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The Fur-sonal Touch (V) (G)
Topic Started: Oct 21 2012, 04:49 PM (553 Views)
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 1

As the rain poured down over Corneria City late that night, a limousine pulled up in front of the Corporate H.Q. of Monsteroso Industries, a conglomerate bent on genetic engineering gone mad...The passenger of the limo emerged under the safe cover of the overhang, and headed up to the front door. The armed guards, doberman dogs in orange jumpsuits, armed with hyper laser automatic rifles opened the large double doors. "He's waiting inside the penthouse for you." one of the guards said to their guest. The other guard followed the guest into the expansive, posh, fancy lobby, directed the guest to the private elevator, punched in the code, and the doors opened.

The guest rode to the top penthouse floor, and emerged. "There's our guest now! Welcome! Glad you could make it!" said the CEO, who had a voice resembling Malcolm McDowell's voice, as it lofted over the boardroom. The guest stood, a dark silhouette in front of the doorway. The elevator doors closed, and the lights became brighter, bathing the room in a daylight-like glow. "Would you like a drink?" a voice coming from a senior executive asked. This senior executive sounded like Ed Asner.

"Let us get down to business. Das is goot, nein?" came a female voice with a heavy German accent. "Ah, yes, of course, very well, have a seat my dear?" said the CEO again. The guest sat at the only empty chair provided at the table. "Now then, we have a proposal for you. We are paying you to assassinate that disgusting cockroach, a 'Julius Quasar', of planet Earth! He's a member of team Star Fox, as you may or may not know..." the CEO passed a printout of my mug shot from the C.C.P.D. down to the guest. "I already know of Julius, and the rest of Star Fox." said the guest.

"Yes! Well, we want you to kill Julius, but also to eliminate Team Star Fox, should they attempt to disrupt our project currently in the works." said the CEO. "You have my payment?" asked the guest. "Yes, right here!" said the senior exec with the Ed Asner voice. A briefcase was placed before the guest, and opened. "Untraceable Blood Diamonds, at the value of your fee! We will pay you even more if you need to eliminate Team Star Fox, as $50,000 per kill. This payment right here is for you to kill Julius Quasar!" said a junior executive.

"What is this 'project' of yours?" asked the guest.

"That's no concern of yours, nor is it relevant to your assignment." the CEO said, attempting to conceal the anger in his voice. "Fine, I don't really care anyway. This payment will do nicely!" the guest placed my mugshot on top of the diamonds, closed the briefcase, and took it. She walked towards the elevator, briefcase in hand. "I will eliminate this Earth human, and you will have your protection from these 'Star Fox' mercenaries." she said, as the elevator doors opened. She pulled her hood from her rain coat down, her face exposed to the board members.

"Excellent! I hope you're finding your hotel suite to your liking?" asked the CEO. "Yes, thank you." said the female ragdoll cat. Her fair colored fur and piercing blue eyes seemed brighter than the recessed lights illuminating the boardroom. "Contact us if you need anymore info." said the senior exec. The cat clicked her heels and gave a right armed salute. "I will be in touch..." she said. she went into the elevator, and rode it back to the lobby, then took the limo back to the hotel.


Madame Vulpine took her hands from my forehead, as I finished watching that whole ugly scene. "I've had this dream for the past two weeks, and this is what happened just last night!" she told me. "We have to tell Fox, and the others!" I said. "I agree." she replied. She had come over to my house that morning, as Misty was out with Lola on an outing. The day was cold, damp, and gray with an occasional break of sunlight, but for the most part still overcast.

"I thought I would tell you this, in private, first hand." she said. "Thanks! But who are they exactly, what's this company up to, and why do they want me dead? Who was that they hired?" I asked. "I couldn't risk reading their minds directly, for fear of detection. I know the CEO of Monsteroso Corporation, a red fox, and fur supremacist by the name of Josef Grabbels. He hates all Earth humans, and non fur Lylatians. I have no idea who it is that they've hired, I've never seen her before. But if anyone can figure her out, it's Conrad!" she said.

"We should tell Fox about this, and call a meeting!" I said. We contacted Fox, and later that day, we waited with him at McCloud Ranch for the others to arrive.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 2

After the team assembled, and Madame Vulpine showed them what she had earlier shown to me, we began talking. "I don't like the looks of it. Monsteroso has pulled some Andross-style crap in the past, but I think now that everyone has their guard down, they're gonna make a huge move!" said Falco.

"Who was that weird cat assassin?" asked Katt. Conrad was already at his tiny laptop, projecting via a wireless signal to the large screen in the war room. "Here!" he said. We saw the picture image Ragdoll Cat on the screen, with "CLASSIFIED" in red letters from the bottom left to the top right corner, cross the whole the file bio.

Name- Willow

Age- Unknown

Height- 6'3"

Weight- ???

Eye color- Blue

Alignment- For Hire

Sex- Female

Species- Genetically Advanced, modified Ragdoll Cat

Fur Color- Fair Fur, typical that of a Ragdoll Cat

Personality- Speaks in a heavy teutonophone, Willow is a cold, calculating assassin. Willow has a dark and sadistic personality. She is detached from suffering, and haunted by only one thing: her own mortality. Willow is able to blend into the background like a chameleon to carry out covert operations. She has a "Hannibal-Lector" type of intelligence and personality, though she is not a cannibal.

Attire- blue tights, black sleeveless leotards, black urban assault police style vest, black high-heeled boots, blue fingerless combat gloves, black trench coat.

Appearance- Willow is the picture of perfect health, fitness, and beauty. She was genetically engineered to be physically flawless.

Hometown- N/A

Bio- "Willow" (aka "Project: Summum Cattus") was created in a secret illegal genetic engineering lab by persons unknown. She was bred and raised as a superior specimen, and a killer assassin. Genetically perfect, and near flawless, she rose above the boundaries placed upon her, and killed her handlers, resulting in her escape, and the closure of the lab and facilities where she was born and raised. Willow works for herself, as an assassin for hire, for anyone who pays her.

Family- None.

Weapons- Combat knife, 2 RFID Bombs with long range remote, carbine automatic hyper laser rifle.

Vehicles- A modified version of Andross' "Great Commander" battleship.

Other- Willow possesses advanced capabilities superior to that of any typical anthro or human. She is skilled in martial arts, covert ops, hand to hand and weapons combat, sabotage, espionage, guerrilla warfare, and assassinations. Her advanced mental and physical capacity makes her a force to be reckoned with.


We stared at her bio. "I didn't think it was possible, but she does exist." said Conrad. "Did Monsteroso Corp. create her?" asked Slippy. "They wish! Nobody knows who made her, and it's impossible to determine who made her, and when." said Conrad, still staring at the bio, eyes wide with fear. Madame Vulpine patted him reassuringly.

"These guys mean business, hiring someone like that. Looks like Julius is in real trouble!" said Todd. "Remember what Madame Vulpine's vision said, they were hiring Willow to distract us from their secret project, whatever it may be. We need to focus on that more, but keep an eye out for Willow." said Fox.

"I know I'll take crap for this, but maybe we could use Julius as bait for Willow? She is targeting him, after all, and it would distract her long enough for us to infiltrate Monsteroso Corp." said Edge. Everyone else except for me, gasped. "Edge, Fox, you...can't possible do that to Julius!?" said Krystal.

