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If those characters are going to be included on SW4, then it makes me wonder why KOEI is revealing the characters before the game itself. Probably they have far more characters to reveal through Hyakku-Mon Nin Sengoku Musou and many others to reveal via Famitsu Leaks.

waaaaa I really want to see these characters in SW4

I love the design ... well ... some of them are on my "wishlist" :heart:

Kojuro looks like Zhou Yu. (Only I think)


Well, I would bet all my money that those are future adds on SW4 as it's necessary to be a Samurai Warrior to be included on a Samurai Warriors Social Mobile Game...

Indeed. He really looks like Zhou Yu... Kojuro was called "Kagetsuna The Wise" BTW
Ahhhh so Kai is a cocubine to? (never cared fored Sw since it not in usa.)
If my memory doesn't fail me, she is :yes: But I don't think that's mentioned in SW3...
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