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On Shaky Wings; a JQ narrative
Topic Started: Jul 31 2013, 12:41 AM (282 Views)
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 1

"Ow! Todd, stop shoving me!" I hissed in the darkness of the hangar. "Quit movin' so slow!" Todd's scratchy voice replied. "I can't see where I'm going!" I grumbled. The lights came on in the hangar. Misty and Lola stood next to the entrance, one of them turned on the lights.

"Men!" Lola said, as she and Misty giggled. "Hey! We don't wanna attract any attention here! The lights on in this hangar will blow our cover!" I said. "Oh, and all the bumbling around in the dark isn't suspicious?" Lola asked. "She's got a point." Todd said. I nodded, grudgingly. "Well, let's do this then." I said. We moved over to the vessel, where Todd and I opened both the cabin door and the engine cover. Todd used the small device he had with him to run a vessel systems diagnostic check, and I sat in the pilot's seat and pasted the "Repossession" sticker in one of the windows.

"There! Now we legally have ownership and possession of this ship! We need to get it flying, and take it to our client for the $100,000 Credit commission for repossessing it!" I said. "That's $25,000 credits for each of us!" said Todd. I nodded.

"How are the systems, Todd?" Misty asked. "So far, so good!" Todd said. Misty and Lola carried our small gear bags into the cabin. The device beeped in Todd's hands. "Done! All systems are go!" he announced. He removed the device from the the engine, and handed the device to Lola through the open door.

"I'll start this up, and you open the doors, Todd. Misty, Lola, cover him from this vessel, have your weapons ready!" I said. "Who put you in charge!?" Lola sneered. "Okay, 'fearless leader', what do you propose we do!?" I replied. Lola paused for a minute. "We do what you said, only better!" she replied jokingly. Todd and Misty laughed, and Todd opened the hangar doors, then ran into the space craft with us, as we headed for the runway.

Todd shut the door, as I readied the engine. Several security vehicles came pouring out of the main building, lights flashing, sirens blaring. "Cease and desist! You are trespassing on private property! That spacecraft does not belong to you!" came the security commander's voice through the communication channel.

"It's a legitimate repossession, you morons!" Lola said over the communications channel. I took off, and flew us from Planet Zoness to Planet Macbeth. We had to return this to the bank, at it's repossession depository located on Macbeth, where we would receive our bounty.

We were in the air, and now in space. The vessel we were in was a custom PVS-3300 spacecraft, it was the Lylat System's equivalent of a Hawker 4,000 Private jet. "How's the fuel?" asked Misty as she sat next to me in the copilot seat. "We're good, should get us to Macbeth in one piece." I said. Misty gently rubbed my thigh, as Todd and Lola snuggled together in one of the back seats.

Later, we landed on Macbeth, delivered the PVS-3300 spacecraft, and collected our money. Then we headed to the nearby hangar where Todd stashed the Malestrom, and we flew back to Corneria. "Is this what we've been reduced to? Repossessing spacecraft?" I complained. "Whatever pays the bills, Julius." Todd replied. "Yeah, but...I wish we could do more than just that." I said. "I hear ya'!" Lola replied.

We divided up the money, upon returning to Todd and Lola's place, said our thanks and goodbyes, and then Misty and I headed home, stopping at the bank to deposit our money on the way. As we parked at our mansion, we headed to the den, and I switched on the TV. Misty and I settled on the couch, and relaxed in each others' arms.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 2

I awoke, only to find Misty had gone to bed. "Is it morning or night?" I asked myself. I looked at the clock. Still night. I passed out for a couple of hours. I yawned, and staggered up to bed. Misty was asleep, and in her lingerie. I joined her in bed. I woke up the next morning to see Tigress' big fuzzy face staring intently into mine. "AAAAAHHH!" I shot up, awake.

"Oh good, I was wondering when you'd wake up!" Tigress said. She had been standing over me, watching me sleep, her face only inches from mine. "Wake up, lazy bones!" Akasha said, climbing up onto the bed, and digging her sharp claws into my thighs. "Ow! Okay, I'm going!" I said, cringing from the pain.

After taking my morning shower, with Akasha staring at me in the shower from outside the shower door, I dried off, got dressed, and headed down to breakfast, where I found Misty, Todd, Lola, Akasha, Madame Vulpine, Conrad, Pal, Edge, Babs, Silas, Fara, Fay, Miyu, Katt, Falco, Slippy, Krystal, Kylie, Tigress, and Fox all eating breakfast.

"Good morning Julius!" they said to me. "Hi." I replied, getting a plate and helping myself to the breakfast smorgasbord. "Heard the repo went well last night!" Falco said. "Yeah, we got a good one." I said. "Why are you resorting to that? Seems kinda...'not you', Julius!" said Slippy. "I got the idea from a TV show on my planet, where they repossess private airplanes. It seems stupid, but it's actually pretty interesting." I said.

"I'm working on property management myself. I make sure that tenants pay their back rent, or I kick them out!" said Tigress. "I got the idea from another reality TV show from Julius' planet. These shows are obviously re-enactments of the actual 're-possessions' and 'evictions', based on real events." she added with a toothy grin. "She's right." I agreed. "I help Tigress with that, and so does Babs, since she's ex-law enforcement." said Edge.

"Whatever pays the bills, until we can get real mercenary work again...." said Fox wistfully. "If there's ever another war!" Katt chimed in. "Yeah..." Fox said, staring out the window. "Fox? Are you all right?" Krystal asked, concerned. "I'm fine." Fox said reassuringly to her.

After breakfast, I did the dishes, and put them away. Misty came into the kitchen, we exchanged kisses, and she said "Good news, there's another repo case for us! A 'Rigellian Special', and there's a $900,000 bounty on it, with a $45,000 commission for it!" she said.

"Great! Let's get ready, and get to it!" I said.

Within moments we were packed, and we took a space taxi to Zoness, to snatch our bounty.

*that's it for this chapter*
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 3

Misty and I made our way to the hangar where the Rigellian Special, a private spacecraft, which wasn't as nice as they previous one we repossessed, but still pretty good. This owner owed a lot on it, and the bank on Corneria was getting pissed off.

"Okay, now I don't see anyone there, no guards, no mechanics, not even some old timer with a broom. We're good!" I said. As we sneaked over to the hangar, I tested the doorknob. Unlocked. Weird. I was about to open the door, when the knob turned. Misty squeaked in fear, and I reached for my laser pistol.

The door opened, and a grubby-looking skunk appeared in the doorway. "Need something?" he asked, taking a swig of beer. He wore a red-and black plaid shirt, buttoned wrong and too big for him. He wore ratty green pants, a brown sideways tradesman/newsboy hat, and dirty red tennis shoes.

"We're here to repossess the vessel here." I said, standing up straight, and looking him right in the eye, my voice in a stern, commanding tone. The skunk flashed me a crooked smile, and said "Oh really? Ya' want my ship, eh? I heard they was gonna send someone to take it." he let out an unpleasant chuckle. "Help yourselves!" he said, walking out of the hangar and tossing me the activation chip, before wandering off.

