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Congressional Inquiry on Second Governments
Topic Started: Jul 15 2017, 04:59 AM (376 Views)
Hussam B.
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I would like a congressional inquiry to look into the question of the Second Governments formed by the Magonist Red Brigades. Due to the their party political affiliation, I am concerned that these might act as totalitarian arms of the radical parties to be used to infringe upon the authority of the governors.

I ask Congress to summon the leaders of these bodies before Congress to explain exactly what do these bodies do and what privileges are they claiming to themselves. Based on these findings, it will be determined if there is a legal challenge over whether or not they are infringing on the executive, legislative, or judicial powers of the state.

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Andre Massena
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Mr. Belpit
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We are highly concerned that these bodies will undermine the legitimacy of both state and federal government agencies, unless an inquiry into their nature proves otherwise.


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I am against it too
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