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Here comes the TGS impressions, thanks to a 'Snake' reporting in 2ch (No, not our Snake, he will only be able to come from Saturday :p )

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Usable MS in the demo are Unicorn Gundam (Banagher) and God Gundam (Domon)
Appearing enemy aces are Amuro in Nu Gundam, Tohofuhai in Master Gundam, Kira in Strike Freedom & Athrun in Infinite Justice

There were no trailers displayed at the time so no hint on other new MS

Moveset is still maximum C6, but some moves in returning MS has changed apparently

The Gauges
Left is Booster
Then there's HP and SP gauge we all already know
Small bars below SP gauge are the SP level stocks
The C thingy on the right is for 'Partner Strike'

Partner Strike?
You can get support fire from a partner MS. There are 3 selectable partner MS in the demo, 2 of them being Gundam Mk-II and Psyco Gundam. When you do things such as capturing bases, this gauge will fill up. When activated support fire will appear. For example if you pick Gundam Mk-II it will shoot multiple bazooka shells from above.

There are catapults located at certain bases that will take you to a certain other base instantly.
The morale bar is now like Gundam Vs Gundam's bar; allied army and enemy army have their own bars.
Confirmed respawning as long as ally morale bar is not empty.

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Unicorn's moveset

C1: Beam Magnum (can shoot 3 times as usual)
C2: Sweep with left Saber
C3: Sweep with Shield -> Beam Magnum
C4: 180 degrees of Beam Gatling mow
C5: Launches bazooka (similar to Gundam MkII), can air combo
C6: Full charged Beam Magnum? (shoots large beam forward 3 times)

Ground SP: Turns to Destroy Mode with multiple slashes
Aerial SP: Turns to Destroy Mode with launching Beam Gatling

Moveset during Destroy Mode becomes N10C1 (10 S-strings, 1 same charge)
From the 5th attack, it becomes swift slashes
Charge attack in this mode is cross slashing

SP attacks are same as Unicorn mode without the mode change, but it will enable you to keep the mode longer.
When in Destroy mode the attack speed and power is greatly increased.

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Changes to God Gundam
Dash becomes Running like in GvG
C3's elbow strike becomes lowering knee -> palm strike
C4 God Slash Typhoon is faster and longer
C6 seems to come out faster

On the pre-sortie menu you can see slots for 3 skills, a Support Character (for Partner Strike?) and Operator.
Looks like Operator is a new addition here. It's not featured yet though so effects and such are unknown.
(my speculation: this slot may be filled with the likes of Rain or Sumeragi)

Apparently Q&A session here
Spoiler: click to toggle

Partner MS seems to be only giving support fire.
They don't appear in the battlefield or whatsoever, only giving support fire from outside

'Snake''s impression on cell-shading
Camera angle when you are near a base will show you enough, but the base lines are very clear and he likes it
The corners also look better

The changed camera angle doesn't matter much for experienced players. Another example of camera angle change is zooming in when you are unleashing SP attack under red HP

Spoiler: click to toggle

Unicorn's impressions
Destroy Mode duration depends on SP level. The longest (Lv3) is 30 seconds.

Unicorn's good crowd clearer move is its C4 gatling mow, but other than that its other charges do not have rushing and the range is ordinary.
C6 is powerful but you can hardly change the direction between shots
Destroy Mode seems to be better suited for personal fights because of the increased attack speed, power and S-string but with the expense of charge attacks
Aerial SP Lv3 seems to be the best crowd clearer

Either due to the new morale bar system or it's just a demo, the defense stat feels like so low the player could be shot down multiple times.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Some support MS will come down when called
Another example of support attack is Wing Zero shooting Buster Rifle from above
(hmm... looks like most of the CPU-only SPs in GW2 will be incorporated here)

And it looks like God Gundam's new kneedrop attack will be somewhat similar to Ling Tong's pre-DW6 broken C4.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Partner Strike is activated by pressing R2.

And apparently because the enemy side also has morale gauge, as long as their morale isn't empty yet, enemy aces can also respawn.
Once you have reduced the morale enough (capturing bases, defeating aces), the enemy boss will appear.
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