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Where did bandana go?
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Katakura Kojuro - great add!
Sanada Nobuyuki - awesome!
Can`t say much about others, I`m interested in Hosokawa Tadaoki, Otani Yoshitsugu, Maeda Matsu and Ii Naomasa. I guess you`re all agree with me that these guys are pretty popular among both Eastern and Western fans and there are some hints about each of them being added in next games.
Though, new Shimazu and Tachibana (eh, I`d prefer Sorin to be honest) seems ... unusual choice. Dosan Saito is long time add (as Honganji Kennyo), Yamamoto is very interesting as well. Sanada Masayuki? hm cool, really, if he would be added, but I highly doubted. Uesugi Kagekatsu well... he was quite important persona in history, I don`t know what else to add. Never wanted his addition, but very curious to see how he may look like in the game. The last one... I don`t understand really weird choice. I like Mori clan, but this coward? why? Terumoto deserve being playable, but not his father.
IMHO we may discuss this subject because some of these characters obviouly appear in the new game. Interesting to know who.
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