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Cape Fur
Topic Started: Aug 31 2012, 11:09 PM (1,481 Views)
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 8

The next morning, the team milled about in the town of Cape Fur, "Don't go far!" warned Tigress, sighing with exasperation as Todd, Lola, Slippy, Falco, Katt, Pal, and Fay went rushing off into town. "I really wish they would stay close..." Fox said with dismay. "Fox, why not just relax, and take a page from their books, and just relax in town with me?" asked Krystal, as she snuggled up to Fox. Fox smiled, hugged and kissed Krystal, and said "Okay, why not?". The two of them went into town, followed by Akasha, Kylie, Fara, Silas, Miyu, Conrad, Madame Vulpine, Misty, Tigress, Babs, Edge, and Übervixen.

Later that day, they went back into the houseboat, and headed back to Todd's vacation house. "We'll have to stay in the vacation house, there's a storm warning in Cape Fur, so the house boat is out of the question!" said Fox, as they docked at Todd's. "We need to unload the boat, and get it all inside Todd's house." said Fox. They did that, and as they were finishing up, Todd said "I'll make sure we didn't forget anything!". "Me too!" said Slippy.

"Where are Falco and Katt!?" asked Fox. A thumping noise was heard, and a fogged up porthole was suddenly wiped, slowly, by Falco's feathery hand. "There they are!" said Lola, giggling, knowing what was going on in there. The rest of the team caught on...some of them sighed in disdain, while others, like Todd, laughed. "They're as bad as Todd and Lola....ugh!" Fox said.

"I'll get them." Fox said. He, Todd, Slippy, Übervixen, and Pal boarded the boat. "I need to find my hairbrush!" Pal explained. "I'll make sure the boat is secured!" said Übervixen. She checked the ties, and headed down into the galley to make sure the portholes and windows were not left open in the storm. Todd finished checking for any forgotten supplies or gear, Pal found his hairbrush, Fox got Falco and Katt to stop fooling around and get dressed, as Slippy checked on the houseboat's vital systems via the control computer.

Lionel slipped under the dock, and up onto the boat via the anchor chain. He quietly cut the ropes, and sneaked into the control room as Slippy headed into the galley to meet with the others. "Guys? Let's move! I don't feel comfortable being in here when a storm is about to hit!" said Slippy. The sky grew dark, and the wind picked up. Lightning stuck, as thunder burst. The boat engines suddenly started up, and as Tigress ran alongside the boat, it pulled away from the docks, causing her to fall in the water, missing the houseboat.

Lionel laughed maniacally, and steered the boat into the rough, stormy sea. The choppy waves shook the boat as if it were a toy in a wading pool. "What the hell!?" said Fox. "Slippy, did you leave the engine on or somethin'!?" asked Falco. "NO! It...uh-oh!" Slippy said. "WHAT!?" asked the others. "LIONEL!" said Slippy. "You mean...!?" asked Todd. "Yup!" said Slippy. "He has the..." asked Pal. "He does!" said Slippy. "We're now...?" asked Katt. "Yeah!" said Slippy.

"This looks like a job, FOR..." Übervixen ran into a downstairs closet, to change into her costume.


She quickly changed into her costume, and tried to open the closet door. Locked.


"I can't get out!" she shouted from within the closet. The others sighed and groaned at Übervixen's blunder.


"Hmm, this looks like a real job for ÜBERVIXEN!"


"Heck, this may even be a job for the Fire Department!" she said.

Lionel set the auto pilot, and came down into the gallery, a laser pistol in hand..."FINALLY!!!" he shouted. He aimed his laser pistol at the group. Pal screamed like a girl and leaped into Fox's arms. Katt hissed and hid behind Falco, who stiffened up. Todd reached furiously for his weapons. "Damn..." he muttered. "Whatsa matter, Todd? Forget your weapons!?" Lionel taunted.

The rest of the team reached for their weapons, only to realize that they forgot them back at Todd's as well.

"All of you, sit down!" said Lionel.

He had them all tied up, and ten minutes later, he brandished his gun and said out loud "Court is now in session!" he walked up to Todd. "Do you remember, that night, Todd!? How you abandoned me, left me for the cops!?" he said. "YOU pushed ME down, and ran down that alley, as we fled from the cops. I was lucky enough to escape into the water, and you ran down the dead end alley and got busted! Poetic justice!" Todd said. Lionel growled at Todd, and said "FOX!" he turned to Fox. "You didn't properly tamp down the powder, one rocket didn't have enough, the other rocket had too much powder!" said Lionel. "Yeah, mine didn't have enough, yours had too much and started that fire!" said Fox.

