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Forum Concerning

Regular Forum News & Announcements

You will find anything related to both site and forum here...
Sub Forums: Contests & Events
Koei Tecmo America at AnimeExpo 2015 Yesterday, 5:44 AM, By Katatonia
2 viewers Topics: 161 Replies: 10,102
Regular Forum Support & Feedback

Any feedback, criticism or suggestions? Having any problems with the site or the forum, then post it here!
KOEI Warriors Like/Dislike Feature Today, 3:10 AM, By Lu Xun001
24 viewers Topics: 13,437 Replies: 871,168

KOEI Warriors

Regular Forum KOEI Heroes

Here is the place where you can discuss with your buddies about anything general to do with KOEI...
Sub Forums: Reviews | Voice Acting
Moderated By: elgaladwen
What KOEI Games Are You Playing? Today, 10:35 AM, By Aži Dahāka
0 viewers Topics: 268 Replies: 15,422
Regular Forum Dynasty Warriors Series

For all you three kingdoms fans, discuss about the many games of Dynasty Warriors here.
Sub Forums: DW8 | DWB | DWO | Characters | Stages | Guides | DW Ideas
Moderated By: Sun Ce, Saber, Daikyō
Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires [V2] 48 minutes ago, By Wynter
32 viewers Topics: 640 Replies: 100,382
Regular Forum Samurai Warriors Series

Discuss about Samurai Warriors, the series based around the Warring States of Japan.
Sub Forums: SW4 | Characters | Stages | Guides | SW Ideas
Moderated By: SRS, Alice
Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 3 minutes ago, By Katatonia
5 viewers Topics: 302 Replies: 47,075
Regular Forum Warriors Orochi (Musou Orochi) Series

Discuss about the KOEI games which bring a mix between Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors!
Sub Forums: WO3 | MOZ | Characters | Stages | Guides | WO Ideas
Moderated By: Saber, Tetsuo9999
if we get WO4, would you like some more Gu… Yesterday, 7:07 PM, By Fuuma
2 viewers Topics: 217 Replies: 35,751
Regular Forum Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou)

Hyrule Warriors is a hack n' slash collaboration title of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda using KOEI TECMO's Dynasty Warriors engine.
Sub Forums: Characters | Stages
Hyrule Warriors (Zelda Musou) Yesterday, 4:57 PM, By HokutoNoBen
0 viewers Topics: 46 Replies: 4,310
Regular Forum Dynasty Warriors: Gundam (Gundam Musou) Series

Discuss the game series which merges two popular franchises in Japan -Warriors and Gundam- here.
Sub Forums: DWGR | Mobile Suits | Missions | Guides | DWG Ideas | Gen. Discussion
Moderated By: BlackKite
Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost Info thread Yesterday, 2:32 AM, By wodash
2 viewers Topics: 293 Replies: 20,739
Regular Forum Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage (Hokuto Musou)

Discuss the new Fist of the North Star game powered by KOEI's Warriors engine here!
Sub Forums: Characters | Stages | Guides | Gen. Discussion
So this didn't do so well... Mar 31 2015, 09:44 PM, By Awesome-san
0 viewers Topics: 93 Replies: 5,169
Regular Forum One Piece: Pirate Warriors (Kaizoku Musou)

Discuss the newest Franchise Warriors based on a popular series One Piece here.
Sub Forums: Characters | Stages | Gen. Discussion
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (Kaizoku Muso… 3 minutes ago, By Vartigo
0 viewers Topics: 40 Replies: 3,409
Regular Forum TECMO & Other KOEI Games

Discuss about TECMO and other KOEI related games here.
Sub Forum: Pokémon+NA | TECMO KOEI Ideas
Moderated By: SRS, TrasH
Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence Today, 7:42 AM, By Zai Tong
0 viewers Topics: 254 Replies: 16,122

Non KOEI Warriors

Regular Forum Sengoku BASARA Series

The fusion of coolness and history, this is the place to discuss Capcom's Sengoku BASARA series.
Sub Forum: SB4 | Characters | Guides | Ideas
Moderated By: Tetsuo9999
Sengoku BASARA 4 Sumeragi Today, 12:29 PM, By Fuuma
9 viewers Topics: 175 Replies: 25,743
Regular Forum Other Non KOEI Games

Discuss about other games and consoles here.
Sub Forums: Warriors-like | RPGs | MMOGs | Fighting | Strategy | Action | Shooting | Reviews | Non KOEI Ideas
Moderated By: Alice, Sanada
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Today, 8:15 AM, By Wolfbane
3 viewers Topics: 497 Replies: 58,507


Regular Forum Sports & Current Affairs

The place for all discussion on general news and sports...
Sub Forums: Debates & Discussions
Moderated By: scholar, AstralTempest
Homosexuality Yesterday, 9:15 PM, By Shogun
0 viewers Topics: 143 Replies: 11,360
Regular Forum History Realm

Discuss various eras of history here.
Sub Forums: Three Kingdoms | ROTK Novel | Sengoku Era
Moderated By: scholar
Three Kingdoms Q & A Yesterday, 12:57 PM, By Dongzhou
0 viewers Topics: 169 Replies: 9,361
Regular Forum Fun Area

Fun Area General has opened doors for everyone to participate in forum games and fun topics! Posts made here do not increase post count, go all out!
Moderated By: TrasH, Sun Ce
Have you played... One minute ago, By MuseWarrior
6 viewers Topics: 142 Replies: 1,262,877
Regular Forum Multimedia

Everything about TV, movies, musics and more related to multimedia should be in here...
Sub Forums: Music | Movies | TV
Moderated By: TrasH
Last movie you watched? Today, 12:37 PM, By Epic Score
0 viewers Topics: 165 Replies: 14,039
Regular Forum Anime/Manga

Discuss about Anime and Manga here.
Moderated By: Sun Ce, Alice
What anime series/episodes are you watchin… Yesterday, 3:40 PM, By idyllic
0 viewers Topics: 73 Replies: 8,425
Regular Forum Writing & Role-playing Forum

Here is the meeting place for all role-playing people and the ones who want to present their writings...
Sub Forum: RP Lounge
Moderated By: SRS, scholar, ~Spirited Bellflower~
WOTM June 2015 20 minutes ago, By Cao Liang
0 viewers Topics: 129 Replies: 3,229

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