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The Haunting of Hillfyre Park; a JQ narrative
Topic Started: Apr 4 2014, 08:50 PM (251 Views)
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 1

Misty and I were playing a video game in the rec room when the communications channel interrupted us. "Misty Bluehour?" an old, basset hound lawyer said to us. "That's me!" Misty said to him. "Your great-great Aunt Sarah has passed away. The funeral is in 3 days, on Planet Zoness. She has left you something in her will, on the condition you attend her funeral if possible. If you are unable to attend, then you must spend a weekend in her former residence on Zoness. "We'll be at the funeral!" said Misty. I nodded.

"Good. The funeral is in the morning. Over at her residence, Hillfyre Park, Hillfyre Island, where she will be buried in the estate mausoleum. You may bring a guest...I assume that it will be the gentleman sitting beside you, yes?" wheezed the lawyer. "Yes." I said. "Excellent. See you there." the lawyer signed off.

"Your Great-Great Aunt Sarah?" I asked. Misty shrugged. "I forgot all about her. I haven't seen her since I was a cub. I don't remember what she was like." she said. "Well, let's get ready for that funeral." I said. We turned off the game, and got packed. I told Fox where we would be, and he asked if we needed anyone else from the team to come along with us. "We'll be fine. Thanks!" I told Fox. "Okay, but call us if you need anything, okay?" Fox replied. "Got it!" I said.

Misty and I headed out the next day, to Zoness. We would stay at Todd and Lola's summer place out on Zoness, and make our way to the funeral in 3 days. When we arrived, we enjoyed ourselves, hanging out in the towns, exploring the islands...the three days passed quickly.

*that's it for this chapter*
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 2

We arrived at Hillfyre Island, a large island with a series of hills, knolls, crags, and ridges, with some lovely sandy beaches. "Why is this place called 'Hillfyre Island'?" I asked Misty. "It was an old family surname, plus when you look at the island in the fall, the foliage turns to red, yellow, orange, and even purple...on all of those hills, it makes them look like flames." Misty explained. "Cool!" I replied.

The Island itself was accessible by a very large, old, swing bridge...we were on one of Zoness' more popular islands, and Hillfyre Island was right off of it. The swing bridge itself barely worked, and we could hear the grinding and groaning of the old gears, as the mechanism strained to move the bridge into place. The front gates to the swing bridge from the entrance on the main island were old, rusty, and about to fall off of their hinges. The gates on the Hillfyre Island end of the bridge had fallen off of the hinges completely.


We headed for Hillfyre Park, the multiacre estate on the highest point of the island, with 360 degree views of the ocean in all directions. We went up the hills, past old, weed choked switchbacks, and under a canopy of overgrown trees that time had forgotten...after finally emerging from the canopy of trees, a large pair of Z-Serpent adorned metal gates swung open, and we saw the 360 degree driveway, and a large, old but still beautiful in its own way, palatial mansion.

We saw other ships and vehicles parked all over. Misty and I had used a simple rental car to drive over, having taken a space taxi to Zoness. Misty wore a black dress with a high side slit, black elbow length gloves, black pumps, and a black half jacket. I wore a black long sleeve shirt, black pants, and black combat boots.

We headed down to the bluffs, where the family mausoleum entrance was visible. Several benches made from stone formed and amphitheater around the entrance, stone stairs covered in moss divided the benches into sections. I guided Misty carefully down so she wouldn't slip on the mossy stairs.

We sat down, and I saw Misty's relatives arriving. Many of them shot us shocked, or angry stares. I heard whispered comments about me being with Misty "Who does he think he is, dating Misty like that!?". I heard comments on how Misty was dressed...I thought she looked fine, but I swore I heard someone whisper "She may as well just wear a black bikini to the funeral..."

Misty and I didn't give them the satisfaction. Misty's father looked at me like I was an overflowing toilet...Misty mother looked away from me shyly. Why should I expect any tolerance from them!? I was only an Earth Human, after all.

The basset hound lawyer was at the funeral, and a large black dog, who was the minister, presided over the funeral. He spoke of Great Aunt Sarah Burnbridge, her legacy on the stage, the screen...her relationships, the places she had been to, the people in her life and how she had outlived them all...the mass fortune she had made mysteriously...and her erratic personality, which caused many family members and neighbors to fear and despise her. By the way the minister spoke of Great Aunt Sarah, she sounded like she was more hated than I was by everyone at that funeral.

I looked at the casket, solid bronze, and sealed shut. Misty's beautiful great-great aunt Sarah was dressed as a showgirl, in a large portrait picture on an easel next to it. She looked very similar to Misty, except...her eyes had this quality to them that seemed like they were following you around, watching you right back, and watching you even if you weren't watching them...I felt drawn into her eyes as I stared at the painting, and when I closed my eyes, I could still see Great Aunt Sarah's eyes in my mind.

