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Shin Sangokumusou 6: Empires
aka. Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires

A stand-alone expansion to Dynasty Warriors 7
Console: Playstation 3-exclusive for all regions
Release date: 8 November 2012 (JP), 22 February 2013 (EU), 16 February 2013 (NA)
Official site: http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/smusou6e/ (JP)

New Character
Posted Image
徐庶 (元直)
Xu Shu (Yuanzhi)

An advisor to Cao Cao during the late Han Dynasty period. He initially served Liu Bei as a strategist before joining Cao Cao in 208 A.D.
Main Weapon: Fencing Sword
Seiyuu: Atsushi Kisaichi (aka. Mu Wang in Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2)

Xu Shu is the only new unique character introduced here, bringing the total unique character roster to 66 people

KOEI held a campaign to name 4 staff-created CAWs with existing ROTK figures. These CAWs will replace existing generic generals with the same name when applicable

The characters' designs were picked from CAW options and set from the start
Voice, personality, stats & color scheme will be set later to fit the selected names
It does not fully guarantee whether the names chosen will be made unique in future DW games or not

#1: 君主 Ruler character
Posted Image
馬騰 (壽成)
Ma Teng (Shoucheng)

Ruler of Xiliang, father of Ma Chao. Was killed in a ploy by Cao Cao.
Set Weapon: Pike

#2: 女性 Female character
Posted Image
Zhang Chunhua

Wife of Sima Yi, mother of Sima Shi & Zhao. Said to be infamous for assassinating her own maid to conceal Yi's fake illness.
Set Weapon: Feather Fan

#3: 猛将 Warrior character
Posted Image
Hua Xiong

General under Dong Zhuo's force. Was killed by Guan Yu in novel or Sun Jian in history.
Set Weapon: Short Pike

#4: 軍師 Strategist character
Posted Image
荀彧 (文若)
Xun Yu (Wenruo)

One of Cao Cao's advisors. A Han loyalist, he kept urging Cao Cao to stay loyal to the Han emperor. Said to be committing suicide at the end.
Set Weapon: Feather Fan

Known Game Modes

争覇モード Struggle Mode (commonly known as Empire Mode)

  • Available scenarios and event battles
    • 184 AD - Yellow Turban Rebellion (has YTR event battle)
    • 190 AD - Anti Dong Zhuo Coalition (has Hulao Gate event battle)
    • 200 AD - Battle of Guandu
    • 208 AD - Battle of Chi Bi
    • 249 AD - Rise of Jin (has Siege of Chengdu event battle)
    • Gathering of Heroes (Random scenario)
      More details on Gathering of Heroes scenario:
      When selecting the scenario, there will be 2 options

      • Select a character from general list
        This option allows player to select any individuals available in the general list (uniques, generics, CAWs alike)
        After selecting a character, they can start in 2 positions:

        • As a Ruler: Able to choose starting territory and have up to 2 subordinates
        • As a Free Officer: Starting position is randomly determined
      • Select a CAW team
        This allows the selection of a CAW team that has 1 ruler and up to 4 subordinates. The main character will be the team leader as a ruler, and the faction's starting territory can be selected
      After finished placing own character, it will then be possible to modify the other factions that appear in that game
      (Note: Own faction cannot be edited any further)
      • For other factions, the starting officers are limited to 5 people per region
      • It is only possible to modify faction officers; editing faction regions is not possible
      • It is however not possible to save a preset starting faction locations data

Extra DLC historical & what-if scenarios

  • Play Points / Point of View (POV)
    The different play points (POVs) from DW6E return with new improvements and additions
    The known types of POVs are as following:
    • 在野 Free Officer
      Able to employ in any factions, or do jobs to earn income and find friends to improve strength
    • 放浪軍頭領 Mercenary Leader
      Bring along friends, roam and act freely as mercenary or volunteer army
    • 副将 Vice General
      General that serves under another General. Free officers that immediately join a faction without much fame get this position. Unable to join war councils
    • 一般武将 Common General
      Normal general with no additional roles
    • 太守 Prefect
      General who also governs a province. May stage a revolt to become a Ruler of his own province(s)
    • 大将軍 Grand General
      Leads the entire army. May give orders to ally units
    • 軍師 Strategist
      Ruler's advisor. Has the next most influence after Ruler, and may have 5 tactics in battle as opposed to others who can only have 4
    • 君主 Ruler
      The highest position in a faction, has a final word on everything. May also become Emperor
POV Flowchart

