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Regular Forum Crew Roster and Open Positions
Manifest for USS Adams located here. Includes Privacy Policy page and Legal Notice section.
Crew Roster and Open Positions Wednesday, 12. June 2013, 14:36, By Acel'a
0 viewers Topics: 3 Replies: 0
Regular Forum Applications
Apply for the sim here. Check roster before submitting an application.
Application for Marine Cadet Saturday, 6. June 2015, 00:03, By Kaline de Clare
0 viewers Topics: 284 Replies: 2,148
Subforums: Dealt with applications
Regular Forum Rules
Forum rules will be posted here.
Rules For The Sim Friday, 28. June 2013, 12:32, By Scope Andersson
0 viewers Topics: 5 Replies: 3
Regular Forum News and Announcements
Anything that you need to know about the game, now or forthcoming, will be announced here and pinned for all to see.
Announcement -must read :) 35 minutes ago, By Scope Andersson
0 viewers Topics: 22 Replies: 144
Subforums: U.S.S. ADAMS PLAQUE
Regular Forum Discussion Room
Questions and site related discussion here.
Face Claim Monday, 8. June 2015, 02:22, By Zack Jackson
0 viewers Topics: 36 Replies: 291
Subforums: Member's private chat
Regular Forum Special Archives
Art Galleries and Requests, Rank Designs, Avatar Showcase, Medals and Thread Archive.
Medals Wednesday, 8. April 2015, 03:30, By Kaline de Clare
0 viewers Topics: 14 Replies: 370


Regular Forum Biographies
Post your history and character background here.
Kaline Cleopatra Poku de Clare Thursday, 9. April 2015, 19:58, By Kaline de Clare
0 viewers Topics: 122 Replies: 44
Subforums: USS Adams Bios, Old Biographies

Mission Area

Regular Forum USS Adams Missions
The Monsters are Comming Today, 3:03 PM, By Kaline de Clare
0 viewers Topics: 69 Replies: 16,668
Subforums: Old Missions
Regular Forum USS Adams Sub-Missions
Here is where all sub and side missions take place
"Overcast" 36 minutes ago, By Donnsy Andersson
0 viewers Topics: 19 Replies: 1,400
Subforums: Old Sub-Mission Threads
Regular Forum Mini Missions
Any mini missions you have in mind play them here
Meeting Braxton and Acel'a Friday, 29. May 2015, 19:55, By Acel'a
0 viewers Topics: 5 Replies: 79
Subforums: Old Mini Missions
Regular Forum Mission Suggestions
Got an ideas for Missions, place them here
Murder on the Adams Thursday, 23. April 2015, 20:20, By Scope Andersson
0 viewers Topics: 16 Replies: 85
Regular Forum Future Mission Planning 'Are we really happy with what we have...?… Monday, 19. August 2013, 08:12, By Donnsy Andersson
0 viewers Topics: 2 Replies: 1

USS Adams NCC-78837

Regular Forum Deck One

Includes The USS Adams Bridge, Captain's Ready Room and Conference Lounge
Lunch against a Starry Sky 17 minutes ago, By Donnsy Andersson
1 viewer Topics: 67 Replies: 1,165
Subforums: Executive Officer's Ready Room, Deck One Observation Lounge, Old Deck One Threads, Bridge, Chief Helmsman/Navigation's Office, Captain's Ready Room, Starfleet Liaison Office
Regular Forum Sickbay

Medical Center of the USS Adams
Department Inspection Sunday, 21. June 2015, 18:07, By Donnsy Andersson
0 viewers Topics: 121 Replies: 3,032
Subforums: CMO's Office, ACMO's Office, Old Sickbay Threads, Office of Sarah Benson
Regular Forum Main Engineering

Engine Room and everything mechanical.
Refil Monday, 28. July 2014, 17:29, By Dagmar Laren
1 viewer Topics: 19 Replies: 689
Subforums: USS Adams floor plans, Specifications, Chief Engineer's Office, Old Main Engineering Threads
Regular Forum Counselor Offices

Division of Counseling and Psychological Medicine
Lieutenant Trel'lis Sunday, 3. May 2015, 18:36, By Trel'lis
0 viewers Topics: 57 Replies: 1,341
Subforums: Old Counselor Offices Threads, Chief Counselor's Office, Assistant Chief Counselor's Office, Office of Counselor Lukin, Office of Kayden
Regular Forum Starfleet Intelligence/Strategic Operations

Intelligence & Strategic Ops Department In… Wednesday, 10. June 2015, 22:29, By Valerie Mira
0 viewers Topics: 18 Replies: 193
Subforums: Old Intelligence Division Threads, Chief Intelligence Officer's Office, Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer's Office
Regular Forum Sciences Division