"...and so we say goodbye, and wish Sarah Burnbridge peace!" said the minister. He walked up, and handed a pair of white gloves to each of the pallbearers. I counted only five pallbearers. The minister suddenly nudged my shoulders. "We need another pallbearer. The sixth one twisted his ankle on the stairs there, and we're shorthanded." he said.

I took the gloves, as I felt Misty watching me...I felt everyone watching me. I took the lead, after putting on the white gloves, and I worked with the pallbearers to carry Great Aunt Sarah into the mausoleum, down the stairs, and we placed her in the vault, closing the metal cover, and placing the metal placard with the name, birth year, and death year of Sarah Burnbridge engraved upon it, into the small frame on the cover of the vault.

We headed back up the stairs with the minister, removed the gloves, and handed them to the minister....he closed and locked the vault, issued the benediction, collected his check from the lawyer, and drove off. The rest of us headed into the mansion, into the dining hall.

*that's it for this chapter*
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 3

"I...Sarah Burnbridge, of sound mind, do hereby bequeath the following assets of mine as follows... To my great nieces and nephews, I leave you my stocks and bonds, estimated to be at $150,000 credits, will be divided amongst you accordingly. To my least favorite great nephew (Misty's father), I leave you this sad sounding fart..." the lawyer took out a digital recorder, hit "play", and a sad sounding fart emanated from it. Misty's father made a disgusted face. "Please note that the digital recorder is NOT for you, it stays here in the mansion." the lawyer read aloud from the will.

"I don't even WANT the damn thing, since she farted on it." Misty father snarled with disgust. "To my favorite great-great niece Misty Bluehour, assuming that she's not responsible for my death, I leave my entire estate of Hillfyre Island, and all properties, real and material contained therein, assuming that you either attended my funeral, or at least spent a whole weekend (two consecutive days) within the grounds of Hillfyre Park."

Everyone went silent...

"I also leave you, Misty, a trust fund amount to pay for the inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and my death tax. Don't worry, my lawyer will handle those affairs...please enjoy the family summer estate of Hillfyre Island. Look after it as best you can, or sell it, fix it up, tear it down...do whatever makes you happy. You are the only family member I actually like...the rest of you can shove it, and get hell off of Misty's property, while you're all at it!"

The lawyer shuffled his papers, and packed them into his briefcase. He handed Misty the deed to the island, and a set of keys. The rest of the family grumbled nastily as they cleared out. Misty and I thanked the lawyer, who nodded, and looked at the Hillyfyre Park mansion behind us and shuddered, as he climbed into his car and left. Misty mom and dad were the only ones left. Misty's mom looked at us with a sad smile, and Misty's dad glared at us both. "Have fun living in a HAUNTED HOUSE!" he shouted at us. Misty's mom smacked him around the head and said "Shut up! That's enough out of you!".

The two of them argued briefly, as Misty's dad complained about feeling gyped. The got into the car and left. Misty closed the gates and locked them. "Well, wanna explore the old house?" she asked. "I'm in!" I said. We headed inside...

*that's it for this chapter*
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 4

"Wait! We forgot the portrait and the easel!" Misty said. "Oh yeah! Let's bring them in!" I said. We headed to the mausoleum, where I got the portrait, and Misty folded up the easel. We headed back to the mansion, and once we got inside, I hung up the painting in the parlor, while Misty put the easel away in the storage room.

We met back in the parlor.

"Well...where do we go first?" I asked. "That way!" Misty said, pointing. We headed down the main corridor, to the inner sanctum of the mansion. The large, maze-like mansion contained few right angles, the perspective was off, and doors seemed to move by themselves. There was a library with a spiral staircase and a conservatory with eerie statues.

I remembered seeing this place for the first time...a double storied building built with buffed brick and with ashlar dressings. The stonework, in four colors, the roof was made of dark slate. Each story had five windows, and at the end of each story there were gabled windows. There were small lights on either side of the buttress and also a small light to the gable at the top. While the windows were fitted with plate-glass sashes, the oriel was fitted with stained glass. There were fittings such as the family sculpture, a paintings collection, a library, and pieces of ancient armor.

There was "the heart room", a room at the heart of the mansion and its corridors...it was round, domed, with crimson walls...Misty and I found a carousel room, without any horses...it was a spinning platform, with mirrored walls, and a gigantic pipe organ playing festive, fun carousel music as the room revolved...the fancy light fixtures spun and rotated on the mirrored ceiling above us. We had fun in that room!

As we looked around some more, we tried to figure out what to do next. Should we go to Todd and Lola's summer place and pick up our things, or just invite Todd and Lola to come over, and to grab our stuff along the way? Yeah, that seemed right! In fact, we decided to invite the whole team over. We found the communications room, and contacted Fox...he agreed to come, and soon the whole team arrived on Zoness, swinging by Todd and Lola's to get our baggage so that Misty and I could change back to our regular clothes...Misty and I awaited their arrival at the mansion...

