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Locked Topic
Super Robot Wars Original Generation 3A; My idea...
Topic Started: Fri Jun 1, 2007 9:46 am (16,075 Views)
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Formerly known as Neo Juste Belmont
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Well since Banpresto decided to go on with OGs, I took my time to make up some predictions. Yes, I know I've posted this back in the 'Other Non Koei Games' section, but this one takes a more story-style approach. Yes, I know the R Originals and Fighter Roar is included in the new OGs, but I will still include them. Though they are more or less like the 'supporting cast', not having stuffs major within the story... then again, so does many of the new cast.

NEW CONTENT: Now assuming that canon-wise Lamia goes MIA in the end of OGs... I decided that I will not follow the part that caused her to be that way. So one can say this is an AU fic.

-What happened in OGs: After being pulled out by Kyosuke from the Bartool, she was shot by Juergen, maybe she fell to the ground and when Hellgate facility was destroyed, she's considered MIA. Before she's shot, she learnt that her speaking device was ruined beyond repair.

-What happened in this fic: Juergen didn't shot Lamia. Her speaking device is not ruined either.

-And since I have no knowledge of Scramble Commander and I just made this into an AU, I would like to point out that the Shura and the Swordian building does not make appearance after Duminuss killed Juergen. They're undergoing a different case here.

I will be writing it in script format, kinda like how the game goes... Also, I take the OVA into the canon of the story. Anyway here we go...

Super Robot Wars: Original Generation 3 ALTERNATE

Introduction (a.k.a Brief skimming of the beginning of the fic)

The War with Inspectors, Einsts, Shadow Mirror and Neo Divine Crusader has ended. The ODE Incident follows shortly after, but it quickly came to an end. However, those two events are only triggering a much grander scale...

Although the Earth is recovering after both incidents, with the Earth Federation in the hands of Graien Grazman, Nibhal Mubhal and Kenneth Garret in control, the Earth Federation is sinking to a shadow to its former self. Corruption ran amok, and this displeases many innocent people. Even the ATX, SRX and Aggressors felt the change in the government, but unable to fight back for now, as they have yet to find proofs of their atrocities.

Mitsuko Isurugi saw this as a chance for possible profit. According to her other 'assistant', a mysterious man named 'Alastor Karabine', with weak government as such, a rebellion will surely escalate and the Isurugi Industries should align themselves with either force, to promote the new weapons. Alastor himself has designed several new weapons ready for promotion, which is surprisingly similar to the designs of some powerful Shadow Mirror units (e.g Vysaga). As it would happen, Alastor WAS a member of the Shadow Mirror itself, whereas he was sent to the world in a time earlier than Vindel's arrival (and after Axel's), and he works behind the scenes in order to make Vindel's plans go smoother, such as registering the Angelg into the Isurugi Industries, making Lamia's entrance less suspicious.

True to Alastor's prediction, a rebellion does break out. Mitsuko suddenly aligned the Isurugi Industries towards the rebels, providing them Shadow Mirror-like weapons. The Earth Federation sent out the ATX and the Aggressors Team to hold off the rebels.

Before the SRX Team could be contacted, the federation lost contact with them. It turns out that there has been another case of people vanishing without reasons. Some say they were like 'sucked into the Earth'. The Earth Federation now must deal with both the 'vanishing people' incident and the rebels. However, some also suspects that the presence of Alastor may be a sign that the Shadow Mirror might not be gone for good after all...

Split Storyline

From here, the story is split into 3 sections. The first batch is separated into two sub-storyline. The first one deals with the ATX Team, and the second deals Aggressors.


ATX Team Story

Before the rebellion broke down, the ATX Team is in a bit of a disarray. Graien made a declaration that the sentient mechs RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh are considered dangerous and therefore must be dismantled. Knowing the importance of both mechs, Bullet proposed to protect them. After separating both into RyuOhKi and KoOhKi, he quitted the ATX Team and goes into hiding. After having the North America Langley Base taken by the rebels, Kyosuke and the ATX Team relocated themselves to the Izu base and must deal with both rebellion and the vanishing people while the departure of Bullet weighs in his mind. It became even more complicated when a certain man warns him about the race called 'Shura', as well as encountering an old foe thought to be dead...

Aggressors Team Story

After the ODE Incident, the Earth Federation has looked down upon the Aggressors Team. Their performance during the incident was considered to be abysmal and the federation's high ranking officials, especially Kenneth, blamed most of these to Lamia, who was considered the representative captain of the Aggressors Team during the incident. Even so, as the rebels would be using Shadow Mirror-like mechs, the Team is sent to majorly quell the rebels, as Lamia would have more knowledge on these mechs. However, the pressure of the governments have been taking tolls in her mind and the suffering she received during the incident was also lingering heavy within her thoughts...

