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Firstborn Wars: Prologue; The Aces Come Into Play
Topic Started: Dec 13 2012, 08:38 PM (268 Views)
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CDF Private
The scene opens to a ship floating in a debris field, the lights at the bridge causing it to look like an explosion was caused. Within, a group of people, each working at different stations, did what they normally did during their off time while a jukebox built into one of the walls was playing rock music. The young man merely reading a book, the wolf either repairing, cleaning, or modifying a blaster, the young woman working tirelessly at the comm station, and the teenager sitting deep in thought, but interrupted by the music. "Blaze, mind turnin' down the Aerosmith? I'm trying to find a distress signal, this down time is killing me." "My music, my rules, kid. Once you turn 20 then you can decide when to turn down the music. Just because you're the boss' little brother doesn't mean you can tell me what to do." "He's the second in command. Besides, would it really hurt you to turn it down a bit?" "Now even the Girl Scout's bossing me around! Fine, I'll kill the tunage." A moment later, the teenager resumed his search, finding what he was looking for. "Signal coming in from Sauria." Blaze sarcastically remarked "Oooh, call the newspapers" The young man looked up, saying "Who sent it, Eiji?" "Its.... its from Dad!" "What? Dad was MIA for two years! Why would he suddenly turn up now?" "He didn't. The distress signal was sent 4 years ago, a few months after he arrived at the excavation site. Kenshiro, its him! It's really him! I recognize his voice!" "Didn't you say it was sent four years ago? How would your old man be alive for that long if no one responded to the signal?" "Our dad is resourceful. He'd be able to survive for longer than that. Bro, if there's any chance he's alive, we've got to take it!" Kenshiro thought it over and finaly said "Miyu, how close are we to Sauria?" "Not too far. If we hurry we can get there before the signal dies down." "Then plot the course, we make for Dinosaur Planet!" Eiji cheered as he heard this, while Blaze merely said "This isn't going to end well."
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CDF Private
Sauria, a planet still wounded from the Aparoid invasion years ago, as well as Andross' revival years before. It is famous for its lush and thriving jungles and forests, as well as the Krazoa relics, ruins and shrines scattered around the planets surface and the tribes of Dinosaurs inhabiting areas of the planet. In the skies above, a ship is seen, one side red, the other blue, descending toward a ruin with numerous machines surrounding it. "That the place?" "Yep. The signals coming from in there." "Alright, I'll head inside, keep watch out here via the Tank." "Aren't you forgetting something?" "Oh yeah. disengaging magno-lock." At that moment, the blue side disconnected from the red side and transformed into a tank while the red side, which transformed into a jet, landed in front of the entrance. "Ok, you forgot two things. The magno-lock, which you already took care of, and the weapon I had Blaze make you." "What? Do you mean the bow?" "Yep. It's designed to fire energy bolts and can also be charged up like a blaster rifle. It requires a great amount of dexterity to use, but I'm sure you can handle it." "Thanks. I'll be right back."

A dripping sound was heard as Kenshiro walked into the ruins. He took a flashlight from his belt and turned it on, sanning his surroundings. As he pointed the beam at the ceiling of the ruins, he saw a dead body hanging from a crevice leading to the upper level of the ruin, blood still dripping from its wound. Keniro pressed a button on his glove, activating a communicator. "'Jack of Diamonds', this is 'Ace of Spades.' I just found a body, but it's not Dad's. I'm gonna move further into the ruins." "Well hurry up and find Dad so we can get back to the Wild Card! I'm getting the creeps just sitting here! I feel like somethings watching me." "Duly noted, 'Jack of Diamonds.' 'Ace of Spades,' out." Kenshiro deactivated the communicator, afterward saying "What could have done this?"
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CDF Private
As Kenshiro continued into the darkness of the ruin, he could hear various sounds, some of skittering insects on the ground, others of dripping water. The beam of the flashlight peered down the corridor, but it wasn't enough to find the creature that was stalking him when he first entered the ruin. Its glowing red eyes pierced the darkness behind Kenshiro, the creatures footsteps as quiet as a mouse until it had stepped in a puddle. Hearing the noise, Kenshiro turned around, but the lights beam found nothing. He knew something was following him, but he didn't know whether or not it was friend or foe.

Meanwhile, outside the ruin, Eiji sat patiently, the Tanks cannon ready to blast anything that threatened him. Atop the entrance to the ruin, a monstrous locust-like creature let out a blood-curdling screech, terrifying Eiji to the point he fired upon the creature, the resulting explosion causing the entrance to collapse. "Uh oh." The creature reappeared on top of the tank, openin the hatch and dragging Eiji out of the cockpit and throwin him to the ground. Eiji readied the pistol at his side, preparing for any attack that comes at him.

Within the ruin, the explosion was heard within the catacombs where Kenshiro was at. "Jack of Diamonds, this is Ace of Spades. What's going on out there?" "My suspicion was right, there was som kind of alien waiting near the entrance. I opened fire, and.... well.... I accidentally collapsed the exit." "You WHAT?!" "Look, I'd love to talk about this more, but I've got to stay alive long enough to tire him out! Call you later!" Kenshiro let out a sigh and said "How could this get any worse?" He continued into the ruin, unknowing of the tall silhouette behind him.

((to be continued in roleplay forum))
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