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Created by KOEI Warriors (Forum) Staff

The forum is designed as a platform for all members to exchange ideas and thoughts on a range of topics relating to the KOEI TECMO games, affiliated titles, collaboration video games, non KOEI TECMO products such as Capcom Hack n' Slash games and a wealth of other interesting topics. Please keep in mind this is not a live chat room therefore a certain level of effort, at least two lines or so thought into posts is generally a requirement.

Please read the following to help gain an understanding of what is, and is not allowed on the forum.

Please refrain from the following:

1) Spam: The following will be deemed as spam.
  • One/two word posts where not appropriate, this may include one word lists.

  • Excessive use of internet lingo, slang, and l337 speak of any sort. This extends to the use of excessive emoticons and weird formatting of text (ie extremely small font with an indistinguishable colour or one that makes the post hard to discern). This also includes making posts in all caps or lowercase letters.

  • Double posting, that’s what the edit function is for. Exceptions will apply for contributors guide/review updates or if over 24 hours has passed since your last post (like with GFX gallery updates) and staff announcements.

  • Going off topic, sure the occasional off-topic posts are allowed, but try to relate back to the subject matter as much as possible.

  • Duplicate topics, check to see if a topic already exists for your possible subject matter.

  • Flooding, posting of thoughtless generic messages in a number of topics in just minutes.
*Note: The Fun Area will be more lenient on spam rules - check the forum specific rules for more information.

2) Trolling: Trolling is the usage of posts that are designed to deliberately provoke another member to make an irrational and emotional reply (also known as flamebaiting), which can be a result of but not limited to the following:

  • Harassing a member with comments that clearly upset them despite being informed not to in the first place.

  • Blatant disrespect to one's opinion.

  • An attack on the members’ religious belief, sex, race, sexual preference.

3) Flaming: Flaming is a direct assault towards another member, usage of any hostile &/or profane comments towards another member will be deemed as flaming.

4) Multiple Accounts: While the use of alternate accounts is frowned upon, it is not against the forum rules. However, the use of alternate accounts to add activity to a topic of the user's liking or just generally encourage spam or create disharmony will result in a banning of all subsidiary accounts and a Strike + suspension for the original account.

Using alternate accounts to gain extra entries into a competition or to vote repeatedly for one's entry will result in a disqualification from the said competition and possibly greater repercussions. Check those specific competitions for greater details.

The usage of alternate accounts to circumvent a suspension will lead to a heavier penalty, often an extra raising of the warn level and/or longer suspension period and the banning of that extra account. The use of an alternate account in circumventing a ban will of course result in the banning of that account.

5) Advertising: You are allowed to advertise websites via your profile in Profile Options, the signature or in the "My Websites" thread only. The staff are able to also promote KOEI TECMO's company related content, such as within competitions and advertising KOEI TECMO happenings when deemed appropriate. Making posts or topics solely to advertise another site is strictly not allowed. Signature advertisements must not contain links to any sites promoting illegal activity or contain any 18+ content. Scam advertisements will also not be allowed, keep the ad as honest as possible.

6) Signature & Avatar guidelines: Click here to view the UPDATED guidelines.

  • Maximum Signature Size: 500 x 250 (no animated images)

  • Maximum Avatar Size: 120 x 120 (150 x 150 for staff) (200 KB file size)

  • Maximum Number of Text: FIVE Lines Default Size Text in addition to the image(s).

    However, the limit is increased to up to TEN lines of default size in cases where there are no images present.

7) Other Rules & Guidelines: Please also refrain from the following:
  • Discussion on how to obtain or access any illegal activities such as pirating video games, movies, software etc is not allowed.

  • Posting any inappropriate or vulgar content on the site, either by text or imagery. This includes but is not limited to revealing sexual images or sexual content, excessive gore, decapitated heads etc.

  • Excessive Profanity, while you can mask censors with s*it etc do not make it a regular occurrence, should it occur in more then 1 in 5 posts it will be considered excessive.

  • Any other behaviour that is considered disruptive to the tranquillity of the forum, such as but not limited to any immature or unnecessary attacks at the staff or forum in general.


Moderators will act upon any of the above rulings with reasonable counter measures depending on the rule broken. For example any cases of spam will likely result in notices and PM from the staff for the first 2 to 5 occurrences, while cases of flaming and posting links to sites containing any 18+ content is likely to result in immediate Strike and a potential suspension. The action will be suitable to the severity of any rule breakage.

However, the chances of receiving a Strike based on breaching the rules increases as the Strike level increases as by the stage that a member has received a second or third Strike, he or she should know very well the rules and procedures.

Here's a more basic overview of the definite steps when it comes to consequences.

1st: A verbal warning(s)/PM notice(s) issued to member. A possible automated message even.

2nd: First Strike. Warning Level Raised to 25%. PM issued.

3rd: Second Strike. Warning Level Raised to 50% and Member is suspended for 1-2 weeks. PM issued.

4th: Third Strike. Warning Level Raised to 75% and Member is suspended for 1 month. PM issued.

5th: Fourth Strike. Warning Level Raised to 100% and Member is permanently banned from our forums.

The Strike level may be decreased after a minimum of six months has passed and the member has behaved exceptionally during that period. It will be as per Staff Member's discretion whether it occurs or not, it is not a given and must be earned. If you're interested in lowering it and have not been contacted by a staff to do so, please inform us. You can not use the fact that you've failed to message us beforehand and use it as an excuse to not be banned, like being on 75% Strike and receiving your last Strike. For more information on our warning system, please check the KW F.A.Q.

Please also be aware that if you get your account banned you will not be entitled to make another one, if another account is created, it will be banned on sight.

Final Notes/Disclaimer

These Rules & Guidelines extend to all parts of the KOEI Warriors forum, including topic posting, the Private Message/Embedded E-mail System & Chat Box etc unless noted otherwise.
Spam rules and the like are of course much more relaxed in the Fun Area and Chat Box but the other guidelines still strictly apply.

If you are uncertain as to why a certain moderator action took place regarding any of your content on the forum please PM the moderator your concern, if you believe the treatment is unjust please forward your concerns and any evidence to support your claim directly to an Administrator, from there any necessary action will be taken.

Should any rule changes be necessary they will be discussed and agreed upon privately between the staff team, and any changes will be announced in the News & Announcements board.

Finally remember a little courtesy can go a long way, we hope you respect our members, enjoy the forum and we look forward to seeing you around at KOEI Warriors.

KOEI Warriors Staff Team
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