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Dear members of ICED,

Me, Elder74, has chosen to close ICED together in negociation with Jackie.

The clan was turning out to be inactive, some of our members just dissapeared. Although, that doesn't take away we didn't have a good time with ICED.

ICED played two clan matches and won both of them. One clan match versus 'TSR' (The Second Republic). And one clan match versus 'RoR' (Remains of Republic). Which was our finest result. I would like to thank you people for offering us such a great but unfortunely short time.

Registered accounts on our forum can still log in! The forums have now been turned into 'read-only' forums. Which means you can not make any new topics and posts.
New registrations are disabled. I've got my own reasons for wanting that to be disabled.

Special Thanks: Jackie, Shas, Ben, Raptor74, Kovalainen32m, Michael and MarSe32m.
(Julian & Cece)

Elder74 & Jackie would like to thank you for delivering ICED a 2.00 win ratio!

Kind regards,

Dean, Administrator and Founder of [International Confederacy Elite Deployment].

ICED Clan Match Results

Matches Played: 2

Victories: 2
Draws: 0
Defeats: 0

#1 ICED vs TSR
Victory 3 - 0
( Elder | Jackie | Ben )

#2 ICED vs RoR
Victory 4 - 1
( Kovalainen32m | Raptor74 | Elder74 | Jackie | Michael )


Credits: The International Confederacy Elite Deployment . 2012.
Created by Jackie & Elder74