*that's it for this chapter*
Julius Quasar
Member Avatar
CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 5

Team Star Fox arrived at Hillfyre Park. Todd and Lola brought our stuff, along with theirs, Tigress and Fox brought some groceries, and the rest of the team with their stuff for traveling. "Whoa! Lookit this place!" said Falco. "Great job, Misty! Talk about a stroke of luck!" said Katt.

"This place is intense!" said Fara. "It's huge, looks like it goes on forever!" said Miyu. "Yeah, and it looks so intricately detailed..." said Fay, looking at the fretwork on the frames of the doorways. "Kinda dark in here though..." Slippy said, looking around. "It feels intimidating." Akasha said. "And cold, not just in terms of temperature." said Kylie.

"Very old looking." said Babs. "Amazing!" said Edge, as he strolled about the foyer. "They don't make this kind of craftsmanship anymore." said Silas. "Seems like this place is staring back at us, watching us..." said Madame Vulpine. "I bet is has a lot of history, both public and private." said Conrad.

"I love the decor...it reminds me of my Uncle Niles' mansion." said Pal dreamily...It's very charming..." Lola said. "Yeah, big, old, fancy...on a private island...this place is awesome!" said Todd. "Thank you all for coming, welcome to my new summer home!" said Misty. "Yeah, we're gonna have a fun weekend!" I said.

"You're welcome!" the others told me and Misty.

We helped everyone get settled into their rooms, and gave them a walking tour of the mansion. Todd was disappointed when he couldn't find any liquor at the bar....Akasha hid in every other closet...Madame Vulpine, Kylie, Krystal, and even Tigress felt uneasy.

"You guys ok?" I asked them. "I feel a sinister presence in this place..." said Krystal. "It's all over this place.." said Tigress. "So, Misty...your great-great Aunt Sarah...who was she? What did she do?" asked Fara. "She was a starlet of stage and screen, but after she retired....she became VERY wealthy." Misty replied.

"From what we heard from the locals in town, they didn't really like her very much, they thought she was a lunatic. But she did become very wealthy, despite seldom leaving the estate, and the island. No one knows where the money came from." said Katt. "Yeah. I grew up hearing about that...last time I saw great-great aunt Sarah was when I was a cub." said Misty.

"OOOHH!" Lola cried out. "What!? What's wrong!?" Fox asked Lola. "A...cold spot!" Lola fell forward, and Todd caught her, helping her into a fainting couch. Fox put his hand into the area where Lola had stood. "It IS a cold spot!" he declared. We all took turns feeling it. "Weird!" said Todd. "This is NOT good!" said Tigress, frowning.

We decided to relax, and stay close to each other. Tigress fixed dinner, as Misty and I got changed and then we did some research on the estate, finding some VERY disturbing news on the place, and who had lived there...we decided to wait until after dinner to tell everyone.

As we got together in the dining hall, Akasha let out a scream. We all ran into the foyer, and saw the words "HELP MISTY COME HOME" on a wall. "Who did this!?" said Misty, shaking with anger. Babs snorted with disgust. "This is in poor taste!" she commented. "Who would do something like this!? It's SICK!" Fox said angrily. "Absolutely horrid!" said Krystal. I touched the writing, trying to see if it could be washed off....and it disappeared, just like that! Everyone else gasped.

"How'd you do that!?" Falco asked me. "He didn't...spiritual energy..." Madame Vulpine said... "Maybe we should get out of here!" said Fay. "We can't let fear control us. We should stay, and assert our right to be here." I said. "Yeah...besides, it would just be waiting here for us, or anyone else who comes here...or worse, it might try to FOLLOW us." said Misty.

"Let's just eat..." said Slippy. We agreed there. We ate, and nervously looked around. A storm started outside, just then usual rain, thunder, and lightning. The goulash that Tigress had made was very good...after dinner, we made a fire in the fireplace and roasted marshmallows.

"Misty and I did a little research on this place, and found out something about its history." I announced later that night, as the fire died down to the embers. Everyone looked at my, and Misty who stood beside me. Misty nodded, and proceeded to tell the tale...

Hillfyre House, of Hillfyre Park on the island, was built by great-great-great-great-grandfather Cain Hillfyre as a summer home for him and his wife. She died in an accident as she approached the house for the first time. Cain remarried, but his second wife died after falling down the stairs. Cain's daughter, Nora, lived in the house the rest of her life, never moving out of the nursery. She died calling for her nurse-companion. The companion co-inherited the house with Nora's sister Lynne, but hanged herself in the library. Lynne fully inherited Hill House, but the mansion stood empty for some time. In fact, Lynne rarely spent any time in it...the mansion and the island passed through the family ever since, for 100 Zonian years, great-great-Aunt Sarah being the most recent inhabitant.

Before Sara Burnbridge lived there, her Uncle Norton Sampson, a corrupt prison warden on Zoness, took his life in the library when the authorities came to arrest him at his home...he put a pistol to his chin and pulled the trigger. Generally, the mansion had horror stories of murder, scandal, suicide, accident, and other horrible occurrences and events.

