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Liberty Park; Welcome to the Neighborhood
Topic Started: May 22 2014, 10:07 AM (4,429 Views)
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
( but i looked up silencers and they are really loud regardless of where they came from. since calliope is your neighbor she would have heard them this is the youtube link i watched
and she owuld have seen the dragon as it first appeard cause she was watching drummer)
Edited by Jack Mccloud, May 28 2014, 06:37 PM.
CDF Conscript
Ashlin couldnt really see anything wrong with the house or its occupants. The guy with the boxes had not emerged from the house yet, which wasnt really a big deal, and she really couldnt see inside the windows. After sittng there a few minutes she was about to give up when something on the roof caught her eye. It was a shimmer, like a reflection of light. Focusing the binoculars on it now, the fox watched as it weavered and rippled twice, followed by two soft and barely audible pops. The sound that she knew all to well as a silenced sniper. And sure enough, a figure appeared from the shimmer and got up, waved at her, turned into a dragon, and flew off.

Trying to comprehend what she just saw, Ashlin continued to stare out the window. Suddenly a woman ran into the street and kicked down the house door, sprinting inside.

That was enough for her.

The vixen grabbed her rifle from the bed and perched it on the window seal. She opened the bi pod to give it support and waited for anything to cross the line of the property. "What kinda messed up neiborhood is this?" She mumbled to herself.
Member Avatar
Head General of the Marauder Corps
(I wasn't disputing that she saw the dragon. In any case, let's continue with the RP.)

Viktor kept mobile across the rooftops, keeping cloaked to avoid being spotted.
Proton Inspira
CDF Lance Corporal
Kiersey drove the SUV down the street, none the wiser to the drama that was unfolding. She did notice someone run across the street and dart between some houses to the back alley. "The hell is that all about?" she wondered.

In any case, she pulled into the entrance of the alley and into the garage, leaving the door up. Hopping out of the car, she carried out her task of unloading the groceries.

* * *

"The car just flipped over into the yard. It was crazy..." Amanda finished explaining to the police woman as she wrote Amanda's account down.

By this time, the Range Rover was being righted by the repair crews, while the Hyundai was being lifted onto a tow truck to be carted away. The fire crew was wrapping it up, the ambulance had already left, and the someone, most likely the Hyundai driver's father or something, came and picked up her and her child.

"...Okay, so, where do you live?" The officer asked.

"Just right down the street," Amanda answered. "1227 Cherry Grover Court."

"Alright..." The officer wrote that down. "So, now you might get a call if we need anymore information about the accident. Thanks for your time."

"No problem. Any time."

With that, it was all said and done. Joe and Amanda began their short walk down the street to their home.

Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
From the house Calliope pushes Drummer out into the street and towards their house, Drummer keeping an eye on roofs and windows. This particular sort of situation had last happened in 1945, so Drummer was a little rusty on his urban warfare drills.

Not that he expected to need them in this particulOOF!

Drummer trips as Calliope near drags his limp body up the patio stares and into the house, slamming the door shut and locking the door with everything it had.

"Cally, what the fu" She shuts him up by throwing a large pipe at him, Drummer catching it before it breaks his nose (again).

"Dragon, saw dragon. Barricade!"

"Oh dear" Drummer thinks as he helps Calliope board up the windows. "Its one of those centuries."
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
(lag double post sorry)
Edited by Jack Mccloud, May 28 2014, 08:06 PM.
Proton Inspira
CDF Lance Corporal
The couple made it to their home. Once inside, Joe closed the door behind them and locked it. Amanda made a bee-line to the kitchen to check on Kiersey's progress on the groceries.

"How much you got left?"

Kiersey placed a few bags on the kitchen island. "I just started," she said before going back out to the garage to get more groceries.

Just as Amanda was about to go out the kitchen door to the garage, she caught Joe out of the corner of his eye flopping his lazy ass on the sofa. "Um, excuse me?"

"What?" Joe said, turning around to look at her.

"Help with the groceries!"

"Ugh, fine..." Joe said, getting up to help.[edit_reason]just because...[/edit_reason]
Edited by Proton Inspira, May 29 2014, 12:03 AM.
Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
The house is locked down as best as Calliope can force Drummer to make it, the windows are clothed over and the door is double barricaded and locked down tight.

