that the rest of Team Star Fox was in the dark about the whole thing, and had to remain in the dark about it.

"...so, will you help us!?" asked Fox.

Wolf, Leon, and Panther huddled and whispered, for about twenty minutes. Then they approached the Star Fox Team. "We'll do it, but you'll pay us THIS amount each month." said Leon, holding up a food wrapper with a figure written on it. The seven Star Fox team members looked at the figure, and then nodded to each other, grudgingly. "Yeah, that's fine." said Fox.

"As a down payment, we want something from TODD!" said Panther, grinning from ear to ear. "What?" Todd asked uneasily. "We each want a poster sized image of that smoking hot wife of yours, topless." said Panther. Todd looked like he'd swallowed a lemon and a lime simultaneously. "I..." he said. "We'll do it!" said Falco. Todd glared at Falco. "What!? Your wife performs topless in those showgirl outfits all the time, you have plenty of extra posters!" said Falco to him. Todd sighed. "Fine. I'll give three of those posters, and you guys help protect us?" he said to Star Wolf. They nodded, each of them with huge grins on their faces.

"We'll be right back." Todd said, taking Fox with him. A couple of hours later, they returned with the posters of Lola Foxglove, Todd's wife, in topless showgirl outfits. "Here." Todd handed a rolled up poster to Wolf, Leon, and Panther. They unrolled the posters, and drooled. "BEWBS!" shouted Leon. "BEWBS!" said Wolf. "BOOOBIESS!" said Panther. "I knew Lola had a hot rack!" he added. "I'm taking mine to the bathroom!" said Leon. "I'm taking mine up to my room for a while!" said Panther. "Wait! You guys gonna help us!? We delivered on our end of the deal!" said Falco. "Well, sure, we'll help you. We'll make Lionel Duveaux leave you alone!" said Wolf.

The Star Fox team left, still hearing the Star Wolf team shouting "BEWBS!" back in the warehouse. "Men!" Katt said. "Hey, thanks Todd, we know that wasn't easy for you." said Falco. "Yeah...but those posters can be purchased for a fair price." said Todd. "Or downloaded for free!" said Slippy, chuckling. "Yeah, plus Lola performs in front of crowds, though not always topless." said Todd. "Yeah, sometimes she's completely naked!" joked Fox. "If I wasn't caught up in this as well, I wouldn't have given those guys the posters, and the six of you would be screwed right now." Todd grumbled. "Unless we just went out and bought them." said Pal, making everyone else, even Todd, laugh.

A week later, Fay ran into the rec room of McCloud Hall, Todd and Lola's home. "Everyone, turn on the TV! Star Wolf got the crap beat out of them!" she said. The whole Star Fox team filed into the media room, and Lola turned on the TV. "Today a grim incident of gangland violence took place in down town Corneria City, just near the Historic District's 'Dawn View Hotel'. The notorious 'Star Wolf' mercenary gang was found near the old hotel, savagely beaten, and nearly dismembered. Police are baffled as to..." the red bespectacled vixen continued her report, as a chill ran through Todd, Fox, Katt, Falco, Slippy, and Pal.

Later that day, the seven of them took a cab and visited the hospital where they had hear Star Wolf was staying. The visited Wolf, Leon, and Panther. "Did Lionel do this!?" asked Todd, when they saw Wolf. "Yeah, we told him to leave you guys alone, said you had hired us to protect you..UGH!" Wolf said, barely able to speak. "Oh man, you told him that!?" Slippy asked frantically. "Okay folks, these three need to rest now, they've been through a lot." said the nurse, ushering them out. "We just wanted to check on them." said Slippy. "That's okay, you seven are the only visitors they've had. I'm glad they have someone like you who cares about them." said the nurse, clueless as to the relationship between them and Star Wolf. As they left, the nurse said quietly to Katt "I don't know who did this to them, or exactly why they did it, but I know for sure, I wouldn't want to be on the aggressor's bad side!". "Yeah..." Katt said, looking away.