These two paths will merge eventually.


The second batch deals about... La Gias. Yes, Masou Kishin fans, rejoice. There will be story parts for the La Gias and the rest of the Elemental Lords.


As stated before, the vanishing incident turns out to be several people being summoned to La Gias without their consent. Some of them included Lune Zoldark and a test pilot for the mech Ganador, Joshua Radcliff... and the SRX Team. In the meantime, Masaki Andoh returned to La Gias, only to find the land in the middle of war between the former Langran Kingdom under Feil-Lord Gran Bilseir, Holy Warriors under Karx Zan Valfarbia and the Shutedonia Kingdom...

The story will be split into 3 sub-stories, which somewhat mirrors Super Robot Wars EX, with some original parts.

Story 1 revolves around Masaki in Feil's side.

Story 2 revolves around Lune in Karx's side.

Story 3 revolves around Joshua in nobody's side (though occasionally helping the Feil side).

The Story would also eventually merge.


The third batch deals with other people not directly involved in war, but still parts of the EFA. These story are split into two batches again. The first one involves Zengar, the second one involves Ibis.


Zengar's Story

After the ODE Incident, the Kurogane received a call from Dr Sophia Nate. She requested their assistance to excavate the remnants of Earth Cradle. Zengar gladly complies to her request, and the rest of the Kurogane crews followed. To their horror, when they reached the site, they found out one shocking truth: The Machine Cells might not be gone for good after all...

Ibis' Story

Shortly before the rebellion, Ibis, after receiving the Altairlion, attempted to test the Maneuver GRaMXS using the mech, but it ended up in a failure and crashed to the base of the project, killing Filio and afterwards Project TD ceases all its activities. Ibis was declared innocent, eventually, after it's clarified that it was a pure accident. However, she was overcame with guilt and chose to retreat into the space, along with Tsugumi. Sleigh is reported missing after the incident. In space, however, she met a woman named Calvina Coulange, a lone survivor from an attack towards a space facility. According to her, an alien force is invading Earth. When they encountered them attacking the test site of the LIOH System, Calvina confirmed them as the attackers, while the aliens proclaimed themselves as... 'Guests'.

Both stories will merge.


Eventually, all paths will merge into one single storyline (possible further branching is available). And now, it's time to announce the new characters used for this story. Also I'll be adding up the seiyuus used. I know some has their seiyuus picked, but for those who hasn't have, I'll give them a * sign, to identify that these are 'possible seiyuu'.

New additions

1. Folker Albark
Origin: SRW Compact 3
Story: Folka is a member of the Shura Race who has gone to reject their methods. He knows the Shura would target Earth for its plans, as they were about to be embroiled in a war and a battle will surely erupt there, and thus came there to warn about the invasion. The man he told about this one is Kyosuke, for he is certain that an ally of Shura would be targetting him.
Mech: Ialdabaoth
Seiyuu: Matsumoto Yasunori

2. Cliana Rimskaya
Origin: SRW Destiny
Story: Rim is Joshua's 'sister' and a fellow test pilot of the mech Strega under the Wong Heavy Industries. They were located in South Pole during the Vanishing Incident. Joshua urged her to escape while he protected the base. When the incident was over, Joshua was nowhere to be seen. Worried about her brother, Rim sought help in the EFA, unaware of the corruption going inside. It was fortunate for her that the ATX Team was the ones she met for help.
Mech: Strega, Forte Gigas (Combining with Ganador)
*Seiyuu: Sakuma Kumi

3. Axel Almar
Origin: SRW Advance
Story: Axel was defeated during the previous war and left to die in White Star. Everyone was sure that he was destroyed along with the White Star, but he mysteriously reappeared at Wong Heavy Industries' facility located at Asteroid 'XM-1314' called 'Xingzhou' and was found unconscious by both Rim and Joshua, who were currently assigned there for the moment. When he regained his consciousness, Axel realized he suffered amnesia, and the only thing he remembered was his first name and his piloting skills. To repay his debts to the two, he becomes a test pilot of the Industry and stayed in although his appearance strikes suspicion towards the Federation, whether this is the same Axel who fought them, or it's the Axel Almar of this dimension. However, the Soulgain was left in that battered condition, until it mysteriously vanished...
Mech: VTX-002 Gestalt (The successor of Bartool in the OVA. After the ODE Incident, the Wong Heavy Industries learnt from their mistakes and developed a new successor that won't go nuts due to the ODE. In short... combine the good things on Mironga and Bartools, and disregard Juergen's modification, for a safer model... More details coming later, and I may change the name), Soulgain ZERO (Upgrade of Soulgain)
Seiyuu: Canna Nobutoshi

