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Idea for a new government/political sim
Topic Started: Oct 11 2017, 08:09 PM (304 Views)
While I'm still relatively new to coding, I wonder if we can get an plan going here. I have the idea of a government/political sim where the player-head of government acts like a conductor who directly hires his other staff that run their own respective tasks of the government.

I want other ideas for input from the people who now play GPS4, or any political sim game. I hope this is a good forum to post my idea on. My main responsibility in such a project will be actually writing the code, so it would be nice to have another person or two, if not a full community of developers. This is where I can use someone who can do things for the future project, like trying to figure out the more complex simulation formulas (depending on how hard or how long it takes to achieve this, I might contribute a bit myself) and the actual conceptual design plan and documentation for development.

I know I said that I'm still slightly new with coding, but it's actually something I see myself doing for a while. I hope you like my idea.
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I for one, would play the shit out of that game. Sadly I'm code illiterate.
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This forum is actually a community of GPS-series players, don't think you can found a lot of developers here.
But we're not short in ideas if we are talking about economic/political simulators. (GPS games are far from perfect, so I think each of us has ideas to improve those simulators, and it could actually be a source of inspiration for you).

If I understand what you're saying about your game, you play as someone who has to manage the ministers of a government without being dismissed ? It could be nice to have a more specific description of what you want.

It looks like an interesting concept, I really look forward to more details.
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