Very few of the inhabitants lived peacefully at Hillfyre Park..."But, we won't let it spoil our fun here! After all, we'll only be here on vacations and holidays, things like that!" I said, trying to cheer everyone up. Misty smiled and said "Yeah! And I'm not like the rest of my family members who lived here, so I should be okay!" she said. "Misty's right, we shouldn't let this sort of thing upset us!" said Fox. "What about the writing on the wall!?" said Todd. "We don't make a big deal out of it. If we don't acknowledge it or let is upset us, it can't feed off of us, and it can't hurt us!" I said. "Julius is right, but we still need to be careful." Madame Vulpine warned.

"What could possibly go wrong!?" asked Lola, giggling. A bolt of lightning struck the highest tower of the house, and the power went out at that moment. "You had to ask, didn't you!?" Tigress asked Lola irritably.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 6

The power was reset, thanks to Tigress, Miyu, and Slippy. Todd was teasing Akasha, holding a flashlight beam under his face and making scary noises, until Krystal hit him around the head for teasing Akasha. Lola ran around with a white sheet covering her, as she went "Wooooo!" Todd joined in, and the two of them ran around covered with white sheets, and going "Wooo!"

Finally they went into a bedroom, where they had sex with each other as they were wrapped up in the sheets. "Wanna try something like that?" I asked Misty. "I'm kinda sleepy tonight. We can go for it tomorrow." Misty said, giving me a kiss. She yawned, and headed off to bed. Everyone else went to bed as well, nobody wanted to sleep in Great Aunt Sarah's room.

Misty wanted to sleep by herself that night, so I slept in Great Aunt Sara's room, the only bedroom available. I felt insulted, but I decided to humor Misty. As I bade everyone else goodnight, I drifted off to sleep. I heard strange noises throughout the night, I kept waking up every fifteen minutes, and I felt like I was being watched...

I thought I heard a child screaming in pain, but maybe I was imagining it...old houses make weird noises all the time, right? I heard a woman scream...or so I thought...odd laughter...I drifted off to sleep, FINALLY, only to have a strange dream.

I was in a seaside prison on Zoness, in a different era. I was at a desk, in the Warden's office, as a silver fox weaing a suit, big eyeglasses, and a crew cut hairstyle entered the room. "Lickety-split! I wanna get outta here!" he said, snapping his fingers. I put away my work into a folder, closed the ledger book, and handed some checks to the Warden. "Deposits to be made today." I said. The Warden nodded, took the checks, and then opened a safe hidden behind a needlepoint artwork on the wall. I put the paperwork and ledgers in the safe, and the Warden locked the safe, put the needlepoint back, and then we headed to the anteroom of the office. The Warden shut and locked the door to his office, and handed me his suits, shoes, and told me "Take my suits and shirts down to the laundry, and not too much starch this time! Tell them that if they over starch the shirts again, they'll hear about it from me!".

I nodded, and polished the shoes. As I finished, the Warden straightened out his tie and said to me "How do I look?". "Fine." I said, finishing up on polishing the shoes, and placing them in the box. The Warden smiled, and said "There's a big event I'm attending tonight. Governor's gonna be there!".

I nodded, and picked up the suits and shirts the Warden wanted me to clean. The Warden stopped me, and said to me "Here, you want the rest of this pie that one of the people bribing me gave to me today? 'His wife made it!' Woman can't bake worth a sh*t!" sneered the Warden, using a nasty tone when he had said "His wife made it!".

The Warden handed me the pie, and when I opened the pink box, there were spiders crawling out of the hole where the Warden had eaten into the pie. I screamed, and dropped the pie box, as the Warden broke out in a fit of horrible laughter.

I shot awake in a cold sweat...

After breathing hard, I fell back asleep.....I saw the Warden in the library of this mansion, as he frantically scrambled inside, slamming and locking the door. "First the stupid drinking fountain squirts me on the pants so it looks like I pissed myself, then my money laundering inmate escapes via a tunnel, after stealing all of my financial paperwork and turning it over to the press, THEN this!" he grumbled.

He went through his desk and took out a pistol, as the doorknob rattled, and a voice shouted "OPEN UP, Warden! We have a warrant for your arrest!". The Warden shot himself in the head, and died. I woke up again, and took a walk down the hall....I passed a portrait of a VERY familiar looking Silver Fox, dressed in....a suit, big glasses, and a crew cut hairstyle!

"YOU!" I said to the painting.

I heard faint male laughter behind me, but when I turned around, there was nothing there. I ran down to the parlor, and slept on the fainting couch for the rest of the night.