Science Labs, Arboretum, Stellar Cartography/Astrometrics
Department Inspection Tuesday, 16. June 2015, 18:14, By Am'tra
0 viewers Topics: 15 Replies: 273
Subforums: Labs, Stellar Cartography/Astrometrics, Old Sciences Division Threads, Asst. Chief Science Officer's Office, Chief Science Officer's Office, Chief of Science
Regular Forum Security/Tactical Department

Security and Tactical division
Preparing for Inspection Monday, 1. June 2015, 21:08, By Diana Taylor
0 viewers Topics: 28 Replies: 792
Subforums: Old Security/Tactical Department Threads, Chief Security/Tactical Officer's Office, Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer's Office, Brig/Holding Cells
Regular Forum Operations Division

Starship Operations and Administration
Shuttlebay Manager Tuesday, 9. June 2015, 17:52, By Amanda Jenkins
0 viewers Topics: 9 Replies: 277
Subforums: Quartermasters Office, Assistant Chief of Operations Office, Old Operations Division Threads, Chief of Operations Office
Regular Forum Diplomatic Department

Diplomatic Corps
Reporting In Tuesday, 17. February 2015, 19:58, By Ling Li
0 viewers Topics: 17 Replies: 261
Subforums: Chief Diplomatic Office, Asst. Chief Diplomatic Officer, Office of Johan Brax
Regular Forum Wing Command

Wing Commander: Keira Ryant
Visiting someone Tuesday, 26. May 2015, 22:47, By Tamara Entalian
0 viewers Topics: 11 Replies: 266
Subforums: Wing Commander's Office, Wing XO's Office
Regular Forum Marines

Marine Commanding Officer: Major Nicole Hartman
Marine Executive Officer: Captain Troy Maude
Marine Promotions Tuesday, 30. June 2015, 20:24, By Rick Ryder
0 viewers Topics: 20 Replies: 341
Subforums: Old Marines topics, Marine Commanding Officer's Office, Marine Executive Officer's Office, Master Gunnery Sergeant Hartman's Office, Barracks, Chesty's Bar..., Recreation/Reception Area, USS Rose Garden
Regular Forum Shuttle Bay A Family Vacation Sunday, 14. June 2015, 14:59, By Kaline de Clare
0 viewers Topics: 2 Replies: 31
Subforums: Shuttlebay Manager's Office

USS Adams Quarters & Off Duty

Regular Forum Quarters
Create your own Quarters
Happy news Sunday, 21. June 2015, 17:27, By Lenara Drax
0 viewers Topics: 128 Replies: 4,108
Subforums: Other Crew Quarters, The Royal Suite, Andersson Quarters, Acel'a and Am'tra's Quarter, Acel'ex and Trel'lis Quarters, Old Quarters Threads, Johan Brax, Jarrod and Kiki's Quarters, Artin and Nika's Quarters, Brody and Sindari's Quarters, Taylor Family Quarters, Jase and Kaline, Jamison Family Quarters, Andersson Family Mark II
Regular Forum Barbersbop
Come here for a hair cut or hair style
Ham Under Glass Thursday, 17. April 2014, 00:55, By Hanar Tuk
0 viewers Topics: 7 Replies: 127
Subforums: Old Barbershop Threads
Regular Forum Ship's Gym
Buddies working out. Tuesday, 9. December 2014, 23:37, By Keira Ryant
0 viewers Topics: 5 Replies: 145
Subforums: Gym Manager's Office, Old Ship's Gym Threads
Regular Forum Holosuites
For Cadet Training Only
Medical Study Monday, 16. February 2015, 00:00, By Katherine Garibaldi
0 viewers Topics: 11 Replies: 192
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Restricted Quarters
Behind closed doors anything can happen.
Password Restricted Forum
0 viewers Topics: 67 Replies: 8,123
Subforums: Saija's Private Quarters, The Royal Suite II, Donnsy and Scope, PQ Archive, Johan Brax, Brody and Sindari, Jase and Kaline, Elim and Ariel's Quarters, Jesper and Diana's Quarters, Camila and Samantha, Amanda and Spencer
Regular Forum Other Locations
Phaser Range, Brig, Theater, Off-ship adventures, etc, Anywhere else that hasn't been covered by the other off-duty forums goes here.
How does your Character Die Wednesday, 27. May 2015, 22:28, By T'Sinde
0 viewers Topics: 48 Replies: 865
Subforums: School, Old Other Locations Threads, Observation Lounge
Regular Forum Holodecks
Holodecks for training, recreation. and whatever else you can imagine.
Shake ya booty and party!!!! Friday, 6. March 2015, 22:18, By Camila Grippen
0 viewers Topics: 43 Replies: 1,391
Subforums: Old Holodeck/Holosuites Threads
Regular Forum Mess Hall
Dining facilities for the crew featuring real and replicated cuisine
First Meal aboard the Adams Wednesday, 27. May 2015, 11:11, By Scope Andersson
0 viewers Topics: 38 Replies: 1,177
Subforums: Old Mess Hall Threads
Regular Forum Ten Forward
Dinner Wednesday, 10. June 2015, 01:12, By Alex Cameron
0 viewers Topics: 197 Replies: 8,805
Subforums: Old 10F Threads, Cadet Hideout
Regular Forum Arboretum
Where trees, flowers and all kinds of stuff grow are here.
A very sad four year old.... Tuesday, 21. April 2015, 21:39, By Scope Andersson
0 viewers Topics: 22 Replies: 409
Subforums: Old Arboretum Threads