"Cally" Drummer says, grabbing the hysterical woman with both hands and holding her firm. "What the hell just happened? I heard the bullets being fired, but its not like we haven't been through that before."

Calliope takes a few deep calming breaths. "En Dragon!" She says finally, shooting a glance towards the basement window. "There was a firebreathing LIZARD on top of the neighbor's house."

Drummer cannot help but doubt Calliope. Dragons and rooftop snipers, it was all fantastical and too wacky to be real. But Cally had rarely lost her cool this hard in such a long time...

Drummer went with the option that included trusting his wife.
Proton Inspira
CDF Lance Corporal
The last few of the groceries had been gotten out of the car. Amanda locked up the garage and went into the house to put the groceries away.

"What's in that box?" Amanda asked, playing Tetris with the freezer to get the newly purchased food inside.

"It's a carrot cake," Kiersey answered as she opened a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and dug inside. "Our new neighbor brought it over as a token of brotherly love." Kiersey was trying to be funny.

Being nosey, Amanda went to the cake to take a look. She would cut herself a slice later. She noticed that Joe left his phone on the counter. Just as she did, the screen came to live and it vibrated rhythmically as it emitted some Alternative Rock melody as the ringtone. The caller ID read: "Violetta". Amanda cocked an eyebrow. Wanting to know who this "Violetta" was, she snatched up the phone and answered the call.

"Who is this?" Amanda said, rather rudely.

"Oh, um..." The woman named Violetta on the other end was caught off guard. Either because of the way Amanda answered the phone or because she was expecting to speak to her work partner.. "I'm sorry. You must be Amanda..."

"--And how do you know my name?" Amanda retorted, shifting her weight to one leg and putting her hand upon her hip.

"Joe speaks very highly of you," Violetta said, trying to get on her good side. She figured that she was a little suspicious, seeing as some woman called her husband's phone. "I'm Joe's work partner, Officer Violetta Ortiz. I was just trying to reach him pertaining an urgent matter. Is he in?"

"Oh..." Amanda felt a little stupid. "Sorry. Strange number calling up my husband, you know how it is."

"I totally understand." Violette chuckled. Laughs were a little hard to come by, given the current circumstances.

Amanda was going to find Joe, but she saw him coming down stairs. "Joe, your partner's on the phone," she said, handing it to him as he entered the family room.

It was his day off. What could be the problem?

Taking the phone, he put it to his ear and spoke. "Talk to me."

"Sorry to call you in on your day off, but we have a bit of a situation."


"Its not too far from where you live. At the crossing of Bayberry Drive and Highland Avenue..." Violette explained the situation in further detail. Joe didn't know what to make of it.

"...Shit." He sighed. "Alright. I'll be there within fifteen minutes." With that, he ended the call.

"What's going on?" Amanda asked.

"Work." That was his simple one-word answer as he went upstairs to get dressed.
CDF Conscript
Ashlin was buckled over dying of laughter. Through the scope of her rifle, she witnessed as a woman dragged the dude with the boxes out of the house frantically and pulled him back into what she assumed was theres. She then watched in amusement as the couple rushed to get their place locked down like they were preparing for a riot at the end of the world.

After the vixen wiped the tears from her face, let out a few more short laughs, and composed herself, she focused her sights on the rooftops where she had last saw the sniper. "Come out come out where ev'r you are."
Member Avatar
Head General of the Marauder Corps
By the time Vokun and Janie had gotten back from looking for Viktor, Viktor was already home, having snuck through the door while the vixen sniper was laughing her @$$ off.

"I swear, we can't take a single vacation without Viktor going into Vigilante mode!" Janie grumbled.

"It was your idea to bring him along," Vokun said.

"Given the circumstances, maybe not one of my better ideas," Janie admitted. When they opened the door, they saw Viktor, sitting on the couch watching TV. "Viktor, where the devil have you been?!" Janie demanded. "And don't tell me you were 'hunting'!"

"Okay, I won't tell you that," Viktor chuckled.

