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Niko Easton; Keiko's Return!
Topic Started: May 1 2014, 09:27 PM (495 Views)
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CDF Ensign
"Tch... you think you're good? Let's go, pal. I'll make this quick."

Name: Niko Easton
Age: 23
Species: Shark
Gender: Female
Background: Born into a lower-middle class family on MacBeth, she was raised with a great emphasis on doing the right thing and being kind to others. Neither of these took, and she lived a very average life until she was 17 year olds, when she discovered her recently passed grandfather's greatest treasures: a pair of high power blaster pistols and a red armored trenchcoat and hat, along with a detailed journal of the vigilante heroics her grandfather partook in.

She followed in his footsteps right away, and she dished out vigilante justice with the aid of a few friends, becoming known as the Red Ghost. She soon decided to hang up the coat and join the military so she could make a difference across the galaxy.

She did admirably as a basic soldier, aside from how well she handled her dual blasters, able to rush into a room and acrobatically dispatch every hostile within. She was soon noticed, and was trained further. Here she found a passion for swords along with guns, and picked up the training offered in an instant. With the assistance of her trainer and fellow students, she became an acrobatic assassin, capable of fluidly fighting with paired swords, leaping about raining death on her targets with her paired pistols, and should it come down to it, wield a customized great blade to destroy tougher foes.

It's a shame her attitude completely stinks. She's cocky, swears like a sailor and gets rather angry when a superior officer tells her 'no', or to do something she thinks is stupid. Even so, she adores working in a team, and will take up the reins to lead, encouraging the group to bond to overcome even the greatest threats.

Niko has a slim yet rather gifted figure, which she hides underneath a red coat. She wears black clothes underneath, with armor, pouches and straps to carry equipment. She has short white hair, the bangs falling in front of her green eyes, and wears a red headband on her forehead that tends to flow dramatically in the wind. She has fingerless gloves on her hands and wears boots. Her natural hair color is brown, and she has gray skin, with gills on the side of her neck.

Custom Blaster Pistols
These pistols are well-maintained, customized antiques that have seen years of use, yet these guns are reliable, strong and efficient. With multiple firing modes for varying degrees of lethality, Niko can use these weapons in any situation. Their shots can be charged for extra power, but this lowers their firing rate.

Power Sword and Reinforced Blade
These paired swords are used, naturally, in close combat and in one on one battles. The Power Sword is a very stable prototype, projecting a powered field over metal to give it extra cutting power. The Reinforced Blade is an offhand sword, forged to resist damage while still offering a lethal edge.

This massive blade looks to be a combination between a chainsaw and a zweihander, and is Niko's weapon of choice when it comes to larger foes, such as dinosaurs, tanks or mecha. This was once wielded by one of Niko's closest friends, who was killed by one of Andross' leftover experiments she and her team discovered on a quick investigation mission. She wields it in his honor. It's slow, but can be swung with enough force to dent a tank, before activating the monomolecular chainsaw built into the blade. It was designed for infantry to breach hulls and as an intimidator on the battlefield.

Niko enjoys playing video sims on her off time, along with training. She practices martial arts even when on-duty. She is also a rather avid fan of anime and manga, styling herself after the hot-blooded heroes often seen in their pages. She reads comic books too! She also maintains a hovercycle, the only thing she can actually drive.

+ Varied soldier with talents in melee and ranged combat
+ Jaded, tends to respond to horrific or traumatic events with snarks
+ A surprisingly competent tactical leader who encourages friendship within the unit
+ Honest and trustworthy despite her bad attitude

- Easy to anger and provoke into a fight.
- No true superpowers to speak of. No psychic powers, no super strength.
- Can't pilot worth a crap.
- Tends to grate on people with her rowdy attitude
- Not all that great with non-pistol ranged weapons
- Not all that experienced on the battlefield or even with the regular military since she was scooped up into specialist training rather quickly.

OOC Notes:
This is a port of my Warhammer 40k RPG OC, who is currently leading a party of Acolytes across the Imperium of Man to stop an apocalypse. This Niko is much more mild.
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
A commendable job, comrade - however, if you can swing it, I would like a look at the blasters your character wields. If you have no images, don't fret; I keep a fully-stocked armory here, and I could share the site I make my weapons at with you. You could make an image of the blasters there.
Member Avatar
CDF Ensign
I'd be interested in seeing this site...

As for a extra bits.

Normal Battle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPrfOF7bxRI
Epic Comeback: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ4i199cQ-4
VS Equal Opponent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z38fklaxyfc
Sad/Emotional: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl1na3JyWdw
Member Avatar
Head General of the Marauder Corps
It's a site for designing primarily bullet weapons, but you can use your imagination to design other types. I did - just look at my PIMPMYGUN armory. And the guns displayed there are just *part* of the massive collection of custom-designed firearms I have.


There ya go. Go nuts. I know I did.
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CDF Ensign
And then a thing happened.

Posted Image

How do they work? I dunno how sci-fi blasters work! They just shoot and kill people! With lasers!
Edited by KeikoMystere, May 7 2014, 04:07 PM.
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Head General of the Marauder Corps
Hnh... pretty good, considering it's your first try. I primarily create rifles - just see Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory.

Still, I'm impressed.

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