"I doubt it would work. If anything, Willow will expect that of us." said Fara. "Yeah, and Willow will be paid extra for killing us, you know she won't resist." said Fay. "She may have a trap planned for all of us, or just for Julius." said Miyu. "I think making Julius risk his life like that isn't fair to him!" Misty said in my defense.

"She's probably sizing us ALL up, learning, learning of our strengths and weaknesses." said Babs. "She might even try to separate Julius from the rest of us, make him vulnerable." warned Lola. "She might try to break us all up, make us weaker that way." warned Krystal.

"Whatever she does, we need to figure it out...if anything, we need to plan and keep HER guessing." said Akasha. "We also need to stay one or more steps ahead of her." suggested Kylie. "You think she'll come to us, or have us come to her?" asked Silas.

"Either way, she's never gonna survive an encounter with someone like ME!" Tigress bragged, flexing her muscles. "Should we tell Peppy, or General Pepper about this?" asked Pal. "Yes...I'll contact them." said Fox.

"If we take out Monsteroso Corp., or at least their secret project, then that will limit Willow's options for us." said Tigress. "The best thing to do would be to gather as much information as we can, on Willow and the secret project. Though it's risky, I will work with Krystal and with Kylie, to probe the minds of the Monsteroso Corp. executives and Willow. Akasha, Silas, Slippy, and Conrad should work to hack their computers, perhaps they may learn SOMETHING of the company and its secret project." said Madame Vulpine.

"What about Julius?" asked Misty.

"Julius stays out of sight, and inside for a while. It's too risky for him." said Fox. "But Fox-!" I protested, but Tigress put her paw over my mouth. "Listen to Fox, Julius!" she said. "Yes, listen to me Julius. You are NOT to put yourself in harm's way. You will stay here at the base, as will Misty. It's for your own good." Fox said.

He turned to everyone else. "Let's get to work, everyone! Todd, Lola, inspect and secure Julius' and Misty's residence, and come directly back here. Akasha, Silas, Conrad, and Slippy, you work to hack Monsteroso Corp. and its computer network. Krystal, Madame Vulpine, and Kylie, you conduct your psychic readings to probe the minds of Willow and those executives! The rest of you work to secure McCloud Ranch, and practice your combat and flying skills." he said.

Everyone, including I, did as we were all told to do.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 3

I sat in the rec room, watching TV with Misty. Todd and Lola secured our home, and came back here. "No sign of psycho kitty." said Todd. Akasha, Silas, Conrad, and Slippy hacked into the main frame of Monsteroso Corp. "HA! I knew we could break into this piece of crap piss-ant system." Silas bragged. "I have better security on my pocket computer!" said Slippy. "It's the equivalent of using a wad of gum to secure a lock hasp." said Conrad. "To us it's easy, anyway. But someone without our skills couldn't do it." said Akasha.

The stuff came pouring in.

"What the hell is this....'Project: Fursonal Touch'?" asked Silas. We saw a human anatomy, and several dog, cat, fox, rabbit, and other furry animals' anatomies on the screen. "This looks like...a genetic engineering experiment to...COMBINE HUMAN AND FURRY ANIMAL DNA!" said Akasha, in shock. "Wouldn't they want to kidnap Julius and experiment on him, rather than to kill him?" asked Todd, butting in.

"No, Todd. This is for creating these beings from scratch. They are trying to use human DNA samples, furred animal DNA samples, spliced and modified to superiority. They are trying to use these tactics along with Willow's genetic makeup as building blocks and a blueprint to make more like her, but that's not how she was created. The Monsteroso Corp. is trying to use the human with furred animal gene splicing and modification as a shortcut. But I doubt it would work. That's not how Willow was made. I'm surprised whoever made Willow actually pulled it off. A genetically superior Lylatian...amazing!" said Conrad. "I found their lab facilities where this....outrage...this abomination, is taking place!!!" said Akasha.

"WHERE!?" asked the rest of us.

"Planet Kew..." Akasha said, showing us her computer screen.

The computer hacking team copied all the info, and saved it to flash drives, and more. "We need to show this to the CDF!" said Fox, after I went and got him, and showed him this stuff. Naturally, the rest of the team followed, joining us and learning what I had learned earlier. "We need to take out that facility!" said Pal. "What about Willow! Also, this seemed a little too easy for you guys to pull off like that...how do we know this isn't a trap!?" asked Edge. "I agree. You guys are great at hacking, but why would Monsteroso even leave it on an accessible network computer, instead of those...you know, one of those things where the computer is plugged in for power but not for inter-communication?" said Falco.

"Stand Alone!" Silas, Conrad, Akasha, Slippy, and I said at the same time.

"It most likely is a trap...we need to be able to take them down without endangering ourselves!" said Tigress. "How?" asked Fay. "We use a distraction of our own. I doubt the CDF will want to help us in destroying the lab, since it's technically out of their jurisdiction. But I know who might..." Lola replied. She got on the comm, and within minutes, a red vixen arrived. "This looks like a job for...ÜBERVIXEN!" she said.

This beautiful vixen wore purple knee high, high heeled boots, white stockings, black, long sleeve leotards with a purple fox paw print on the front of them, purple elbow length gloves, a purple utility belt, a purple cape, and a black hood and purple eye mask with darkened eye-holes.

"Julius, Übervixen, Übervixen, Julius!" Misty introduced us.

"Hi?" I said, confused. "Hello, citizen! I hear you're in trouble, regarding an assassin! Fear not! I shall aid in your quest to defeat her and those who hired her!" said the vixen super-heroine. "Thanks!" I said. "No problem!" said Übervixen. She headed off with Fox to talk about the mission, and when she did, I pulled Misty aside gently. "She really thinks she's a super heroine!?" I asked Misty. "She knows she's a super-heroine!" giggled Misty. Misty explained to me all about Übervixen, and who she was, and why she did what she did. Misty didn't tell me Übervixen's true identity, and I decided to leave the mystery alone for now.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 4

We flew out, in the Galatae, to Planet Kew...When we arrived in Kew's orbit, we went over the plan with Fox...

"Okay, we make out way in, take the footage and photos, then we destroy the place. Silas, do you have the bombs?" Fox asked. "Got 'em!" said Silas. He passed the bombs out to all of us, one per team member, even one for Übervixen. "Jaydee Chavdry sold them to me, got a great deal...." said Silas.

"Good. Now, we move in teams. I'll go with Krystal, Fara, and Silas. Falco, you take Katt, Fay, and Slippy. Julius, you have Kylie and Akasha. Edge, it's you, Pal, and Todd. Lola, join Tigress, Madame Vulpine and Misty. Miyu, go with Babs. Conrad, take Übervixen. We'll move according to the projected hologram map and our represented dots on it. We neutralize all resistance, and keep in touch. Silas can direct us on where to plant the bombs!" said Fox.

"Got it!" came the unanimous reply.

We took the Malestrom and the Snakefang down. We made our way to the building...I was with Kylie and Akasha, as she disabled the computerized lock. Kylie pried open the doors, as I kept watch. "Now!" Fox said, and we moved inwards, only to find...

"It's just an empty warehouse!" Falco's voice echoed through the building. It was just one large empty building, one large single room. There were catwalks and mezzanines, but the place was deserted. "It was all a trick!" said Slippy, angrily.

"Right you are, Slippy! From the moment you hacked our computer system, to when you wasted a trip out here!" came a deep voice, with a German like accent. The voice was female. "Hello?" I called out. Lola hit the switch on the wall, lighting up the place. Out from the shadows emerged a ragdoll cat.

