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DONE! I have updated the First Post with the pictures of the new characters! Thanks Xalfrea and SRS!

Well, we can finally say that the Takeda has too many characters now! Hahahahahaha! The Uesugi is falling behind! They need more Officers lol

As for the 4 new characters, I'll write a small review of them like I used to do with DW7 Characters!

Sanada Masayuki - Looks really nice! More like an strategist than a warrior... I wonder which will be his weapon and how he will interact with Shingen and Kansuke! 8/10

Sanada Nobuyuki - I absolutely LOVE his design! He seems to be way more carefree than Yukimura, but still a great warrior! I can't wait to see the Sanada Brothers Drama, The Marriage with Ina (Sorry, Sakon) and interactions with Tadakatsu and Ieyasu! 10/10

Uesugi Kagekatsu - Finally! He appears in official media! I wonder how KOEI will handle Kagekatsu! He needs Kagetora BTW! 8/10

Shimazu Yoshihisa - Finally! The Shimazu gets it's rightful ruler! He looks AWESOME!!! Way better than Yoshihiro! I love his Sideburns! 10/10

As for what I expect in the next installment, the Revamp will not have an DW-effect on SW... Characters will still remain unique even if they get similar weapons (look at Kunoichi and Nene)! Also, the Team who handles SW games is different from the one of DW!

BTW, who do you guys think that will be featured in the rest of the months of the calendar??
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