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Cornerian Academy Cast
Topic Started: Apr 22 2014, 03:50 PM (450 Views)
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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
All character are under Coypright 2013

Posted Image
Species: German Shepherd
Fur color: Brown and Black
Eye color: Brown
Homeworld: Corneria
Age: 28
Height: 6'2
Physique: Muscular.
Vocal Description: Neal McDonough.
Attire: A black Cornerian army outfit with a Chief of security badge. Cream colored assault pants and green metal boots.
Strengths/Skills: He has excellent leadership skills along with being an expert marksman. To add to the list he is quite proficient in hand to hand combat and it a competent pilot.
Weakness: Ryker is squeamish of killing and generally shows mercy to even his enemies.
Weapons: (*)Elite Cornerian Army Blaster,
(*) Energy prod (An item much like a stun rod. It can stun by touch, and electrocute people by channeling it's energy through any sort of metal. Since the energy part of the prod is made of mild concentrated plasma with an electricity shield, it is unbreakable by virtually nothing else, except a higher quantity of increased concentrated plasma.
(*) Reflector
Transport: Has no personal ship as of yet.
Affiliation: CDF
Occupation: Chief of Security

Personality: Serious disposition. He always likes to do things by the book and according to arrangement. He's never fond of breaking or bending the rules.

Background: Having no family as a pup, Ryker grew up in the CDF. He studied and trained hard to become an elite soldier. However in the middle of his terms he was party to a dark moment in the Academy's history where a fellow student and friend of his brutally killed one of his instructors in self defense. Years later, after moving on past the horrible incident he eventually graduated at the top of his class from the Cornerian Military Academy. However Ryker graduated with. His special training, seriousness for his job, and dedication to his line of duty had led him to being General Pepper's official new bodyguard. However, things for him at this point began to worsen as it was quickly discovered that Ryker was extremely frail when it came to taking a life, and his hesitation in battle was deemed a battle risk. Moreover the Shepherd pressed onward looking for anything he could do in the CDF with his impressive skill-set that wouldn't require he actually kill. Although tough, Baxter managed to climb his way through the grunt jobs of the Sentry Corps eventually leading him to the position of being the bodyguard of General Pepper. However the hound considered Ryker overqualified for the job and tried his hardest to get Ryker into one of the elite units where he believed he belonged. Despite his efforts this never truly panned out, thanks to Ryker's fear of murder and his psyche evaluation causing him to be considered a hazard to himself and others if put in the field.

Recently though Ryker was promoted to Chief of Security, for his management and swift actions concerning a debacle that happened on CDF grounds. With this new promotion he intends to prove himself to everyone that despite his hindrances he can be used to the fullest.

Hobbies: Lifting Weights and Exercises. Enjoys to occasionally play Nite in Chess.

"Objective Update" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utNnv13EZBA

"Ryker's leadership/strategy/normal battle" theme:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYVmo1cWtuU

"Ryker's Final Battle" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj94owo0kbA

Other facts:
Ryker is General to his own commando unit: A secret elite team that inspects areas and clears them for safety. This team is also highly trained, ready to take almost ANYTHING out.

As Chief of Security Ryker checks up on the security of the bases and grounds. He investigates things that are suspicious on site, and makes sure the CDF defenses are top notch.

Ryker's Green Metal Boots (not shown) are not just for style. They actually house powerful electro-magnets in the heels-allowing Ryker to stand on anything metal provided he has the stamina and balance. This magnet is turned on and off by a button inside at the top of the inside of the left boot.

Ryker's Energy Prod is a powerful melee weapon. It can withstand attacks from blaster shots and razor sword attacks without the slightest damage. It can also run a powerful current of electricity but pressing a red button on the side on the prod handle.

Ryker does not have a not a lot of personal friends on site, but sometimes he does seem to show a bit of personal interest in Nite and the two play chess on occasion.

Since his Great Grandfather, his family has been involved with the CDF and Cornerian Army. His father died in action when he was three, and his mother took a blaster shot for a Corneria Board member. She was also a bodyguard.

Trivia: This is a character I've been moderately fond of over the years. His breaking out point to me was in the original Cornerian Academy where I was able to really flesh him out and show off details of his personality. Originally designed only have a small cameo in one of my fanfictions as a bodyguard for General Pepper, Ryker has come a long way from where he once was. I chose a German Shepard for the role at the time because they are highly loyal and would protect their masters to the death.

