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Bugs & Errors; Here you can post bugs or errors.
Topic Started: Aug 18 2017, 07:43 AM (535 Views)
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Here you can post bugs and errors that you might encounter. I will be e-mailing Everism with bugs and errors once a month.

There is a current Bug Reporter, but I have no idea if it's still active. It says it's official, so you can try if you want, it's only for Power & Revolution I think.
Remember that bugs can be avoided by not cheating.

Bug Reporter

Fill out this to report a bug to the public and maybe get help at fixing it.

Game version:
Scenario played:
Country played:
Cheats active:
Date of the incident in-game:
Describe the bug(s)/error:
Additional comments (optional):
Additional pictures (optional, but advised):
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Once I was playing Russia and I went to war with Japan. I was going to annex them, but it got buggy and I couldn't do nothing with them.
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Seems to me that you've encountered the combat bug. This is one of the more annoying bugs that can cause a "standstill". You annexed Japan and they just stayed colonized instead of being fully integrated into Russia. There is no fix for this bug, but i do know what causes it.

There could be a few different factors involved:
Theres too many soldiers, tanks, missile launchers, fighterjets, drones, helicopters, commandos, cruisers, submarines and aircraft carriers, aswell as commercial traffic at the same place for a long time. My bet is that you lagged pretty hard just before annexing Japan.
Was Japan colonized by another country before you annexed them? It usually happens when you annex colonized countries. Far from everytime though, but it happens.

My tip is to save the game before annexing, colonizing, major economic reforms, boosting industry/energy/farming/service. Things that you spend a lot of time on.
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela
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Game: Power & Revolution
Game Version: 6.32 E17-Mod
Scenario played: -
Country played: any
Cheats active: none
Date of the incident in-game: any
Describe the bug(s)/error: The “Pronounce a group legal/illegal” option in the Modding Tool does not work
Additional comments (optional): when trying to make an event that will turn any group legal or illegal, it just doesn’t work. It seems that the even roll back to the first option on the list (usually, associations – animal – legal), having no real effect.
Additional pictures (optional, but advised):https://ibb.co/i1QmMv

PS.: are we still considering data problems for these lists or should we give up on that?
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