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Hmm, good to hear.

I just hope that Koei and Omega Force take notes from Capcom's Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT+ and EXTREME VS. The rosters of those games are filled with solid choices, such as Altron, Deathscythe, Spiegel, Blue Destiny, X/XX, Virsago and etc., to the point that it just makes the Musou games' rosters look utterly tame and redundant in comparison (not to mention all those units with incomplete movelists, especially friggin TURN X!).

So, hopefully they stand to improve in that area. I wouldn't mind the story mode going back to where it was in the first game either, for that matter. A SRW/G Generation style format is truly what suits a cross-over Gundam game best.

EDIT: I see Stardust and I see Gundam X. We're already on a good start! :hehe:
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