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I'm with Xalfrea. I don't trust Koei handling good stories for 50+ characters as well as give them unique movesets without rehashing previous games' ones.

I bet Koei will cut more characters in the next SW. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I don't want this series to go downhill any further like DW did, I'm sort of hoping for this to happen.

This is assuming that the devs will totally revamp the series in its next outing and give characters totally new movesets, stories, etc etc.

I'd be pissed yet pleased if Koei decide to keep the current cast intact as well as add the 11+ newbies (and cut characters), all the while keeping the same movesets and button inputs from SW2/3....

But if Koei can have an excessive roster with good storylines and unique movesets then I'd be very very happy indeed. :) . But in regards to what I think of the company as of now, I'm so hoping the roster is toned down.
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