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[ti]SF[/ti]The CDF's Units and members.; A complete-as-possible listing of all members of the Cornerian Defense Force
Topic Started: May 1 2014, 08:19 PM (427 Views)
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Supreme Commander of the CDF Forces
This thread is dedicated to filling out as much of the CDF as possible. What compromises of the Force? What units are there? What are the key players/commanders of them. Please edit this post and add your own entries. Please link to whatever characters are in the force, unless they only exist on LylatLife. You don't want to be linking there.

The CDF High Command

As of now, the supreme commander of the CDF is unknown. I dunno what the main key player is, but it might be recommended that he or she just remains an unplayed force. No one person would control him/her to prevent any power grabs.

Admirals: The admirals of the CDF High Command are unassigned admirals who belong to no specific fleet as of yet. They may travel from fleet to fleet as they are needed, not just anchored to one specific fleet, or they may remain in the CDF Headquarters.

Three-Star: Yaku Winterwater (unassigned)

Other Officers: These are from Captain down to Ensign (we're going off Naval terms), again, only assigned to the CDF Headquarters.

Lieutenant Commanders:
Lieutenant Junior Grade:

Space Stations

These are the various space stations located in the system that are commissioned in the CDF. They go by the designation ISS.

ISS Triumph
This is the main focused space station. It was the source of many battles and is one of the most major hubs for transportation and trade, it being so close to Corneria. It was the focal point of a major battle with a Frog fleet, which was the climax of the "Jaded Blue Ice" RP on LylatLife. The commander of this station is Major Salt, an affectionate nickname by her crew despite her actual rank being a Commander.

It is known that the capital ship, the CDF Stonefish is assigned here. The destroyed CDF Red Dawn was also assigned here.

ISS Victory
Only mentioned in the above RP. Admiral Starzof is assigned to this station.

ISS Liberty
Only mentioned in the above RP. Destroyed in the Frog raid.

ISS Virtue
Only mentioned in the above RP.

ISS Freedom
Only mentioned in the above RP.

ISS Justice
Only mentioned in the above RP.

ISS Valiant
Only mentioned in the above RP.

ISS Vigilance
Only mentioned in the above RP.

Squads, Groups, and Units

List any unique squads, groups and units here and what space station or planet, if any, they are assigned to. A squad, group or unit is made up of multiple ships and leaders of each ship, or they can be a ground force or a group of people who call themselves one name. List all important members (not faceless generic people) and the unit commander. Keep in mind that while they don't necessarily have to be commissioned as part of the CDF, they do need to be listed if they are affiliated in any way.

The Stormblades is a group led by Ryoohki Sakosushin who frequently do mercenary work around the galaxy. They have been through two ships so far, and is about to go through a third one. Its other notable members are Dahvir, in charge of engineering and mechanics, and Jade, in charge of navigation.

Leader: Ryoohki Sakosushin
SIC: Dahvir
Jade Suniwayu
Rae Citcra (removed as of the end of "Jaded Blue Ice")

Unique Capital Ships

This section is for any player-created important capital ships. Please list the capital ship, designation (destroyer, cruiser, dreadnaught, etc), captain, and important crew, as well as what station or command they are assigned to.

CDF Red Dawn (destroyed)

This was the primary ship of the Stormblades group. This ship was commissioned as part of the CDF, assigned to the ISS Triumph. The size and crew varied in size from a meager 4 up to a full 300-crew ship. It had capacity for numerous strike craft. It was the main area for several RPs on various RP sites, but it was finally destroyed in the beginning of "Jaded Blue Ice" due to a reactor meltdown. The crew escaped save for one casualty.

Notable Crew:
Captain: Ryoohki Sakosushin
Tactical, mechanics: Dahvir
Navigation: Jade Suniwayu
Weapons: Rae Citcra

There was also a Throwaway character, Lieutenant Fisk, who perished in the Dawn's destruction.

Blue Mist
This is the replacement ship for the destroyed Red Dawn. The majority of the RP "Jaded Blue Ice" takes place here. It is a much smaller ship than the Red Dawn, large enough for only four-five crew. It also housed four strike craft. It served in assistance to the CDF, by the ISS Triumph's request to locate an enemy fleet. It found the fleet and returned to the station and warned them, preparing them for battle. It fought valiantly in the upcoming battle and received several citations and medals for its service. As of now it is parked in the Triumph, left in the care of it.

Notable Crew:
Captain, engineering and mechanics: Dahvir
Pilot: Ryoohki Sakosushin
Navigation: Jade Suniwayu
Weapons: Rae Citcra (later removed from duty)

The Aurora is a Cerinian destroyer and is the personal craft of Krystal McCloud. it can be used as a mobile command center Though a Destroyer by nature, the ship houses a nonstandard medical bay equipped with the most advance medical equipment available it also carries a small fighter bay and mechbay. The Aurora is a deadly destroyer and was used to reunite and patch up a few members of the Stormblade team (in the Jaded Blue Ice Rp) it also participated in the 'Battle of the Triumph' near the Triumph space station aiding the CDF it the defense of the station against the toad forces.

Captain, medic:Krystal
Naviagtion,weapons: Serena
Mechanic:Tigress Arcnon

The Borealis is the sister ship of the Aurora,currently it is in space dry dock.


The Galatae is a Assault Carrier capable of housing up 2 more than 200 fighters and other small craft along with a very large mechbay. So far the Galatae has not seen many battles but considering it's large firepower and carrying capacity it's inevitable it will eventually rise again as one of the Cerinian's deadliest ships.

Mechanic:Repair drones, Tigress(When she is on board)

Edited by Kursed, May 1 2014, 09:55 PM.
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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
So I'm lacking a little understanding, most of it being that I didn't take much time to read all of the post. But are you asking us to register CDF characters we have? Like for example my character Ryker Baxter?
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Supreme Commander of the CDF Forces
Yeah, I'm just asking to list everyone and everything involved with the CDF so we can keep a catalog of what actually compromises the CDF. Giving it life and a face.
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