OOC / Help / Misc.

Regular Forum Guest Book
Guest signatures and comments welcome
Singapore Thursday, 19. February 2015, 15:33, By Donnsy Andersson
0 viewers Topics: 4 Replies: 33
Regular Forum OOC Chatter
Off-Topic chat not related to the sim.
Happy Birthday Q! Saturday, 27. June 2015, 01:39, By Kaline de Clare
0 viewers Topics: 8 Replies: 82
Regular Forum LOA & Resignations
Leave Of Absence threads and good-byes here.
LOA - Birthday Week on a Desert Island Tuesday, 23. June 2015, 00:11, By __Q
0 viewers Topics: 27 Replies: 38
Regular Forum Old OOC / Help / Misc. Threads Make it So (Snow) Thursday, 11. December 2014, 23:18, By Scope Andersson
0 viewers Topics: 238 Replies: 1,657
Regular Forum Character Images
Where the ship's crew images are kept!
Dan Hartman Tuesday, 26. May 2015, 05:10, By Dan Hartman
1 viewer Topics: 21 Replies: 151
Subforums: Images of Scope Andersson, Images of Donnsy Andersson, Images of Sunny Keaton, Images of Kaline Poku, Images of Renee Poku, Images of Acel'a, Images of Brody Walsh, Images of Amanda Jenkins, Images of Artin Rodran, Images of Diana Taylor, Images of Jarrod Pritzker, Images of Clydas Brax, Images of Kerry Brax, Images of Acel'ex, Images of Norman Sanders, Images of Isabella Sheridan, Images of Ronald Fish, Images of Sarah Benson, Images of Trel'lis, Images of Zane Andersson, Images of Katherine Garibaldi, Images of Am'tra, Images of Elim Belor, Images of Lucius Cato, Images of Nikana Rodran, Images of Kyrita Poku, Images of Kiara Poku, Images of Kaline Dawnstar, Images of Kiki Pritzker, Images of Johan Brax, Images of Frank Sanders, Images of Xira Jisela, Images of Kaliana, Images of Ariel Poku, Images of Nicole Hartman


  • Today, 7:58 PM
    Lieutenant Amanda Jenkins: call to sickbay urgent
  • Today, 4:36 PM
    Lt. Commander Jorreh: Tag Captain Donnsy Andersson in the Lunch against a Starry Sky thread.
  • Yesterday, 2:31 AM
    __Q: Wow ... the shooting of the cannons for the 1812 Overture is so cool! :)
  • Friday, 3. July 2015, 22:07
    Lt. Commander Jorreh: Thanks, Acel'a!
  • Friday, 3. July 2015, 22:05
    Rear Admiral Acel'a: I saw that and edited Acel'ex's post accordingly.
  • Friday, 3. July 2015, 21:02
    Lt. Commander Jorreh: Science Note to Acel'ex: Please note -- sodium hydroxide is a base, not an acid. You need a base to neutralize an acid. (Sometimes water can act as a base ... )
  • Friday, 3. July 2015, 21:01
    Lt. Commander Jorreh: That said, the same type of material used safely to contain an acid will in most cases work for a base.
  • Thursday, 2. July 2015, 20:36
    Lt. Commander Spencer Reid: Tag captain in Overcast
  • Tuesday, 30. June 2015, 21:36
    Lieutenant Amanda Jenkins: I am on edge of my seat waiting to find out what the captain will say to Amanda in "Overcast"
  • Tuesday, 30. June 2015, 19:01
    Lance Corporal Camila Grippen: yup i think so or it was a dislike in character

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