"Willow!" we shouted.

"It seems that you know who I am!" she said. "We know why you're here, too!" I said. "To kill YOU, Julius!" Willow said, smiling at me. "Not if I don't kill you first!" she said. We ran at each other..."Julius, be careful!" shouted Lola. "Julius, NOOO!" shouted Fox.

Willow and I proceeded to fight. I swung my fist, and she blocked my punch then she kicked me. I blocked the kick with my forearm, but it hurt! Edge tried to tackle Willow from behind, but she threw him across the room like a bean bag. Krystal attacked Willow, only to be swatted to the floor. I tried to head butt Willow by grabbing her head and ramming her face into the top of my head. *WHAM*

I was dizzy...Willow's strong head and face didn't take any damage, but I was seeing stars. She slammed her elbow into my face, then threw me into Tigress. "Watch it you oaf!" Tigress said to me, as she lifted me off of her and got up off the floor.

"THIS looks like a job for..." Übervixen rushed Wilow, two distinct punches landed, then five punches landed, and Übervixen was out cold on the floor. "...someone else, apparently!" said Willow, completing Übervixen's sentence. She had two bruises on her face from where Übervixen punched her.

We all tried to beat her up, but she was too strong for all of us, even Tigress! "I guess you didn't know of my superior strength!?" said Willow. It was like fighting Bane..."We're not even getting warmed up!" I said. "Shut up, Julius!" Falco moaned, nursing a bruise. Übervixen dragged herself to her feet, but was still trying to regain full consciousness.

I grabbed Willow's carbine hyper laser automatic rifle that had fallen on the floor, after Edge had pulled on it and broken the strap, and aimed at Willow as Akasha got her second wind, and did a flying somersault attack on Willow from behind. Willow grabbed Akasha in midair, and held her in front of me as I had fired...it happened so fast...the hyper laser gun I was using had gone off, but instead of hitting Willow I had hit...

"Akasha, NOOO!"

Akasha fell to the floor. I dropped the rifle in horror. "I'm sorry!" I shouted. "AHHHH!" Kylie ran to Akasha's side. Willow smirked at me and retreated out of the warehouse. The rest of the team gathered around Akasha. I tried to walk up to them..."IDIOT!" shouted Kylie to me. "Get away! You've done enough." said Krystal, snarling at me. "What were you thinking, you imbecile!?" shouted Tigress. "Leave him alone, it was an accident!" shouted Misty. "Yeah, shut up!" said Todd.

Everyone started fighting and arguing at once. "Guys! Stop! We have to help Akasha!" said Edge. Everyone stopped yelling at each other and at me, and they worked to help Akasha. Later, we were aboard the Galatae, and Fay walked out, sighing. "Akasha will be okay. She's stable for now." Fay said.

"That's great!" said everyone else, others then said things like "Thank God!" and "I was worried..." Then everyone turned on me. "This is all your fault, Julius!" Kylie swung his fist at me, hitting me. "Kylie! Stop that! Blaming Julius won't help Akasha recover!" said Fox.

"This was his fault! He never should have come with us!" said Krystal. "It wasn't his fault! This was all a trap! We've been tricked, and as a result....wait, why did Willow leave just then?" asked Lola. After all the arguing and fighting, I was confined to my own room on the ship. We arrived on Corneria, and got Akasha to the hospital, as the rain fell.

Fox talked to me in private at McCloud Ranch, after dropping Akasha, Krystal, Kylie, and Tigress off at the hospital. "Julius....given the recent events, I have to suspend you from team Star Fox." he said. I had to turn in my badge, and I went home with Misty to McCloud Hall.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 5

"Julius, I'm so sorry..." Misty, who followed me back to our mansion, was comforting me on the couch. "It's all my fault." I said. "NO! It was an accident! It could have happened to any of us!" she said. "If Akasha had shot me by mistake, no one would be this upset, other than you." I said.

"That's not entirely true, I would be upset, but so would Todd, Lola, and others! They will forgive you in time, they're just torn up about Akasha! When she recovers, she'll forgive you, and so will everyone else!" Misty said. "I hope so. Thanks." I said.

Later that afternoon, I got an idea..."I'm going to Sauria! I'll get a Bafomdad creature, bring it here, and give it to Akasha so she can recover! They can bring you back to life!" I said. "I don't think that's such a good idea..." said Misty. "Why not!?" I asked. "It's a cross between dicey and a long shot..." Misty said, looking shyly away.

"Then I'll go, by myself! It's my fault Akasha is hurt, it's my responsibility to help her as best I can!" I said. "Wait! Okay, I'll go with you!" Misty said. "Great! Thanks, sweetie!" I said, as I kissed her. "Sure..." Misty said, looking uneasy.

Later, we were on our way to Sauria, after packing our gear and getting our ships ready. Misty and I were in her crab ship, and flying through the air, about to leave Corneria...but we never even made it to Cornerian inner space. The Great Commander appeared! "Hello, Julius and Misty!" Willow's face appeared on the com channel. Misty and I screamed.

"Going somewhere!?" asked Willow.

"Let's get out of here!" Misty said. She tried to pilot her ship away from Willow. "No! We can take her! The Great Commander is a piece of junk!" I said. "I don't wanna do this!" Misty said. "If we retreat, she'll just chase us and shoot us down." I said. "Better decide fast, but either way, I'm going to shoot you down!" said Willow. I fired on her ship, and she flew away, leaving a trail of diamond shaped metal counter-measures.

I dodged them, exchanged laser fire with Willow, and then she flew towards us, her ship flew under us, as the laser cannons on the top fired at us. I took shots at them, and Misty steered her ship. I took out three of the cannons. Willow flew away, leaving the counter measures in her wake.

"Watch out!" I tried to avoid them, but I hit them. They were just too close to avoid, and Misty ship wasn't as maneuverable. The right arm of the crab-like ship of Misty's broke, and fell to the surface of Corneria. Misty glared at me. "Sorry." I said.

"Let's just get out of here!" said Misty. "NO! I can beat Willow! Please, we have to help Akasha!" I said. "So let's fly toward Sauria!" she said. "Willow won't let us until we get rid of her!" I said. "Julius, that's..." Willow fired a swarm of missiles, and they locked in on us. I took out some of them, but the other ones blasted the left arm of the crab ship. The arms had both been folded against the ship, and the surface walking legs were folded under the ship, but we still took some major damage.

"The arms! You fool, we can't do this, we need to get out of here!" said Misty. "I'm sorry, I'll pay for the damages, but I can..." I was cut off, and Misty said "That's not the point, we need to get out of here!" we fought over the controls. Willow flew towards us, and flew under us as the cannons on top fired on us. I hit the missile launch button repeatedly, and took out the rooftop cannons.

Willow flew away, but this time her ship seemed to be damaged. "We did it! We got her!" I shouted. "Yeah...." Misty said. "I'm so sorry, hey! Let's get the arms and I'll try to reattach them, or get Slippy to help me fix them!" I said. Misty sighed. "Fine!" she said. As we flew towards the surface, I said "We can go for Sauria tomorrow, but at least we won't have to deal with...what?" Misty turned my head to show me what was on the surface ahead of us.

The Great Commander!

It had transformed to a land mode. "Hello again!" said Willow. The Great Commander launched a spray of iron-like balls, which pelted Misty's ship to the point where we were spiraling out of control, about to crash! *BOOM!* We crashed into the main communication tower of Corneria City.