4. Brad Skywind
Origin: SRW 64
Story: Brad is a rebellious hotblooded young man who would gladly stand against evil. An expert of the Buki Haken Ryuu along with his partner, Katz Folneus, Brad is one of such people dissatisfied with the current EFA government and eventually joins the rebellion. His instructor Viror Sunda was killed by the men of Graien and this has been his motivation to get revenge. When the Isurugi Industries showed their mechs for the rebels, Brad took the Earthgain, which Viror secretly collaborated in building it, and decided to use it to continue his master's will.
Mech: Earthgain, Super Earthgain.
*Seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu

5. Katz Folneus
Origin: SRW 64
Story: Katz is Brad's senior and his companion. They are good friends, although they have some differences in opinions, and Katz doesn't like the weakness Brad shows. They joined the rebellion together, sharing the distrust towards the government, and together they became the ace pilots of the rebels. Katz' chosen robot from the Isurugi Industries is the Virose, said to be the 'father' of the Vysaga.
Mech: Virose
*Seiyuu: Sugiyama Noriaki

6. Manami Hamill
Origin: SRW 64
Story: Manami is the niece of Kirk Hamill, ex-husband of Marion Radom. Living in luxury in her whole life, many thought she'd be a pampered little girl. But in fact, she has a strong sense of justice and couldn't stand about hearing innocent people being oppressed, especially on what the current EFA is doing. She disliked her uncle for staying silent against the EFA, and thus she secretly used her wealth to help the rebellion, with the assistance of her butler. Though she doesn't show it, it would seem that she is a bit infatuated towards Brad.
Mech: Simurgh
*Seiyuu: Tamura Yukari

7. Aisha Ridgemond
Origin: SRW 64
Story: Aisha is said to be the cousin of Manami and currently serves the EFA Government. She is a dedicated soldier and worries about Manami. However, how she joined the EFA is a mystery. How she even acquired her Elbulls, which resembled the wings of Angelg, is also unknown, further adding to the mystery of her origin...
Mech: Elbulls
*Seiyuu: Kawakami Tomoko

8. Alastor Karabine
Origin: (Original Character)
Story: Alastor is the chief designers of the mechs in Shadow Mirror, as well as one of the trusted men of Vindel Mauser. It is he who designed the mechs like Ash Saver, Soulgain, Angelg, etc that would be used with the W Series and the Shadow Mirror agents. Though he keeps a calm persona, he has a bit of sadistic streak and enjoys inflicting suffering towards those that angered him. He is totally dedicated to the Shadow Mirror and secretly vows that in case Vindel failed, he will carry on his legacy.
Mech: Vysaga Custom (This is Vysaga with additional attacks and it's made so not only Axel/Lamia can pilot it)
Note: Alastor is another name taken from Greek Mythology, while Karabine is a name a gun.
*Seiyuu: Nakata Jouji

9. Hwang Yang Long
Origin: SRW EX
Story: Yang Long is the pilot of the Elemental Lord of Fire, Granveil. After the destruction of the Langran Kingdom, he was overcame with guilt and wandered throughout La Gias. He eventually found himself as a mercenary for Karx's Holy Warriors, but he somehow doubts the ideals of Karx.
Mech: Granveil
Seiyuu: Inoue Kazuhiko

10. Tootie Noorbuck
Origin: SRW EX
Story: Tootie is the pilot of the Elemental Lord of Water, Goddess. After the destruction of Langran and the death of her lover Ricardo Silvera, Tootie wandered throughout La Gias in search of the one who murdered him, Lubicca Hakinnen, who also murdered her parents in front of her eyes. She took a neutral stance towards the current war in Langran but if the chaos escalates to a worse situation, she would gladly place herself in battle for the peace in La Gias.
Mech: Goddess
Seiyuu: Inoue Kikuko

11. Mio Sasuga
Origin: SRW EX
Story: Mio is originally an ordinary 15 years old girl when during her nap time, she became victim of the Vanishing incident and was found by Masaki shortly after he arrived at La Gias. Mio would occasionally help Masaki on his journey, being selected as the next pilot of Zamzeed on the way, developing new powers worthy as the next pilot of Elemental Lord.
Mech: Diablo, Zamzeed.
Seiyuu: Kanai Mika

