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Oh well, gonna enjoy freezing people up with Hyouga again.

They're gonna use the 2nd-gen seiyuus again, right? (Masakazu Morita-Sakurai Takahiro-Miura Hiroaki-Kasuya Yuuta-Katsuyuki Konishi. Considering 3 of them are involved in Musou games, and the original can't reunite because Shiryuu's original (Hirotaka Suzuoki) is dead)

Now let's try imagining the arcs available:

1. 'Retrieve Sagitarius Cloth' arc: Fighting Ikki and the Dark Saints after the tournament.
2. Sanctuary-Prologue: Fighting off the lower class Sanctuary Knights like Lizard Misty.
3. Sanctuary Arc: Fighting Gold Saints
4. (Filler) Asgard Arc: If they want to get into the anime, they fight the Asgardian Warriors. This filler arc is often praised as one of the best fillers so I think it would be great
5. Poseidon Arc: Fighting Poseidon Saints.
6. Hades Arc: Fighting Specters and Hades.

The roster may be a problem, since this practically screams 'Loads and Loads of Characters'. And... I wonder what female will be playable because it's basically a frigging requirement for Musou Games (I'm looking at you, Mamiya). Let's see, there's Eagle Marin and Ophiocus Shaina... who else?
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