The others laughed. "SHUT UP!" shouted Lionel.

He walked up to Katt. "I don't why you, Pal, and Slippy were even there, but none of you, along with Fox or his cousin, got punished for what I did!" Lionel looked to Katt, then to Pal, and finally to Slippy as he mentioned their names. "Lionel! This is dangerous, we shouldn't be out in this storm!" said Slippy. "I don't care! I don't care about your safety, or mine! I just care about making the six of you SUFFER!" Lionel roared.

Falco managed to moved against Katt, and the two of them undid the knots in the ropes. Fox and Todd did the same, as Lionel walked about the galley, raving and ranting about how miserable his life was, as he wasted it in prison. "We're sorry, you got sent to prison, Lionel! But doing this to us won't give you that time back, it will only take more away from you!" said Pal.

Pal used his nail file on his ropes. Slippy used the sharper edges of the ornament on the edge of the bar, the mounted bottle cap remover, to work away the knots. "The taking of a life, is murder! I believe, that since you took my life, then your lives should be taken as well. I myself, have practically lost my life, when you six had me sent up the river, while you enjoyed your freedoms! Your families raised holy hell to keep you out of prison, Pal, your Uncle Niles defended you to a fault, Fox, Todd, James McCloud raised Cain when the police wanted to question you both, hell even your father, Casey McCloud, went to bat for YOU, Todd!

Katt, you had your family to fall back upon for help, and Slippy had Beltino...BUT WHO DID I HAVE!? NO ONE!!! My family hung me out to dry! It's an outrage! A miscarriage of justice! But tonight, I shall have my own justice!!!"

Lionel grabbed Fox, and pressed the barrel of his pistol to Fox's head. Fox undid the last of the knot, and pushed Lionel's right hand upwards, as he used his own right arm to elbow Lionel in the solar-plexus. "OOOF!" Lionel wheezed, as the air was knocked out of him. *ZAP!* the laser pistol shot a hole in the roof. "Augh!" Slippy said, noticing the hole. "Why you...!" before Lionel could recover and attack Fox, the rest of the team broke free from their bonds, and they ran with Fox deeper into the house boat.

They ran past the closet in which Übervixen was trapped.

The doorknob rattled furiously.

"What the hell!?" Lionel stopped, seeing the knob rattle. He opened the door...


Übervixen burst out of the closet, and tackled Lionel, making him drop the gun. "Surrender, lion fiend!" shouted Übervixen as she wrestled Lionel to the floor. "Who!?" Lionel tried to fight her off. "I am Übervixen! Dedicated to justice! Freedom! Safety! And stopping those like you who would try to ruin it for everyone else!" she declared. "Seriously!? Oh my God, and I thought I was surrounded by lunatics in prison!" said Lionel, rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

"SILENCE! Accept your fate, vile fiend!" Übervixen said, as she beat on Lionel, though to no avail. Todd picked up Lionel's gun, aimed it and pulled the trigger. Nothing. "HA! I have microchip implants in my palms, to correspond with the gun and its code-coordinated microchips inside of it! Only I can fire that laser pistol!" bragged Lionel. Todd shrugged, ran over to a porthole, opened it, and tossed the gun out of it. "NOOO! That cost me an arm and a leg!" Lionel shouted, tossing Übervixen off of him, and knocking Todd aside as he looked out the porthole.

The others helped Übervixen up, and together they ran for the galley. "COME BACK HERE!!!" Lionel pursued them, and caught Slippy by the hand. "Ha ha ha haaa!" Lionel pulled out a pair of handcuffs, he slapped one end of the cuffs on the metal floor-to-deck metal post, and then he tried to cuff Slippy's hand to the other end of the cuffs. A huge wave rocked the boat, and Slippy fell, landing on the deck. The handcuffs spun wildly around, one end of them still cuffed to the post, and the other end of them snapped into Lionel's wrist as he held onto the post to avoid falling down.


Lionel was cuffed to the post! "AUGH! NOOO!" Lionel shouted, as he furiously shook the hand cuff chains, and tried to rip the post from the deck and the ceiling. "He's trapped! Ha haaa, he's trapped! C'mon guys, let's get back to shore!" said Todd, as he and the others cheered at seeing Lionel's predicament. They headed up to the pilot house, and Slippy took the wheel, turning off the auto pilot. It looked as though they were currently heading...."...RIGHT INTO THE ROCKS!" Slippy shouted in fear.

