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The Tragic Tale of Tyrius
Topic Started: May 13 2014, 07:30 AM (3,623 Views)
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major

Out of the way, small, insignificant. To what end did this town serve to raid? What riches could a backwater hold?

Baltazar snorts in his helm. He sits on a hill several hundred feet from the town. He had spent the most of this miserable rainy day spotting the battlefield, watching the art of war play out on this day's chosen canvas.

"Of course it is you" He says aloud, holding up a piece of Manarock the size of a baseball. The pulsing metal serenades him with its usual response, silence. "Rip the village of its posessions, rip the ground of its riches."

Below him, his steed snorts as it stands beside his master. He is a fine horse, muscled and well fed. But his eyes betray the obvious misuse of magic. Of course the mane made entirely out of Electricity somewhat foghorns it as well.

He dons his zischagge, letting the lobster tail fan out over the back of his neck as he spurs his horse into town. There was no rule against after battle scrounging after all.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
The bodies of the raiders still lay where they had fallen, bleeding out onto the dirt.

Baltazar paid the groans of the still living no mind, sifting through pockets for spare units of currency, bits of Manarock they might have collected on the march here or from previous conquests. His lance was balanced up against his steed as he sifts, throwing away meaningless personal baubles with flicks of his wrist.

"Hey you!"

Baltazar slowly stands, a smile forming on his muzzle as he turns around. Three of the town guard stood watching him, clutching their weapons tightly.

"What are you doing here?

Baltazar looks at the half stripped corpses beside him, inclining his head a such an obvious answer. "Recycling." He makes a move to return to his scavenging, but a shouted word of warning gives him pause. His smile fades. "If i am not welcome then i shall bid a leave."

With grace he steps into his stirrup and flings himself aboard his Horse, his lance balanced on his shoulder.

"Did you know these men?" One of the guards asks, clutching his crossbow tightly as he tracks Baltazar's movements.

"Personally? No. Saw them coming a mile away though" He shoots back, enjoying the stunned silence that came after.

"Y-you didnt warn us!"

Baltazar tisks in response. "It is a tough world out here now. Men have to watch out for themselves. Why would i butt my head into other's business?"

He is responded with the mechanical shrieks of the crossbow being cocked, and the violent swears of the guard as he slams a bolt into the mechanism. "You think you can play games with us?!"

Baltazar kicks his horse, the clearly enhanced beast lumbering forward at a decent trot, leading away from the guards. As the horse bobs, the banner hanging from his lance unravels with the two pronged image of a great roaring bear.


Baltazar grunts as the Bolt smashes into his cuirass, the great metal denting, but not piercing his mighty plate.

"My turn"

He lets loose a great roar, letting the spittle in his mouth decorate the Cross guard of his helmet. "Charge Wojtek, Charge!"

The thunder of hooves, the creaking of metal, the panicked screams of the guards, and then the sickening thunk of lance meeting and separating flesh.

Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
(I'm at work go on a post later at 4]
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
Baltazar removes his lance from the chest of the town's guard, letting the three corpses aside his steed tell the story.

Voytek turns, letting the full form of the Ursine Hussar stretch over the muddy and rainy landscape. The poles attached to the saddle glistened with drops of water and blood, the feathers as well.

"Hello" he greets amicably, raising his 5 meter lance high into the air and letting the rain clean it well. "I dont suppose you are also here to stop me from plying the good trade?"
Edited by Jack Mccloud, May 15 2014, 12:43 PM.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
"Demon" He snorts, looking incredulous as he bobs along. Voytek keeps a steady trot, moving away from the armed group that had spilled from the town.

"I have heard myself called a parasite, but never a demon." He runs a hand up to his helmet, raising the crossguard to get a better look. He smiles. "What crime is it that whomever killed those men over yonder didn't properly strip them of valuables?"

"But my morality isnt the issue here, is it?" He puts a hand in his pocket, showing off the piece of Manarock. "No, you would rob a poor Hussar defending himself with the disguise of justice." His face lowers into a much darker smile. "Am i incorrect?"
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
"Without violence?" Baltazar barks, turning his head to Spyra.

"Without violence" He says again, shaking his head incredulously, giving a few dark chuckles. His horse turns and angles now back the way he came, the horse pacing to prevent getting stuck in the muck.

"Welcome to Tyrius, outsider." He says, giving a brief nudge to his helm. "I hate to break bubbles, girl, but you dont seem to realize what kind of planet you are stripping."

He prods one of the dead corpses with his lance. "They wanted the manarock in my pockets as much as i wanted theirs. The only difference here is that you call me the evil one for being the victor."

He shakes his head. "Now please, nothing will be gained from me killing you all. I just want to pick the pockets of the dead, as their possesions are rightfully mine, and be on my merry way. Is this too much to ask?"
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
"It matters little who shot first. Be it they or be it me." Baltazar shoots. "All that matters is that they are no longer living and by the right given to me by common law, their possessions are mine. As well as any Manarock they may have on their persons."