"Well, that was easy enough...." I said. "Almost too easy." Misty said. "Yeah, I really hope....AAAAUUUUGH!" I gagged, and broke into a coughing fit. The stink was overwhelming! Misty turned on the lights, and we saw that the hangar where the ship was being stored was also..."A squatting place!" Misty said with disgust.

The place was a mess, there were fast food containers, beer and soda bottles and cans, pornographic magazines, a tiny portable TV on a fuel drum, a banged up cot, a sagging, rotting couch there, as well as some orange crates and a cable spool being used for a coffee table, piles of dirty laundry, and another fuel drum being used as "His toilet!" I muttered, pointing and holding my nose. Misty opened the doors to the hangar to let out the stink.

"Thanks Misty, my eyes were watering!" I said. "No problem!" she said. In the corner there was a floor grate, along with a rusty watering can above it on a hook, with water dripping from it into the floor grate, a bar of soap on a small plastic table, and a grimy towel hanging on the wall hook nearby.

I turned on the rusty electric fan to blow the stink out the doors, but that fan wouldn't work, so I switched it off. We made our way over to the rotting tarp that covered our vessel. I had a bad feeling about this. Misty and I gently and slowly removed the tarp, ripping it as we did.

"Oh sh*t!" I shouted.

The Rigellian Special was a mess! The engines were barely hanging on to the fuselage by their wires! The door was partly open, but when I opened it, a REALLY bad smell nearly knocked me and Misty to the floor. When the stink finally dissipated enough for us to go in there, Misty and I saw that the skunk owner had messed this spacecraft up so badly, he moved out of it and into the hangar.

"This place is worse than Todd's loft!" Misty said. The spacecraft had the same mess cluttering it up that the hangar did. "I'll get a broom, if this guy ever had one!" I said. "It's over there, looks like it's never been used!" Misty said, pointing into another corner. She was right. A brand new broom, mop, bucket, sponges, and fully sealed cleaning bottles were there.

"Aw, for crap's sake!" I said, laughing in disbelief. As I made my way over to them, I saw that the calendar hanging near them was several months out of date, and on one of the days, written in red ink, were the words "Clean Up Spaceship and Hangar!". I can see he forgot about that date, since the days crossed out before it stopped about a week before the planned event.

"I'll get to work on this! Misty, stand guard, you don't have to be in here!" I said. "How are we going to take this if it can't fly?" asked Misty. "We won't. I'll have it towed. It'll cost more, but we'll still get SOME money for it. If the bank don't want it, we'll sell it for scrap. We'll probably get enough money to pay for the taxi, the tow, and a small profit." I said. "Sorry babe." I added.

"It's cool. I just feel bad for YOU." she said. "I don't mind." I said. "Thanks!" I added. "No problem!" she said, smiling. She stayed in the hangar with me as I cleaned out the spacecraft. I managed to dump the stuff in a dumpster outside the hangar, using a board to prop open the lid. When I finished, I cleaned the space craft all over, in and out. I did the inside first, and soon the bad smell was gone. Next I did the outside.

"Hey Julius, how tall are you exactly?" asked Misty. She noticed I had to stand on my tippy toes to clean the underside of the wings. "I used to be 6'4", but when I fought in a war, my shins were shot to pieces by enemy machine gun fire...I awoke in a field hospital to find that they were sewing my feet and what remained of my shins onto the bottoms of my knees, and I lost 7" of shin on each leg. Now I'm 5'9"." I joked.

"WHAAAT!?" Misty said, her eyes in shock.

"I'm kidding! It's just....a recurring there from an old TV show on my planet, where a man's dad fought in a war on my planet, before the war the man's dad was 6'4", but the enemies shot off his shins, and he was 5 feet even after that." I explained. "Oh...I get it now." Misty giggled. "Yeah. I'm technically 5'9-1/2", but that's about it." I said. "Same as Todd." said Misty. "Yeah. Would you believe the most of the women my age, on my planet are so shallow and stupid that they won't date anyone their height or shorter!? Some of these snobby bitches want a guy over 6 feet tall, despite the fact these women aren't even 5 and a half feet tall!?" I said.

"They're so stupid! Of all the stupid, shallow, pointless standards....that has to be the worst!" Misty said, in shock, anger, and disgust. "I'm so sorry they treat you that way!" she said. "Thanks. I got used to it, sort of. Pisses me off just the same." I replied. "I don't care about a guy's height! I care about the guy! Okay, if he's really fat, or hideous, or has terrible hygiene, I'll admit I wouldn't go out with someone like that. I do care about looks a little bit...but just because a guy is my height, or shorter, isn't justifiable enough to reject him, on those grounds alone. It's not a major issue to me, nor is it to Lola, Madame Vulpine, Babs, or even Übervixen! No offense, but it's no wonder your planet is such a miserable place to live. I can see why you wanted to come here when you had the chance!" said Misty. "None taken, I agree with you entirely!" I said, finishing up the cleaning.

"Good job!" Misty said, noticing. "Thanks!" I said.

"How are we going to get this thing going? I know you said 'a tow', but what if it falls apart? They would have to load it on a larger ship, and the costs might outweigh the benefits?" said Misty. "Maybe I can get Todd to fly the Saucerer out here, and we could have him pick it up." I said.

"Can you fix it at all?" asked Misty. I looked at the ship, and examined the engines..."I don't have the tools, and even so I have NO idea what to do." I said. "Maybe we could call a..." before Misty could finish her sentence, Akasha appeared out of nowhere, and shouted "OOGA-BOOGA-BOO!" scaring both me and Misty.

Misty jumped in my arms, and I fell back and landed on my butt, Akasha laughing and slapping her knee. Misty got up off of me and glared at her, as I climbed slowly to my feet. "You little twerp!" Misty said to Akasha. "Ow!" I said. "You made Julius hurt himself!" Misty scolded Akasha. "No, you did, when you jumped into his arms." Akasha replied, laughing.

"You little runt! What's the big idea, scaring us like that!? How did you know we were here!?" I asked. "I found out, and I told her. Play nice, kids!" came Tigress' deep voice, as she came around the side of the hangar to the main doors. "Looks like you two need a hand! I can fix that ship, I have the tools! Misty, you can show me around locally to find the part shops, Akasha, you stay with Julius to fix the ship as best as you can until I get the parts! Nice job cleaning the ship, by the way Julius." said Tigress, seeing the rest of the mess in the hangar and wrinkling her nose.

"Yeah, I bet you could do just as good a job on this hangar, but that's not your lookout. Besides, we'll be out of here soon, the sooner, the better!" Akasha said, frowning at the messy conditions of the hangar. "Don't scare us like that again!" I told her. "Oh shut up!" Akasha said. "YOU shut up!" Misty and I said to Akasha. "Hey! What part of 'play nice' didn't you all understand!?" said Tigress, flashing us all a warning look. "Akasha, that was funny, but wrong. Julius, stop over-reacting." she added.

We all calmed down, then Akasha, Tigress, Misty, and I looked over the ship. I used the diagnostic device to determine what did and didn't work. We also had a readout of what parts were broken or missing, and what tools we needed for this make and model of aircraft. I loaned Tigress my device. "Okay, Misty, let's go find those parts!" said Tigress. Misty went with Tigress, and Akasha stayed with me, as we repaired the portions of the ship that didn't need the replacement parts.