The police showed up, as did the press....uh-oh!

Misty and I were rescued from the wreckage. The ship was ruined. Misty was alive and well, as was I...but she was furious with me. "If we had just left and taken cover like I suggested, we wouldn't be in this mess, you ass!" she shouted.

"I had her! It's not my fault that the Great Commander was able to..." I was interrupted by Misty when she said "Just shut the hell up! We're through! Get out of the mansion! You can live somewhere else!" she said. "I can get you a new ship, I.." Misty glared at me. "You don't get it, do you!? This isn't about my ship! I never wanted to go to Sauria! I wanted to avoid that fight with the Great Commander, but you just had to push your luck, now look at us! We nearly died, these citizens of Corneria City lost a major communication tower! All of this was avoidable, if you hadn't been such a show off! You think you're so great, but you're not. I've never met anyone so full of themselves in my entire life!" Misty really let me have it, telling me everything wrong with me, every angry feeling she had pent up inside of her that she had wanted to say. I felt like Brian Griffin being chewed out by Glen Quagmire. Finally, Misty left in a taxi. The press, and the cops, as well as many of the Corneria City residents, heard and saw that whole ugly scene.

I could feel the angry stares of the citizens...."So it was your fault, huh?" asked the police chief. "Well, not really, you see..." the people were in no mood for my explanations. I was still able to explain myself, and avoid being arrested, but I had to flee the angry mobs...

It was a nightmare. None of my friends wanted to take me in at all. They were mad at me for endangering Misty, and for being such a headstrong moron...I was really in trouble now. Suspended from Star Fox, kicked out of my home, Misty hated me, as did the rest of my friends, I had gotten Akasha badly hurt...

I fought down tears as the rain started up again, remembering Misty's hurtful words. I walked down the back alleys, trying to figure out what to do next.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 6

I had my hands in my pockets, as I walked down the alley. The rain was falling, and I kept walking into the rain. A car pulled up. "Julius?" came Lola's voice. "Get in!" said Todd. Grateful for the opportunity, I got in, and rode back to McCloud Hall with them.

After drying off, I talked with Todd and Lola..."I've tried to talk to Misty, but she's not responding. She won't answer the door either." said Lola, shrugging. "My cousin and his teammates are being over dramatic. I'm sorry about Akasha, and I feel bad for her too, but this wasn't your fault. Any of us could have screwed up like that. I should know." said Todd.

The doorbell rang, and a few minutes later, the servant droid showed Übervixen into the parlor. "Hey, great to see you again!" she said to me. "Same to you!" I said. She sat down with me, Lola, and Todd. "I don't think it's right that they blame you for what happened to Akasha. That could have happened to any of us." said Übervixen.

"That's what Todd just told me." I said.

"Hey, you guys wanna join me tomorrow at a ball game? I won these four free tickets at a store after being their 10,000 paying customer." I said, holding up the tickets. "I'll go with you!" said Übervixen. "Lola and I already have VIP box tickets, she's singing the Cornerian National Anthem there." said Todd. "Cool. Hey, you know, since I have these two extra tickets, and the rest of the team won't associate with me, maybe I could scalp these tickets!" I said.

"No, Julius! Scalping Tickets is against the law! Not to mention morally wrong!" said Übervixen. "Oh come off it!" I laughed. "Crime is no laughing matter, regardless of how small!" Übervixen said. "Oh brother...look, you're not a real super heroine! You're hot like them, you look great in leotards like they do, but you are no super heroine, and I don't say that on the sole basis that you have no super powers...I say it because...well, it just seems so far-fetched." I said.

"MY legacy is NOT 'far-fetched'! I am just as valuable to society as Star Fox! I am a vigilante! A crime fighter! Defender of Justice, protector of the weak!" she said. "You keep cereal crunchy in milk!" I teased. Lola giggled at my smart assed comments.

"I'm warning you Julius, don't trivialize my work!" said Übervixen. "...'You are a TOY, you can't fly!' Ms. Buzz Lightyear!" I said to her. "That does it!" said Übervixen...we took to fighting. Todd and Lola tried to break up the fight, Lola tried to pull Übervixen off of me, and Todd tried to stop me from fighting with Übervixen...

Twenty minutes later, Übervixen got up, and said to all three of us "I don't need YOU, Todd, or Julius! I'm gone!" she left, getting into her car and leaving. "What's up her 'Super Butt'?" I asked. "A jackass who made fun of her." said Lola. "Excuse me!?" I asked. "She's our friend, Julius! I can't believe you were such a prick to her!" said Todd. "She's such a self righteous do-gooder! The whole super-heroine thing is fake, and she gets really annoying!" I said. "She's still our friend, unlike you right now. Get the hell out!" said Lola. "Make me!" I said.

Todd and Lola threw me out, not just the front door, but the gates. As I landed in a wet rain puddle in the street, Todd said "Now you have NO friends, asshole!". He and Lola shut the gates, and went back inside. I spent the night at Todd's loft. It was a great place for us to stay, for situations like this.

The next morning, I sold three of the tickets at cash value, to the Ferinian Trio, Ruby, Lupe, and Tala. I gave them a fair deal, and I used my ticket to get in. As everyone sat down, I saw Lola walk onto the field. Everyone stood for the Cornerian National Anthem.

As Lola sang, I swore I heard a familiar voice coming from the service tunnel nearby me..."Such a beautiful voice!". It was Willow! After Lola finished singing, she walked off of the field, and as the game began, I heard explosions...

The field began to collapse under the players' feet! A huge hole opened up, and one of the players made it to the goal at the end of he field, only to turn around and see that there was no field left behind him! Everyone screamed, panicked, and fled the stadium in terror. I ran down the tunnel where I had heard Willow's voice...and I found her, in a vast underground chamber.

"Welcome to my arena, Julius! Let the real games begin!" she said.

We began to fight..."You don't hold back, fighting like a young man!" said Willow. I tried to ignore her and use the leg sweep, but it did no good, Willow was too strong to trip up like that. As she threw me off of the mezzanine, I got up, and fought her as she jumped down in front of me. Even though I landed some good kicks and punches, they didn't seem to phase her. But the attacks she gave me really hurt! "You can adapt to darkness, but...I WAS BORN IN IT!" came Willow's voice, followed by a laugh. She beat me into exhaustion. "And now...I will BREAK YOU!" Willow lifted me over her head with both arms, and slammed my back onto her knee, getting my spinal disk slipped out of joint.


"AAAAhhhhh!" the sewers echoed with my screams...

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Chapter 7

I awoke in the bottom of a dank, deep, dark, stone lined pit....there was this awful din of shouting....I seemed to be in a small apartment or cell in the walls of the bottom of this pit. As I lay on this bed, I saw Willow's face come into view...but for some reason, she was wearing a gas mask on the lower part of her face. "Nice to see you've finally awakened..." her voice came out, sounding deep, and scary. "Ahh!" the pain in my back was excruciating. "Yes, you've been through quite a lot of pain, Mr. Quasar!" Willow purred.

"Why didn't you just kill me?" I asked wearily, my voice choked with pain and despair. "Your punishment must be more....severe..." Willow said through the gas mask. "What's with the gas mask?" I asked her. "Oh, this? Well, I hate the sands of this planet, blowing all over the place...it gets into my sinuses and aggravates them, so I use this gas mask for protection. We are here, on Planet Titania, in the second worse prison in the Lylat System. Venom, being the worst, but I thought that this would be much more suitable for tormenting you." she said. She pointed to the round opening, way at the top of the walls.

