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Saint Seiya is indeed one of the great classic manga/anime series, just like Hokuto. I can recommend you this, really. (・∀・)b

But yeah, at this point it's still unknown yet whether this is an actual Musou game since the game itself isn't actually titled 聖闘士星矢無双 Saint Seiya Musou. We'll probably know when the countdown site opens on 21st (Tues) where development details may show up, so whether Koei gets involved here or not...

Even if this doesn't turn out to be the next Koei-Bandai collab, I think it'd be safe to assume that Bandai has somehow managed to grasp the Musou gameplay system on their own after working together on 3 Gundam Warriors games. I mean, look at how they single-handedly develop Gundam Extreme Vs after collaborating for years with Capcom until its prequel. :hehe:

If KOEI does get involved here, this will obviously deserve a special spotlight here. But if they don't... well, I'll still try my best to track the game's info, since Seiya is basically one of the memorable classic anime even in my country as well. I do plan to get the game after all. ^^
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