  • Politic Phase
    The politic phase is mainly divided into 2 parts: War Council and Strategy

    War Council (held once per half a year [6 months])

    • A faction holds a war council every half a year to determine its policy for the period
    • The ruler proposes an initial policy, and after that subordinates may be able to object and propose an alternative policy
    • Even when player is using the ruler, subordinates may still object to the policy that the player chose
    • When objecting, there are Politic-specific Secret Tactics that can be used to make one's objection more acceptable
    • Generals with the same Fame type tend to have better affinity and thus are easier to agree
    • After a policy is decided, the ruler issues a certain number of possible missions that can be taken by subordinates
    • The missions available will depend on the policy adopted; they may range from Domestic Affairs, Defense, to Region Expansion
    • If the mission can be completed by the next council, Deeds and Fame points will be rewarded
    • If player is using a Ruler, Mercenary Leader or Free Officer, they don't get to take missions

    Strategy (accessible each month)

    • Characters do most of their non-battle activities in this part, from finding new friends, to visiting cities, to selecting battles
    • Available activities vary depending on the character's position
    • One of the activities is to make a contract with a supporter which will then provide fame points and sometimes materials for a certain period of time
    • The fame points acquired from contracts are depending on the kind of supporter hired, for example:
      Trained Soldier periodically nets 100 Valor
      Secret Police periodically nets 2 Wood & 50 Order
      Great Merchant periodically nets 2 Food, 2 Wood & 100 Fortune
      Corrupt Official periodically nets 3 Wood & 50 Atrocity
    • There are also activities dedicated to evil deeds. One of them is 讒言 Slander, which spreads ill rumor about another officer in hope that the liege dismiss that officer
    • If some prerequisites are fulfilled, some special activities may be available to select, which range from finding strong rivals to staging a revolt and taking over a faction
    • A faction can consist of up to 20 people - 1 ruler & 19 sub-ordinates max
    • A mercenary army can consist of up to 5 people - 1 leader & 4 sub-ordinates
    • Mercenary armies can stage a Flag-raising Battle on the land they're currently in. When they win, they will become a legal faction owning that land
    • If a mercenary army stages a Flag-raising Battle on a faction's capital region (where the liege resides), if they win they will take over the faction along with all of its regions
    • Cities can also be visited in this part, and they can be explored like in DW7's Chronicle/Conquest mode and DW7XL's Legend mode
    • Cities have different layouts depending on the region the character currently resides in, like in DW7's Chronicle/Conquest Mode

      List of city facilities

      • Weapon Shop - Buy weapons here
      • Item Shop - Buy equipment items that can improve character stats
      • Costume Shop - Buy CAW equipments; Unique characters can also change their costume here, and the costumes of other CAWs in the same faction can also be edited
      • Animal Shop - Buy support animals such as horse or tiger
      • Carpenter - Modify residence interior; There are some interiors that have special effects such as increasing certain fame points

    • The player character's residence interior can be changed to various layouts, from house, cave, bar, battle camp to throne
    • Turns are still represented in years and months
    • There will be also cutscenes that relate to specific events, like Founding of a Nation, Marriage Ceremony, and Job Promotion
    • There are now material resources in the game which consist of Food, Wood and Gold. These are used to pay for various things such as tactic prerequisites and items, especially items are bought with this Gold material
    • Clearing Empire Mode will net bonus points which can be used to buy CAW parts or unlock certain bonuses in the next playthrough
    • Only bought CAW parts will carry over in each games. Weapons, items, animals etc which are buyable with gold do not carry over because gold management is also an important factor in game
    • One of the bonuses available is to unlock all weapons from start, however this requires to pay a huge amount of bonus points
エディットモード Edit Mode (aka. Create-a-Warrior [CAW])