We welded the engines back onto the fuselage, using the welding torches, masks, gloves, and aprons. We fixed a few other things, and when Tigress and Misty reappeared with the parts, we all worked to replace those. Soon, we had the ship flight worthy. "Thanks Akasha, and thanks Tigress!" Misty and I told them. "You're welcome!" they replied.

Misty and I helped Tigress and Akasha pack up all of their tools, then we loaded them up into the ship, and we got our own gear loaded up, we checked to make sure we didn't forget anything, then we took off. "We followed you two here in another space taxi, got a bite to eat in town, then we watched Julius clean up the ship, before we decided to join in and help!" said Tigress, grinning. "Great." I said, sarcastically. "You looked like you were having a good time, we didn't want to interrupt you!" Akasha teased, as Misty giggled.

We flew back to Corneria, unloaded our stuff at our homes, dropped off the ship, and got our money for the ship. Misty, Akasha, Tigress, and I split the money evenly. "Julius should get a little more than Misty, she hardly did anything!" Akasha said. "No, she helped me find my way around town to get the parts, and got me some great deals, plus she was there for Julius' sake, as...'emotional support' said Tigress. "Okay then." Akasha replied.

"Dust ball!" Misty said to Akasha. "Wind up dance doll!" Akasha replied. "That's enough you two!" warned Tigress.

*that's it for this chapter*
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 4

Misty and I enjoyed the week together. We didn't receive any calls for repossession jobs from any of the agencies, banks, or anyone else willing to hire us for these jobs, but we weren't worried. We just enjoyed going to the beach, the amusement parks, movies, nightclubs, cafes, live performance theaters, and more.

We were enjoying a kinky session in our bedroom. Misty wore white leotards, and I zipped her up in a special sack, shaped to look like a perfect yellow banana skin/peel. The zippers only worked from the outside, and I sealed her in.


Misty did the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time Dance" inside the sack as I sang the song.


Then I caressed her, and kissed her as she stood inside the banana peel. I unzipped the multiple zippers, working as if I were peeling an actual banana, and Misty stood seductively inside the banana peel sack as I removed it. We had sex for a while...then we relaxed. I enjoyed it all, as did Misty. After showering off together, and then putting away the banana peel sack and the clothes, we watched TV together, and relaxed as the sun set.

The next day, we received another call.

"We need you to seize a D240 Ceti. The owner hasn't paid us, so we're calling in the vessel. He's registered on Planet Macbeth." the scratchy voiced Repossession Agency representative said to us. "Got it!" I replied. Within minutes, Misty and I got ready, and we flew to Macbeth.

We used Misty's crab-like ship, and landed near the old storage warehouse that was the registered address of the owner. We headed over to it, opened the doors....and Star Wolf emerged from them, single file. "Ohh!" Misty and I said, startled. Wolf, Leon, and Panther said the same, surprised to see us.

"You're here for the 'D240 Ceti', aren't you?"

Panther said with a grin.

"Yeah, why?" I asked. "I wouldn't bother if I were you two..." Leon said with a sickening laugh that sounded like a cough. "Did it fall apart?" I asked. "Something like that....see for yourself!" Wolf said, smirking at us. Misty and I pushed past them and looked in the hangar. The D240 Ceti had been stripped to its frame! Nothing else was left of it!

"That son of a bitch! He stripped it and sold the parts!" I said angrily. Misty and I could hear Star Wolf outside, laughing at us. "Oh shut up!" Misty said to them through the doors. I shook my head. "What do we do now?" asked Misty. "Well, we'll use your ship to take what's left of this ship back. If we don't get anything from the repossession agency for it, we can sell it for scrap. The D240 Ceti has an awesome frame, I'm sure Tigress, Miyu, Slippy, Silas, and Akasha could so something awesome with it." I said.

"It's worth a shot." Misty said.

We opened the doors to the hangar, then we boarded Misty's ship, and picked up the D240 Ceti in Misty's ship's claws, then we flew back to Corneria with it safely gripped in the claws of Misty's ship. We took it back to the Repo Agency, and explained what had happened to it. "Figures...these jerks believe 'If I can't have it, then no one can!' and they pull stuff like this!" said the short, squat toad whom I had spoken to earlier on the phone. He wore dark oxfords, brown slacks, a green formal shirt, and X strap suspenders, as he smoked a cigar.

"Do you still want it?" asked Misty. "Whaaat!? Not like this I don't, sweetheart! I'll take some photos of it for evidence, but you kids can keep it, sell it for scrap metal!" said the toad. He took the photos, Misty and I signed the affidavit, as the Notary from down the street witnessed and stamped it.

"Okay then, take it away." said the toad. "I'll call ya' next time I need ya'!" he added, waddling back to the office with the paperwork. Misty and I tried to sell the frame, but the lion who worked at the scrapyard stared at us, looking a bit stoned, out of it.

He wore blue coveralls, work boots, and a blue cap. "Well....the D240 Ceti is a fine, custom frame. But the metal is too hard to reshape, and the frame is one solid piece. I can't really use it for many other models of spacecraft, it's one of a kind. If you can find the parts for it, you can rebuild it, maybe even customize it, make a D240 Ceti of your own, or sell it to anyone who would want to build one of their own. It's a great spacecraft, when fully completed." the scrap yard lion worker said to us. We thanked him, and he wished us luck with either selling the frame, or rebuilding the spacecraft for which it was intended.

"A donation to Team Star Fox, it is!" Misty said. "Sorry sweetie." I said. "It's cool. Still beats last time!" she replied. We both laughed. We dropped the frame off at McCloud Ranch, and explained to the rest of the team about the frame for the D240 Ceti. "Excellent! I was hoping to find one of those!" said Tigress. She turned to us. "Thanks you two!" she said. "No problem!" Misty replied. I nodded and gave Tigress the thumbs up. Well, we didn't score any bounty, but we found something awesome. "Star Wolf was stupid to turn this down." said Slippy. "That' or they didn't know what they had!" said Akasha. "They're probably too lazy, or too incompetent to know how to make something out of this frame!" said Tigress. Fox thanked us as well, and then Misty and I headed home.

*that's it for this chapter*
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 5

"Julius, brace yourself!" Misty said, running into the room then next day. I was in the study, going over the finances, which were looking grim at the moment. We were losing more money than we were gaining in this whole "Spacecraft Repo" venture.

"What's going on?" I asked her.

"There's a rare and huge, luxurious mega ship that's like a floating resort! It can go underwater, fly through space, it's like our mansion, if it were a spaceship and 'submarine'. It's worth $15,000,000 credits! A 25% commission! $3,750,000 credits for US if we can steal it! It's a high risk venture, the deadbeat owner has armed bodyguards protecting it and protecting him....but there's an opening! He's selling it, so we can case it without arousing suspicion!" said Misty. "I'm in!" I replied!

Misty and I rehearsed our roles...we are a married couple, and interested in purchasing the ship we were after. Misty helped me don the black and white cat disguise that I had used in the past to blend in on Corneria as an anthro. We worked to remember our lines, get our story straight, and to get ready to go down there that day. We even planned on how to successfully steal the ship...