As they headed home in the taxi, Todd said "We gotta do something, guys...that could happen to us!"

*That's it for this chapter*
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(Krystal: What dogs!! Guuh!
(Alex:And i thought i disliked pather Gluhh!!)
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*roflmfao* this is too funny!
Julius Quasar
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Chapter 4

The phone rang at McCloud Hall. Lola picked it up before Todd, who was in the shower, ran dripping wet and naked into the library where Lola was already on the phone. "Yes? Todd?" Lola looked at Todd, who shook his head. Lionel's angry voice emanated from the phone "I know he's there! I know you live there with him. You tell Todd I'll be seeing him and the others real soon!" the line went dead.

"Okay, what the hell was that all about!?" asked Lola suspiciously.

"Lola, can you keep a secret?" Todd asked. "Depends....how big a secret!? Why were you, Katt, Falco, Fox, Pal, and Slippy looking so scared when you heard about Star Wolf getting beat up!?" Lola asked. "Well...years ago, wait, you promise not to tell anyone!?" Todd asked. "I won't..." said Lola. "You 'won't' promise!?" Todd asked, making sure to stop any loophole that Lola could exploit in either of their words. "I won't tell, I promise!" said Lola, her fingers crossed behind her back, under her cape.

"Okay...here's what happened..." Todd said. He told Lola everything, about Lionel, the fires, and how he, Katt, Fox, Slippy, Pal, and Falco left Lionel to take the blame. He also explained about hiring Star Wolf, even telling Lola how she paid them "...so that's it. I'm sorry." Todd said. "What, about the topless showgirl posters!? That's not an issue! You can get those posters from all over the place. But you and the others involved are in big trouble! Now I see why you didn't go to my family for help, this is a touchy situation. I may know someone who can help..." Lola said.

"Who!?" asked Todd. "Not now. Tomorrow." Lola said, kissing Todd...


Todd and Lola headed for the suburbs, where they stopped outside a nice looking home. They went to the front door and rang the bell. A lovely red vixen answered the door, she was wearing workout leotards, tights, wrist sweatbands, a head sweatband, sneakers, and leg warmers. "Angela Reginhard? It's me, Lola. This is my husband Todd McCloud. Todd, Angela!" said Lola. "Come in!" said Angela, excitedly. She let them in.

"How are you?" asked Lola. "I'm fine! You?" she asked. "I'm good, but my husband Todd is in danger!" said Lola. She explained everything, even about the fire being caused by Todd, Fox, Falco, Katt, Pal, and Slippy, and how Lionel was left to take the fall. Todd cringed at hearing this, but Lola gave Todd a warning glance before he could put his hand over her mouth. "...and that's how it is. Todd, I'm sorry to rat you out, but I DID have my fingers crossed last night, and it was the only way to get Angela's help. I gave her your secret, now she can let you in on her secret." Lola said.

"What secret is that?" asked Todd. "The secret that I, Angela Reginahard, am actually a SUPER HEROINE!" said Angela. "Really?" asked Todd. "Yes, and I will help you, quid pro quo, since this is your fault, along with your other team mates who were involved in that fire. You'll owe me a favor after this!" said Angela. "Fair enough. Thank you!" said Todd. "Fine...this looks like a job for...." Angela raced upstairs....after twenty minutes of waiting, Todd and Lola looked at each other, shrugged, and went upstairs to find Angela.

They found her in her bedroom, making an awful mess, dumping her bureau drawers out onto the bed and sifting through the pile of clothes she had made there. "...'FOR'?" Lola asked, trying to get Angela to complete her sentence. "Damn it! A.L.F.R.E.D. must have put my cowl, mask, head scarf, and sunglasses in the wrong drawer!" said Angela, who was wearing purple knee high, high heeled boots, white stockings, black, long sleeve leotards with a purple fox paw print on the front of them, purple elbow length gloves, a purple utility belt, a purple cape, usually hidden inside her tie wrap dress (which turns inside out to convert to a purple cape, regardless of the color of that dress).