  • CAW Creation
    • Up to 200 CAW slots can be created (Twice of DW6E's 100)
    • There are now sliders to modify the body in detail, such as facial features, arm & leg lengths & muscles, back height, and more
    • For female CAWs, there are also adjustments for cosmetics and breast size
    • Up to 2 head accessories may be worn
    • There are 60 different hairstyles for each gender
    • CAW outfits are still categorized under 5 locations: Head, Body, Arm, Waist & Leg
    • Additional CAW outfits may be obtained from Privilege Points gained from winning battles and clearing games
    • There are 10 voice-types for each gender
    • The pitch of CAW voices can be adjusted ala DW6E
    • CAW's EX weapon can be set, and EX attacks will be set depending on the weapon chosen; some weapons allow selection from different available EX attacks (mostly cloned weapons)
    • 1st & 2nd Musou attacks can be freely chosen, however on selecting them there are separate lists for each of 1st & 2nd musous, so there is no such thing as having 2 aerial musous (all 1st musous are used on ground)
    • There are 6 types of starting parameters for the CAW which will determine the starting HP, attack, defense and speed parameters
    • The CAW's default fame type can also be chosen
    • All DW6E CAW outfits, including most DLCs, will be included here along with much more brand-new parts
    • The color for the outfits are per older Empires games - there will be no color palette, but different colour schemes of up to 7
      (Red, Blue, Green, Teal, Purple, Yellow, Black)
    • CAW's close-up portrait will actually show up in dialogues rather than having only silhouettes
    • There is a Favorites feature in Edit Mode where it decides which CAWs will appear in Empire Mode
      (When selecting CAW appearance in Empire mode, the options available are to include All, Favorites Only, or None)
    • There is an option to duplicate created CAWs
    • CAW designs can be edited anytime; they can even be changed in-game inside the town's Costume Shop
    • There should be no other in-game requirements to get CAW parts other than buying with money
    • CAW parts can be bought in the city's costume shop or inside Edit Mode

  • CAW Sharing
    • CAW data can be uploaded and downloaded in a net server
    • CAWs can be uploaded individually or in a group of up to 5
    • Downloaded CAWs may occasionally appear in the downloader's Empire mode, creating a pseudo-multiplayer feel
    • Downloaded CAW's behaviors will be reflected from the uploader's play style which is recorded in the attached play history data
    • If CAWs are uploaded as a group, then they may appear as a faction in the downloader's game. One person can be set as ruler, and up to 4 subordinates can be included
    • Downloaded CAWs are brought over to own CAW list
    • If the downloaded CAW has DLC parts that the downloader don't have, that part will be set to null
    • There will be online rankings that will utilize CAW usages, such as KO count ranking
    • There is a Screenshot feature in Edit mode where pictures of CAWs can be taken to be shared online

  • General Replacement
    • With the 入替登録 Replacement Registration feature, a CAW can be used to replace a general
    • Note that it still consumes 1 slot for each general-replacing CAWs
    • A CAW can be created with another name, but when they are used to replace a general, they will take the name of the replaced general
    • If the replacement CAW is deleted, the general will return to their original forms
    • Female CAWs can be used to replace male generals, and vice versa (Male CAWs for female characters)
    • All default generals in game -generic generals, pseudo-CAWs and even unique characters- can be replaced
    • Note that for replacing unique characters, this means replacing them with an entirely different CAW design; for changing the unique character's looks while retaining their unique DW look, it's through the choices of costumes available for them such as the DLC past series and school/fairytale costumes
    • Also, replacing unique character may result in the event battle where the unique character stars in not occurring
      (For example replacing Yuan Shao, Lu Bu or Dong Zhuo in 190 scenario will cause the Hulao event battle to not trigger)
    • Unique character replacement will be only unlocked after clearing Empire mode at least once; Generic general replacement (including pseudo-CAWs) is instantly available from start

  • Visiting CAWs

    • In the main game mode there will be an option to turn "Enable Visiting Generals" on or off
    • When this option is turned on, CAWs that are uploaded into the server will randomly appear in the player's game mode
    • Visiting CAWs are chosen from only individual CAW uploads, not CAW team uploads
    • The game does check uploader accounts, so self-uploaded CAWs won't appear as visiting CAW
    • Visiting CAWs always start as free officers when they enter the player's game. From there they may be recruited by own or other factions
    • Visiting CAW datas are saved inside the current game's save data, and will be accessible in the "Input Visiting Generals" menu in Extra Mode, where the player can check the visiting CAWs and may decide to add them into the player's own CAW list
エクストラモード Extra Mode

