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(TV) Tropes for your RP characters.; A fun little project
Topic Started: May 16 2014, 10:35 AM (364 Views)
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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
I'm not sure if this could be considered the right sub-forum...but I thought it would be cool to compile a list of tropes from our RP characters from TVTropes.(< Click the word to be taken to the website) Not only can it help others to understand certain aspects of your characters better...but in doing it you can develop and discover new things about your character's yourself. The only rule I think should come into play is that the use of the Badass page should not come into play. Chances are since you created your character you already have made what you consider a badass and it really doesn't state anything new to others. We can all rightfully assume that all characters posted are badasses-unless stated with another page that helps us to appreciate they're not. XD However...pages that are sub super tropes or sub tropes are permitted (Such as Badass in Charge or Badass Bookworm) seeing as they do highlight on differing facts and qualities of your character other than being a badass.

(Also as a note...the admins may want to change the wording in the links to be a lighter color than the normal wording since it's hard to tell when someone has a link in the words and it's a bit irritating to color the words yourself.)

So without further to do...I'm going to do three of my own characters. I'll probably add to this list as time goes on. I'm not going to do it in alphabetical order as that would take quite some time.

Ryker Baxter

*Muscles Are Meaningful
*Action Hero: Pretty much.
*A Father to His Men: How Ryker treats many of his team members.
*Thou Shalt Not Kill: It's more of a phobia than a morality issue with him.
*The Protagonist: What is he in the novels.
*Brown Eyes
*Married to the Job: He can be a BIG offender of this.
*Dating Catwoman: A pretty good sum up of his relationship with Angel.
*Oblivious to Love: With the exception of Angel, Ryker often comes off as this. See "Married to the Job" above.
*Combat Pragmatist
*Instant Death Bullet: Averted and Justified; when wielding an actual weapon Ryker makes sure to only try to hit his enemies in spots that won't kill them instantly, so there is a strong possibility they'll receive medical attention afterwards and be alright. Of course...he'll usually try to avoid it altogether by just making sure the main weapon he carries around doesn't off people.
*Animal Sterotypes/Dog Sterotype: He's a German Shepherd that loyally guards the causes he fights for as well as being The Hero. Also in the novels he was once with Sniff and Rescue, his nose being superb in tracking others down.
*Authority Equals Asskicking
*Chief Badass
*The Comically Serious: Most often with replies and reactions to Jake or Angel.
*Tricked Out Shoes: His Magnetic Boots.
*The Leader
*Ignore the Fanservice: See "Married to the Job" above.
*The Everyman/Standardized Leader: Unfortunately not as averted as I would like sometimes; holding the sort of status he does among all my other characters makes him seem pretty generic and dull. You can probably see this by just comparing his number of tropes to that of the others below- you'll see that he has far less than they do.
*Odd Friendship: With Nite. The two almost have nothing in common and usually just meet up to play Chess but they maintain a good friendship nonetheless.
*Chronic Hero Syndrome
*Guile Hero
*Big Brother Mentor: to Jake in the novels. In the RP, Marcus seems to be embodying this trope.
*Beware the Nice Ones: Often gets this way with Jake in the novels as he tries to treat him nicely and have patience; but looses all cool when the simian causes big trouble. This generally prompts him to slam the monkey against a wall or shake him wildly by the collar.
*Would Hit a Girl: Which is disturbingly proven in his fights with Angel.
*Technical Pacifist: See "Thou Shalt Not Kill"

Jake Webb

*Fun Personified: Very much so.
*Attention Whore: Oh god.
*Brilliant but Lazy Such a big offender that he's been cataloged as having an IQ of 200...but it's most likely not even accurate since he got bored during his testing.
*Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Jake normally stays in a fun-loving state, but do not piss him off for the wrong thing. He's impressed Ryker and Angel occasionally in his effectiveness in getting what he wants done.
*AttentionDeficit-Ooh, Shiny!: He such a big offender that his mind doesn't even allow him to feel pain when distracted.
*Insane Equals Violent: Averted. Jake is least likely to throw a punch at the villain threatening him with the loss of his life and ask them where they got product for their hair or where they shop for their clothing.
*Confusion Fu: He's got such a good handle on this that people who know him well enough are afraid to go against him just because how unpredictable he is. Heck...at times I don't understand where he's going or what's he doing. And I created him.
*Screw the Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers!: Not only is this the attitude he has with his Temporal Tag, but his genius intellect as well.
*Jerkass with a Heart of Gold: Often times Jake seems to only care about himself and things in his little world. However when crunch time really hits he seems to come through.Usually.
*Karma Houdini: Jake usually does more than a few things he really should get retribution for. However none of it really ever seems to stick...that or after two second he rolls with whatever misfortune happens to him.
*Screw the War, We're Partying!: Justified in that this is how he really deals with his troubled past. See also "Fun Personified".
*The Mad Hatter Oh he totally knows he's screwed up. His way of dealing with it is "Screw the War, We're Partying!" seen above.
*Insane Troll Logic: Jake often invokes this trope. Said results in what he may reason on though may vary.
*Obfuscating Stupidity: If you've read this far well, duh.
*Not Afraid to Die: He really isn't.
*Early Installment Weirdness: Jake started out oddly enough as fairly normal. It's a bit weird to look back at his character see how much he's changed. At the beginning he wasn't much different than Indianna Jones with a time traveling watch. But now he's an insane, annoying and completely brilliant character that's unpredictable. With time, most characters I have just get more depths to their personality and a few traits changed here and there. However over the years Jake virtually got a gradual overhaul eventually becoming a much different person than he once was.
*Awesome McCoolname: Jake Webb
*Large Ham: He can come off as one on occasion.
*Power Tattoo: His Temporal Tag on the back of his right hand.
*The Friend Nobody Likes: Type 3 and a strong type 8. More often than not people just want him to sit in a corner and be quiet. Of course he never does as such.
*The Gadfly: He enjoys saying/doing things to people often for his own amusement. He'll typically even act like a pervert to get reactions.
*Gray Eyes
*Manipulative Bastard: He can be one in so many ways it's not even funny.
*Casanova Wannabe: Ohhhh yes.
*Berserk Button Almost averted in a way. He doesn't seem to have one. Then you do something random like turn off his music without asking...
*Animal Sterotypes: A monkey that constantly gets into trouble because of his mischief making personality and energetic spirit.
*Most Annoying Sound: When people who are familiar with him hear his voice.
*Awesome Music: He loves it. It's arguably the one foolproof thing that motivates him to do things he should at the given moment.
*Dark and Troubled Past: If you only knew the details...
*Mysterious Past: For now.
*Only the Chosen One may Wield: The Temporal Tag. Jake's the only one who can operate it and many people have tried, eventually to give up and just end up using him for whatever they had in mind.
*Plucky Comic Relief

