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I'd like to see DLC weapons for the other characters that only have one...
So I personally do not think that Zelda or Link or Lana or Impa need more...

For Shiek as mentioned earlier a chain whip but also could be the throwing needles.
Midna's obviously needs to be her true form...

I also don't really think the Villains need other movesets either... except maybe Ganondorf.

(uh oh incoming mention of Agitha!!!! red alert!!)

Just on a personal note, I would really like to see Agitha have a fan(s) moveset, although I think she is the last character that needs a DLC weapon because her moveset already completes her character perfectly. (nor does she really have enough relevancy to warrent one or enough of a background to have a weapon existing from the series to give to her) Except perhaps the bug net as mentioned earlier...

But I think it'd be really cute to see her with a fan, perhaps shaped like a butterfly wing. I think that would really fit her, just because it would really fit in with her self-proclaimed Princess theme. But I know thats not really fitting of the game and I'm putting some personal emphasis into that thought haha...

Or while I'm deathly scared of spiders... it would be kind of cute to see her mounted on a giant one to attack enemies that way. I know others were really hoping that she'd control other kinds of bugs in her attacks besides just the two. Would be soo cute if it had a leash on it!! (but i guess she does already ride the bugs in her moveset so...)
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