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Firstborn Wars: Part 1; The Discovery
Topic Started: Dec 14 2012, 09:22 PM (339 Views)
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CDF Private
((figured i'd start this up now rather than keep waiting for people to join in the plot thread usual deal, just pm if you want to join))

The creature charged toward Eiji, grunting each time it swung its arms in attack. After a few swings, the creature grunted, in Saurian, "Stand still, weakling!" "What?" "You do not understand the language of the Firstborn? Such ignorance proves your unworthyness to inhabit our old empire!" "Dude, speak Basic!" Eiji rolled backward and opened fire at the monster, who let out an extremely loud screech.

Meanwhile, within the ruin. Kenshiro began to earch for an altenate way out of the catacombs, still oblivious to the creature behind him. The creature had Kenshiro's scent, and to him, it was an all too familiar scent. The ceature uttered the word "Ta-te-ya-ma...." Kenshiro quickly turned around, this time the beam picked up something moving right out of it. "Who's there?" "You are the son of Soukichi Tateyama, aren't you?" Kenshiro activated his communicator and said "Wild Card, this is Ace of Spades. I need a translator down here." "Ace of Spades, this is Queen of Hearts. Keep the comm channel open and I'll translate the phrase from its native language into basic and relay it into your communicator." "Understood. Alright, whoever is there, mind repeating what you said?" "I said, you are the son of Soukichi Tateyama, aren't you?" "How do you know my father?" "He... awakened me and allowed me to take my rightful place as ruler of this system." "Rightful place? That doesn't sound good." "You dare question my birthright, just as the Creators did?!" Kenshiro began to move the flashlights' beam around the room, stopping as it hit the insectoid being standing in front of him. "No one questions the rule of Zavekk and lives!!"
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Hey, to make your work more readable, I'd love to help you learn the fine art of breaking up paragraphs. Just start a new one every time a new character speaks and your text will become a lot easier to read.

I'm not putting you down or anything. I'm just trying to help you out. *guilty grammar nazi*
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Übervixen was at home in her quiet Corneria City suburbs house, exercising, unaware at the time of the trouble. (I thought I'd join in)
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CDF Private
Eiji continued to dodge the creatures attacks, using his telepathy to sense the monsters movements before the even happened, and firing when the beasts guard was down. During the fight, he saw an opportunity to send a distress signal of his own, but within a larger radius.

"If anyone can hear this, my name is Eiji Tateyama, second in command of the mercenary group called the Grand Aces. My brother and I came to Sauria responding to a signal from an abandoned excavation site, but we were ambushed by some monster that doesn't even speak Basic. I've tired it out, but it's only a matter of time until this thing regains its strength and tries to crush me again! If there are any ships in the vacinity, and they're able to pick up this signal, get to Sauria as fast as you can!"

Meanwhile within the ruin, Kenshiro was engaged in combat with "Zavekk," and was losing quickly. As Kenshiro attempted to roll behind Zavekk, Zavekk, grabbed hold of Kenshiro's necl, strangling the life out of him.

"As I said, no one questions the rule of Zavekk and lives!" Kenshiro was losing consciousness, even near death. When he thought it was the end, he heard a blaster shot and Zavekk unleashing a loud scream of both anger and pain. Down the corridor Kenshiro heard what sounded like a technologically synthesized voice calling to him.

"Exclamatory Request: Get in here, quick! He won't be distracted for long!" Kenshiro saw a silhouette in a doorway waving at him and quickly stood, limping towards the figure. Zavekk saw this and charged at Kenshiro, only to be stopped by another blaster shot. Once Kenshiro got into the room, the person who guarded him sealed the door shut.

"Relieved: Whew! That was a close one! Concerned Query: Are you all right?"

"Fine, what was that thing?"

"Answer: That was Zavekk, the reason these ruins are littered with bodies. Self-explanation: Allow me to introduce myself. I am an HK-56 protocol/combat droid, purchased and programmed by Dr. Soukichi Tateyama."

"You got an actual name?"

"Answer: Soukichi refered to me as Zeta in many of his personnel reports. I suppose that will suffice."

"Wait, my father bought you and programmed you?"

"Answer: Indeed, and I take it that you are his eldest son, Kenshiro. Pleasure to meet you, although I wish it was under better circumstances."
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Übervixen heard he distress signal on her computer...after reading it, she said "Trouble on Sauria!? THIS looks like a job for Übervixen!!!" she got ready to go to Sauria, packing her survival kit, expedition clothes, her outfits, survival equipment, weapons, and tools.
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CDF Private
The creature regained its strength and turned around letting out a loud roar that could have been heard even within the depths of the ruin, but as it turned around, Eiji had disappeared. The creature began to search the dig site for him, but little did the creature know that while it was gathering its strengh and while he was sending the distress signal, Eiji snuck out of the site and got to a siping position where he could bypass any cover the creature could use.

"Gotcha now, Ugly." Eiji fired a concssive round at the creature, who turned in anger and looked aorund, perplexed by what had shot him. Eiji continued to fire, stifling the laughter at this creatures low intelligence as to what was hitting him.

Meanwhile, in the ruin, Zeta was informing Kenshiro of the events that happened before his father's distress signal was sent. "... Statement: I do not know of what happened after that. There is a 20% percent chance Zavekk took your father prisoner to use as leverage in his self-righteous war."

"And the other 80%?"

"Reluctant Answer: The 80% suggests that your father has..... met an untimely end. Reassuring Statement: But my calculations might be wrong! You never know with this kind of thing."

"No, I KNOW he can't be dead! He's got to be still alive!"

"Statement: That's what I'm hoping for Kenshiro. Hopefully we can get out of these ruins before Zavekk tears us limb from limb and feeds us to his War Beasts, if he's been able to awaken any of them yet."

"What are you worried about? You're a droid! Beasts don't eat doids."

"Correcting Statement: War Beasts do! The're enormous, savage, death machines that will literally eat anything their master feeds them and will destroy anything in their path. If you thought Zavekk was big, wait till you see a War Beast."

"Alright, I'll take your word for it. You know how we can get out of here?"

"Answer: Indeed. Zavekk's been using this ruin as his base of operations, but there is one thing he doesn't dare go near; The structures of the excavation project. All we need to do is follow the path the archaeological team took to enter the temple within the ruins and we're out of here! Anxious statement: I can't wait until we get out of this accursed optics-sore of a ruin!"
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
(Sorry for the slow reply)

Übervixen flew to Sauria in her ship, and landed in Thorntail Hollow, where she tried to trace the signal.
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