  • A mode that contains miscellaneous functions of the game
  • CAW downloads and uploads are done in this mode
Menu image

  • Extra Mode Menus

    • Data download: Download CAW (team) data from server
    • Data upload: Upload CAW (team) data to server
    • Edit input: Read CAW data from a CAW save file
    • Edit output: Insert a CAW data to a CAW save file
    • Team creation: Create the team of up to 5 CAWs here; up to 50 teams may be created
    • Net Ranking: Access online ranking
    • Online Play: Used by client player for joining an online play session
    • Store: Access DW7E DLC page in PSN Store
    • Visiting General input: Save a Visiting CAW data into own CAW list
ギャラリーモード Gallery Mode

  • An event viewer is available in this mode where it is possible to view unlocked events with any character combinations
  • Events have to be seen at least once in the main game mode (Struggle/Empire Mode) for them to be available in gallery
  • CAWs can be also selected in the event viewer
  • It is also possible to set impossible things in the main game mode such as putting same gender people into the marriage event
  • It is even possible to put same characters into all event character slots
  • It is possible to use different costumes for unique characters
Other Game Modes

  • Encyclopedia
  • Options

New Gameplay Features

  • 絶招秘計 Hidden Tactics
    • A new system that deals with tactics and strategies
    • When used properly, these tactics can change the tide of battle
    • There are 2 kinds of hidden tactics: One is used in politic phase, the other is used in battles
    • Up to 5 different battle tactics can be equipped, and each of them can be activated once per battle
    • Strategists can equip 5 tactics at once, while everyone else can only equip up to 4 tactics
    • Depending on the tactics used, tactic combos can be produced
    • Examples of hidden tactics
      大水計 Flood Stratagem
      Floods an area and change its terrain
      In order to use this stratagem, capturing certain bases (that usually have water gates) is first required

      大火計 Fire Stratagem
      Ignites fire that damages enemy
      Effectiveness can be increased by using Gale stratagem afterwards

      投石 Throwing Boulders
      Use catapults to throw boulders to an area
      Effectiveness (range) can be increased with Gale stratagem

      陣風 Gale Stratagem
      Calls a strong wind
      May be used to enhance other tactics

      陥穽 Pitfall
      Creates a large hole
      Enemies trapped inside it will be instantly captured

      挑発 Taunt
      Enrages an enemy general and make them chase the taunter
      Can be used as a tactic combo to lure them into a pitfall trap

      絆 Bond
      Exclusive to Benevolent characters
      Summon the character's sworn siblings and spouse to appear nearby them, and power up the character and their family

      単騎駆け One-Man Charge
      Exclusive to Valorous Characters
      Increase personal attack, defense and speed
      Prevent from being captured even when charging deep into enemy territory and still allows respawning when beaten there

      絶対防御 Absolute Defense
      HP will not drop to 0 for 30 seconds

    • Other kinds of tactics include but are not limited to:
      大喝 Big Shout
      捕縛戦法 Capture Strategy
      伏兵 Ambush
      天下無双 Unrivaled
      Falling Boulders: Changes terrain (obviously block a path)
      斉射 Volley: A rain of arrows
      Base Reconstruction: Change a base type depending on the tactic
      Elite Unit: Summon a number of bodyguard soldiers

  • Fame System
    Characters have a fame level that can fall into 6 different categories depending on their actions on politic and battle phases. Some more actions are only usable in a certain fame category. The 6 categories are as following:
    • 武勇 Valor (Sword mark)
      Supporting Actions - Perform well in battles
      Perks - Easier to be promoted to Grand General. Available tactics focus on boosting individual fighting strength
    • 知略 Ingenuity (Fan mark)
      Supporting Actions - Succeed in executing Stratagem-type tactics
      Perks - Easier to be promoted to Strategist. Available tactics focus on standardized political and tactical stratagems
    • 仁愛 Benevolence (Heart mark)
      Supporting Actions - Rescue peasants
      Perks - Easier to make friends. Available tactics focus on bonds between allies and the people such as health recovery and volunteer reinforcements
    • 財産 Fortune (Gold bag)
      Supporting Actions - Stock up personal assets
      Perks - Increased gold income. Available tactics are mostly priced, such as constructing catapult bases and weapon facilities
    • 規律 Order (Flag mark)
      Supporting Actions - Do drills or patrols often
      Perks - Increased troop number limit. Available tactics focus on organized strength such as reinforcements and support fire
    • 悪逆 Atrocity (Evil face)
      Supporting Actions - Do immoral things like executing prisoners, assassination or betrayal
      Perks - Great increase on overall income, but reduced general loyalty. Available tactics are very powerful but also foul, such as exploiting allies and plundering

