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machina's character sheet
Topic Started: Dec 8 2012, 07:06 AM (559 Views)
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CDF Private
Name: Kenshiro Tateyama (Nicknamed "Ace of Spades")

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye Color: Brown

Species: Human

Hair Description: Parted right, going down to the top of his neck

Hair Color: Black

Vocal Description: Medium pitch, high tone

Body description: Slim/Athletic build

Attire/Appearance: Kenshiro normally wears a dark blue shirt with the sleeves going down to his forearms, black fingerless gloves, a red bandanna wrapped around his neck (a gift from his last girlfriend), light blue denim jeans and black work boots.

Family: His younger brother Eiji, his mother Hitomi, and his father Soukichi (reported MIA)

Occupation: Mercenary, Leader of the Grand Aces

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: Chosen Soldier by ISSA

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan, Earth

Training/Specialties/Skills: Martial arts expert, amazing reflexes, skilled pilot

Special Markings: A birthmark on the back of his neck

Personality: Kenshiro is one of those happy-go-lucky guys who doesn't let anything bother him. His attitude has been known to annoy people to no end, except for his brother. The one thing that can REALLY make him mad is if anyone badmouths his father. If anyone does that, it'll be as bad as a nuclear apocalypse. He has a love of spicy food, mostly curry. SUprisingly, he is an excellent leader, and has led his team to victory for a year now.

Ship: Kyodai Runner/ Jet/ Head, Torso, and Arms of Kyodai Mecha.

Weapons: A tech bow designed to fire energy bolts, a pair of tonfa, for melee encounters
Edited by machina, Dec 9 2012, 06:46 PM.
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CDF Private
Name: Eiji Tateyama (Nicknamed "Jack of Diamonds")

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5'8

Weight: 134 lbs

Eye Color: brown

Species: human

Hair description: Short, parted left

Hair color: brown

Vocal description: significantly higher tone and pitch than Kenshiro

Body description: Slim build

Attire: He wears a white t shirt with an open ammo vest over it, blue jeans, combat boots and, occasionally, sunglasses.

Family: His older brother, Kenshiro, his mother Hitomi, and his father Soukichi (MIA)

Occupation: Mercenary, Second in command of the Grand Aces

Good/Bad: Good

Birthplace: Osaka, Japan, Earth

Training/Specialties/Skills: Skilled telepath, near-dead-on accuracy, pistol and sniper rifle proficiency, highly intelligent

Special markings: None

Personality: Eiji is more serious than his brother, and is prideful of his abilities. He is able to use his telepathy to calm Kenshiro down if someone badmouths their father and makes him angry. He shares his brothers love for spicy foods, and also has an affinity for 21st century firearms. He is also the brains of the Grand Aces.

Ship: Kyodai Runner/Tank/Legs and waist of the Kyodai Mecha

Weapons: T-67 Guardian Handgun, V-79 Sniper Rifle, Combat knife
Edited by machina, Dec 9 2012, 06:47 PM.
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CDF Private
Name: Zavekk

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 6'10

Weight: 200 lbs

Eye color: Blood red

Species: Insectoid Saurian "Firstborn"

Hair Description: N/A

"Skin" color: Black/ dark green

Vocal description: Low, gravelly voice

Body description: Plated body, antennae, blade-like appendages on his forearms

Attire: The only pieces of attire he wears is a dark red cloak and an ancient belt signifying that he is the ruler of the so-called "firstborn"

Family: None

Occupation: Emperor of the "Firstborn"

Good/Bad: Bad

Birthplace: Sauria

Current location: Sauria

Skills: Uses wing-like appendages on his back to fly, amazingly strong, can gain loyalty of his followers through fear

Personality: Zavekk is a murderous sadist who takes pleasure in watching others suffer. Though he is extremely powerful, he prefers to have his servants do his work for him. He believes himself to be the Lylat system's rightful emperor, and will kill anyone who denies this claim.
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CDF Private
Name: Miyu Kazami (Nicknamed "Queen of Hearts")

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8

Weight: she doesn't like talking about that kind of stuff

Eye Color: Blue

Species: Human

Hair description: Long, going down to her shoulders, almost no split ends

Hair color: Black

Vocal description: still in her teenage-voice phase of her life, but she's past the "cracking voice" part

Body description: Slim, curvy

Attire: Miyu wears a white button-up shirt, a jacket with the Grand Aces insignia on it, combat boots, and a white skirt

Family: Her mother and father, both still on Earth

Occupation: Mercenary, Medic of the Grand Aces

Good/Bad: Good

Birthplace: Tokyo, Naginata Prefecture, Japan

Training/Specialties: Medical expertise, knows multiple languages

Personality: Miyu is a kind hearted, spirited girl who enjoys helping people. She is the medic of the Grand Aces, patching up the wounded team members when needed. She also has feelings for Kenshiro, but is uncertain about them.

Ship: Kyodai Wing: A ship similar in design to an Arwing II. Can attach to the Kyodai Mecha's right arm to form the Kyodai Chaingun

Weapons: A collapsable submachine gun hidden in her jacket
Edited by machina, Dec 9 2012, 06:48 PM.
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CDF Private
Name: Blaze Callahan (Nicknamed "King of Clubs")

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 160 lbs

Eye color: Slate Gray

Species: Wolf

Fur description: Spiked upward

Fur color: gray, with hints of black

Vocal Description: Medium tone and pitch, gravelly voice

Body description: Muscular

Attire: He wears the Grand Aces jacket over a tank top, with the jackets sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He wears camo military fatigues and combat boots

Family: None

Occupation: Mercenary, Mechanic of the Grand Aces

Good/Bad: Good

Birthplace: Corneria City

Training/Specialties: Can repair almost anything, can maneuver his ship to outrun enemy fighters and strike at battleships while they're distracted

Personality: Blaze is as cocky as they come, but he's as loyal as anyone can be. He is overconfident about his mechanic skills and is always looking to challenge himself. He thinks Kenshiro's ideas are a little half-baked, but he goes through with them eitherway.

Ship: Kyodai Bomber: A ship with a similar design to a Wolfen. Can attach to the Kyodai Mecha's left arm to form the Kyodai Cannon

Weapons: Blaster Rifle, Subsonic Knuckle Dusters
Edited by machina, Dec 9 2012, 06:50 PM.
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