Posted Image
Name: Jake Webb
Species: Spider Monkey
Fur Color: Tan.
Eye color: Steel Blue
Homeworld: Unknown.
Age: 23
Height: 5'7
Physique: Slim, moderate build.
Vocal Description: Similar to Quinton Flynn's voice.
Attire:Old Brown Arghellian Jacket with a popped collar, and blue undershirt, black jeans and beige sneakers. He also has a pair of red earphones generally around his neck or ears.
Strengths/Skills: With an IQ of two-hundred on record, Jake excels in a number of activities, most of them social. It would be hard to have the list fit on this one page. However one strong mention would be his knack for manipulating others.
(*) Temporal Tag. Not much of a weapon although it can be used offensively. It's appearance is an odd shaped glowing green yellow and blue tattoo that's on the back of his right hand. Not only does it let the simian travel through time, but it can fired concentrated bursts of what's called "Chronos"; time energy that can make people younger, older or simply push them out of time itself and erase all trace of their existence. It's currently mysterious and unknown on how this technology works...but using it quite rapidly daily seems to put an intense strain on Jake. The Temporal Tag also offers more passive abilities as well as letting Jake see a few moments into the future to give him enhanced reflexes or allow him to view time on a different spectrum and allow him to move faster.
Occupation: Time Traveler

Personality: Very lazy. He absolutely refuses to do things that he doesn't want to do. He also is a pleasure chaser, he doesn't mind hitting on whatever female tickles his fancy and he often manipulates others just to amuse himself and achieve his goals. However...when it does come down to the end of the day he generally shows concern for his friends even if it's not always in the way they'd quite like it to be.

Background: A lot of Jake's past is unknown but the basic is as follows.

His mother and father were time travelers, but were divorced. They constantly bounced him back and forth between their care and often didn't give him the love and attention that he quite needed. This resulted in Jake's attitude in being quite rebellious and selfish. His mother and father eventually died, attempting a feat that was pure suicide and Jake wandered through time on his own.

At some point during his teens, he met an ancient pacifist race known as the Arghelians. Arghelians were very advanced in their technology and had also discovered time travel. But more importantly they had found ways to control it. Seeing that the spider monkey had been causing nothing but mischief they had simply stopped him from traveling through the time stream. Jake fussed for the better half of a year as he was stranded with them. But as the months passed...he began to see them as something he thought he never had. A caring family.

Years later the Temporal Tag was created by the Arghelians a device that let you become as an actual part of the time stream. Jake initially swiped it attempting to just experience it's workings but he was soon told the device was made specifically for him. A great enemy was coming to destroy the Arghelians and being creatures that were pacifists and controlled time, they were going to hide in a dormant state within the time stream itself to avoid extinction. They had grown rather fond of the primate and had created a way that would make him partial Argehlian so he could follow. Overjoyed Jake went on to follow his adopted race. But when coming out the dormant state...he found them eradicated. Gone. Not a trace of them left.

So now he aimlessly wanders through time once more...his goals not quite certain to anyone.

Hobbies: Listening to music, playing sports, poking his nose into people's business, joyriding, chasing after pretty females...the list goes on and on.

"Meet the Monkey" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRmnyu_LzeY

"Jake takes a stand" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1N2pjT6lFw

Other facts:

Jake is quite the aficionado of music and songs. He'd listen to them even in moments where his life is quite in danger. Music however does seem to help him maintain a primarily positive attitude.

Jake's Arghellian jacket has been described as "old and creepy" by some due to the rare occasions when they've taken it and put it on they've heard voices. This is due to the Ahrghellian language all over the outwear which transmits thoughts and personal notes instead of forming an actual dialect.

Jake never carries any firearms along on his trips, although he's not above "borrowing" many of them.

The Temporal Tag can only be activated from vocal confirmation from Jake himself. He usually does this by yelling "The time IS....!" and the corresponding year he wants to travel to. He can also be more accurate by yelling the month and time.

A random time can be reached if Jake yells "The time IS.....!" and hesitates for too long.

In the Cornerian Academy (REDUX) Jake's Temporal Tag will be suppressed for most of the roleplay.