  • Fame points calculation
    • Initial fame point reward is mentioned in stage details before choosing a battle
    • KO counts affect Valor fame
    • 10 KO count = 1 Valor
    • 1 enemy officer defeated = 10 Valor
    • The kinds of tactics used will also determine fame points retrieved

  • Percentage reduction for troop loss of over 20% (% reduction = troop loss % - 20%)
  • Percentage increase for in-stage mission bonus
  • Final multiplier based on difficulty
Fame point calculation example

  • Injury System
    • There is no aging system here, so characters die in two ways: Getting executed, or being sortied in battle while having injury status and then get defeated by enemy officer there, which will result in getting killed in battle
    • Re-sortieing in a battle does not count as injury
    • The injury status may be given after a battle ends depending on character's damage. If that injured character is sortied again in another battle without given chance to recover, they might be killed if enemy beats them there
    • When a general is injured, both of their Power & Speed proficiencies are dropped to 0, which will slow down any weapon movesets

  • Respawn System
    • The basic rule for general respawning still exists here: Generals can respawn by consuming an amount of troop number that they have
    • For the first time in a DW: Empires game, the player's character will be also able to respawn with this same rule
    • However there may be restrictions in this rule. If a general is deep inside enemy territory, they may not be able to respawn and even risk getting instantly captured on defeat
    • When the player is deep inside enemy territory, the screen edges will be flashing red. This is not a low health indicator like in DW Next, but a warning sign that the player character may be captured upon defeat here
      (During demo presentations it was commonly felt that the red flash was too bright, however it should have been toned down by the final version)
    • Using the One-Man Charge tactic nullifies this restriction, but keep in mind that this tactic is exclusive to Valorous characters, and it can be only used once per battle

  • Relationship System

    • Sworn Siblings and Marriage systems are returning from DW6E with some alterations
    • Officer relationships are graded with letter ranks, with D being the default value and S being the highest value
    • When relationship with an officer reaches max level, a special relationship will be added if the slot is still available
    • Sworn Siblings can be done with both same & different genders, and up to 2 characters can be made into the player's Sworn Siblings at one time
    • Marriage is only done with different gender, and only one spouse can be had; however if the spouse died, then it will be possible to marry another character
    • Sworn Siblings and Spouse may assist the player character, especially when using the Benevolence-type Bonds tactic
    • Since building relationship with different gender can culminate in either sworn siblings and marriage, when such relationships are maxed out there will be a selection to choose which special relationship to have