"Dammit, Viktor! This isn't Nar Shaddaa, where you can snipe criminals in the street!" Janie exclaimed. "There are laws here!"
Proton Inspira
CDF Lance Corporal
Joe threw on a simple brown thermal Henley, a pair of dark wash slim-fit jeans. He wasn't in the mood to dress himself to the nines at this time, considering he only had a few minutes to spare, though he did thrown on a waistcoat over the shirt and put on those black Steve Madden boots that Amanda got him for his birthday. He put on his gun holster and badge, donned a pair of aviators, and gave himself a once-over in the full length mirror that hung on the closet door in the master bath.

Not too dressed up, not too dressed down.

Leaving the bedroom, he descended the stairs and went into the kitchen to see Amanda cutting herself a slice of carrot cake. Amanda glanced at Joe, then double takes, looking him from head to toe at his attire. "Ooh, who you getting all dressed up for?" Amanda said jokingly.

"I learn from the best, babe," Joe responded as he goes into the fridge to get a bottle of water. Staying hydrated was something he learned in the military. Capping the water bottle, he turned to his wife to give her a good-bye kiss. "I dunno how long I'll be out, but I'll see you when I get back."

"Okay. Love you." As Joe was halfway out the back door, Amanda perked up: "--Oh! Um, aren't you gonna eat anything before going?"

"Nah, I'll get at the chicken when I get back. I'll see you later."

"Stay safe."

Joseph went to the garage and hopped into is black Dodge Charger and backed out into the alley. He made sure the garage door was completely closed before putting the car in 'drive' and pulling down the narrow one-lane road. Getting onto the street, he began his short trip to the crime scene which was not too far from where he lived. It was less than a mile away. He turned onto Bayberry Drive, one of the streets that lead out of the neighborhood. He already could see the scene across Highland Avenue, on the edge of an adjacent older neighborhood, a scene of police cars and crime scene tape closing off half of the avenue. Reaching the stop sign, Joe checked traffic before crossing the avenue and parked on the neighborhood street just across from Liberty Park.

Climbing out of his car, he was greeted by his partner Violetta. "Glad you made it." She got right down to business as they walked to the crime scene. "According to the key witness, he was being harassed by two young men before their heads basically exploded in front of him. He didn't know what to make of it at first. He thought it was a joke."

"Where are the bodies?" Joe asked as he came upon the scene.

"Nowhere to be found. Perhaps the perp got rid of them somehow? But he did a shit job of covering his tracks."

"Hmm..." Slipping past the crime scene tape, Joe kneeled down and studied the direction of the blood spatter all over the sidewalk and the retaining wall of Liberty Park's older neighboring vicinity. There were two bullet holes lodged in the brick masonry. He looked across the street towards Corneria City's award-winning premier neighborhood. Looking back at the bullet holes in the wall, Joe asked, "We don't know what kind of bullets or weapon was used yet, do we?"

"Well, we don't know the calibre of the bullets yet, but the slugs were pretty big... I'm thinking it was some kind of high-powered rifle. Correct me if I'm wrong, but... just from the visual evidence alone, it looks like we have--"

"...A sniper?" Joe finished Violetta's sentence.

Joe's partner nodded.

"Were there any other witnesses?"

"Aside from the older gentleman who saw the men get shot, there was a woman who was walking her dog and saw the bodies. She immediately ran home to call the police... And when we got here, the bodies were missing, and all there was left was the crime scene."

"Okay..." He had an idea. Standing up, he slipped under the crime scene tape and started walking across Highland Avenue towards Liberty Park. He trekked down the neighborhood street, looking upward at the tops of the street lanterns and utility poles. Reaching the far end of the street, he found what he was looking for at the intersection. Midway to the top of a utility pole was mounted one of Liberty Parks neighborhood surveillance cameras. He looked behind him, checking to see if there were any trees or anything that would obstruct the it's view down the street.

He would soon be checking Liberty Park's neighborhood security office for some surveillance footage.

Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
Without warning, Drummer cocks his head to the side, listening with his right ear as the sirens of cop cars approach the neighborhood.

He slips out the backdoor while Calliope busies herself with Ragnarok proofing the basement, padding over to where the sirens are collecting.

"Excuse me gentlemen" He says as he gets to the beginnings of the police barrier, talking to the police constructing the yellowed tape fortress. "I was in the house the gunshots came from."
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