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Castlevania: Unorthodox Measures!; (my idea for the next Castlevania game)
Topic Started: Apr 25 2014, 10:17 PM (177 Views)
Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
Unorthodox Measures is set in the fictional universe of the Castlevania series. Set in the present day of the early 21st Century, it focuses on a new horizon of the series' premise—the conflict between the vampire-hunting Belmont clan and the the undead fiends of the world. The protagonist and primary player character of Unorthodox Measures is Julius Nachtmar, a slacker, a screw up, and an out of work night watchman. By chance and by dumb luck, Julius stumbles into a secret ongoing war waged by undead fiends all over the world, who intend to wage an all out war on the living, and the Belmont Family and their finite allies, who are the only hope for the world of the living to stop the undead from taking over.

One night, Julius was out cruising around in his car, only to run over what first appeared to be a vagrant, but it turned out to be a zombie, working as a courier to bring a talisman from a nearby cemetery, to an unknown master, an undead fiend....it could possibly a Lich, a Vampire, a Werewolf chieftain, a demon, a succubus, or even a ghost. The possibilities are unknown. When Julius steals the relic from the destroyed zombie, he attracts the wrath of the undead, who stalk and pursue him for the stolen relic.

When Julius arrives home after stealing the relic, several zombies try to break into his house. Julius grabs a pump action Winchester Defender Shotgun, along with a .38 special Smith and Wesson Bodyguard Revolver...and blasts the zombies, one by one. He attempts to reload, and then shoots at them again, one for more and more of them to converge on the spot. Suddenly, ghosts, hell hounds, wraiths, homunculi, ogres, cyclopes, flea men, giant bats, scorpion men, and other nasty creatures began to attack Julius. A Lich is seen in the distance, along with a few vampires, werewolves, mummies, a golem, a demon, a ghost, and a succubus (most likely the boss characters) are seen in the distance.

Akasha Belmont, a lady vampire and, Ironically a member of the Belmont Clan, steps in to help Julius and to confiscate the relic that he stole. Julius finds himself tangled in a secret war between the undead monsters of the world, and the Belmont Clan (along with their limited allies). The Belmont Clan is trying to stop a world revolution about to be waged by the undead to take over the world and to destroy the living...and Julius happened to get in the way of this! Now he has no choice but to aid Akasha Belmont, for his own safety from the wrath of the undead, who will stop at nothing to kill him, now that he knows what's going on, and to satisfy their revenge on Julius for meddling by stealing the relic.

She managed to cast a spell that extracts Julius from his front yard, and conjures him onto the protected grounds of the Belmont estate, in Central California. When Julius arrives, he falls in love with Akasha, who is strikingly beautiful. At first, Akasha dislikes Julius, and tolerates him only because he was able to obtain something that could help her and her allies in their war against the undead. She promises to protect Julius, in exchange for his help. Julius gives Akasha the relic, an ancient Grimoire made of golden plates, presumed lost, but merely hidden from place to place over the past centuries. The Golden Grimoire contains secret, rare, and extremely valuable instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets, how to perform magical spells, charms and divination and also how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, and demons, all of this engraved into the golden plate pages.

Akasha is happy to have the Grimoire, and after reading and studying it, decides that now is the time for her and for Julius to travel the world, stealing other talismans and relics from the undead fiends and their masters, and defeat their top leader, in order to stop them from successfully execute their plans for world devastation against the living.

Akasha shows Julius her weapon: The Belmont Family Whip and Gauntlets. The revered family heirloom is what aided the Belmonts since the Dark Ages, in their war against Dracula and many other undead enemies. Although Akasha isn't sure that the leader of the undead revolution is Dracula, she wants to find out who is behind this sudden unification and leadership of the undead armies of the night all over the world, and to destroy this leader.

She also tells Julius that ordinarily a Belmont would NEVER make themselves into an undead being, but in these desperate new times and challenges for the Belmont family, some of them resort to extreme measures. Some have become Vampires, like her. Others became Lich creatures, werewolves, reverse vampires, and some have even returned from beyond the grave as ghosts, or at least formed a connection with our world via a portal as a means of communication (Akasha's great grandmother Sifa does this by means of a Scrying Mirror in the Belmont family home).

There are some members of the Belmont family who are still human, but have trained to become witches, wizards, necromancers, or alchemists. Akasha's mother was a vampire who saved her formerly human father's life, and then after they married Akasha's mother bit her father, turning him into a vampire, and that's how Akasha was born. Akasha's mother was no ordinary vampire. When sunlight hits her, she doesn't die, but merely reverts to a human like state, and loses her supernatural powers until she can either get out of the sunlight and into a shadow or an indoor environment where no sunlight is available, or when night falls and the sun is gone. Akasha's father has the same capabilities, and so does Akasha.