"You see, Julius, there can never truly be despair, without hope! That opening at the top gives you the hope, that is beyond the reach of yourself and fellow inmates!" I saw a pulley anchor bolted to the side of the stone wall, half way up. There was a rope, and an inmate trying to climb out, he was attached to the rope on that pulley. He failed, and fell, trying to climb the stones protruding from the wall. Someone who was holding the rope at the bottom of the shaft caught the inmate, preventing his fall to his death.

"They always attempt to climb out, it's that hope, that keeps the despair going....no one will be able to 'accept' the fact that they are trapped here, and can never escape. They think that they can still get out of here, they hope to. It has driven many of them mad. You'll notice this isn't a 'prison' like any other! There are no locks, guards, bars, or anything else. This hole, the darkness, is all that's needed for imprisonment. The hope, the despair, is better than any torture devices ever made. If you are successful enough to escape, then you deserve to go free. But no one has ever escaped, save one inmate...possibly, a child. Just a legend, though." Willow explained to me.

Willow got up from where she had been sitting beside my bed. "I will leave you here to rot. You're as good as dead, or you will be soon. I'll get my pay, and my clients will complete their goals." she leaned over me, and said to my face, "When the Star Fox Team is in ruins, you will then have my permission to die!" she hissed at me through her gas mask. Willow walked towards the center of the prison, and a large, thick rope was lowered down just for her. She kept the inmates at bay, and was pulled out of the prison via an airship that was hovering overhead.


I was talking to the other inmates who visited me. I had learned they had come from many walks of life around Lylat, and nearby planets and galaxies. Some of them were Andross' former soldiers, whom Dr. Andross himself had discarded down here, some of these guys were Ruffians working for Star Wolf, until Wolf felt that he couldn't trust them anymore. Pigma Dengar almost wound up down here himself, many times.

I didn't dare tell them that I worked for Star Fox...The prison "doctor", a former physician for the Monsteroso Corporation, was thrown down here by the company after finding out secrets that they didn't want to risk being leaked out my him, especially since they were not paying him very well and treating him like dirt. He was a tortoise, named Dr. Horsfield. "My friend, I'm not surprised to see Willow bring you here. She has imprisoned at least one third of the inmates here, including myself. None of us are really 'evil', we just made stupid mistakes, or fell in with the wrong crowd. Others, like you, were unlucky enough to be targeted by the wrong crowd....and thrown in here, by someone like Willow."

"I have to get out of here, I-Aaah!" my back was pin serious pain. "In your condition, you're staying right here. Even if you weren't injured like that, you're still staying right here. No one has ever escaped!" said Dr. Horsfield. "What about the child?" I asked. "Maybe, but that's a legend." replied the doctor. "I at least want this pain to stop, the physical pain...it's bad enough I'm here....can you please help me?" I begged Dr. Horsfield.

He sighed, and said "I'll see what I can do. I guess you have a point, you're in enough spiritual pain as it is, you don't need this injury tormenting you further." he helped me out of the bed, and over to a rope which he had hung from the ceiling and knotted into a giant loop at the bottom. He had me place my arms and upper body through the loop, and he hung me from the ceiling. Dr. Horsfield swung a board at my stomach...*CRACK! POP!* "AHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed. Several of the nearby inmates stared at me, but then when they saw that I was being treated by the prison doctor, they went back to what they were doing. I was still hanging in the rope loop. "Stay that way until you can walk!" said Dr. Horsfield.

At least my back was fixed, but man that hurt, it was about as painful as when Willow first busted it!

I asked the doctor about why the inmates were trying to climb the walls, if anyone had ever been close. I also asked if Willow might have been the fabled child that escaped. "Well, no one has ever escaped, the 'child', if the legend is true, I don't know if it was Willow or not. Personally, I wouldn't recommend wasting your time trying to escape from here." he said. I decided to try anyways. As I was strapped to the rope, the big inmate who held the end wished me luck, and I tried to climb. It was easy at first, the walls had many large stoned protruding out like ledges...then as steps in a spiraling stairway formation around the lining of the giant round shaft....but as I climbed higher, there were fewer and fewer footholds, and they were smaller, and more spaced apart.

"Deshi Deshi, Basara Basara!"
"Deshi Deshi, Basara Basara!"
"Deshi Deshi, Basara Basara!"
"Deshi Deshi, Basara Basara!"

The inmates always chanted this whenever someone tried to climb out of this place.

I fell my first time, and the doctor felt bad for me...he consoled me. But with each passing day, I tried again, and still fell. The doctor didn't have as much sympathy after each time, and it got to a point where he said "You should just give up, stop wasting your time. You're torturing yourself by trying and failing to escape, which is what the creators of this prison intended for you and those here like you!" he said. "No...I'm not giving up...THAT is what the creators of this prison intended for all of us here!" I replied. Dr. Horsfield laughed, amused at what I had said. But I meant it.

As I sat and watched the others, the doctor sat with me. We ate and drank the food that was there for us, and watched more failed attempts. "Did the fabled child that escaped use that rope and harness?" I asked the doctor. "Well, I only arrived here, about decade ago or so. But I had heard that she declined the use of that rope and pulley. In fact, it is said that a nasty prison riot broke out here, and the child escaped in the confusion, all by herself. She made it out, and no one has come close ever since. I hear so many version of the story, including one where she 'flew', but so many of the residents here are either insane, dimwitted, or liars that I don't know what to believe." he said.

One day, I was packing some food, a bottle of water, and stuff like that. "What are you doing?" asked Dr. Horsfield, as he approached me in my room, which, like all the room, which, like all of our rooms there, were just niches for us to sleep and such. The doctor had what was like a small apartment, with actual walls and "windows", and doorways for his place. "I'm packing, to go on my journey home." I told him. Dr. Horsfield and several nearby inmates burst out laughing. "Good one, my friend!" said Dr. Horsfield. I ignored him and the other inmates, and headed for the climbing spot. The big inmate offered me the rope and harness, but I declined it. He looked shocked, as did the other inmates, when I declined the rope. This time I was determined to succeed, or die.

I started to climb, and the crowed chanted.

"Deshi Deshi, Basara Basara!"
"Deshi Deshi, Basara Basara!"
"Deshi Deshi, Basara Basara!"
"Deshi Deshi, Basara Basara!"

I felt someone grab my shoulder. "I can see you are truly serious, in the fact you will make this your final climb, regardless of the results. I wish you the best of luck my young friend!" said Dr. Horfield, who stood there beside me. "Thank you. For everything." I said, smiling at him. He smiled back and nodded. As I heard the chants, I asked him "What does that mean?", referring to the chanting. "Rise." he replied to me. I began my climb. I went from ledge to ledge, stone to stone, foot hold to foot hold. I made a huge sprint at a section where I had always fallen, but this time, I had MADE IT! I moved, and I could hear Dr. Horsfield's voice joining in the chant, which carried all around me, as if it were helping to lift me up and out of this hell.

I made it to the top, and climbed out.

A thunderous cheer rose from the hole, and I enjoyed the sunlight, and the sandy air of Titania. I didn't even mind that dust blowing in my face. I was free!