12. Joshua Radcliff
Origin: SRW Destiny
Story: Joshua is Rim's brother and the test pilot of Ganador, working under Wong Heavy Industries. During a test day in South Pole, the base were attacked by a mysterious enemy. However, the Vanishing incident occured afterwards and Joshua was sucked into La Gias, taking along the enemies he fought, although he managed to get Rim out from harm. Right now, he has to think of a way to return to the surface.
Mech: Ganador, Forte Gigas (Combining with Strega)
*Seiyuu: Hoshi Souichirou

13. Hector Madison
Origin: SRW F Final
Story: Hector is a test pilot of Isurugi Industries. Always slacking and doing crazy things, this earns him the ire of Alastor. Mitsuko, however, thought he had potentials, and thus he's given a task to test a mech based on the Gespenst series, in which he had to control a customized Gespenst Mk II. As fate would have it, however, Hector became a victim of the Vanishing incident and would have to find his way back to the surface... although he might develop second thoughts on the Isurugi Industries and their agenda...
Mech: Gespenst Mk II RC (An R-based Gespenst, dealing with rapid movement. It combines all the assets of R-based Gespenst such as the Neutron Beam, Mega Beam Rifle, Slash Ripper, Jet Magnum etc. BTW, RC stands for Rapid Custom)
Seiyuu: Ishino Ryuuzou

14. Patricia Hackman
Origin: SRW F Final
Story: Patricia is an agent of the Mao Industries. After the war against the Einsts and the others, Ring opened a branch in Earth and Pat is a test pilot there. She successfully developed a customized Gespenst unit, which excels both long range and contains her favorite Gespenst punch. A cheerful woman who is hotblooded and serious about justice, she has been doubting on the EFA's attitude and thinking to ask Ring and Irm about the case. Before she could do so however, she became victim of the Vanishing incident, and her concern shifts to getting back to surface, and bringing justice on La Gias on the way (wishful thinking...). Of course, when she met a certain Hector, she gets a bit too worked off, regarding on their rivalling companies and they tend to argue against each other.
Mech: Gespenst Mk II 'P' (This is a modified Gespenst, an original unit. 'P' stands for both Pat's name and PUNCH. It's a modified kinda like Kai's Gespenst Mk II S, but instead of Gespy Kick, it has Gespy Punch, replacing Jet Magnum. The Gespy Punch works a bit like G Gundam's 'rapid punches' attack before finishing it with one huge ass punch.)
Seiyuu: Hayashibara Megumi

15. Calvina Coulange
Origin: SRW Judgment
Story: Calvina was once a member of Troye unit, her skills in battlefield earned her the nickname 'White Lynx'. But due to her lack of cooperation, she was demoted and sent to space where she eventually becomes a test pilot of several mechs. The space facility was attacked by aliens, killing everyone in sight, except Calvina, who ended up drifting in space, until she is found by Ibis and Tsugumi. The attack caused her to lose memory about the attack, and when she encountered the Guests attacking Earth, she confirmed them as those who attacked her. But is it really the truth?
Mech: Bellzelute
*Seiyuu: Asakawa Yuu

16. Touma Kanou
Origin: SRW Alpha 3
Story: Touma is an ordinary, hotblooded pizza delivery boy. On the day he was on duty in the test site of the LIOH System, he witnessed the attack of the Guests and was put in a situation where he would meet Minaki Tomine and ended up piloting the 3rd unit of Dynamic General Guardian, RaiOh, equipped with the LIOH system. After holding off the attack with the help of Ibis, Tsugumi and Calvina; Touma decided to report this to the government, but would anyone believe what he said...?
Mech: RaiOh
Seiyuu: Kase Yasuyuki

17. Irui
Origin: SRW Alpha 2
Story: A mysterious girl found by Dr Sophia Nate in the midst of Earth Cradle. Seemingly introverted, but a charming girl, Irui is welcomed by the Kurogane crews warmly. However, it would seem that the new hypnosis event started to happen when Irui came to the Kurogane. What mystery does this girl bring?
Mech: None
Seiyuu: Yamauchi Nao


That's about it for now, I may add a little more characters, but probably out of the people mentioned here. So, please tell me your thoughts on this one, before I go on to the main story.

And just because I didn't list the character there, doesn't mean I am going to ignore that character and use him/her in this fic. Ouka, I am looking at you.

And I wonder if I should add possible seiyuus for the characters that haven't got voiced...
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God of War
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Interesting. Are there any other surprises?
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Formerly known as Neo Juste Belmont
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My word does not equal with the words of Banpresto. And therefore, what I write here might not be 100% accurate to whatever Banpresto is brewing. Though... I do prepare some surprises.