A robot entered the room, holding a head scarf and shatterproof safety sunglasses as well as a black hood and purple eye mask with darkened eye-holes (the cowl and mask are hidden in her headscarf). "My apologies madam. I was cleaning your sunglasses, head scarf, mask, and cowl for you." it said in a deep voice and a classy accent. "Ah, yes, thank you A.L.F.R.E.D." said Angela. She put on her head cowl, sunglasses, and mask, along with her head scarf. "Guys, this is 'A.L.F.R.E.D', Automated Loyal Fulfilling Routine Errands Droid, who aids me in my daily and special tasks. Speaking of which, please clean up this pile of clothes on my bed and put them back in the drawers." Angela said. "Right away, madam." said A.L.F.R.E.D. As A.L.F.R.E.D. was about to start on his task, he saluted Todd and Lola. "Good day to you both." he said. "That's Todd McCloud, and his wife Lola Foxglove, though I believe you've met her before." Angela told A.L.F.R.E.D. Todd waved to A.L.F.R.E.D. "Yes, good to see you again madame Lola, and nice to meet you master Todd." said A.L.F.R.E.D.

Angela nodded, and then said "To repeat what I said before, 'THIS LOOKS LIKE A JOB FOR....ÜBERVIXEN!!!' Defender of...those in trouble, I guess." she said, the breeze from the open window blowing her cape to the side. She walked over and shut the window. "Thanks!" said Todd. "No problem!" Übervixen aka Angela Reginhard replied.

Ubervixen stood there before Todd and Lola; tall, lean, slightly muscular, very fit and well built. "I normally wouldn't help you, given the circumstances, but I'll do it to help Team Star Fox." she said. "Plus we'll owe you one, me, Fox, Falco, Katt, Slippy, and Pal." said Todd. "YES!!! Now, I..wait-what do you think we should do now?" asked Angela. "We'll meet with Fox and the others at my place, I'll tell them to come over, just the 'shifty six'..." said Todd. The girls giggled at Todd. "That's a good one Todd." said Lola.

They went back to Todd's place, and called Fox. "...okay, we'll be over shortly." said Fox.

Meanwhile, in his shabby hotel room, Lionel was bench pressing weights, the words "Love" and "Hate" written on his fingers. He did dips, push ups, sit ups, crunches, squat thrusts, and then...

"And jump, and dip, and flex, and bounce! And jump, and dip, and flex, and bounce! And jump, and dip, and flex, and bounce!" said the cute silver vixen wearing leotards, legwarmers, sneakers, wrist sweatbands, and head sweatband, while she was performing the workout moves on the workout program on the tv. "And jump, and dip, and flex, and bounce!" said Lionel along with the vixen, as he copied her actions along with her words.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Bruce wayne much :P
Julius Quasar
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Thanks Kursed, and thanks Star_Dragon!
Julius Quasar
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Chapter 5

The entire Star Fox team arrived at McCloud Hall. "What the hell, you told them!?" Todd asked Fox, Katt, Falco, Slippy, and Pal. "You told, too!" said Slippy, pointing to Lola and Übervixen. "Well, I'm keeping a secret for her, and I owe her a favor for her help, since Star Wolf failed." said Todd. "Tomato, tom-O-to, you snitch!" said Falco. "Feather-duster!" said Todd. "Liquor stain!" Falco shit back. "Bird-turd!" Todd shot back. "SHUT UP! Both of you!" shouted Tigress.

"I told them, Todd. It's time we came clean. They have agreed to help us, if we also confess and apologize to the general public about what we did all those years ago. We have to atone for our mistakes, and make amends. No more running from our past!" said Fox. "Well...crap okay. That won't make everyone forgive us, but it is what it is." said Todd. "Falco said the same thing, as did I..." said Katt.

Fox, Falco, Katt, Slippy, Todd, and Pal went into Todd's study, as Akasha and Silas set up the camera. They made an internet public apology video about what they had done, regarding the dock fire all those years ago, and how Lionel had been caught and blamed for the whole accident, though for the most part it was technically his fault, but they hoped that he would accept their apology and forgive them in time.