I looked around, and saw a huge, old palace overlooking the hole from where I had escaped. I also saw a gigantic, thick, long rope coiled up and secured next to the hole. I pushed the coil of rope down into the prison, and I heard an even louder cheer than before. I heard cries of "Thank you Julius!". I nodded, and shouted "You're all welcome! Thank you as well!". With that, I walked away, following the nearby road towards the closest bastion of civilization.


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Chapter 8

As I made my way through the sand storms and dunes of Planet Titania, I finally found a large, old cantina. "The Titanian Cantina"proclaimed the characters on the front of the building. I had heard of this place before. It was owned by Cindy Sandstorm, she also lived there, as her house was connected to the Catina. To describe the ambiance of that place, you should try to think of the "Mos Eisley Cantina". The place is big for the scum of the galaxy to hang out at. Cindy is a native of Titanian thus making her one of the survivors of the desert conditions...not much else was known about her, especially by our team. All members of Star Fox, Star Vixen, and Nebulae Fox were under strict orders by Fox, Krystal, and Todd, not to go anywhere near this place unless necessary.

I headed in...

Cindy, a red Vixen, with red fur, with white fur from her chest down like Krystal's fur pattern. Cindy's fur was riddled by splotches, into a fine tan coloring by the Titanian sand from the various sandstorms she had endured for many years...she looked up from the counter, as she was polishing a large glass. "Hi, welcome to the Titanian Cantina!" she said to me. I nodded, and sat at the bar. "You look like you've seen better days...what'll it be?" she said to me. "Sarsaparilla, please..." I squeaked, my throat dry.

"Coming right up!" she said. I took the drink, and gulped it down. I also ordered fresh mineral water, a patty melt with fries and a dill pickle, another sarsaparilla, and apple pie a'la mode. I ate and drank so much, I passed out after paying and tipping Cindy. I didn't pay any attention to my surroundings, I was so happy, hungry, and thirsty. Before passing out, I saw game tables, a curtained performance stage, arcade and pinball machines...

"Hey? Hey!? HEEEY!" I was being shaken awake by a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. "Jaydee?" I asked him. "Julius!? What the hell are you doing all the way out here! Where have you BEEN!? Your friends have been looking all over for you!" Jaydee Chavdry said. "Mmmm, well I'm here." I said groggily, before passing out. "Wait, that's Julius Quasar!? THE Julius Quasar!?" I heard Cindy's words, as they became a gentle buzz...

I was being shaken awake by several pairs of hands. "What!?" I replied sleepily, and irritably. My eyes opened, and adjusted to see Todd, Lola, Misty, Pal, Fara, Falco, Katt, Fox, Krystal, Übervixen, and Tigress. They were surrounding me, at my place in the bar, on the stool where I was sitting. "JULIUS! We found you!" they said. "Huh?" I replied. "So THIS is where you've been!?" said Falco. "No, he only came in here earlier today...." said Cindy. "He must have been wandering all over the desert." said Jaydee.

"Wha's goin' on!?" I asked grumpily. "Well, Jaydee recognized you, told Cindy who you are, and she, along with Jaydee, contacted us and told us you were here, of all places in the Lylat System!" said Krystal. "Are you all right!? Why are you on Titania!?" asked Fox. "I'm fine. I was brought here, and stranded in that hole in the ground, that prison." I said. I explained the whole thing that had happened to me after the stadium bombing. "Oh my God..." Todd said. "Willow's gone too far this time!" said Falco. "We looked all over for you!" said Lola. "After you disappeared during the bombing, we were all so worried!" said Misty.

"I'm sure!" I said sarcastically.

"We deserve that, by 'we' I mean me, Lola, and Misty." said Todd. "But we're all sorry!" said Fox. "Yeah, especially Misty..." said Pal. "It's true! I'm sorry, Julius! I acted like a.." I stopped Misty, and said "No, I'm sorry, to all of you. Especially you, Misty, Todd, Lola, and Übervixen." I said. "I'm sorry for wrecking you ship, Misty. Übervixen, I'm sorry for making fun of you. You are the best and closest thing to a real super-heroine that the non-comic book world can get. Todd, and Lola, I'm sorry for fighting and for being a jerk to you both, and to Übervixen. Fox, Krystal, I'm VERY sorry to you for what happened to Akasha. I wish she was here so I could tell her that I'm sorry." I went on, looking each of my friends in the eye as I spoke to them.

"Apology accepted, Julius!" said Übervixen. "Apology accepted." Krystal, Fox, and Todd said. Lola said nothing, but kissed me on the the lips, kicking her leg back. Misty did the same, after Lola. Pal hugged me, and I noticed something odd about what he was wearing..."Is that....Cammy's outfit from 'Super Street Fighter 2'?" I asked him. I now noticed that Lola, Misty, Fara, Katt, and Pal were wearing the same thong leotards, red berets, red socks, black boots, and red fingerless gauntlet gloves that Cammy from "Super Street Fighter 2" wore.

"Yeah, we were going on recon missions to find you...Pal insisted on wearing the same outfit!" Lola said with dismay upon mentioning Pal wearing the same outfit. "Madame Vulpine and Babs are also wearing them, but they're with the others." said Misty. "I'm glad to see you all again." I said. I turned to Cindy. "Thanks." I said to her. She smiled at me. "No problem." she said. "Thank you as well, Jaydee." I said, turning to him.

"Sure." he replied.

Katt and Fara each hugged me. "Glad to have ya' back with us, hon'!" said Katt. "Glad to be back." I said. Fara hugged me extra tight. "So glad we found you!" she said, nuzzling against me. I felt around to her thong covered butt. "Hey!" Fara and Misty said to me at the same time. "Sorry about that!" I said as I shrugged and laughed. They laughed as well. "It's my fault, I encouraged him!" said Fara. "Damn right you did, he's mine!" Misty joked. "Misty's ship was recently replaced by the insurance company." said Lola. "Great!" I replied.

After bidding farewell to Cindy, and Jaydee, we left the Cantina, via Todd's Malestrom ship, and then aboard the Galatae. We made our way back to McCloud Ranch, Fox told the others over the comm about finding me. We landed at McCloud Ranch, where Fay came aboard and checked me out after hearing of my injury. "He seems fine...but...we should take him to the hospital, just in case! We have to pick someone up from there, as she's being discharged today!" she said to me.

The rest of the team swarmed on like bees, shouting my name, asking where I had been, etc. Fox told them everything, and they were shocked, and angered by what had happened. We went to the hospital, and I was checked out by the doctor there. "This 'Dr. Horsfield'...he did a great job resetting your spine all right. But you need to be careful, and take it easy for a few days, perhaps a week, to be safe!" warned the doctor. "Thanks, I will." I said.

After I was released, I ran into Kylie, and...

"AKASHA!" I said.

I ran up and hugged her, as she hugged me. "Hi, Julius!" she purred. "I'm so sorry! I never meant to shoot you, I-" Akasha put her paw over my mouth. "It's okay, I understand completely." she said. We hugged again. "Julius, I'm sorry, can you ever forgive me?" Kylie asked me. "Yeah, I'm sorry as well." I said. "I'm so glad you're okay, Akasha!" I told her. "Well, we have you and your idea to thank for that. Along with Misty, Lola, and Todd. They went to Sauria, found a Bafomdad, and brought it here to heal Akasha, per your original intent." Kylie explained to me.

"We used the Saucerer 2, and the Malestrom." said Todd. "Good call!" I said.

