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Well NoriyukiWorks has already translated this first so I'm not sure if this is still needed, but I've just got the time to finish making a translation with better structure and clarifications, so... yeah ^^;;;

Translation of Dengeki's interview with Koinuma-P on Berserk Warriors
(Berserk [working title] for the West)

Re-enacting Berserk's story from the Golden Age arc

The title had been announced together with a teaser video on 13 June, but is there a reason on announcing this at the timing of E3's opening?

A TV anime of Berserk is going to start from July, and on 24 June the newest comic volume (38) will be also released. So that's why we wanted to announce this before those, but there were no events with good timing in Japan, so we ended up announcing it at the same time as E3.

Furthermore, we also want to properly dispatch Berserk Warriors to all of our overseas fans, so we released the teaser at E3.

First of all could you please tell us the details until reaching production?

I came to like Berserk from reading its manga at first, but when we got the talks for production, there are also staffs who like the original work in our dev team, and I think "with this there's a chance we can make it interesting", and established the team.

There were also talks of the TV anime, but will that mean Berserk Warriors will link with the story drawn in the anime?

That's a no. When we're making collaboration titles we're definitely confirming them, but we're putting in the story in such a way so that even when people who never knew the original work played this game, they'll be able to see the whole image.

Berserk is a title that has been serialized since 1989, and I think there are both people who haven't read it again now, and those who haven't even read about it at all. So that's why when we're going to portray the story in a different range from the anime, we'd like to depict the steps from the Golden Age arc to when Guts becomes the Black Swordsman and goes out on a journey of revenge.

That's going to be a lot of volume.

Berserk had been made into an anime once in 1997, and there was also a three-part movie version. While we also use the parts from the movie into the game, we have also prepared new footages, so we're making it so that even by just looking at the footages there's going to be a feel that this has so much volume. I've heard of talks that the data size is dangerously approaching the disc space limit.

How about the dark factors that define Berserk?

We have asked about this before, that you may have announced this at E3 due to various reasons, but how about the reaction overseas?

The teaser video has been also published overseas. From the view count it seems to have favorable reception, and I think the attention is also high.

I also just got an interview from a Brazilian just before this. According to him, a Berserk tankobon manga with new format has just been published in Brazil. Furthermore, everyone are also well-informed about the anime, so I am surprised on that.

In the teaser video, Casca's Mark of Sacrifice is very notable, but Guts didn't appear there.

Actually we did the same thing with Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage... when Yuria came out and the Death Star on the Hokuto Seven Stars shined. At that time we were also told that the protagonist didn't appear (laughs).

After a bit more time, we will show a video where Guts appear properly!

The teaser had a bit erotic atmosphere, but I think if it's Berserk we cannot dismiss the erotic & grotesque dark atmosphere. How that point will be taken care of in the game?

Indeed, that part is being anticipated by the fans of the original work. So that's why I'd like for it to be fulfilling to them.

However no matter what, we're going to have problems in the depictions, and furthermore there is a difference in the hurdle between the West and Japan. For example in this teaser video, there were no problems in Japan, but in the West they're a bit strict on erotic depictions... On the contrary in Japan you cannot make things too grotesque either.

We're determining the line on how far we can go worldwide, so in order to be able to depict the atmosphere of the original work well we're proceeding while searching for a solution.

How about the age rating?

For domestic release, right now we are aiming for CERO D.

How about the Game System and Playable Characters?

So you're going to draw the story from the Golden Age arc, but by doing so there's a point about the battle that I become intrigued at. I can imagine the war between people at the start in a Warriors, but what will happen to the likes of the Apostles?

There are various battle targets indeed. That's why unlike other Warriors games, I think it'd be interesting if the Humans VS Humans gets changed to Humans VS Monsters.

We've also prepared large-sized bosses, and of course there will a scene where you're fighting one-on-one against a large boss. But there may be a case where a large boss appears while you're dealing against many peons.

Guts' fighting style should also change as the story progresses.

When you read the original work too, there's a part where Guts gradually stray away from being a human. His fighting style and ways of attack will also change, so of course we will be depicting that as well.

The fun factor in Warriors games until now has been on growing yourself so you can mow down enemies with good feeling. But this time the enemies will gradually change to become Apostles, so I think there will be some responses.

Will there be more playable charas other than Guts?

That is of course, because I think Warriors games are destined to get the assignment of being able to choose from multiple playable characters. We can't tell the details yet, but please anticipate them.

There are also characters who use magic, so we're looking forward to their directions of action that will be different from Guts.

The likes of Schielke right. In the original work there's already a setting prepared for elementals like Fire, Water, Wind etc, so I think we've made a Warriors filled with fantasy factors without impossibility, so please look forward to the characters other than Guts.

Will be glad if you become a Berserk fan

The game will be released for PS4, PS Vita and PS3*, but is there something in this?
(*TN: PS3 release is for Japan. In the West it's being substituted by PC Steam instead)

It's a collab title, and a TV anime is also starting. Considering such title, I think there are still many fans who own and want to play it on PS3, so I'm thinking it'd be better if we can deal properly with them too.

We want to adjust it so that we can deliver it to the hands of all fans who want to play this.

Finally, please leave a message for the fans who are anticipating Berserk Warriors.

It's a title I personally like as well since the serialization, and the series has continued for a long time, but when I read it even now I'm still having fun as if I'm getting absorbed into it. That story will be depicted and also firmly enjoyable in the game, so for those who do like Berserk, please do play this.

I think there's also a generation that doesn't even know what Berserk is, so for such people, please start from playing the game, and I'll be glad if you can become a Berserk fan afterwards.

It'd be also good if one gets interested from watching the anime then plays the game.

That's right. [One of the things] what I think is pleasant from collab titles is that by having the game released it can help build up the hype for the original work. If the original work holder told me "[it becomes popular] thanks to the game", I'll be really glad and relieved.

In Berserk Warriors too, if you enter from the game and like it, and you can hype up Berserk, I will be glad.
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