The Belmont family is generally scattered to the winds, hiding in abbeys, churches, and other consecrated places such as blessed castles or manor estates, protected from the undead evil beings of the world. Julius and Akasha visit some of these places to get close to their targets. They use a talisman first used by Akasha to rescue Julius, that allows them to travel around the world via teleportation.

Akasha is armed with the Whip of Alchemy, and three more whips: the Ice, Lightning, and Fire Elemental Whips. In addition, the Gauntlets can combine one of five sub-weapons—a knife, an axe, a cross, a crystal, and holy water—with one of seven orbs to form a special attack. Over the course of the game, Akasha and Julius will learn special techniques and magic attacks as well.

Julius has his .38 special revolver, and his shotgun. He can exchange weapons with Akasha, using her whips, gauntlets, and the sub weapons and magical spells/items. Akasha can use Julius' .38 special revolver, and his shotgun. Either character can use any weapons in any combination, such as the whip and the revolver, a`la Indiana Jones, to the player's amusement.

Akasha and Julius resolve to travel the world and stop the undead evil fiends before they can coordinate any attacks.

They visit a haunted and cursed summer manor in the pacific northwest, outside of Seattle Washington "Dead Rose", where they defeat a hostile ghost and find their way through a nasty mansion that is reminiscent of Stephen King's "Rose Red". Next is an abandoned amusement park somewhere on the east coast, where a vampire and his own private army of undead fiends are mobilizing.

They also visit a cursed theater in France, outside of Paris, at a "Grand Guignol" style of theater, where a succubus haunts the place. Then they visit a lost pyramid in Egypt, and battle a disgraced Mummy Pharoah. After that they travel to a deserted botanical garden in Greece, where they battle a gorgas Medusa, Akasha puts a spell on herself and on Julius so that they can look at the Medusa without being turned to stone. Unfortunately, they can't see her very well at all, she only appears to them as crude outlines during the battle (but the cinematic cutscenes show her in fine detail). The Medusa gorgas will be a giant head again.

Julius and Akasha then follow a lead into Russia, where they battle with werewolves and their chieftain. Then they go to Greyshadow Cemetery in Scotland, and battle a nasty Lich that haunts the place and controls the ghosts and zombies there. Afterwards, the two visit Massachusetts, to visit Knoll Manor (reminiscent of "Hill House"), where they defeat the ghost of a nasty industrialist robber baron textile tycoon, Drew Lane. After that, they go to New Orleans, and rescue a HooDoo practitioner from undead fiends that attempt to attack him in the Bayou, and this HooDoo practitioner becomes a grateful friend and ally to them, he teaches them the Black Magic art of "Poppet" effigy making, and how it can be used to vanquish their lower level enemies by making effigies of them and then destroying them by destroying the effigies.

The next mission involves a haunted Haitian Plantation to battle a ghost of an evil woman who was a former slave owner and aristocrat. Then it's off to Eastern Europe to destroy a Golem creature, and then to Rome to fight a necromancer who is trying to revive dead gladiators. Finally, after defeating undead fiend bosses, and collecting talismans, they go to Transylvania itself. Dracula's Castle isn't what they expected, just a tourist destination, and nothing more. Disappointed, they start to head back home, only to find out that there ARE vampires in Transylvania, surrounding the former site of Dracula's castle. One by One, Akasha and Julius find and defeat these vampires, only to find out that a demon is behind all of this, and he is to be found on the former site of where Lucifer fell.

Julius and Akasha go there, and battle the demon Astaroth, and though they do not "destroy him", they defeat him in battle, and steal the final relic that he leaves behind. As Akasha and Julius leave the site, they return to the Belmont Estate, where Akasha takes that last relic from Julius, and then says that she will leave Julius to his own devices, now that he is no longer in any danger. But she does admit her love for Julius, and promises that she will always watch over him, and even visit him from time to time, and protect him like a Guardian Angel. Julius uses the riches that he and Akasha plundered throughout the game to enjoy a new life.


Afterwards, the player has free roam and can teleport to any level using one of the relics, and explore the now conquered area where Julius and Akasha explored and did battle. The player can also enjoy free roam of all/any Belmont homes, where progress is saved throughout the game, and occasionally the player, as Julius, runs into Akasha, or if the player switches to Akasha, can encounter Julius from time to time (even before the game ends, the player can switch from Julius to Akasha and back at certain times). The two of them can interact with each other, but it's just some typical stuff...Also, certain missions can be replayed, even with the newly acquired objects, powers, and other unlocked capabilities that the player lacked when playing that same level before.

The player battles with ghosts, hell hounds, wraiths, homunculi, ogres, cyclopes, flea men, giant bats, scorpion men, and other nasty creatures...however, the player can create creatures of their own like these, with the help of the magic endowed members of the Belmont family, to protect them.

(more to come)
Edited by Julius Quasar, Jun 23 2014, 12:39 PM.
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