*that's it for this chapter*
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Chapter 7

I woke up groggily the next day on the couch in the parlor. Misty personally shook me awake, gently, a worried expression on her pretty heart shaped face. "Julius? What are you doing down here?" she asked. I told her of the nightmares I had in the master bedroom that night. When I was done, Misty hugged me, sobbed, and said "I should have let you sleep with me last night. I'm so sorry Julius!" she said. I hugged her back, patted her gently, and comforted her. "It's okay. You had no way of knowing." I said.

"This place gave me nightmares too. It's like I was seeing events that happened here before my time!" said Misty. "And not just here! I was performing on stage as Great Aunt Sarah, only younger! I had boyfriends after me, creditors, and I was no longer asked to perform! It was awful!" said Misty.

"We'll stick together here then. Something about this place....doesn't seem right!" I said. Misty nodded. "I hear things, see things, and feel like I'm being watched." she confessed. I told her about the Warden and the painting, the laughter in the hall. Misty looked horrified. "Let's sell this place!" I suggested.

"I heard that no one wants to buy this place....all the locals are scared of this place, and even those from other parts of the Lylat System have heard of it too." Lola said, yawning and stretching, as she strutted into the room. She ran her thumbs up the back of the leg holes in her leotards, gently pulling them out from her butt, and then running her thumbs down the front of the leg holes of her leotards, evening them out in front. She strutted up to me and kissed me on the mouth.

"Morning, sweetheart." she said to me, as she giggled. Misty scowled at her, and Lola said "Oh I'm sorry Misty, where are my manners?" and then she grabbed Misty behind her head, and pressed her lips to Misty's lips. Lola gave Misty a deep kiss, and gently placed her arms around Misty's body, holding her in a firm but gentle embrace, and then let her go. Misty looked exhausted, she staggered, and collapsed in my lap. Lola laughed, and strutted out of the parlor. I heard Todd laughing out in the hall.

"You okay hon'?" I asked Misty. She nodded. We got up, and headed for breakfast.


"Ugh, I didn't sleep well at ALL!" said Fox. "Me neither. No offense Misty, but this place is too creepy!" said Slippy. I wanna go home..." Akasha whined. "Baby." Todd teased. "Shut up Todd, you were scared of this palce too." said Kylie. "I'll admit this place seems a bit spooky. But I wasn't scared." said Todd.

"Pal screamed like a girl, but then again he always screams like a girl." said Edge. "So I can safely assume YOU weren't scared, Mr. Tough Stuff!?" asked Pal. "No, I never said that. I heard something disturbing last night, aside from Julius wandering around and talking." said Edge. "I wasn't doing that." I said. "I heard you in the billiard and game room, all night!" Edge said to me. "I wasn't in those rooms!" I said. I had been in those rooms earlier the day before, but NOT last night.

"It's true. I checked those rooms, to tell Julius to shut up and go to sleep, but he wasn't in there, despite the fact I could still hear him in there." said Madame Vulpine. "I heard singing last night. I thought it was either Madame Vulpine, Lola, or Misty. But the voice didn't match, despite the fact that it was a female singer." said Miyu.

"What song was she singing?" asked Misty. "An old song." said Miyu. Suddenly, for no reason, the old record player started up, and it played an old song, with a female voice singing. "That's it! That's the voice and the song!" said Miyu.

"There you go, the record player started up on its own!" said Krystal. "No...the bedrooms are way too far away to hear this thing playing." said Conrad. "Yeah, and the voice sounded like it was in my room with me, and not all hiss and pop filled static." said Miyu. Fay touched the old Victrola style record player, and it stopped.

We looked at her, as she gasped in horror and held up the plug. "Why'd you unplug it?" asked Fara. "I didn't!" said Fay. "It was NEVER PLUGGED IN to begin with, and THERE'S NO OUTLET within the length of the cord!" she added.

"That's disturbing..." said Katt. "It's also a bad sign. Hey Katt, why don't you tell them about last night?" he said. "What happened?" I asked. "Well..." Katt began. "I heard a female voice calling for her nurse-maid! Then it suddenly stopped. Falco heard it too. On and off, all night long this repeated like a pre recorded program." said Katt.

"Well, let's just enjoy one more day here, this place is safe during the day!" said Babs. "Yeah, it's great during the day, nice and quiet." I agreed. We all agreed there, Krystal, Madame Vulpine, and Kyle said that the mansion took on a sort of spiritual slumber in the day, but at night it took on a more sinister energy. It was active, like a nocturnal predator.

"We'll enjoy the day, then at noon we'll break for lunch, after that we'll have some fun until mid afternoon, the we'll pack, and head home. All of us." said Fox. We agreed. We decided to have fun. Babs, Madame Vulpine, Tigress, Edge, Akasha, Kylie, Krystal, Katt, Fay, Pal, and Lola packed in advance, all of them but Lola did this out of fear and wanting to leave ASAP, Lola did it because she had so much stuff to pack. She left one bag with her main essentials unpacked, but organized enough nearby so she could pack in a hurry.