Baltazar indicates the corpses nearest to the city. "Those were here when i arrived, and they were unpicked. I set about that business when they attacked me!" He snarls, letting his rage build in him. "I will not be accused of anything by outsiders and peasants. And it would do you all well to remember your station. Outsiders have not yet destroyed the social order."

He snorts and makes another pass around, this time glaring at the assembled group.

"Now are you going to impede my rightful ownership or may i collect MY things and move on to the next filthy little peasant village."
Edited by Jack Mccloud, May 15 2014, 09:31 PM.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
Baltazar roars again, his horse rearing as he pulls the reigns and aims Voytek at Spyra. "My name is Baltazar Ksawery, house Ksawery, the ursine lords of the plain!. I will not be threatened by a filthy, female, CHEEKY PEASANT!"

His lance aimed at her head, the thundering sound of hooves fills the air once more. Only this time, those assembled can hear the shrill whine of the feathers mounted on Baltazar's back. It is an unearthly sound, the sound of a diving eagle ready to disembowel its prey.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
No hesistation. No holding back.

Roaring still, Baltazar slams his lance forward to pierce the dragon's hide, the Manarock enchanted tip screaming through the air, seronaded by the wings on his back.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
"Coward!" The momentum carried him through the fire, the electric and obviously magic horse plowing through the excited flames. His movements carried him into the town.

"Craven dragonskank!" With a flourish, he pulls out a cloth bag, a crude facsimile of a Cannon's projectile. He slams the cloth container into the dragon's fire, the flimsy cloth instantly igniting with the presence of flames. The bag explodes, a loud snap that sends wafts of flame into the city, where the dragon stood and he had charged.

"RUN!" He shouts to the onlookers. "THE DRAGON HAS IGNITED A CITY!"

With screams, townspeople ran to their homes to collect what valuables they could before the fire reached their homes.

"Voytek!" He screams. "After them! They shall not dare smear my honor without a fight!"

With the crackling of lightning, the horse flares into a mighty Roc, the electric mane being mirrored by the feathers of the great bird. With a crackling scream the might bird lifts off, thundering into the sky with mighty flaps.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
The stream of water sloshes into the magically induced fire, the package of Manarock infused gunpower causing the the dragon flames to spread across the village.

"Fight me, Lizardspawn!" Baltazar yells, gaining on the dragon.
Edited by Jack Mccloud, May 16 2014, 03:13 PM.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
Baltazar degenerated into mindless rage babbles, couching his lance in the holster on the side of the saddle. From his belt he hefts another of the alchemical bombs. He pulls Voytek into a swan dive, arcing the bomb at the Dragon.

"Die!" he manages over his rage.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
Voytek glides through the air, falling into a current and circling over the town as Baltazar cackles with utter contemptuous glee.

"House Ksawery shall reign supreme!" Baltazar turns his head to scan the horizon. No sight of the others through the smoke from the burning town. Baltazar roars in anger, pointing his lance away.

Voytek roars alongside his master, flapping his wings to get them out of the smoke and away from the scene.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
Voytek lets out one last screech before slamming into the ground, shifting wildly until he forms into the lumbering bulk of an African Elephant. Still giddy from his victory, Baltazar is more than content to sway peacefully as the lumbering of his steed takes him closer and closer to the plains.

"Today was a bountiful harvest." He says, jiggling the sack of manarock. Voytek trumpets in response, setting off the birds in the near area. "We can get a couple of Kilometers with this amount."

He pockets the sack and looks to the sky, seeing past the clouds and into the theoretical infinite depths.

"Soon" He says, almost wistfully as he clears the treeline and becomes a sore thumb in the middle of the flat plains. "Oh so very soon."
Edited by Jack Mccloud, May 18 2014, 06:14 PM.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
His fief.

It was always wonderful to see his ancestral family land spread before him. The Ursines of the plains had dominated this specific plot since the beginning history, they had always belonged to house Ksawery. He could see largest open pasture on the planet, the Thunderhorses grazing on the grass.

With Voytek's plodding gait, they crossed underneath the threshold of the gates in no time, letting the gates close behind him as he dismounts without ceremony. Soon after, he is met by another bear, a stack of papers in hand and glasses balanced on the end of his nose.

"My lord, something has riled the Witch. She has been asking for you personally."

Baltazar shakes his head. "When isn't she?"
Madness and Chaos, the Witch of November screams and writhes against the locks and chains that keep her bound to the center of a great circle. Her white hair is thrown this way and that as she screams and screams and screams.

"She has been like this for an hour, my lord!" One of her tenders yells over the din, leading his lord down the pathway to the great Circle. A slow burning fire contained the witch, the manarock in the flames letting it burn for a long eternity.

"Baltazar!" The witch turns to adress him, her flailing ceasing as she turns her attention to him. "My weather is being changed!"

Baltazar lets no surprise show. He takes a deep breath. "Whom and where?"

The Witch snarls out a word, and Baltazar narrows his eyes.

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