Angel Frost

*Broken Ace: While nowhere near as close as someone like Jake... Angel has her own internal problems and issues to deal with.
*Absurd Cutting Power: Her sword; Shizuna
*Alpha Bitch: If she is not fond of another female, oh yes she can be.
*More Deadly Than Male: She can hand Ryker his butt if serious. Easily.
*Implausible Fencing Powers: In the RP, she cut a window pane neatly in half to jump in between the narrow opening and escape from a building. All without shattering it and making a sound.
*Samurai/Ninja: Is freakin BOTH.
*Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: See "Samurai/Ninja" above.
*Older than they look: While having the look and physical body of a vixen in her twenties, Angel in reality is nearly 70 years old.
*Dark and Troubled Past
*Mysterious Past: For now.
*Proud Beauty
*Shameless Fanservice Girl: Not the kind that prances around in revealing outfits to arouse everyone mind you, but if the situation require she change in front of a male or even seduce one she'll have little qualms with it.
*All Girls Want Bad Boys: Partial explanation for why she's attracted to Ryker. Not that Ryker is bad in the traditional sense, but his job leads to a lot of danger...which she likes.
*The Tease: Only as such with Ryker. When she's dealing with other males they generally get something different...
*Pragmatic Hero
*Anti-Hero: Type II as noted directly above.
*Weapon of Choice:The Katana
*Cool Sword: Shizuna can actually throw slices of reflective energy that not only stun opponents but bounce laser fire back in the opposite direction.
*Mystical White Hair
*Combat Pragmatist: Even though she'll fight fairly and with honor, she'll whip this out when she ain't playin.
*Awesome McCoolname: Angel Frost.
*Meaningful Name:Even though Angel is not part of her real name and is more of an adopted title, she nevertheless strives to be perfect in all she does just like an angel. She also acts in many roles that contrast to a guardian angel; protecting others from dangers they can't face. Frost no doubt alludes to the climate she comes from and along with her animal species and sometimes cold and harsh personality.
*Master Swordswoman
*Action Girl:Although sometimes she can lean into being more of the Dark Action Girl.
*Hartman Hips: Yes, she has them. Try not to stare too much.
*Elemental Eye Colors
*Attractiveness Isolation: Part of the reason she's not asked out often.
*Sugar and Ice Personality
*Blood Knight
*The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: She can get this way if someone bested her in combat with no interference. If the situation is not quickly resolved the results are not pretty.
*Guile Hero: Sometimes. It depends.
*Pride: Has a lot of it, although she doesn't really advertise how much she thinks of herself.
*The Lancer: To Ryker in the novels. Most likely to him in the RP as well.
*Never her fault: She's horrible with this. She really doesn't like to admit her mistakes.
*Immune to Bullets: In the sense that she is not actually bullet/laser proof, but in that trying to attack her with such things usually prove worthless as she deflects the majority of them with her sword. However if overpowered with fire or even if she slips up and makes a mistake you'll find she most certainly not immune to them.
*Stealth Hi/Bye
*Animal Sterotypes: Cunning Like a Fox
*Foreign Language Tirade: You can always tell when she's truly upset since she starts speaking in fluent Japanese.
*Snow Means Cold: What occurs to those witnessing when she does the "Snowstorm Vanish" technique.
*An Ice Person: Averted; many assumes she is one after seeing the "Snowstorm Vanish" although in reality it's a very elaborate illusion. When told this it's not understood by others...except Jake who apparently can clearly comprehend how it works.
*Magic Dance: Again averted; her "Dance of Death" technique it's not magic. Rather it's an advanced series of rhythmic motions that hypnotize and mesmerize her victim.

Edited by Falcory, Aug 7 2014, 10:17 AM.
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