"It worked like a charm, because as you can see, Akasha is all better!" said Krystal, hugging Akasha. "Yeah. Where were you?" Akasha asked me. I told her and Kylie everything. Akasha's eyes went as wide as sewer lids, as Kylie gasped at the horrible details of my stay on Titania. "Yeah. Luckily, I was recognized, and found." I said. "Well, we're glad this has all worked out back to normal." said Fox.

"Where's the Bafomdad?" I asked.

"Back at home, safe and sound on Sauria, after it fully healed Akasha." said Lola, smiling. "Great. Thanks for the help you guys." I said. "No problem." said Lola, Misty, and Todd. We all headed back to McCloud Ranch for the day...I was glad we were back to square one, but now we needed to focus on getting Willow, and ruining Monsteroso Corp.'s plan.

We had a great homecoming, for Akasha, and for me.

"I hate to spoil this great moment, but we will have to do something about Willow, and the losers that hired her." said Fox. "But it can wait until; tomorrow." he said, and we all agreed.

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Chapter 9

We worked all through the next few weeks, preparing, searching, and planning. Akasha and I recuperated, and as we did, we worked on our plan to defeat Willow. We also had to find Monsteroso's Secret Lab. Conrad had been tailing the R. & D. scientists for days, and he finally tracked them to a secret satellite base the size of Bolse, and it was hidden just out of Planet Kew's orbit.

We were finishing on our plan..."What makes you wanna bet that we'll run into Willow?" asked Todd. "I'm sure by now that she'll be lying in wait. Last time I trailed the scientists, I saw her following ME. I let her think I was oblivious to her tailing me..." said Conrad.

"But wait! What if they move everything from the base!?" asked Slippy. "It only happened yesterday, Slip'...besides, I'm sure Willow wants to use the place as bait to lure us out. As it is, since Madame Vulpine, Krystal, and Kylie, have all been reading Willow's mind.

"She knows of Julius' escape, and Akasha's recovery. She's going to want a rematch with us, and where better than the very place we're trying to assault?" Fox added. "It's risky, but this is our chance..." said Krystal. "We need a distraction....to fool Willow into fighting with us, as we sabotage the lab. We blow it to space debris, and take out Willow in the process." said Tigress. "Why don't we use the Galatae for that?" asked Fara.

"We can't risk Willow bailing out. We want her to die with the place. We sneak aboard, distract Willow, and plant the bombs." Silas said, placing the completed explosives on the table before us. Conrad passed Madame Vulpine the blueprints for the space station, and she unrolled them and placed the on the table, next to the bomb. "Conrad knows the standard nomenclature form the model and make of that space station. He obtained the blueprints form the original manufacturer. Granted, it may be a little different, due to customization, but we know the weak spots, inside and out." she said.

"We'll need to split up into groups, plant the bombs, distracting Wilow, taking control of the station itself...blowing the place up is the best exit strategy." said Miyu. "We have to defeat Willow, so she can't escape...no one but Team Star Fox should escape." said Fay.

"We'll need someone to plant bombs outside, as well as inside, so space suits will be needed. Also, Todd's ship is great for recon and infiltration as well as pick up and drop off." said Katt. "No time to wipe our feet, we'll just pile into Todd's ship!" Fara teased. We all laughed.

"We should sabotage communications, so they can't call for backup!" said Misty. "We'll need to secure the escape pods, reserve some for us, and sabotage the others, perhaps rig some of them to explode as well." Lola declared.

"Don't forget, we still need to gather evidence! We'll need computer files and data, photos, things like that! The perfect plan to stop Monsteroso Corp from future attacks on us!" said Übervixen. "We'll have Silas, Akasha, and Slippy work that department. I'll cover them." said Kylie. "I'll help take out the security 'goon squad'! You know that place will be teaming with them." said Tigress.

"I'll help in securing the escape pods!" said Pal. "I'll provide the distraction, as will Katt and Falco." said Todd. "I'll help in setting up the bombs." said Edge. "I'll help coordinate the placement of the bombs." said Babs.

"I can provide cover, and listen in on the minds of the staff there, to prevent any surprise attacks." said Krystal. "As will Madame Vulpine, and I." said Kylie. "Great, so it's settled..." said Fox. "What am I s'posed to do?" I asked. "Well, Julius, I'm sorry to say this, but you, Todd, and Falco will work to distract Willow!" said Fox. "If you don't want to do this, we understand..." Todd said to me.

"NO! I'm in...that bitch is gonna pay.." I said.


We piloted to the Space Station Lab. R.O.B. flew us to the lab on Todd's Malestrom, in cloaked mode. We landed at the entrance. "GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE." said R.O.B. "Thanks R.O.B." we said, as we disembarked. R.O.B. flew back to the Galatae.

Misty, Lola, and Madame Vulpine were in space suits, and were to plant the bombs on the outside of the space station. Conrad, Edge, and Babs passed out the bombs to the others, and headed off to plant their share of the bombs. Kylie went with Akasha, Silas, and Slippy to the central computer server room. Übervixen went to the labs to gather more evidence.

Krystal, Miyu, and Fox headed off with their share of bombs. Fara, Fay, and Pal headed for the escape pods, to secure them. Tigress headed off to the staff quarters...Falco, Katt, Todd, and I were left to find Willow. "Here it goes...ready Julius?" Falco asked me. I nodded. My blood turned to ice, my heart was pounding. My palms were sweating. "Let's do this!" I said.

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Chapter 10

I headed deep into the space station with Katt, Falco, and Todd. "She's gotta be here somewhere!" I said. "Yeah, but where...?" asked Todd. We walked right into a huge laboratory, filled with incubators, tanks, and....


The four of us screamed a the horrifying sights that awaited us. There were human and animal hybrids everywhere, in the tanks, the incubators, and even resting on beds and lab tables. But they were incomplete, or horribly deformed...some of them were human and dog hybrids, or human and cat, human and fox, and many other human and furred animal hybrids....but they were failed experiments. Some had extra mouths where they shouldn't, or extra eyes, ears, etc. They were barely alive, dying, or already dead. "Kill me.....kill meee....kiiillll meeee!" they whispered, either out loud or to us specifically as we saw them. I saw a group of them were, what appeared to be, failed clones of...

"Willow!?" I said, looking at them. Some were failed clones, others human-hybrid experimental failures....

I could hear Todd throwing up...Falco did the same, as did Katt...that's when I lost it, and retched....we ran out of the lab, into the corridor...."What the hell was that!?" shrieked Katt. "An abomination...this place needs to be bombed!" I said. We walked into another lab, filled with medical equipment, cages, computers, and more..."Ahh, we meet again Julius!" came Willow's voice. A red curtain in the doorway at the other end of the lab rose, revealing Willow behind it. "Oh, that's not too cliche!" Todd said sarcastically, noticing.

"How's Akasha doing?" Willow asked. Anger swelled in me like a bubble. "It was all too easy, hurting the team through Julius, and Akasha....tearing you apart, slowing you down. I didn't count on Julius' escape, or recovery. But no matter, I will finish where I left off!" Willow said, strutting into the room. Katt, Falco, Todd, and I attacked Willow. I kicked at her, she blocked my kick and punched at me, but I ducked the punch. Todd jumped on Willow's back and started pulling her fur and pounding her, but she threw Todd over her shoulder and into me.