We were at the meeting place for the ship, on Planet Zoness (after taking a space taxi there, driven by that same Rastafarian accented anthro parrot). The owner had us searched by the anthro pit bull bodyguards, who screened us for weapons. They found none. The owner of the ship was a very small alligator. He reminded me of "Trader Moe" on Talespin, both in looks and personality.

"Okay you two....Thanks for showin' interest in my ship. Would you like the grand tour first?" he asked us. "Why, yes." Misty said. "Of course, dear chap, I'd loooove to!" I said, in a fake snooty upper class voice. We took a tour of the ship, being followed by the owner's six armed bodyguards. It was incredible! 20 bedrooms, a grand dining hall, multiple galley kitchens, a game room, a bowling alley, a movie theater, and indoor pool, spa, gym, a 'Hogan's Alley' style shooting gallery, emergency escape fighter crafts, a huge docking hangar for more ships, several bar lounges, a panic room, a ballroom, escape pods, a laundry room that was like a laundromat! It was a shame Misty and I couldn't just keep this ship for ourselves!

The owner then took us to the bridge, and activated the controls. He made us look away as he entered the secret code. We flew around a bit in the ship. The owner told us about all of the features, and as he finished in doing so, he flew back into Zoness' orbit.

"So, youse two wanna purchase my ship, eh? Well, I hope you brought plenty-a-cash!" he said. I opened the briefcase, and as I did, Misty put on her gas mask that she had hidden on her person. The knockout gas knocked out me, the owner, and his guards.

After what seemed like hours, Misty woke me up. We were flying away, in the ship. Misty had flown the ship back to the docking bay on Zoness, but did not deactivate the ship. Instead, she moved the owner from the ship, an easy task, and she was able to roll the bodyguards out, one by one.

Fortunately, it wasn't too hard for her to move them, either, since we had brought a hand truck along with us in the trunk of the taxi, and hidden it at the spaceport before boarding the big ship. Misty used it to truck out the bodyguards. I saw it now, resting peacefully on the bridge next to me. Then she flew us out of there, just as the owner and the guards were beginning to stir.

"Great job, babe!" I said. "They never suspected a thing, and our disguises fooled them perfectly!" said Misty. She was dressed in a fancy sparkling deep blue gown and a silver tiara, with black high heeled shoes. I wore an 'Admiral's jacket', fake eyeglasses, a fancy white nautical hat, white slacks, and black loafers.

Misty and I changed the activation code from what the owner had it set to, headed back to Corneria, turned in the spacecraft, collected our bounty, and we took the hand-truck and headed home!

We found the message on our answering machine for a "Dart-Shot Spacecraft" in need of repossession, but we figured we'd deal with that tomorrow. For now, we celebrated, by having sex, and relaxing for the rest of the afternoon and the whole evening.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 6

Misty flew my Arwing, as I rode in the cargo compartment. I didn't like it, being claustrophobic and all, but I didn't want Misty to have to fly in there. "You okay in there Julius?" Misty asked over the communicator I had on my wrist. "No! I farted in here and it's trapped with me!" I complained. Misty giggled. "We're almost there, hang on." she said.

Soon after, we landed on planet Fortuna. We found a deserted resort and hotel near a beautiful lake outside of the jungles. After Misty landed, she let me out, and we sneaked around the side of the resort. "It's there!" Misty whispered, pointing to the Dart Shot spacecraft. "Great job Misty! Listen, this guy is supposed to be dangerous, and has a lot of weapons....I'll steal the craft, and you get back to the Arwing and fly out of here." I said.

"No! I'll stay and cover you from a distance...I can't let you risk your life like that." Misty said. "Awww, thank you!" I said, kissing her. "Sure, I..." Misty was interrupted by three voices..."OW! Get off of my tail you moron!" Leon snarled. "Stop shoving you hogs!" Panther said. "SHUT UP!" Wolf growled. Misty giggled, and I snickered.

But then Misty gasped and grabbed my arms "They're after OUR ship!" Misty said quietly and frantically. We looked around the horseshoe-shaped main courtyard of the resort, and saw the Dart Shot ship parked there in the heart of it. Through the wall of glass windows looking out onto the courtyard, we saw a mean looking Wolverine, sitting on the couch watching TV, his eyes switching between the big screen TV console and the Dart Shot ship in the courtyard. A large, nasty looking hyper laser assault rifle leaned against the couch. But there was no sign of Star Wolf! I looked at where I thought Star Wolf might hide. On the opposite tip of the horseshoe from where we were hiding, both Misty and I saw a large group of overgrown ferns and bushes shaking gently. "I have an idea....it won't be pretty, but it's the best I can come up with at the moment." I said softly. I whispered my plan to her, and she nodded in agreement.

I headed around the side of the hotel, towards the place where I thought I heard the voices of Star Wolf. I peeked through the overgrown plants, and I heard whispering. I saw three shadows in the plants. I saw one of them move. "I'll get the Dart Shot, you guys send my Wolfen back to the base on Auto Pilot." Panther said. "I should fly it, I'm the better pilot!" said Leon, his voice rising with indignity.

"Not this garbage again! Listen, we already decided that...." as Wolf spoke, I sneaked up on them, and went "WOOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO-BOO!", letting out a loud war whoop. "AAAAAAHHHH!" All three of the shadows jumped about a mile in the air. Star Wolf emerged from the ferns, mad as hornets. "JULIUS!" they said angrily. "You idiot! You wanna alert the psycho that lives here!?" said Leon.

"Well that, and I wanted to distract you three morons long enough so that 'my lovely assistant Misty' can steal the spacecraft that you dickheads are trying to repossess!" I said. "WHHHHAAAAAT!?" Wolf, Leon, and Panther replied. The Dart Shot was heard starting up, and it flew away. Star Wolf turned around and looked through the ferns. "NOOOO!" They turned around, and Wolf said "We'll get you for this Jul..." but I was already gone. I ran for my Arwing as fast as I could.

The double doors next to where I had stood flew open, and the Wolverine, now up from the couch, started firing his hyper laser rifle at me. Star Wolf tried to tiptoe away while the Wolverine had his back to them as he fired at me. One of them stepped on a twig and snapped it. Big mistake! The Wolverine turned around and shouted "A-ha!". He then shot at Star Wolf as THEY tried to escape. I made it to my Arwing, and got in. I flew away.

"Misty, I got away! You all right?" I said over the ship's communication channel. No reply. "You there?" I asked. "Yes we are! And you're gonna pay!" said Wolf. "If we can't have that Dart Shot, then we'll at least have the satisfaction in torturing you!" Leon said, with a coughing-like laughter. "This is going to be some sweeter-than-sweet revenge!" Panther purred.

Uh oh!

The three of them attacked, and I fought back the best that I could. I barrel rolled, looped, and avoided their bomb attacks. "You're gonna die!" Wolf shouted. "Where's your girlfriend!?" Panther taunted. "I'm gonna rip off your legs, tie them to my legs, and kick what's left of your ass with your OWN FEET!" Leon said with ghoulish glee.

