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Neo Juste Belmont
Wed Sep 8, 2010 3:09 am
Finally Gundam X is getting some love. Now let's see which one will make it: X or DX?
I bet it's DX. They go straight for the upgraded Gundams for the AU series, hence the 00 Raiser.

Anyway, about the limitations, maybe some MS could change specs, like how Dom secretly became Rick Dom in GW2.
When you pick Zeong on ground, it becomes Perfect Zeong
When you pick GP01 in space, it equips the Full Vernian
So when you pick Ez8 in space, it could become... This.

Err.... impossible? w (;^^)

Anyway, looks like Online Play is also confirmed even in JP version, and if I'm not mistaken... there's going to be a playable demo at TGS!?!? qawsedrftgyhujikolp :crazy:

.....*eyes on a certain global mod who's going to TGS* :beard:

And lastly, cell-shaded graphics, eh? Interesting. Probably to capture the anime feel better indeed.
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