We swam in the indoor pool, explored the solarium and the gardens, the hedge maze, the belfry, the secret passages, the carousel room, and more....We broke for lunch, and then had some fun...soon it got to be mid afternoon already. we were disappointed, but we decided to get going. All of us packed up, but when we finished, a storm broke out. "A lightning storm! Ugh...we're gonna be here another night! No offense, Misty!" Todd said.

"None taken, I don't want to stay here either, but what choice do we have?" Misty said sadly. We decided to stay, just for one more night...

*That's it for this chapter*
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Julius Quasar
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Chapter 8

As we settled in for the night, I had a strange, uneasy feeling about this place...the storm raged outside, and we all did our best to keep our minds off of it, and this creepy old mansion. I was walking through the halls, and messing around in the carousel room. After that, I went back to the library/study, where I found a secret passageway. I moved the silver fox bust/statue, turning it 360 degrees clockwise towards me on the bookshelf, and the bookshelf section beside it slid open. "Woooow!" Misty said. I turned and smiled at her. "Cool, huh?" I said. Misty nodded, and we headed inside it. I took out my flashlight, and shined it in the small, arched passageway. I pressed a button on the wall, and closed the secret passageway, then I hit that same button on the wall, and the passageway opened again.

We followed the passageway,and discovered a network of passageways. One opened out into the parlor, another to the game room, then there was one leading to the music room, another to the dining room, and one to the upstairs corridors, another to the scullery, one to the kitchen, another to the nursery. "I guess the staff used these as shortcuts." said Misty. "Yup." I said. One passageway that led from the Master Site was specially designed with spiraling metal stairs with a landing stop off point to the maids' chamber. "Figures." Misty grumbled. I nodded.

We found a small, arched doorway at the end of one of the tunnels. "Never saw this room before." I said. We opened the door, and walked into the small chamber. There was a small four poster cast iron bed, a writing desk and chair, and a large rocking chair....with a female fox skeleton woman sitting in it! Misty and I screamed, as she jumped into my arms. We calmed down, and I set her down, and picked up my flashlight. I walked up to her, and gently touched the corpse. She was wearing a lovely burlesque dancer's style outfit, fishnet stockings, high heeled dance shoes, corset with a back skirt train, ruffled shorts, a boa, forearm length gloves, and a feathered headpiece. "I wonder who she was..." I said. "I'm not sure, but..." Misty said, but a voice said "I'm the Mistress!", the cracked, dry, echoing voice emitted from the mouth, as it moved like a ventriloquist dummy's jaw.

One of the hands grabbed my wrist, and I fought, and screamed. "Lemme goooo!" I shouted. "As you wish, Julius!" that same voice said and the hand let go. Misty and I ran screaming out of the room, shutting the door behind us and out then we ran back into the library. I turned the bust counter clockwise, 360 degrees away from me, and the passageway shut. "Let's stay out of there, or at least out of that room!" said Misty. "Word!" I replied.

We walked through the halls, where we bumped into Todd and Lola. "We heard screaming, but couldn't pinpoint who or where it was coming from." said Todd. Misty and I told Todd and Lola what happened. When we finished, they looked horrified. "How did that corpse know Julius' name!?" Lola asked, her beautifully made up face wearing a terrified expression. "He's been in the house a while.." said Todd. "That's not it, the spirits of this house might be targeting him!" said Madame Vulpine, who appeared out of nowhere, startling us. "I heard all of that, about the secret passages and the corpse." she said, walking over to us.

"I sense them...they are targeting Misty, but they may want Julius as well. Eventually they'll come after all of us!" said Madame Vulpine. "That's it, we gotta get outta here!" said Todd. "We have to stay here, because of the storm. We can last until morning!" said Lola. "We need to gather everyone up together, and sleep int he parlor. In a group, we can't be attacked as easily." said Madame Vulpine.

"Okay then. We just have to find the others, and bring them to the parlor." I said. "We stick together as we do! I'll go with Misty and Julius. Todd, you and Lola go together, and we'll work to round up everyone tonight!" said Madame Vulpine. We set out to do so.

*that's it for this chapter*
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Chapter 9

As we packed our bags, and got ready to go, I had a feeling like someone was trying to stop us. Many times I felt like I was being dragged back into the mansion. "Let go of me Julius." Fara said at one point. "I'm not grabbing you." I said. "He really isn't. But I feel someone touching me too." said Misty. We got the bags packed and loaded into our vessels.

"Time to go!" I announced. I ran back to my room and grabbed my jacket, Misty was by my side. That's when the power suddenly went out. I took out my flashlight from my jacket pocket, clicked it on, and saw Misty's lovely heart shaped face looking worriedly at me. "Damn...damn-damn!" I said, imitating Doc Brown from Back To The Future.