I damaged their ships, but they were doing more than their fair share of damage to me as well. I managed to take down Leon, who was REALLY upset. "Me!? ME!?" Leon said. I fired a bomb at Panther, missed, and fired a stream of shots across his canopy. He got away! Wolf had me in his sights, and was constantly on my tail, taking shot after shot.

As I was almost out of shield energy, a stream of laser fire tore across Wolf's path, as he pursued me. The Dart Shot came from above, and took out Wolf. Panther appeared behind the Dart Shot, charging his lasers to fire, but I let loose a stream of fire into the belly of his Wolfen, allowing Misty to loop, and finish him off.

Misty and I flew together now, side by side. "Thanks, babe!" I said to her. "My pleasure, Julius!" she said. We flew back to Corneria....

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Chapter 7

We landed at McCloud Ranch, and Misty got out of the Dartshot. I landed next to her and saw that she was messing with something behind the seat. "Julius, I found a secret compartment behind the seat! LOOK!" Misty said, holding up a small, dark gray box.

"What is it?" I asked. "I bet Tigress would know!" Misty said. We showed it to Tigress, who was finishing up welding something in one of the hangars. She turned off the torch and flipped up her mask. "Hey you two! What'cha need?" she asked. "Tigress, Misty found this in one of the repossessed spacecraft!" I said, taking the device from Misty and holding it up.

Tigress took it from me and observed it. "No...it couldn't be!" she said. "What!?" I asked. "This is a device that lets anyone who utilizes it to crack the security code with 99.999999% accuracy of any secured space quadrant, air vector, or anywhere in general where a security cordon is present! Amazing!" she said.

"What should we do with it?" I asked. "We show it to Fox, and decide as a team what to do with it. Meanwhile, I'll lock it up for safekeeping!" Tigress declared. She placed the device in a large, square, metal safe with four metal feet and an analogue spin dial combination lock. After shutting the door and locking it, she said "Okay you two, it should be fine in there for now. I gotta get back to work, you both run along, I'll call you when we have the meeting of what to do with that device, okay?" she said, messing up my hair. "Okay!" said Misty. "Ow-ow-ow-okay!" I said. Tigress grinned and got back to work. Misty and I flew my ship and the Dartshot back to the repo agency, got out money, split it, and headed home for now.

The next day, Misty and I got another call. "Repossessing a CW-66 Skystream, gotcha!" Misty said as she wrote down the info and hung up the phone. She turned to me. "Got it! Let's go!" I said. After downloading the paperwork, we took a cab, heading to the deadbeat's last know address. It was a place in Lostendamned Harbor. We found a grubby seaside mansion, which had apparently fallen into a bit of a state of disrepair.

Lostendamned Harbor looked like a cruddier version of Port Hueneme, and Oxnard, CA. Blech! Around the side of the moldy old mansion, just before the rotting boat dock, and next to the large curved wall of dirty glass windows sat the CW-66 Skystream, which looked like a streamlined, black, slick version of an A-Wing.

"Here it is!" I said. "I'll keep an eye out for the 'owner', though it looks like no one's home." said Misty. As she sneaked around the side of the mansion to provide recon, I tried to open the canopy. "Damn thing's stuck!" I grunted. I tried some more. "Piece of crap!" I grumbled. After a while, Misty appeared behind me. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Stupid canopy's stuck shut!" I said. Misty pressed the latch release lever, and it opened just like that. "Ugh!" I said, face-palming. Misty giggled. "Okay, you wanna ride in the back, or sit up front and drive?" I asked.

"I guess I could ride in the..." before Misty could finish, I opened the back canopy in the same way, using the release latch, when someone jumped onto me from behind. "Yaaaah!" I was slammed to the ground. "OOOFFF!". "NOT SO FAST, THIEF! YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH ANY CRIME, BIG OR SMALL! NOT WHILE I, ÜBERVIXEN, HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT IT!" a familiar voice rang out.


"Ahhh shaddup!" Misty said. "YOU SHUT UP!" said Übervixen. She got off of my back, and stepped aside to confront Misty. I seized the opportunity to get up, and reach for the ship, I was going to climb in, take off, and swoop back around to pick up Misty.

But a psionic bullwhip cracked through the air, and wrapped around my wrist, pulling my hand away from the handle that would help me to climb into the cockpit. "Ow!" I shouted. Misty ran for the rear cockpit, but that bullwhip of Übervixen's wrapped around Misty's waist, and pulled her backwards towards Übervixen. "No you don't!" she said to Misty.

"WAIT A MINUTE!" I shouted. Übervixen turned to look at me as Misty struggled out of the bullwhip coils. "We're working for a repossession agency, the owner hasn't paid the bills, so it's no longer legally his!" I pulled out the paperwork from my coat pocket and showed it to Übervixen. She read the papers. "Delinquency on payments! That's as bad as stealing! Shame on that owner!" she declared. I took back the paperwork and put it back in my coat's inside pocked.

"I apologize, my friends, I misunderstood. Please, forgive me!" said Übervixen. "It's okay, you meant well." I said. "Yeah, but don't jump to conclusions next time. Just because Julius has a checkered past, doesn't mean you should assume the worst of him!" Misty said, sticking up for me.

"True, no one should be judged solely on their past!" Übervixen said, as she turned to me. "I'm sorry for that, Julius!" she said. "No prob'...we're gonna return this now." I said. "Great! Good luck to you both! Now if you'll excuse me, DUTY CALLS!" Übervixen coiled up her psionic bullwhip, and took it with her as she ran off. A few minutes later, we saw her ship fly away. Misty rolled her eyes, and I sighed.

We got into the ship, and flew it back to the repo company, and then headed home after splitting the money again.

"That was something else, huh?" I asked Misty. "Yeah." she replied as we snuggled on the large "Planet Chair" in the den. "What do you think we'll do with that code cracking device?" I asked her. "Hopefully keep it, if we ever need it for a mission." Misty said. "Yeah, of course if the rightful owners are asking a reward for it, we could probably turn it in for that. It's obvious that the jerk who used to own the Dartshot wasn't the rightful owner!" I said.

"You think Star Wolf was after it, or knew about it being in that space craft?" Misty asked. "I'm sure they knew about it and that they were after it..." I replied. We relaxed for the day, just hanging out around the house, swimming, having sex, or watching TV.

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Chapter 8

"You tell me where that remote is!" I shouted, as I chased Akasha around the living room at McCloud Ranch. "NO!" Akasha replied, as she hissed at me. Misty tried to grab her, but Akasha avoided her, and shot between Lola's legs. "Come here!" Todd shouted, as Akasha scurried under the coffee table and then ran behind the couch. Todd barely missed grabbing her.

"You little runt!" Lola scolded. "Stop hiding the remote! Give it to us!" Misty said to Akasha. "NO! I'm watching the TV, and you're not gonna ruin this for me!" she replied. "You've been hogging it all day!" I shouted. "Or at least all afternoon!" said Misty.

"And I'm gonna hog it the rest of the day by any means necessary!" Akasha replied, this time from behind the curtains. I managed to grab her and wrestle her to the floor. "Where's that remote you little..." before I could finish, she scratched me across the face. "OW! You little BITCH!" I shouted, and I chased after her. Akasha hid in the nearby hall closet, and I tried to grab at her as she ducked behind the coats.

