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Read this first!; Requirements for new special items
Topic Started: Oct 2 2008, 01:26 AM (211 Views)
You must follow this format as close as you possibly can when posting your character(s) special items. As with having multiple pieces of equipment, please name the topic to encompass all of your special items, especially if you have multiple characters.

Name: (For the last time, self-explanatory)
Type: (If it’s some sort of physical object, then it’s fine (though inappropriate items will be removed).)
Appearance: (By this time, it should be self-explanatory)
Reason for being special: (Why the item has significance to the character(s))
History: (Again, self-explanatory)
Purpose: (What the item is used for, if applicable. Otherwise put "Nothing Special")
Obtained from: (Self-explanatory.)
Holder: (Only if you have more than one character)

Name: Bookmark
Appearance: A long white strip of normal paper
Reason for being special: It helped Bob return to a page of his notes for an emergency during a nuclear meltdown.
History: Same as above.
Purpose: To keep vital places in Bob's notepad marked while he's experimenting.
Obtained from: Plain white paper
Holder: Bob
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