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The Official pokémon League Rules
Topic Started: Oct 18 2006, 04:14 PM (3,112 Views)
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Obey or get a rifle up your ass!
Official “The Pokémon League” Forum Rules

1. Spam is annoying.

  • Don’t post Spam as it will get you in trouble.
  • For those who have no clue, Spam is: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.
  • Spam Includes: Posting Pointless Messages, Posting Pointless Topics, Posting Messages that are completely off-topic and Posts that lead to absolutely nothing.
The Minimum Penalty for this is a Warning

2. You know what the different forums are for.

  • Don’t go making an ASB battle in the General Discussion forum. It’s Simple to understand what the different forums are for.
The Minimum penalty for this is a Warning

3. Staff Decisions are final.

  • When a Staff Member makes a decision you don't like, don't rebel against it and flame at them. Staff Decisions tick unless the decision is overturned by a vote in the Staff Room (Yes, We Have a Staff Room =D)
The Minimum penalty for this is a warning.

4. Insulting Other Members is not an option.

  • If someone angers you, then insulting them is not the way to go, and doing so will get you in trouble.
  • Insults include calling the person offensive names. manipulating the person’s username to sound offensive, questioning the person's sexuality (i.e. Calling someone gay when they are not), mocking/questioning a person's beliefs/religion, and being sexist.
The Minimum penalty for this is a Week Suspension

5. Racism is not tolerated.

  • Racism hurts, and can knock the self-esteem right out of someone. Racism is unacceptable and will be in no way at all tolerated.
The Minimum penalty for this is a Permanent Ban

6. The Pokémon League is not a Pornography Website.

  • We will not tolerate the posting of Pornograpy/Hentai in any form, whether it be picture or text.
  • Pornography cannot be viewed legally by people under 18 years of age, and many of our members are below that age barrier.
The Minimum penalty for this is a Permanent Ban

7. Hacking is not tolerated.

  • You must not at all try to hack The Pokémon League forums Admin Control Panel just to be able to change something you don't like or even destroy the forum from the inside.
  • You must not attempt to hack another member's account to break the rules with their account to get them banned because you think it'd be funny or you have a grudge against that member.
The Minimum penalty for this is a Permanent Ban

8. Do not Plagiarise

  • Plagiarism is stealing copyrighted material (i.e. Artwork) and claiming it as your own piece.
  • We will not have Plagiarism on this board, whether it be plagiarising from the board or Plagiarising from one board and claiming the stolen work as your won on here
The Minimum penalty for this is a 60 day (2 Month) Suspension

9. Don't double post

  • If you forgot to add something into your post, then use the edit button to put it in, and don't add another post right after to say it
The Minimum penalty for this is a warning

10. Do not create puppet accounts

  • Think you can get away with making a puppet account to let out anger or just break the rules for a laugh? Then that’s where your wrong. We can check your IP's and if any two are the same, then we'll suspect you of making a puppet account, and most likely, punish you.
The Minimum penalty for this is a Year Suspension

11. Use proper Spelling & Grammar.

  • This is more of a suggestion than a rule, but do not go around making a dozen spelling and grammar mistakes in every post, as it is very annoying.
There is no punishment for this as it is not an actual rule.

12, No advertising.

  • Do not advertise forums outside of the advertisments forum. The advertisements forum is there for a reason.
The Minimum penalty for this is a Warning.


We here at The Pokémon League Forums cannot ensure the forum is child-friendly. Our members may swear, and sometimes abide our censors, with variations of swear words. We personally give this site a PG-13 rating. If any parents have obligations to their child being a member at this site, then please contact the webmaster.


If you feel something should be added to the rules then please contact the Webmaster.
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