"What the hell!?" Todd complained. "Don't worry, it's the fuses, I'll reset them in the utility room1" I shouted. "I'll come with you." said misty. "Thanks." I said. As we walked down the hall she took my hand, making me feel happy, safe. When we reached the utility room, I hit the switches. "Hey, thanks for holding my hand on the way here." I told her, still feeling her gentle grip. "I'm...not...holding your hand!" Misty said.

Misty and I ran out of the utility room, shrieking. I let go of whoever was holding my hand, but holding the flashlight with the other hand. I looked around for Misty, and saw her running beside me. The lights all came on in the mansion as we ran down the carpeted halls. I turned off my flashlight and put it away, as Misty and I stopped and hugged each other.

"I'm so sorry Julius..." she said. "No, it's okay....I..." I was interrupted by a shower of sparks that sprayed from the old antique light fixtures above us in the coffer-ed filigreed ceilings. "Really!?" Misty asked in disgust. "We gotta get out of here!" I said, as we ran towards the door. "Everyone out, there's a fire!" I shouted. Tigress shouted "Let's go everyone! This whole place has bad wiring! It's gonna burn like paper! The short circuit must have stressed out the wires, fuses and connections for the last time!". We all headed for the front door as the house began to burn.

Flames lapped at the walls, as they spread through the corridors. The curtains, carpets, and tapestries were eaten in seconds by the flames. The light fixtures exploded, as did the outlets, blanketing the house in darkness. As I ran through the foyer with Misty, we saw the others outside. A huge beam fell in front of us, and a wall of fire blocked us.

"Oh nooo! What do we do now!?" asked Misty.

I turned and saw a pair of curtains on either side of a large arched window...the curtains wee big, thick, and not yet burning. I tore them down, and wrapped Misty in them, cocooning her inside two layers of curtains as she screamed and struggled in protest. "I love you, Misty!" I said. I grabbed a nearby large chair and smashed out the window, making a hole just large enough for me to push Misty through, curtains and all. She was now outside, safe. A wall of fire dropped down in front of the window.

I was trapped...surrounded by flames. The front door, the grand staircase, all disappearing under and into the fire. A large chandelier that hung in the foyer came crashing down, pinning me underneath it. The hot metal was burning my hand, the crystals shattered, and tiny shards of them cut into my skin..."I always pictured it ending like this!" I said. I peacefully began to slip away, from the heat, the roaring sound of the flames, and my teammates shouting my name...

I saw the corrupt warden, Sarah Burnbridge, and the other deceased residents of the mansion walking up to me. I even saw the mistress who had grabbed me, a lovely red fox. I even saw a Fennec, as she stood over me. "Bit of a pickle you're in, eh Julius?" asked the warden. He then stood over me, smiling. I shut my eyes, and felt someone grabbing my hands, and then lifting the chandelier off of me. A male voice grunted and groaned, and then I was hoisted under someone's shoulder, and carried out of the mansion. The cool night air greeted me, along with the cheers of Team Star Fox, and the grass as I was dropped onto its cool surface. I opened my eyes and coughed, and I saw Misty's father standing over me, stooped over, breathing heavily.

The others ran up to me, Misty hugged me and kissed me, as Tigress gently pulled her back. "He needs some air, and medical attention!" she said. Fara and Fay looked after me as the mansion burned....


As the fire department and the paramedics arrived, they put out the fire, and began the demolition of the burned out remains...the paramedics gave me oxygen, and additional medical attention. Afterwards, I looked over at Misty's mom and dad, who stood before me with Misty. "You...saved me." I said to Misty's dad. "Well, you did save my daughter, I saw you push her out that window. You risked and sacrificed yourself just for her." he said.

"How did you get there so fast?" I asked him.

"Well, oddly enough I was having recurring nightmares of the former owners of the mansion...they haunted me in my dreams, telling me to go to the mansion and to check up on you and Misty. I finally came tonight, and saw the fire. I heard that you were still trapped inside, and jumped through the wall of fire and looked for you. I found you trapped under that chandelier. I got it off of you, and carried you to safety. You need to lose some weight!" Misty's dad replied. Misty's mom elbowed him.

"Thank you..." I said to him.

"Thank YOU, for saving me!" Misty said, hugging me. The rest of the team stood, and watched all of this. "I thought you hated Julius?" said Todd. "I still do. But he did save Misty, and although I'm sure he caused this fire, I know he's not that bad a guy." Misty's dad said. "Why DO you hate Julius!?" asked Fay, angrily. "It's bad enough our daughter is throwing her life away, getting involved with a disgusting human...but we're glad at least that Julius isn't a total waste of space." Misty's dad said.

"You're a real dick!" Akasha said to Misty's father, before she hissed at him. "Akasha's right. Why are you treating Julius so badly, just because he's different!?" asked Krystal. "I don't like humans! They are a real disease, contaminating the Lylat System. Why did we import their kind from Planet Earth!? They ruin any planet that they're in charge of, and they are backwards, stupid, and useless." Misty's dad replied.