"What in the hell is going on here!?" Fox asked angrily, seeing the living room in disarray, and me, Misty, Lola, and Todd gathered around the hall closet. "Akasha hid the remote and won't let us have the TV!" I complained. "And she scratched Julius!" said Misty. "Plus she's been hogging the TV all day, we wanna watch something now!" said Todd.

"Leave Akasha alone!" shouted Kylie as he entered the living room, baring his teeth. "What's going on here!?" asked Krystal. "You kids play nice, that means you too, Akasha!" Tigress warned as she came down the hall. "Come out of there!" I shouted at Akasha. "Tell us where you hid the remote!" Lola added.


I tried to reach into the closet, and barely missed being scratched again by Akasha. "MMMMMmmmMMMMmmmmmMMM!" Akasha growled. "That's enough Julius!" Tigress began to pull me away, and as I struggled to resist her, I bumped into the extra pair of Tigress' boots stored in the hall closet where Akasha and I were currently fighting. One of those boots fell over when I bumped into it, and the TV remote slid out of it. "There it is!" I shouted, bending over to pick it up. "NOOO!" Akasha came out of her hiding place at the back of the closet and proceeded to pull my hair and tried to punch me. I shoved her off of me, and she fell, an avalanche of clothes and the clothes bar, held in place by a tension rod, rained on her. "Oww!" Akasha moaned.

"Sorry!" I replied sincerely. "Not as sorry as you're going to be!" said Kylie, ready to beat me up. Tigress held him back at arm's length. "All right, THAT IS IT!!!" Fox shouted, and the room went quiet for a moment. "All of you except for Krystal and Tigress are going to clean all of this mess up at once. Also, there will be no more TV for any of you for a while, until you can learn to share it!" said Fox.

We did as we were told. I put back the tension rod in the closet, and hung up all of the clothes, as well as straightened out Tigress' extra boots. Kylie and Todd put back the furniture, as Akasha, Lola, and Misty put all the bric-a-brac back in place.

When we were done, Akasha said to me "Julius, I'm sorry I scratched you." said Akasha. "I'm sorry I shoved you and made the stuff in the closet fall on you." I said. "I'm sorry I tried to scratch you again and for pulling your hair and pounding you." said Akasha. "We're sorry we chased you." I said. "I'm sorry for hiding the remote." said Akasha. "That's good. But for now, Lola, Misty, Todd, and Julius need to go home. Akasha, you and Kylie can stay here, but NO TV, at least not here." said Fox. The rest of us nodded and left. Kylie stopped me on the way out. "I'm sorry I tried to beat you up." he said. "It's cool." I replied. He smiled at me, and I left with Misty.


Later that day I was in the kitchen, when something didn't feel right...it was just too quiet all of a sudden. "Misty!" I called out. No reply. I headed into the bedroom, where I heard muffled cries for help. I saw a squirming sack, tied tightly shut, in the bedroom. "Misty!" I shouted, as I ran to her, but then a HUGE fox paw covered my mouth, and Lola's brother Danny stepped out from behind the bedroom door, as he pushed it shut and locked it. "Hello Julius!" he said.

Joey had me from behind, in his strong grip. "Lemme goo!" I said. "Let me out of this thing!" Misty screamed from inside of the sack. "All in good time, sweetheart, just as long as Julius does some quick talking!" Danny said. "Yeah, he's gonna tell us where that thing you stole is!" said Joey. Danny gave Joey a look. "Okay, now that Joey had to open his big mouth, we'll cut to the chase. Where's the Cordon Clearance Box!?" Danny asked me. "The what!?" I asked innocently. "We know you took the 'Dart Shot' spacecraft, we knew that it would be in one of the many spacecraft that you, Misty, Star Wolf, and many others keep repossessing!" Danny said. "Yeah and we searched the Dart Shot when we heard it might be where it was hid, but you took it!" said Joey. "How can you be sure of that?" I asked. "Because we heard the audio recordings, after we checked out the Dart Shot back at the repo company that WE own, and you two were talking about what you found behind the seat!" said Danny.

"Yeah and you was not knowin' whatcha had, too!" said Joey. He laughed moronically. Danny grinned and said "Make this easy on you and Misty, and tell us where that device is!" he said. "No!" I replied. Danny took a pair of brass knckles from his coat pocket, the he removed his coat, hat, and tie, before slipping on the brass knuckles.

"Last chance!" he said. "NO!" I replied. Danny punched me in the abdomen, and I thought I felt some ribs crack. "AAahh!" I cried out in pain. Danny punched me in the stomach, and I screamed some more. "Well?" asked Danny. "No!" I said. Danny punched me in the solar-plexus, knocking the wind out of me. "Where is it?" he asked.

"Eat a dick." I replied.

Danny punched me in the face. "Stupid words from a stupider man. Now tell me where the device is, before I stop being nice!" he said. "Leave him alone!" came Misty's muffled voice from within the sack. "Stay outta this!" Danny shouted at her. He turned to me. "I'll hurt her too, eventually, unless you talk." he said. "You wouldn't! If you did, I'd never talk!" I said. "Then we'll have to deal with you instead. Joey, take Julius into the bathroom!" said Danny.

They water-boarded me in the bathtub, after pulling off my shoes. Misty, still trapped in the sack, tried to hop into the bathroom, but Joey then placed and locked her in an arch top trunk of hers. Misty's muffled screams could be heard as she thumped around in the trunk.

Danny flushed my head in the toilet, and punched the air out of me as the bowl refilled, forcing me to swallow some toilet water. "Why you being so stubborn, kid? Just tell me and Joey what we wanna know and we'll leave you and your girlfriend alone!" Danny said.

"You can kiss my furr-less ass." I said.

Danny breathed in heavily, then he pulled me out onto the balcony of the bedroom. "I think Julius is gonna have himself a little accident!" said Danny. Joey laughed, but then we heard Misty scream "NOOOOO! Don't hurt him! I'll tell you where it is!". Danny unlocked the trunk, and lifted the squirming sack containing Misty out of the trunk. "Where?" he asked.

"Don't tell them or they'll trash Falco's house!" I said. "Oops!" I added. "You think we'd fall for that!? Joey, put this prick out of his misery!" Danny ordered. Joey advanced on me, laughing as Misty's screams were heard. She tried to hop over, but Danny pinned her to the floor, and straddled her as he stroked the sack containing Misty. "I might just have some fun with your girlfriend here Julius!" he said as Joey shoved me out onto the balcony. "No! Leave her alone you-oof!" Joey slugged me in the stomach. "Shaddup!" he replied.

He then lifted me over the balcony rail and tossed me to the driveway. I went unconscious...

I woke up later in the infirmary at McCloud Ranch...

Fay was standing over me, and Pal was there too, in a Nurse's Candy Striper outfit. "He's coming around!" said Fay. "Ooooh, goody!" said Pal, clapping his hands. Misty entered the room, she was free from the sack that Danny and Joey had trapped her inside of, and now she stood over me, as close as she could get. "Don't touch him just yet, Misty, he's a real mess!" warned Fay. Misty nodded, then she leaned over and kissed me.