Trivia: Another character that was inspired by so many things....Dr Who and Green Lantern mostly. I had been thinking of creating a Spidermonkey character, but had no good ideas to go along with it. So when I got the idea for a time traveling hero, both of the ideas seemed to click perfectly together. Jake's personality and overall character have taken a huge jump from what he once was. He was once a heroic figure but this updated version of him is more self-centered and a a complete loon. However due to the amount of power he wields, I deem that giving him such an extreme personality was a good choice to keep the situations that he gets into quite interesting.

Posted Image
Species: Artic Fox
Fur Color: White
Eye color: Blue
Homeworld: Na'Cheema and Na'Chella
Age: 68 (Her body is that of a 22 year old Artic fox)
Height: 5'5
Physique: Slender.
Vocal Description:Tricia Helfer's vocals.
Attire: A light bluish bluish purple Kunoichi outfit.
Strengths/Skills: She has been trained in the ways of both bushido and ninjtisu. She is to be feared as far as martial arts and swordplay are involved and is a master in stealth.
Weakness: Angel always strives to reach perfection in whatever she tries to achieve. However she simply fails to realize she can't be perfect in everything so she continues rather stubbornly and becomes obsessed which makes her loose focus. Also she doesn't want to admit it to herself but Angel is a horrible pilot.
(*) A Reflector Catana called Shizuna. It has been customized professionally. It can not only bounce laser bolts off it's surface thanks to a Prism Engine but it can shoot out the field in her slices, allowing her to project the defensive measure both in attack and in defense. Another feature allows an ultrasonic field to heighten the cutting ability of the sword and letting her cut through objects that most swords couldn't even penetrate. However both of these features must be used separately.

(*) Frost shaped shuriken she calls "Shuriseppen".
(*) Kunai.

Transport: A stealth Rolo called the Silent Night II. Angel won it in an illegal underground fighting tournament.
Posted Image
Transport Specks: Stealth Mode, Compact Mode, Light-speed Capability.
Affiliation: Jikeidan
Good/Bad: Anti-Hero
Occupation: Vigilante
Personality: With those she first meets she can be rather quiet and cold, generally liking to keep to herself. But with those comfortable she can become a be a bit of a smart aleck and a tease. She doesn't like to stay pinned to one area-she often keeps on moving to see different sights and places. When upset, she tends to speak fluent Japanese.

Background: She's a mysterious vixen with a quite a mysterious past that will unravel in Cornerian Academy (REDUX).

Hobbies: Might not count as one, but she enjoys Peaches and Cream. Other than that, she likes to fight, train and engage in exercise when she can.

"Angel's Ambiance" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycyJmvp86Cs

"Angel Appears!" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbvLEN2AMjU

"Stealth" theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpS6z_1kaso

Other facts:
Like most ninja, Angel has mysterious ways of disappearing. But one of her most unique and signature ways is by disappearing into a freak snowstorm even in the hottest of places. This puzzles allies and enemies to the point of being dumbstruck and is not quite understood by most people she encounters.

Angel is also a practitioner of another technique called the “Dance of Death” which is a series of graceful movements that entice and mesmerize the victim before they are ultimately slain.

Due to Angel's training with her weapon, she can deflect laser fire with ease. However this is usually only possible with three or four people at a time.

Trivia: For the few people that know me, I LOVE the ninja genre. So it's a little bit of a surprise that it took me a long time to make a ninja anthro. Originally I had sort of wanted Angel to be a rabbit in a black ninja outfit that would originate from Corneria, but I thought it better to use a fox and have her hail from Fichina. As of late her origins have changed as she now lived on two mysterious planets, but rest assured to all that her past will be revealed later including the mystery of her old age and young body. Also without a doubt Angel has come to be one of my most beloved characters I've ever created and as a result I really do tend to give her a lot of special attention.