The rough waves from the storm shoved the boat sideways, into a large rock that was sticking out of the surface of the water, and it tore an enormous gash into the hull of the houseboat. The shriek of ripping metal could now be heard, along with the sound of rushing water, which flooded into the boat. "AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGHHH!" Lionel howled in fury, seeing the water rush around his ankles as he struggled against the handcuffs that held him in place against the post.

"Oh damn!" said Slippy.

"We gotta get outta here!" said Fox.

"Abandon ship!" Falco shouted.

The team got the life boat ready, and then Übervixen, Katt, Slippy, Falco, Pal, Fox, and Todd got into it, and began to pull away from the boat. "But wait! What about Lionel!? We can't just leave him!" said Übervixen. The ship slid under the surface of the water, as another large wave pushed it off of the rock, and under the water. "Ah, screw it!" she said. "Oh no! My dad's going to kill me!" said Slippy, pressing his hands against the top of his head. "He couldn't kill you nearly as badly as Lionel would have." Falco said, patting Slippy on the back reassuringly.

As the team tried to navigate the dangerous storm, they feared that the storm would now kill them...but then sirens were heard, blue and red beacon lights were flashing, and a spotlight shone on their lifeboat, the spotlight, the beacon lights, and the blaring siren came from the shore patrol boat that was fast approaching their position. "I see them! They're over that way!" shouted Tigress. Fox and the others cheered, as the shore patrol boat pulled up close to the life boat, and Tigress helped them aboard, rescuing them...


It was two weeks later. Lionel's body, along with the wreckage of Beltino's house boat, were recovered. Lionel had drowned, and the house boat was ruined. Beltino wasn't too angry, the insurance covered the losses. But Beltino decided to park the house boat at a marina from now on. The team was safe. They thanked Übervixen for her help, and Todd repaid the favor he had promised to Übervixen.

They all visited Star Wolf in the hospital, and they had learned that Wolf and his crew would recover shortly.

Now that the threat of Lionel was gone, and the six team members, Fox, Katt, Todd, Falco, Slippy, and Pal, were no longer haunted by the guilt of what they had done, regarding the accident. The secret was out, and they were forgiven, and everyone agreed that the accident was mostly Lionel's fault, he prepared the rocket, he had launched the rocket that had caused the fire.

"I'm just glad that's over with!" said Falco, as they relaxed in the rec room at McCloud Ranch. "I hope you six learned something from all of this!" said Tigress. "Uh...well, not really." said Todd. "Yeah, there's no real moral application to this." said Katt. "It's that YOU CAN'T RUN FROM YOUR PAST!" Lola told them. "I was gonna say that!" said Fox. "Riiiight! After a week from now!" Lola teased. Everyone else laughed.

"Live and don't learn, or at least don't learn just yet, that's us!" joked Slippy. "I thought it had something to do with what Lola said." Pal chimed in. "Yes, Lola's right. You also should think more carefully about what you do, and what future consequences it might bring!" said Krystal. "Fair enough. C'mon guys, wanna go throw rocks at a hornet nest?" Todd joked.

"Why don't you go out and start, we'll catch up with you!" joked Fox.

Everyone laughed again, and they enjoyed the rest of their afternoon. Übervixen showed up later that day, and Fox made her an honorary member of the Star Fox Team. "Thank you, Fox! I appreciate this! It is a great honor indeed! Now, if you'll excuse me, DUTY CALLS!" Übervixen ran out of there, taking her Star Fox badge with her.

Misty giggled, and Fara rolled her eyes. "She sure is weird...but I'm glad she was such a big help!" Fara said. "Yeah, it just goes to show you..." Todd said. "Show what, Todd?" asked Tigress, smiling. "I...uh..well...anyone can be of help, no matter...how...weird they might seem?" Todd said. "Good job, Todd!" said Fox. "That's right. After all, Todd, that's how you joined us!" said Tigress. Todd laughed sarcastically, and the others laughed, and Conrad said "That's also how you got Falco!" as a joke. "That's how we got ALL of Nebulae Fox!" said Miyu. More laughter was shared, and then everyone turned in for the night, as the sun set.


Thanks for reading!

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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
I'd like to thank:

The creators of Star Fox
The creators of Cape Fear
The Simpsons and South Park for their parodies of it

Kursed, for reading, commenting, and allowing me the use of Kylie and Tigress fan characters for my fan fic(s), Star Dragon for reading my fanfic and commenting on it!

Michelle aka Übervixen of VF for inspiring my fan character "Übervixen" 's name

Star Fox Galaxies

Everyone who read this fan fic
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