The rest of the team came in to see me, and Fox explained what happened. "After Joey threw you from the balcony, he and Danny started tossing poor Misty back and forth while she was still in that sack. Misty was worried for your sake and told them where they could find the device. They took the both of you here, and Danny somehow got Tigress' safe open, and stole the device. Then they left you on the runway and Misty by your side. We found you beaten within an inch of your life and poor Misty trapped in a sack and unable to help you or to go for help." Fox explained.

"Is Misty okay?" I asked, even though I could see she was okay. "Yeah, they didn't hurt me, thank you Julius." Misty said, her beautiful heart shaped face smiling sweetly at me. "Good." I said. "Anyway, we're gonna track them down and get back that device, it's top secret government property and we can't let the Foxgloves keep it, who knows how badly they'll misuse it, or worse, how much they'll sell it for and to whom." said Edge.

"And we'll make 'em pay for beating up Julius!" said Katt.

"We can't approach it like that, but we WILL get the device back, and find a way to make them pay for hurting Julius, that was uncalled for!" said Lola. "What are you going to do to them?" asked Todd. "I'm telling daddy! He'll make them pay, mainly because I'm sure that they acted alone, and were gonna hold out on the family with that device. Daddy hates being kept in the dark about these things!" Lola said. The others laughed, along with Lola. "Well, okay then we'll hammer out the details..." said Fox, as I drifted off to sleep.

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Chapter 9

I had to stay in bed for the next few weeks, recovering. I was going out of my mind with worry. I hated being out of the loop, not knowing what was going on, not being in on the action to help my friends. ROB took care of me, I didn't see anyone else. I recovered well enough to move about the Ranch, and that's when I realized that I was alone at McCloud Ranch with ROB. Where were my teammates/friends? What was going on? Did they get back the device? Questions poured down like the rain outside that dreary afternoon, when suddenly, my teammates burst into the infirmary, all at once.

"We did it! We DID it!" Falco declared. "Julius! How are you!?" asked Lola, as she and Misty ran up and hugged me. "I'm fine...but...confused. What's been going on these past few weeks?" I asked. "Well, we got the device back from Lola's brothers! It wasn't easy, but we followed them to where they had hidden it, waited for them to leave, Krystal read their minds on how to access the hiding place to the device, and we got it back to General Peppy Hare! We did it!" said Fox.

"There was a huge reward out for it too, and -OW!" Todd said, as Fara pinched him. "Shut up." she said to him flirtatiously. "It's okay, we wanted Julius to know, it's a benefit to the whole team!" said Fox. "I was joking with Todd." said Fara. "You'd better be." grumbled Todd. "Lighten up, Todd!" said Katt, as she smiled.

"Hope you're feeling better, Julius!" said Slippy. "I am, thanks. Been trying to walk more and more." I said. "GREAT!" said Tigress. "Glad to hear it!" said Miyu. "I knew you'd pull through." said Fay. "Sorry to leave you all alone like that, it was a really complicated past few weeks, secretly surveying Lola's brothers, following them, waiting for them to retrieve what they had hidden." said Akasha.

"I think they suspected we were following them. We had to lay low." said Kylie. "Hope you didn't get too Lonely." Pal said to me. "I survived." I said with a sigh. The others laughed. "You can rest easy now kid." Edge said to me. "Yeah, we got back the device, Lola's brothers can't prove anything, and even if they could, they can't do anything about it!" said Babs.

"Though it seems like the past events are coming to a conclusion, I don't think we're completely in the clear just yet." said Madame Vulpine. "I'm just glad we have Julius back in commission with us. Sorry you missed the party, so to speak." said Misty. "I'll make sure that my brothers leave you alone! I told daddy what they did to you and Misty, and he had a talk with them. Even if they blame this on you,they have to let it go." said Lola. "If they suspect anyone on team Star Fox, they still have to let it go." she added.

"Great!" I said.

As I hung out with my teammates, Misty and I went back to our place, where we swam in the indoor pool together, Misty in her blue one piece swimsuit, me in my black jammers...We enjoyed "S'mores" in front of the fireplace, I taught her how they were made...

One day, about a week after our victory, Misty approached me and said "If you're up to it, there's one more aircraft to repossess.". She wore a grim expression. "Okay, where is it?" I asked. "It's a small fighter, and it belongs to...well....Star Wolf." she said.

"I'm still in." I said. "Good. Just one problem. We don't know where they have the spacecraft. It's a special recon-style spacecraft, like Todd's Malestrom. It's know as the Lupine-1. It's a Nova craft. Wolf and his crew aren't paying the bills on it, so our client wants it back." she said. "We'll have to find it, and find a stealthy way to steal it." I said.

"How are we going to do that? We have to find it first." Misty said. "We track the Wolfens, I'll stick transponders on them. We follow them, find their new base, and sneak in there. We find the Nova craft, and swipe it!" I said. "Great idea, Julius!" Misty said, kissing me. I kissed her back. "I was thinking the same thing." she said.

"I heard they use refuel stations in the crappiest parts of the Lylat System. They shouldn't be hard to find." I said. "We'll do it tomorrow morning." Misty said. I nodded in agreement. Tomorrow it would be so.

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Chapter 10

Misty and I, along with Todd and Lola's help, used the Malestrom to check on the refuel stations around Sargasso, Kew, Papetoon, and other places like that. We managed to find Star Wolf fueling up at a station near Planet Papetoon. Todd docked on the other side of the station, and I sneaked in, disguised as a worker there. I slipped the tracking devices on the Wolfens, after causing a diversion (I knocked over a bunch of empty stacked up canisters onto Leon).

I sneaked back to the Malestrom, and after Todd fueled up, we followed Star Wolf to planet Kew. They were hiding out in the old power plant by the river. They place was rendered obsolete and was of no use to the nearby city anymore, as they had a new and more powerful, more technologically advanced power plant, closer to their city.

They flew in through the large tunnels at the base of the old power plant. "How do we get in there?" I asked. "We sneak in through the rooftop. Todd can cloak the ship, put it in full stealth mode, shields up, everything. Then he can circle nearby in case we need his help, maybe he could even create an extra diversion. We get in there, locate the ship, and find a way to steal it. I recommend that we also find and disable the Wolfens, along with any other ships in there, so that Star Wolf can't chase after us." said Misty.

"Great idea hon'!" said Lola. "Sounds like a plan!" Todd said. He engaged the shields and stealth mode on the Malestrom, and we flew to the roof. Misty and I got our weapons and got out. "Good luck you two!" said Todd. He took off as Lola blew us a kiss.

Misty and I waited, as the Malestrom flew towards the power supply generators, and fired the Malestrom's guns on them, and the ruffians who were guarding them. The power was out on the station. "Now!" I said, acknowledging our cue. I shot the lock on the roof door and kicked it open.

We made our way down the stairs, emergency lights guiding us down. We shot any ruffians in our way. We made our way to the makeshift hangar just as the backup generator came on. Misty and I hid, she hid in a cabinet, I hid behind a stripped Invader 3 vessel. "...probably some smart Alec, messing with us. Or just using this place for target practice, those marauders are always vandalizing things in their area." said Wolf.

