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Elder Scrolls Series; Where do you stand?
Topic Started: Mar 27 2014, 11:19 PM (719 Views)
Member Avatar
The OFFICIAL Player of Marcus on SFG
As many of us have heard of this game series, I can't really find it fair to create a topic on just one or two of the games, when there are at least 5 games on consol and pc, and a new Online title to add to the mix.

So, what games have you played under these titles?

Show us your characters


Discuss likes and dislikes.

Things you found that many may have overlooked.

who knows, you may learn a thing or two.

I personally have played Skyrim to literal death. Two profiles, first over level 50, the other over lever 70.....and I want a third. Started playing Oblivion and getting my butt kicked by the Daedra >_<
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The OFFICIAL Player of Marcus on SFG
You might like them Julius. The the later ones, you have the freedom of choice. Like what skills you wish to increase, What quests you want to go on or temporarily pause on and so forth. Even the choice of (selected) race and how they look is up to you
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The OFFICIAL Player of Marcus on SFG
I have personally just entered the series a year ago with a chance buy at Skyrim. Found it at a pawn shop for $14 bucks so I figured why not. The awesome part was it had the Map, the instruction manual, and apparently the advertisement. Game worked perfectly......a year later....it had been the only game I had been playing. Now I am on Oblivion.
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The OFFICIAL Player of Marcus on SFG
I haven't gotten far in Oblivion....apparently still at lvl 1 and trying to fight the Daedra for the first time
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The OFFICIAL Player of Marcus on SFG
May 8 2014, 05:22 PM
Oh! Well in that case~!
So here's my most recent character Reks. He hits people with a big axe.

Spoiler: click to toggle
ho.......HOLY RA! that Argonian is HUGE! must have spent a lot of time at the gym. I will be posting mine up shortly of the two characters I have used thus far....A Khajiit and an Argonian and give a "quick" bio on them.

SD, I totally agree with you on exploiting things in the game.....personally...I exploited a method of increasing the Speach skill insanely easy, it does involve having Hearthfire though.

NOTE: Do not look at this next spoiler if you are not into glitching Skyrim....if you all like it....let me know...I HAVE MORE!

Speech Skill Super increase

To be honest....I nearly never got into Skyrim, much less Elder Scrolls. I mean, on my second facebook it was constant memes, furs roaring that they are playing it and so forth. However, the thing that made me try it was.....

I was in Texas, visiting. Went into a pawn shop and took a gander at their X-box games.....I seen Skyrim for fourteen bucks (plus tax). When I checked it out back at my moms place.....it had the map, player manual, EVEN the advertisment for another game......a friend of mine is ticked with me because he had to pay about 60 - 70 bucks to get the map included.

The awesome part is I have a friend (which we are planning on hanging out this weekend) who bought the Game of the Year addition with all the DLC on a disk......Looks like I know what I will be doing for days off to come XD

Member Avatar
The OFFICIAL Player of Marcus on SFG
So um....here is my (2nd) character bio....Please note, that anything with "(L)" next to it means it is Legendary. With the Skills, it means they have been made Legendary AT LEAST once

Profile for Dagra

By the way.....yes...under weapons it lists Dawnbreaker twice.....not a typo....there is a way to get two of them with just glitching

EDIT: My Hellbound has changed into a Dragonbone sword, and X-box was replaced by "Adulthood"; a Dragonbone bow (Recently downloaded Dawnguard)

Edited by Radigal, May 16 2014, 09:49 PM.
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