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Liberty Park; Welcome to the Neighborhood
Topic Started: May 22 2014, 10:07 AM (4,422 Views)
CDF Conscript
Ashlin never liked city life. Being from the bone dry and almost uncivilized world of Titania and spending most of the time hunting and camping out in the middle of the desert, she found city life to be boring, plain, and just not dangerous or adventurous enough for her liking. But seeing multiple car wrecks, police cruzers, and talk of people with guns from the radio as she drove through this half million dollar neiborhood, her opinion began to faulter. She would have to raise her gaurd a little, but non the less that just ment more excitement on this otherwise boring job.

Her task was simple. Watch some coputer technitions house while he does "certain activities that the law wouldnt necessarily agree with." and make sure nobody messes with his things; with money up front and no questions asked. Being a hired gun and bountyhunter, her jobs usually involved taking out peoples "problems" through the scope of her Venomiese sniper rifle; not house sitting. But the money Conner Shade had offered her to watch his possessions
was to good to pass up. Besides, this could be a nice break for her.

The tan- furred vixen stopped and parked her car by the curb in front of the address that was given to her. Being cautious, she analized the enviroment around her. Someone on a roof, looks like two kids in a house two doors down, a guy carrying boxes to a house across the street.... with an armored car. Mental note taken on that one. And a car in someones yard. Nothing seemed to be an immediate threat, so she unclicked her seatbelt and got out.

Wearing a black tanktop, camo pants, and blue lensed goggles on her head, Ashlin was a bit concerned she might look out of place in this white - collar neiborhood. So before anybody had a chance to get a good look at her, the desert fox grabbed the case that contained her disassembled sniper rifle, took one last quick glance around, and quickly entered her employers house.

CDF Conscript
Ashlin closed the door behind her and looked around. It was a decent sized place, bigger then any she had stayed in before. It was dark though, all the curtains were drawn across the windows and the only light came from the screens of computer moniters and other electronical devices. She immidiaty went over to a desk in the living room and opened a bottom drawer, retrieving and USB that Conner said would be there and plugging it into a PDA on her wrist. The USB contained the codes and controls for the house security, locks, cameras, shutters, so she could access them when she wasnt at the house. Just a precautionary measure.

She took a little longer to scout out the bottom floor of the house before heading upstairs to the room where she would be staying. Laying her rifle case on the bed, she opened it and removed the parts to her gun, assembling them with a screw driver before laying it aside and clipping her side arm to her belt. Satisfied with the assembly and the current safty of the home, the vixen headed back outside to her Jeep to gather the rest of her luggage.
CDF Conscript
Ashlin, once retrieveing the rest of her bags from the trunk of her jeep, stared down at the smoke in the distance. She thought about going down to help, but decided against it seeing as I wasnt her problem. The vixen was about to turn when the armored car across the street caught her eye again. It seemed a little out of place in a residential neighborhood, but perhaps these might be the "potential threats" Conner was talking about? Her curiosity peaked.

She reentered the house and proceeded up the stairs, dumping her luggage on the floor before grabbing a pair of binoculars and peering out the window.
CDF Conscript
Ashlin couldnt really see anything wrong with the house or its occupants. The guy with the boxes had not emerged from the house yet, which wasnt really a big deal, and she really couldnt see inside the windows. After sittng there a few minutes she was about to give up when something on the roof caught her eye. It was a shimmer, like a reflection of light. Focusing the binoculars on it now, the fox watched as it weavered and rippled twice, followed by two soft and barely audible pops. The sound that she knew all to well as a silenced sniper. And sure enough, a figure appeared from the shimmer and got up, waved at her, turned into a dragon, and flew off.

Trying to comprehend what she just saw, Ashlin continued to stare out the window. Suddenly a woman ran into the street and kicked down the house door, sprinting inside.

That was enough for her.

The vixen grabbed her rifle from the bed and perched it on the window seal. She opened the bi pod to give it support and waited for anything to cross the line of the property. "What kinda messed up neiborhood is this?" She mumbled to herself.
CDF Conscript
Ashlin was buckled over dying of laughter. Through the scope of her rifle, she witnessed as a woman dragged the dude with the boxes out of the house frantically and pulled him back into what she assumed was theres. She then watched in amusement as the couple rushed to get their place locked down like they were preparing for a riot at the end of the world.

After the vixen wiped the tears from her face, let out a few more short laughs, and composed herself, she focused her sights on the rooftops where she had last saw the sniper. "Come out come out where ev'r you are."
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