  • Base System
    • Base capturing system is similar to DW6+E - Keep beating soldiers inside base until the base number reaches 0 to capture it
    • Bases are connected with supply lines which create Zone of Control (ZOC)
    • The supply lines are originated from Headquarters and Provision Warehouses; if there is no supply origin then there will be no ZOC generated
    • The denser the ZOC is, the stronger the owning faction's army will be when they are in that area
    • Generals that are deep inside opposing side's dense ZOC are at higher risk of getting captured upon defeat
    • Examples of known base types:
      • 駐屯地 Garrison Posted Image
        Cannot be changed with tactics
      • 通常拠点 Normal Base Posted Image
        No specific features (though may be changed to other bases with tactics)
      • 宝物拠点 Treasure Base Posted Image
        Rewards material if in possession on victory
      • 兵糧庫 Provision Warehouse Posted Image
        Adds a supply line source
      • 防御拠点 Defense Base Posted Image
        Has high endurance
      • 投石拠点 Catapult Base Posted Image
        Attacks faraway enemy bases with catapults
      • 兵器拠点 Weapon Base Posted Image
        Periodically produces Tiger Tanks
      • 本陣 Headquarters Posted Image
        The faction which had their HQ captured loses
  • Weapon Reorganization
    • Some characters are being given new EX weapons here. Most reorganized weapons are DW7+XL DLC weapons, but some existing weapon types will be also re-allocated to other characters
    • There are also even brand-new weapons added
    • Re-allocated weapons may be getting some moveset modifications
    • These characters may also get new Musou attacks and EX attacks in the process (eg. Cao Ren's EX attack is changed from draining enemy HP to greatly increasing defense power)
    • The old pre-reorganization EX and Musou attacks are still included due to extended development time and thus can be chosen by CAWs
      (Note that this would probably only apply to moves that are explicitly mentioned to be replaced; moves that are not replaced keep the same names & motions and thus may simply get moved to the new weapon type)
    • There are no changes in the proficiency move allocations, with the exception of Chain Flail which is changed from Whirlwind to Shadowless Feet
    • Brand-New Weapons
      • 撃剣 Fencing Sword (Xu Shu's EX weapon)
        Sword held with reverse grip that also has a knife attached with a 5m-long wire. Has moves that can pull enemies
      • 破城槍 Siege Lance (Xiahou Ba's new EX weapon)
        A huge mechanical spear that also has booster to increase thrusting speed. Has a charge attack that launches even the user like a missile
      Since it is explicitly mentioned that there are 55 weapon types in total, the above weapons are the only brand-new weapons added here
      (DW7 36 + XL 6 + DLC 11 + E 2 = 55)
    • List of characters with new weapon reorganization

      • Gan Ning - Chain Flail (& changed 2nd Musou)
      • Xiahou Ba - Siege Lance (& changed EX, 1st & 2nd Musou)
      • Huang Yueying - War Pike (& changed EX attack)
      • Dong Zhuo - Bombs (& changed EX attack)
      • Pang De - Cudgel (& changed EX attack)
      • Xu Huang - Great Axe (& changed EX attack)
      • DaQiao - Twin Canes (& changed EX attack)
      • Cao Ren - Buckler Blade (& changed EX & 2nd Musou)
      • Sima Shi - Lightning Sword (& changed EX attack)
      • Huang Gai - Iron Boat (& changed EX attack)
      • Zhurong - Boomerang (& changed EX & 2nd Musou)
      • Ding Feng - Moon Blade (& changed EX & 2nd Musou)
    • The Short Pike is the only DLC weapon that is not allocated to any characters and will become a CAW-exclusive weapon
      There are also exclusive EX attack, 1st & 2nd Musou attacks for CAWs that have Short Pike as their EX weapon
Spoiler: click to toggle

  • Co-op Play
    Online and Offline 2-player co-op are both confirmed available
    Co-op play is only available for single battles in Empire mode; no such kind of a full-fledged co-op campaign considering the amount of dedication from both players and such

    • Online Co-op

      • The host player sets up an online session before starting a battle inside Struggle/Empire Mode; Open or Invitational sessions may be created
      • The client player then joins the session from Online Co-op menu in Extra Mode
      • There are some limitations for the client player:
        Client player can only join using one of their own CAWs
        Stats and weapon level will be adjusted to host player's game progress
        Client player cannot use tactics
    • Offline Co-op

      • Splitscreen local co-op is also available
      • The second player will get to play as another selectable general (any of unique, generic, or CAW) in the player's force
      • Unlike online co-op, the second player will be also able to use tactics

  • DLC Details
    • DW7 DLC BGMs will be included straight inside DW7E disc
    • All DW7 DLC Weapons (from War Pike to Moon Blade) will be also included straight inside DW7E disc since there will be weapon reorganization (check the Weapon Reorganization point above)
    • Free DW7/XL Costumes (eg. DW4-6 costumes) are also included inside DW7E disc
    • Priced DW7+XL DLC Costumes (eg. DW3 & Original costumes) and Additional Weapon Skins are usable in DW7E too, but only available if they have been bought in DW7/XL before
    • DLC Weapon Skins are treated as strong weapons, so according to the game system there needs to be a progress in the game until these weapon skins are available too
    • New DLCs for DW7E will include new CAW parts and politic phase residence interiors
    • First-print incentives are extra CAW parts of DW6 Zhao Yun, DW6 Diaochan and Oda Nobunyaga (Cat-version Oda Nobunaga) costumes; most likely these will be made available as first batch DLCs for NA/EU versions as with past first-print incentives (and made a priced DLC in Japan months after release)
    • There will be also some collaboration DLCs which include but are not limited to:

      • DLC costumes based on PlayStation's Japan mascots Toro & Kuro
      • DLC CAW original designs of Lu Bu and Gan Ning drawn by Hiromu Arakawa, a mangaka most famous for Full Metal Alchemist
    • There are no plans to have store-exclusive DLCs (such as Wang Yuanji's Lawson costume and weapon)
  • The main theme of this game is 英傑たちの生き様 Heroes' "Way of Life"
  • It will mix the base-taking system that has been the core of Empires games since DW4E with DW6E's different playpoints and DW7's action system
  • Pre-stage briefing menu is returning back
  • Morale bar is returning at top of screen
  • Musou gauge is made harder to fill to consider game balance
  • Weapon moveset is fully unlocked from the start (up to C6 and have 2 Musou types) even with the first weapon
  • General face and name are gone from the lifebar; probably to make leeway for generics and CAWs
  • Unique characters still have emotional pre-rendered faces in dialogues
  • It is still not fully confirmed yet, but there might be an implication that the emotional faces are exclusive to default DW7 costumes; if the unique character is wearing any other costumes, their dialogue portraits might become the emotionless in-game render portraits similarly used by CAWs that would correctly display their current costumes
  • Player character has half-body portrait during battle conversations (Example)
  • As usual, generic generals are also playable here; they can also switch weapons and use EX attacks, and have Musou attacks that are different from unique characters
    (There was a debate whether to allow generics to use EX attack too or not, but after the delay development and demo release it was finally decided to allow EXs for generics)
  • Weapon gender restriction has been abolished, so Great Sword and Chain Whip can now be equipped by the other gender too
  • Unique character sortie limit present in past Empires games has also been abolished, so it is now possible to have an army that fully consists of unique characters and/or CAWs
  • The limit number of generals that can be brought to battle is 8
  • Playable character can be changed during Empire Mode gameplay; however the selection range will depend on the Main character's position
    (Note that this doesn't mean character switch; the playable character is selected pre-stage and will be the player character for the duration of stage)
  • Characters with the same EX weapon will not see a difference in their basic moveset since movesets are determined from the weapons rather than characters
  • Execution from DW5E is confirmed back
  • Cliff jumping from DW6E is de-confirmed and not going to be included
  • Xiapi, Huiji and Xiangyang are regions that will be getting brand-new maps in here
  • 5 difficulty levels are available: Beginner, Easy, Normal, Hard and Chaos
    (the Ultimate/Nightmare difficulty added in DW7XL doesn't seem to be returning here)
  • Custom soundtrack is still not included here
    (The option to change in-game BGM should still be available though, with the selection of various musics from past DW games)
  • Save data from DW7/DW7XL is not transferrable to DW7E, one reason is because the character growth system is different
  • There will be no English voice-overs, only the Japanese voices with English subtitles
  • Due to the above point, the game will be only available as a digital download for the NA region; Other regions still have retail discs

Edit Mode Demo
Released on 11 October 2012 in Japan, 12 February in NA, 20 February in Europe

  • All 200 slots can be filled in the demo
  • It is also possible to put a CAW data into individual save files so they can be shared to friends
  • Costumes available are the same as the game's default unlocked ones (16 male sets & 15 female sets)
  • There is no limit on the face/body setting
  • The General Replacement feature is available in the demo, but not the Favorites feature
  • A 5-minute mini-skirmish stage is available to test play the CAW's movesets
    The stage takes place in DW5's Mt. Dingjun map, with Xiahou Dun as enemy boss and Xu Shu appearing as ally general
    This test stage is exclusive to the demo version; on the full version CAW testplay is instantly done on actual game mode
  • The Siege Lance and pre-organization EX attacks & Musous will not be included in the demo
  • The Screenshot feature is available
  • Transfer of CAW data between JP and EN versions should be not possible due to the differences in naming systems
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