Katt drop kicked Willow, as Falco punched Willow in the midsection. Willow fought them off, slamming them against each other, and throwing them. I came at Willow, and head butted her, knocking us both dizzy. She picked me up, spun me in a helicopter spin, and threw me into my friends. All four of us charged Willow, piled on top of her, hitting and kicking her. She stood up, and tossed all of us off of her. She came at us, trying to hit us, kick us, stomp on us. We made an awful mess of the lab, breaking equipment, furniture, etc.

I was thrown into the chalkboard, Todd was thrown into the dry-erase board. Falco busted a stool on Willow, and she didn't even feel any pain.

"Give up! You cannot defeat me!" Willow bragged.

The four of us, my friends and I, were catching our breaths. "She's right, so we'll do the next best thing! Follow me!" I shouted. I grabbed a beaker of fluid, then I ran out of the lab, with Katt, Falco, and Todd in tow. "Comezi back here, you cowards!" Willow shouted. She began to chase us...

We hid in another laboratory, filled with giant tanks like the first one, but these tanks only had fluid in them, no half completed or failed hybrids. There were no incubators in this room, no dying experiments. "Guys, here's the plan..." I told Katt, Falco, and Todd what we were going to do about Willow. After they nodded in agreement, we waited for Willow to enter the room. I lay on the floor, just between two rows of tanks. "Ow! Ow! I twisted my ankle! Guys, wait up! Don't leave me here!" I shouted. Willow heard me, and rounded the corner. I was just before another door leading out of the lab. I saw Willow, and my eyes went wide with fear. "Wait! Time out!" I shouted to her.

"Vas est dis!? You think dis est game, nein!?" Willow said to me. As she moved closer to me...I then waited for her to walk between the tanks. I threw the beaker of chemicals I had taken from the lab into Willow's face. The beaker shattered, and a loud sizzling noise was heard, and Willow covered her face, howling in pain. "Accchhhttt! Too lieber-fritzen!" she screamed. "NOW!" I shouted. Todd, Katt, and Falco came out from between the tanks. I opened one of the tanks, and we stuffed Willow into one of them. I slammed the hatch shut, and locked Willow in the tank.

Willow's burned up face glared at me from within the tank, through the small window o the metal hatch. "Got en Himmel! Let me out! LET ME OOOOUUUUTTT!" Willow pounded on the hatch, but fortunately it held. "Hi fishy, fishy!" Todd teased Willow, as he tapped on the small window. "I hope it holds her long enough, c'mon! Let's get out of here! Seal this lab just in case!" I said. "Brilliant, Julius!" said Katt. "Yeah, smart thinkin'!" said Falco. "This should hold her long enough, but it's smart to seal the lab too!" Todd agreed with me. We exited the lab, and sealed both doors, we contacted Akasha on the comms, telling her to seal down that lab, and she did, locking the metal security doors in place over the regular doors. "NOOOOOO!" Willow shouted from within the tank, as the security doors sealed the lab.

Katt, Falco, Todd, and I thanked Akasha, and headed for the escape pods.

On the way there, we approached the server room, and found Kylie, Silas, Akasha, and Slippy finishing up on sabotaging the computer network. "Test the system Akasha!" said Silas. Akasha typed in some basic commands, and the computer kept displaying the words "ACCESS DENIED" over and over again, each time she typed in the commands. She smiled, as the computer screen then showed the text:



The words "YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGIC WORD!" flooded down the screen, and then an image of Akasha popped up on the screen, wagging her finger, and saying "NUH-UH-UH! YOU DIDN'T SAY THE MAGIC WORD!" over and over again. All of us cheered. "Great job Akasha!" said Slippy. "Thanks, you and Silas got the software files and records, right?" she asked. "Yeah, we have them!" said Silas. "Won't that disable the escape pods?" asked Todd. "No, it just locks everyone else out of the system, so they can't undo what we've done, or worse, disable the escape pods so WE can't get out of here!" said Akasha. "Great job!" I said to her. "Thanks!" said Akasha.

We fled through the corridors, and arrived at the escaped pods. Übervixen had a satchel of lab notes, and her digital camera in hand. "I got as much evidence as I could!" she said. "Great! Nice work!" I told her. Tigress joined us, and so did everyone else, including Fox. He took a head count..."That's all of us, now let's go, we only have a short time before the bomb goes off!" Fox said. We escaped out the escape pods, and landed on Planet Kew. As we emerged from the pods, we saw the greatest fireworks display in the skies, and in the history of Planet Kew. The lab crashed down, not far away.

We ran towards it, and looked at it. Suddenly, Willlow's fist appeared out of the wreckage! She climbed up out of it. "NO WAY!" the rest of us shouted in unison. "I think...I think...oooffffffff!" Willow stood, spoke, swayed, and fell face-down, dead.


We headed into the office penthouse of Monsteroso Corp. I stood before the executives of Monsteroso Corp. "Was that the best you could throw at me!?" I asked them. "Ah, Julius Quasar! Normally we'd require an appointment, but we'll make an exception in your case!" said the CEO, who had a voice resembling Malcolm McDowell's voice, as it lofted over the boardroom. "What're you talkin' about, kid!?" voice coming from a senior executive asked. This senior executive sounded like Ed Asner. "As if you don't know! But your plans have failed!" I bragged to them.

I tried not to tip my hand.

"I know, what you were making, and what you planned to have them do!" I said. "But you're wrong! they can think for themselves!" I said. "Yeah, those things don't want to conquer Lylat!" Todd chimed in. "You fools, that's not what we were planning!" said the Ed Asner sounding exec. "But you were planning something!?" said Krystal. "Yes, but it wasn't that!" said the Malcolm McDowell exec. "Well, Willow tried to have her DNA donated and mixed with mine, but that failed!" I said. "Whaaat!? No, no...you don't get it, you imbecile! We were planning on Having Willow KILL you, and then destroy the Star Fox Team, so they wouldn't interfere with our grand works, to create a hybrid of human and furred creatures. We could NEVER directly create another Willow, we used the aforementioned method as a shortcut!? Do we bloody well have to explain everything to you!?" the CEO said.

"No, but you just did for the authorities!" I said, holding up a small two-way microphone and communicator.

The doors burst open, and several uniformed law enforcement officers, SWAT, CDF military and Federation Board of Inquisition paramilitary personnel burst into the room. "FREEZE! You're all under arrest! Drop your weapons! Hands up!" they shouted. The Board of Monsteroso Corp put their hands up. I saw several of the Monsteroso Security Thugs take out law enforcement badges, and flash them...they were undercover cops. "You're the idiot, now!" I told the CEO, giving him the finger. A bulldog in a dark suit with a badge clip on the breast pocket came up out of the elevator, from behind the undercover and uniformed cops, and said to us "Well done Team Star Fox, thank you all very much, we couldn't have done this without your help!" he said to me and my teammates. "No problem!" said Fox.

The Board of Monsteroso Corp. was arrested, and charged with conspiracy, murder, illegal experimentation, and worst of all, not paying their taxes. They were sent to prison, and General Pepper personally congratulated us in a Civic Ceremony.

I was welcomed back onto the team, and into my home. Misty was happy to have me back, and we forgave each other, and Akasha, Kylie, and everyone else forgave me for accidentally shooting her, and I forgave them for blaming me. Akasha did get back at me by pooping in my shoes as a prank, but I kinda needed new shoes anyway, so I didn't hold it against her after I got a pair of new shoes, and we all had a laugh about that. We were glad this nightmare was over...Akasha was okay, I was okay, and we reconciled, and our team's bond of friendship was stronger than ever.


Thanks for reading!
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