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Qing Long
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Jiejie (Elder Sister) : Lizaveta Vath
Meimei (Younger Sister) : Mitha~chan, Xiao Qiao~
Erzi (Son) : Willxdiana
Gege (Elder Brother) : Lord_Dragon
Sunzi (Grandson) : Fayt (aka Sakon Shima)
Baba (Father) : Black Star303
Biaojiemei (Cousin) : Yachiru
Didi (Youger Brother) : zenkokuku
Zhangfu (Husband) : EskiMoe (aka Astus)
Yeye (Grand Father) : Insp. Chin
Pengyou (Friend) : The Hero, Queen of Monkey (Nene)
Meimei ai Sun Quan (Sun Quan Crazed Sister) : Jiahe
Cousin / Ninja Master : Solsephka25

In fact, KW Forum is a very big family ^^
Please contact me by PM, if you want to add me in your family, thanks :)

Thanks to everyone :P :wub:
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Thanks for the edit & sorry for the trouble, Sanada :s
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