Posted Image
Species: Great Horned Owl
Feather color: Blue (With red feather pattern around his eyes)
Eye color: Dark blue with sparkling stars scattered around
Homeworld: Corneria
Age: 26
Height: 5'3
Physique: Slender.
Vocal Description: A calm Reuben Langdon.
Attire: White Lab Jacket, Black undershirt Turquoise pants with the Cornerian Army logo on it his belt, and silver boots.
Strengths/Skills: Inventing new weapons, Computer work and hacking, and flying.
Weakness: Nite is emotionally broken so he has trouble understanding others and even understanding certain situations. He is very socially inept and sometimes he's willing to risk everything just so he can know what it feels like have proper emotions.
(*) Femto (He is the robotic hedgehog assistant that usually acts as Nite's bodyguard and enforcer. He has a plethora of abilities a lot of it psychical. Femto also houses quite a number of weapons in his chest for easy access and Nite can often use him as a personal armory. Femto himself is an excellent shot and will use firearms at Nite's command. Due to Nite's Galaxy Eyes he is only operable by Nite himself.)
Transport: Is currently under construction.
Affiliation: CDF, Cornerian Army
Good/Bad: Good
Occupation: Chief Weapon Engineer
Personality: Generally emotionless. He doesn't even seem to be scared of things which many find a bit creepy. He's never excited, bored, sad or depressed or even aroused. Nite always stays in one bland serious mode.

Background: Nite grew up with a legal guardian and the absence of his mother who left for some unknown planet. Because he was often misunderstood by his peers and classmates, he was bullied often and adopted a loner lifestyle in his defense. There was only one girl he was friends with at his young age named Vanessa, who only really understood his true nature. She remained his best until his much older years when he began to become a computer hack and thief thanks to another female he had developed a crush on named Alene. Their friendship eventually breaks when Vanessa catches him robbing a national bank online with the assistance of his new robot Femto.

Not much is known about Nite after that except he was found by Falco carrying out shady cyber deals and with a much upgraded Femto that he had created specially to carry out the emotions he seems to be lacking in. Feeling sorry for him, Falco was able to clean him up and put in a good word for the owl at CDF who despite not finding anything about his background in the databases hired him anyway. It was only later that Falco became suspicious of how he and the bird looked alike and had a DNA test done that confirmed they were indeed related as cousins. Since having appreciatively dealing with his cousin's kindness, Nite has become the Chief Weapon's Engineer at the CDF along with being the top leading consult for cyber warfare.

As of late though...Nite has become scared of something and has been working fiercely to upgrade his equipment and other defensive measures that keep him safe. Seeing him this way others have witnessed it have become a bit unnerved themselves know how he usually does not have such emotional responses.

Hobbies: Building new weapons, programming, playing video-games and chess.

"Nite in Action" theme

Other facts:
Nite is the cousin of Falco. But both of them have no previous memory of each other from their younger years since it's likely at the time they had never met.

Nite's flight skills are as expert, due to his family tree being skilled in aerial flying.

Due to his profession Nite is also a moderate marksman and has extensive knowledge of blasters, launchers, grenades, and a variety of other weapons.

Nite also uses a variety of technology he made himself. One good example is the "Galaxy Eyes" two pairs of permanent contact lenses that make his opticals look like the beauty of space when peered into. Aside from the cosmetic change, they also project holographic computer monitors and allow him to hack computers or other machines in his vicinity. They also him to take pictures and videos that can be viewed by others at a later time. The Galaxy Eyes are also the only thing capable of controlling an advanced robot like Femto.

Nite and Ryker frequently play chess together with the bird usually being the victor without even overlooking the board. However...Ryker has probably been his toughest challenger in the game.

Nite and Femto make an usual couple as for those observing, Nite can seem like the robot and Femto the actual person since his emotional programming is spot on. Femto can chat up people easily and is quite fond of certain ones he knows around the CDF base like Fara and Ryker.

Nite often tries not to get involved in hand to hand combat but he can still thrown a punch-adversaries beware if they think he'd be helpless without technology and weapons.

Trivia: Nite was a FC character I made, because I really didn't have any at the time and I wanted one. Regardless of him being a spur of the moment character, Nite has come to be a unique FC in my eyes with his calm and sensible personality along with his species.
Part of Nite's charm is that even though he's mainly a weapon's engineer, he is also an expert in computers making him a professional hacker. This sort of balances him in the "genius" animal list IMO, since Slippy is an expert in computers and mechanics (Being middle class) and most Fara Phoenix incarnations are experts in mechanics. Recently as with most of my character's Nite's personality has also changed drastically.

All character are under Coypright 2013
Edited by Falcory, May 16 2014, 10:54 AM.
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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
Hmmmm... Angel's ship looks like a Sith Infiltrator. Interesting.

That's because the base I used for the picture was. XD

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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
Ah thanks guys!

Yeah Radigal Jake looks cool, but he's planned to be quite a character. xD
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