"They're not all bad. One just saved your daughter's life!" said Fox. "From a fire HE probably caused!" said Misty's dad. Misty's mother struck him on the arm and said "The wiring in that house was BAD! Julius was resetting the circuit breaker! It would have happened to ANYONE who reset the breakers!" she said to him. Misty's dad nodded, and Falco said "If you really hated Julius, you wouldn't have saved him. You hate the idea of your daughter with a human." he said. Misty's dad nodded, and said "I'm just glad Misty's safe." he said.

He and Misty's mom said goodbye to us, Misty's mom thanked me, and then they left. The firemen finished, the paramedics finished,and we left, locking the gates to the grounds, and heading for Lola's family summer villa...

*that's it for this chapter*
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Chapter 10

As we relaxed at Lola's family's summer place on Zoness, Misty and I cuddled on the couch..."I'm so glad you're alive." she said to me. "Likewise, to you." I said. I kissed her, and then she slapped me and said "Don't EVER give me a scare like that again! I don't want to lose you again." she said, before grabbing me, and forcing me to the floor, as she kissed me, her mouth on mine as she deeply embraced me...

We made out, and had sex on the floor. Afterwards, as we cleaned up, I walked down the hall only for Fara to stop me. She kissed me on the mouth, then she slapped me and said "DON'T give us a scare like that!" she said. She grabbed my genitals, pushed herself against me, and kissed me again before she left.

Lola hugged me, gave me a deep kiss, but no slap. Akasha scratched me, but not too hard. Todd punched my shoulder, as did Falco. "Way to cheat death!" Todd said to me. "That was a great thing you did back there, you showed some real guts!" said Falco.

Katt butt hugged me, and Pal hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, kicking his leg back. "Thanks..." I said to him. "Glad to have you safely back." he said, sashaying girlishly away. Fay hugged and slapped me, telling me not to do that again. Miyu hugged me, and said "Be careful next time.". All day long I was getting this from everyone.

Tigress hugged me, pressing my face into her chest. "Be careful from now on, Julius, you won't be so lucky next time!" she said. Slippy gently patted me on the back as I sat down. "Great job, Julius!" he said. "Thanks buddy!" I said, gently rubbing the top of his cap, getting it out of place on his head. Babs hugged me from behind and gently bit me on the ear. She snorted, and the said "Glad you survived." Edge got me in a noogie and said "Hope you feel better after all of that!". I told him I did, and Thanks.

Silas cupped my shoulder and said "It's really awesome of you, saving Misty and cheating death like that." and I thanked him. Kylie hugged me and congratulated me. "You were very brave back there." he said. "Thanks. Misty would've done the same for me. We all would have done the same." I said.

Madame Vulpine kissed me as I lay on the couch later...she kissed my forehead, and looked deep into my eyes, as I looked into hers. The jewelry on her face dangled into my face as she said "I'm glad you're all right, darling.". "Thanks." I said. Conrad patted my shoulder, and said "You got balls, kid." "Thanks." I laughed.

Fox patted my back and said "You're a great guy, Julius. Don't let anyone make you feel different."..."Thanks Fox, that means a lot." I said. Krystal hugged me, and then said "I'm very proud of you for your courage back there, as are we all. I'm sorry about Misty's father, but even deep down he respects you, even though he says such awful things to you and treats you like crap. He's actually glad that Misty found you." she said. "And no, I didn't have to read his mind, I could see it in his eyes, even as he was badmouthing the humans." she replied, giggling. "Thanks." I said to her.

Misty got on the phone with the insurance company, and collected what she could for the mansion. Fortunately, none of our things were in there, but there were some old family heirlooms that were ruined, unfortunately. The check was very big, so Misty was happy. She also sold the land, and someone bought it for development. Misty shared the money with us, to help the team out, and we enjoyed some of it, but Misty saved the bulk of it, to all of our insistence.

We were glad that the nightmare of Hillfyre House was over, and that the spirits were finally at rest. The walls and the horrible history and energy within them were all gone now...

I had a dream where Sara Burnbridge approached me, and kissed me on the mouth. "It was no great loss, the burning of that mansion. Don't feel bad." she said. "I'm still sorry it happened, but I'm glad things worked out." I said. "Don't be sorry it burned. We're at rest now. I'm glad to see it go." she told me. "Thanks for sending Misty's dad to help." I said. "It was my pleasure. He needed to see what a good guy you really are, though he knows it already. He just needed to be forced to see it in person." said Sarah. "Well, rest in peace, and sleep well." I said. "Thanks. Take care of Misty!" she told me. "I will!" I replied....

I woke up, as Misty stirred peacefully in bed beside me. I kissed her, and fell asleep again.

We all cleaned up, packed up, and headed back to Corneria. As we all said goodbye and headed to our homes, Misty and I put our things away, and rested together, watching the sun set from our home..."What do you wanna do now?" I asked Misty.

"Just exactly what we're doing now." she said. "Great idea." I replied.

*The End*

Thanks for reading!
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