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Elder Scrolls Series; Where do you stand?
Topic Started: Mar 27 2014, 11:19 PM (713 Views)
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
Personally, I've played three. In order of which I played first to last, they are:

1.) Morrowind. I agree with Red - combat in morrowind is plain. But Morrowind is the Elder Scrolls game I have the most mods for. Navigation was... difficult in the beginning, but after I learned where everything was, I was able to get from quest point A to quest point B with no problems. Modding Morrowind was much simpler than modding the other two I've played, as a certain part of the game code (Crossbows) allowed me to add bolt-action rifles to the game (I added a Mauser Kar98K and it's scoped variant), and the animations were somewhat accurate for the rifles. I even added sound for both firing and operating the bolt!

2.) Oblivion. Better graphics than Morrowind, everything seemed bigger, and the katana models looked better than the ones in Morrowind (I love katanas, yes). More difficult to mod than Morrowind, but what really sucked was it had NO DUAL WIELDING. I've always been a fan of dual wielding. Oblivion had a more interesting storyline than Morrowind (IMO), not to mention longer. One of my favorite mods for Oblivion was the Predator mod (Predator as in the AVP Predator. Complete with auto-returning shuriken, wrist blades, cool-looking swords, and a WORKING PLASMA CASTER). Kick. Ass.

3.) Skyrim. Best. Elder Scrolls. Ever. PERIOD. My absolute favorite Elder Scrolls game of them all, despite it's bugs and problems. Not only did it let you Dual Wield (but NO BLOCKING with Dual Blades made no sense to me), but it had a storyline involving DRAGONS. Hell. YES! Skyrim has a lot of mods out for it (more so than Morrowind, I think), one of them being a mod that lets you craft Diamond weapons (That do a lot of damage when your one-handed and Blacksmithing skills are high). Or, if you're a Star Wars nerd like moi, then there's a mod for LIGHTSABERS. Getting the materials for both weapon mods is a pain in the ass (I use cheats, since I'm not very patient in finding such materials), but once you make them (and improve them, god forbid), they're AWESOME!!! My favorite mod for Skyrim was the Civil War Overhaul mod, which made the linear style of Skyrim's Civil War A LOT more realistic (as in, you can actually lose battles if you're too slow or not careful - something that was FUNCTIONALLY IMPOSSIBLE with vanilla Skyrim). But, I digress.

Skyrim Storyline was AWESOME. Escape from execution, dragonslaying (which, anyone who knows me will know I don't typically like killing dragons), infiltration, intelligence-gathering... the list of things you can do goes on [almost forever]. I personally like the fact you can befriend one of the dragons (hey - how often can a person do that?). I've been thinking of doing a youtube series on my adventures in Skyrim, but I don't think anyone would watch it (I'm not too good at playing a comedian).

All in all, I have to say, the Elder Scrolls series is an awesome franchise. Hell, I even have a story written in that 'verse.

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