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Wed Sep 8, 2010 3:34 am
Anyway, looks like Online Play is also confirmed even in JP version, and if I'm not mistaken... there's going to be a playable demo at TGS!?!? qawsedrftgyhujikolp :crazy:

.....*eyes on a certain global mod who's going to TGS* :beard:

And lastly, cell-shaded graphics, eh? Interesting. Probably to capture the anime feel better indeed.
Online play? SWEET. :dance:

Any way, I'm betting that the cel-shaded graphics is probably a thing where Bamco wants their Gundam games to have something closer to an universal "look". After all, for the last few years, pretty much every Naruto game known to man uses cel-shaded graphics, no matter the developer who actually made the games.

About time that Bamco realizes what wonders it could do for their all-star brand. Did they learn NOTHING from SD Gundam Gashapon Wars (GC and Wii)? :hehe:
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