They also apologized to team Star Wolf for getting them beaten up by Lionel.

After they were done, they went into the rec room, and Tigress said "Okay, great! Now, who's this here?" she asked, pointing to Übervixen, who smiled, and stood on the footstool after turning on the nearby electric fan. "I...am ÜBERVIXEN!!! Defender of those in need, advocate for justice and freedom!" she said, as her cape blew sideways behind her as she posed dramatically. Tigress sighed and rolled her eyes, as the rest of the Star Fox Team except for Todd, Lola, Madame Vulpine, and Misty, laughed.

"Is she serious!?" asked Katt. "You bet I'm serious, pink trampy cat!" said Übervixen. "Hey! Who you callin' trampy!?" said Katt, ready to advance on her. "C'mon, not in the rec room!" said Lola, holding Katt back. "She really thinks she's a super heroine. I know. The police force is always fussing about her vigilante style meddling and crazy antics." said Babs. "I don't 'think' I'm a super heroine, I KNOW I'm a super heroine! And my antics are not 'crazy', they're stoic! Honorable! Brave! Noble!" said Übervixen. "You forgot to add 'sanctimonious' and 'over the top'." Babs said. "That'll do...'CHUBBY BUNNY'!" said Übervixen, with a smirk on her face. "Whatever, action ZERO-INE!" said Babs.

"I just looove your outfit!" said Pal, looking at what Übervixen was wearing. "You like any female's sexy outfit, Pal!" said Fay. "Uh oh, Übervixen, Pal's gonna copy your look!" said Todd, laughing. Everyone else laughed too. "Okay, now, what are we going to do about Lionel? He's gonna be mad, and I doubt he'll forgive us!" said Fox. "We'll have to hide out, lure him to someplace quiet, and wait for him to come to us, then we can engage and destroy him." said Todd. "Well, that sounds like a plan..." said Falco nonchalantly.

They worked that afternoon to discuss what to do...

Meanwhile, Lionel watched the internet video..."You fools think you can just confess and apologize publicly, and I'll just let you go!? I rotted in prison all those years, and you're gonna pay!" he said to the computer screen...

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 6

"Let's get out of here!" Todd said. "Where are we going to hide?" asked Pal. "Zoness!" Todd replied. "Zoness!?" replied everyone else. "Yeah! We can use Slippy's dad's new houseboat he has docked at mine and Lola's vacation home!" said Todd. "Yeah, and if Lionel shows up, we can pull up the anchor and sail away, unless he also has a boat or a flying aircraft." said Lola, rolling her eyes.

"It's settled then, let's go!" said Falco! "Wait a minute, guys!" Fox said. But Todd, Katt, Pal, and Falco were already getting in the Malestrom with Lola, Misty, Übervixen, and the flew off to the grocery store. "Any excuse to go to Zoness!" Fara said, chuckling. "It's gonna be a long trip." said Fox, shaking his head and face palm-ing.


Hours later, they arrived at Zoness, and they headed for Todd and Lola's beach home, a fisherman's wharf and cannery converted to a luxury residence. Beltino's house boat was parked there, it was a larger and nicer version of the house boat from the movie which this fan fic is based upon. Slippy then shouted "Everyone! Hang on a second! This is my dad's new houseboat, we have to be care..." but Todd interrupted him, shouting "Pile in, everyone! No time to wipe your feet!". *CRASH!* "Oops! Sorry Slippy! But don't worry, that lamp was kinda ugly anyway! I'll clean it up!" Edge shouted from inside the ship.

Slippy sighed exasperatingly, and went in with them.

Meanwhile, Lionel got out of his flying taxicab car that was driven by a parrot, who sounded and dressed like a Rastafarian Jamaican. "Eh, mon'! 'Ere we are, Planet Zoness! Dat'll be three hundred credits, aye'!"