I looked over and saw some flammable liquids, containers, and rags. "Well? What do we do now?" came a Ruffian's voice. "...'WE' do nothing, by 'we' I mean Me, Leon, and Panther. You guys work to restore the power, and patrol around here in case they come back!" said Wolf, as he, Leon, and Panther crossed the hangar and left through a secure metal door. The ruffians grumbled and got to work.

I used the flammable liquids and the rags, and with a little effort, I sneaked into a different position, placed the crudely made firebombs I had constructed, and then I went back to my position in the old Invader 3 spacecraft fuselage, and fired at one of the firebombs. It exploded, and that set of a chain reaction, because it caused the nearby fuse box to spark, and then several outlets gave off a small shower of sparks each, igniting the rest of the firebombs just enough to make THEM explode.

The fires broke out, and pandemonium ensued. As the ruffians worked to put out the fires. Misty and I emerged from out hiding places. "I saw the Nova over there!" said Misty, pointing. Sure enough, there it was in the far end of the hangar, behind a fenced off launching bay.

"The Wolfens are over there, in the opposite direction. I'll sabotage them, you cover me, okay?" I said. Misty nodded, and we headed for the Wolfens. After I sabotaged each Wolfen I also took the tracking device off each of them. We made sure to wreck the Ruffians' fighter craft as well. They were all so distracted, they didn't even notice us. By the time one of them did see us, Misty and I had already broken through the locked gate, and boarded the Nova craft. "I'll stop 'em!" Panther's voice came from outside the craft after I locked the doors. We heard a chain rattling, and Panther said "I saw this in an Earth movie, they did it to this police car!". Misyt and I looked at each other, laughed, and I used the ships guns to blast out the launch bay door, and we took off, dragging the chain behind us. One end of it was wrapped around a post that was behind us, the other end around the tail. As the chain trailed behind us, it snapped in half when we gained enough speed. "THAT was your brilliant plan!?" we heard Leon's scratchy voice say over the comm channel. "Well, it worked in the movie!" said Panther. "What was it supposed to do?" asked Wolf. Make the ship break apart." Panther replied./. "You moron! That's even worse than losing it to theft!" said Wolf. "Oh shut up! I didn't hear YOU offer any ideas!" Panther replied. "Let's argue later, we can still catch them! Let's get our fighters!" said Leon. The comm channel went silent.

"Wait'll they see what we did to them!" I said, as Misty and I laughed. "HEY! Glad to see you made it out okay!" said Todd over the comm channel. "Yup! Let's head home and turn this thing in!" I said. "We'll split the reward with Todd and Lola, if you're cool with that!" I said. "Of course! They were very helpful, plus we owe Todd for the fuel!" Misty said.

We headed back to Corneria, turned in the vessel, and split the reward money among the four of us.

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We were at McCloud Hall, Todd and Lola's place, and we were enjoying a garden party to celebrate the first warm weather day we had in a while. Although it wasn't the start of spring, and it sure as heck wasn't Easter, not on Corneria or Earth, Lola, Misty, and Madame Vulpine came up with the idea of "...an Easter egg hunt themed party! Each of us goes into the hedge maze, and looks for a giant Easter Egg. When you find it, you tap on it or rock it to let the girl inside know you found her, and she'll hatch out for you, and you have sex with her, regardless of whether you're married to her, dating her, or neither." said Todd, explaining the rules.

"Got it!" the rest of us replied. There was me, Todd, Edge, Conrad, Falco, and Silas. We headed into the maze.

I made my way into the maze, trying my best to find the egg containing Misty. I wondered if I would find her, and if not her, then who? After a bit of searching, I heard one of the girls hatching from an egg. I looked around some more.

I heard two more eggs hatching, but I couldn't tell who it was. The eggs shook, vibrated, and muffled cries for help and release were heard from within them. The eggs burst open, and each of the girls let out gasps of air as they hatched out of the giant eggs.

I finally came to a large, colorfully decorated egg. I ran up to it and tapped it, then I gently rocked it. The egg shook, vibrated, and muffled cries for help and release were heard from within it. After whoever was in it struggled for a bit, the egg burst open, revealing Lola inside of it. She, like the rest of the girls, was wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit (strapless leotards, high heeled shoes, fake bunny ears and tails, white wrist cuffs, fishnet stockings, and bow tie collars).

Lola let out gasps of air as she hatched out of the giant egg. "I think we made the shells too thick." she said as she panted. Lola composed herself, straightened up, and greeted me. "Wow! 'Happy Easter', apparently, Julius! Isn't this a surprise!" she said, smiling. "Yeah, this is awesome...glad Todd's cool with this." I said. "And Misty, too." I added. "I wonder who she's got." Lola said. "Oh well, let's get to it then." she said. She walked up to me, and we had sex right there in the hedge maze, on a padded "Easter Basket" what was large enough for two, and had green padding and a large hoop over it, but it wouldn't interfere with what we were doing. Each of the eggs had these Easter Basket beds for sexual activity.

Lola and I went at it for nearly 3 hours before she ran out of steam. We sure made a lot of noise. I could hear hatching eggs, and loud sex. I could hear Misty somewhere in the maze, but I didn't know who was with her. Having sex with Lola was great, though. She was VERY powerful. After she was done, she helped me out of the maze.

We joined the others in the parlor, and we were the last to finish.

Todd had found Misty, Falco found Babs, Edge found Katt, Conrad found Fara, Silas found Madame Vulpine, and I found Lola. We rested on one of the large chairs. Lola was in my lap. I let out a long puff of breath. Lola relaxed in my lap. Todd chuckled at seeing this, as Misty giggled. "You guys were out for so long, we almost went to look for you!" said Falco.

The girls were all wearing Playboy Bunny outfits (strapless leotards, high heeled shoes, fake bunny ears and tails, white wrist cuffs, fishnet stockings, and bow tie collars). Babs didn't need to wear the fake ears, and she didn't need to wear tail on her strapless leotards, as she is an actual bunny. But, being a lop eared bunny, she gently tied a ribbon at the base of her ears to make them stand up straight.

"That was fun, we should do it again!" I said. "Yeah, we'll just have to be careful not to make the shells too thick." said Madame Vulpine. "Ah, just use your egg tooths next time." teased Falco. "Oh, ha ha!" said Babs sarcastically. "We should get Übervixen and Miyu into this as well, maybe even Tigress, I wouldn't mind 'finding' her." I said.

The others laughed at hearing this. "I tried to get Übervixen and Miyu in as extras, to anyone lucky enough to find 'two for one', so to speak, but they weren't interested." said Lola. "Maybe next time." said Misty. "Yeah, and perhaps Fay too." Edge suggested. "Pal would end up as the one in the Playboy Bunny outfit, and hatching out of the egg. If one of the guys found him, it wouldn't be fun for that poor soul." said Todd. We all laughed again. "We'd make him one of the egg hunters, don't you worry." said Babs.

We relaxed, showered off, and got changed. After we bade each other farewell, and made plans to try this again soon, Misty and I headed home. My sex with Lola made me walk funny for a week after that, but I didn't mind. Misty and I enjoyed being together, and we were looking forward to our next adventure, be it just the two of us, or us with Lola and Todd, or the whole team, just as long as it was an adventure, and something great gained from it, we didn't care.


Thanks for reading!
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