Lionel gave him a wad of Cornerian Credits, and said "Keep the change!". "'EEEEEYYYY! Thanks, me friend! You is good people now!" He sped away, and Lionel headed down the street of the resort town. He stepped on a rake, and it flew up and the end of the handle bonked him in the face. *WHOMP!* "Nnnhhrrrhhhrrrgggbrrrg!" Lionel grumbled, tossing the rake aside.

"We should get to another harbor, temporarily. Perhaps someplace a little more...'private'. I'll chip in on the fuel and marina fees!" said Todd. "Let's go to Cape Fur!" said Fay. "Yeah, that or find a nice island!" said Fara. "Guys, aren't we making the same mistake as before, and just running away from out problems?" said Miyu. "You're saying you 'don't want a vacation'!?" asked Todd, winking at her. "Oh, no, not at all!" said Miyu, smiling.

"Just please stop messing up my dad's boat! You guys haven't been here for 5 hours yet, and I've already found the jacuzzi full of brine shrimp, the couch is torn up, and SOMEBODY broke the TV!" complained Slippy. "I'll fix the TV, Todd just messed up the programming!" Akasha said, working on the TV programming after picking up the remote. "I did not! It was Kylie!" Todd said. "It was YOU, Todd, I haven't even been in the media room yet." Kylie replied.

Akasha fixed the TV, and the team relaxed for the afternoon, after agreeing to set sail for Cape Fur the next morning. But they also agreed that later that week, they would sail back to town and see a performance play at Madame Vulpine's theater, "The H.M.S. Pelt-a-Fur".

*that's it for this chapter*
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Chapter 7

The Team set sail for Cape Fur the next morning, and enjoyed themselves in town the best as they could. As the day wound down, they sailed back to Todd and Lola's summer home, and went into town there to Madame Vulpine's cafe theater, a converted old opera house that was made into a cafe and a theater for many of the bohemians of Zoness. There were many others on Zoness that were like it, some of them on the same block, but it was here that thew team enjoyed themselves the most.

That night, a performance of "The H.M.S. Pelt-a-Fur" was playing its final night performance. As the team settled into the audience, Todd, Lola, Misty, Madame Vulpine, and Conrad sat up front. As the house lights dimmed, and the the curtain rose, the play began....Todd couldn't help notice something strange about the star, who was a lion, playing as the captain...

"I'm the greatest captain of the Queen's Navy!"

Chorus: "And your record shall stand as proof!"

"Be it frigate, or a freighter, I'm an expert navigator!"

Chorus: "And you're also a world class pouf!"

"My magnified feat, is really quite a treat, seeing that as how I can pirouette on cue!
But despite you're point of view, I can thrill a girl or two..."

*points to 1st mate*

"But I'd rather get it on with YOU!"

Chorus "Ha Ha Ha!"

As the star and the cast danced, Todd looked closer at the lion, "It couldn't be..." he mumbled.

At the intermission, Todd and Lola met in the safety of the cloak room. "Lola...I'm suspicious of the star. I think he's not who we think he is." he told her. "What the hell are you talking about, Todd, you've met Leo! He's a great guy!" said Lola. "That's what I mean, that isn't Leon on stage, this guy seems awfully familiar..." Todd said. "Todd, what the hell has gotten into you? We're safe on Zoness, there's no way Lionel would be able to find you, Fox, Falco, Katt, Pal, or Slippy. Tigress and Übervixen, along with the team have your back, and Slippy's dad's houseboat is as excellent as this vacation, a vacation FOX is letting us take, mainly because he's caught in this mess too, how's that for luck, huh? Just try to relax." Lola said, as she kissed Todd on the mouth, the two of them exchanging a long, warm, embrace and kiss.

The house lights dimmed, and a chime sounded.

Todd, Lola, and the rest of the audience went back into the theater.

As the performance ran on, the play drew to a close..."For he himself has said it, as a duty to his credit...he remains a Furry Man! He remai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-aiains a Furry MAN!"

A large banner with a paw print dropped down behind the star of the show, and the rest of the cast joined in on the song. The audience applauded, and the curtains fell, concealing the stage. The curtains rose again, and the cast took a bow. Suddenly, the star walked to the edge of the stage, and stood, staring at Todd. "Yeah?" Todd said to him. "And now, Todd, THE FINAL CURTAIN for you!" The lion said, as he drew his sabre, slashing at Todd. "AHH!" Todd dodged the blade, as it came down at him, hitting the table. *THUNK* The blade was a fake, it wasn't even sharp.

"Damn it all!" Lionel threw down the sword.

Suddenly, another Lion, in his boxer shorts, appeared at one end of the stage. "That's the maniac that attacked me, tied me up, and locked me in my dressing room, after stealing my costume!" he sound out loud. Two bulldogs in tuxedos, who stood on either end of him, ran towards Lionel, and chased him, tackling him. The curtains fell, concealing the stage as the audience gasped, and shouted in fear. After seeing Todd get attacked, the revelation of the star on stage being an imposter, the real star suddenly appearing, and the imposter being nabbed, everyone in the audience flooded out of the theater.

As the cops were there at the theater, later that night, Leo was sitting at one of the tables, a blanket draped about his shoulders, as the cops took a report. The police captain asked the two bulldog ushers "Where's the suspect?" The two bulldogs took the police captain to the storage room where they had locked him up, after taking the costume off of him. The unlocked and opened the door...

"Aw, nooo!" one of them said. "He got away!" the other one said, seeing the empty room. "How did he escape!?" asked Madame Vulpine, noticing. Todd found a bobby pin on the floor. "He picked the lock, and then after getting out he re-locked it to avoid suspicion!" he said, giving the pin to the police captain. "I was only in the bathroom for ten minutes!" said one usher. "I was giving the police my report of the incident!" said the other usher.

"He was quick, I'll tell ya' that! He could have learned it if he spent time in prison!" said the police captain. "Yeah..." said Todd. "Any reason why he would attack you, Todd? Perhaps it's about a public confession you and some of your teammates made about a dock fire?" the police captain asked suspiciously. "Yes, and he's mad because we hung him out to dry..." Todd said. The police captain nodded, and took down more notes.

Later that night, the team was back in Cape Fur, on the house boat.

Todd lay in bed....the door creaked open, a hand clutching a butcher knife poked into the room.

"TODD! YOU WANT A BROWNIE BEFORE BED!?" Tigress ran in, eyes flashing, a butcher knife in one hand, and a pan of brownies in the other hand. "AAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Todd shrieked, hiding under the covers. "C'mon, let me cut you a piece while they're warm!" Tigress said, doing so, and then placing the knife in the pan, and patting the lump under the blankets that was Todd. "Todd?" she gently scratched Todd behind the ears, through the blanket. Todd relaxed, and Tigress gently lifted the covers off of him.

"Tigress....I'd appreciate it if you didn't..." Todd shuddered. "Oh, you mean burst into your room while you're trying to sleep, while screaming and branding a butcher knife? Oh, sure, sorry!" Tigress gave Todd the brownie piece she had cut, and then kissed Todd goodnight on the forehead. "Good night!" she said wickedly. "Thanks." Todd replied. As Todd finished the brownie, Tigress burst into the room, a hockey mask on her face, and a chainsaw in her hands. "TODD, YOU WANNA SEE MY NEW CHAINSAW AND HOCKEY MASK!?" Todd shouted and hid under the covers again, "AAAAAAHHHH!" came his muffled cries.

"Oh, right, sorry!" Tigress said, sarcastically, as she turned off the chainsaw and removed the hockey mask. As she left, she winked at Lola, who stood outside the bedroom door, and exchanged winks with Tigress, as they both giggled "Nice!" Lola told Tigress. "It's just too easy!" Tigress replied. Lola went into Todd's room to calm him down, she climbed under the covers with him, and after a while, they had sex, while cocooned in the covers and sheets.

Tigress didn't do to the others what she had done to Todd, she and Lola just wanted to mess with Todd for fun...

*that's it for this chapter*
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Chapter 7 is done, I'll work on Chapter 8 ASAP.
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