Also I shall be using this post for the Table of Contents

[size=7]TABLE OF CONTENTS[/size]

Chapter 1 - All stories (2 posts)


ATX+Aggressors Chapter 2

ATX Chapter 3
ATX Chapter 4
ATX Chapter 5
ATX Chapter 6

Aggressors Chapter 3
Aggressors Chapter 4
Aggressors Chapter 5
Aggressors Chapter 6

ATX-Aggressors Story Character Reviews

ATX+Aggressors Chapter 7
ATX+Aggressors Chapter 8
ATX+Aggressors Chapter 9

[size=4]-La Gias-[/size]

Joshua's Story Chapter 2
Joshua's Story Chapter 3
Joshua's Story Chapter 4
Joshua's Story Chapter 5
Joshua's Story Chapter 6

Masaki's Story Chapter 2
Masaki's Story Chapter 3
Masaki's Story Chapter 4
Masaki's Story Chapter 5
Masaki's Story Chapter 6

Lune's Story Chapter 2
Lune's Story Chapter 3
Lune's Story Chapter 4
Lune's Story Chapter 5
Lune's Story Chapter 6

La Gias Story Character Reviews

Combined Story Chapter 7
Combined Story Chapter 8
Combined Story Chapter 9

[size=4]-Other Forces-[/size]

Zengar's Story Chapter 2
Zengar's Story Chapter 3.
Zengar's Story Chapter 4.
Zengar's Story Chapter 5.

Ibis' Story Chapter 2.
Ibis' Story Chapter 3.
Ibis' Story Chapter 4.
Ibis' Story Chapter 5.

Other Forces Story Character Reviews

Combined Story Chapter 6
Combined Story Chapter 7

[size=4]-Main Story-[/size]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 19 Gaiden
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
Chapter 33
Chapter 34
Chapter 35
Chapter 36 & 37 (Final Chapters)

[size=4]-Bonus Story-[/size]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
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I see. I'm just going to have to wait and see what you have in mind for the OVA of yours.
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What the!? OVA!? This is my imagination of a sequel, I only considered the OVA as canon material for my fic to come.
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Whoops. I'm sorry for offending you.
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Bow before the Kingdom of Cheng!

Masoukishin story? Princess Xenia and Valsione-R GET!

But where is Shu?
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I told you just because they're not listed there, doesn't mean they will not appear. Valsione-R is instant in, but Shu... I have different agenda for him...
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Bow before the Kingdom of Cheng!

It was a rhetorical question...
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All right! The first chapters are on! Anyway, the way I'll present it, I'll post the chapters of each stories at once, so I'll go on the 1st chapters of all stories during the first part. So forgive me if the chapters go a bit slower at the beginning. But hopefully, they will catch up later... And I am reserving the rights to use the name 'Zengar' instead of 'Sanger'... okay?

I will be using script format, by the way, with elements like the OG game walkthrough.

[]: Location/Conditions
-xx-: Actions

ATX Team Story: Chapter 1

Shortly after the ODE Incident, a shocking declaration was made by Graien Grazman.
The Choukijin RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh were declared a 'dangerous machine' and must be dismantled.
This heaves high towards the ATX Team, but Brooklyn Luckfield proposes one thing.
He would hide the sentient machines so they would perservere. Doing so requires him quitting from the ATX Team.
In the meantime, another race has been setting its sights towards the EFA...


[Izu Base]

Bullet: Well, then I'll take my leave.
Kusuha: Bullet... I don't get it. Why must they...
Kyosuke: I would want to know why they were declared as dangerous beings. They've done nothing dangerous thus far.
Excellen: Well, to be blunt, this new system in the Federation is kind of irritating. I've seen how they...
Bullet: Oh don't worry about it, though. This doesn't mean I will leave forever.
Excellen: Really? So that proves you can't stand being separated with Kusuha for a long time, huh? You know, if you bring Kusuha along, this could be considered as a... 'runaway honeymoon'!
Bullet: H-huh!?
Kusuha: But we're not even...!
Excellen: Just kidding. I know you volunteered to do this by your own. But, Bullet... we're gonna miss you and your cute tendencies of getting your face red, you know.
Bullet: C... cut that out!
Jonathan: There you are, Bullet. I take that you've said your goodbyes?
Bullet: I'll be right there, Prof. So... well, good bye for now.
Kyosuke: Bullet.
Bullet: Yes?
Kyosuke: Good luck.
Bullet: Yes sir.
Kusuha: Bullet...
Bullet: We'll meet again, Kusuha. I promise.
Kusuha: I'll be waiting.

-Bullet leaves with a transport ship along with Tesla Leicht Institute members-

[Present Time]

[Izu Base]

Kyosuke: You want us to attack Hokkaido?
Kenneth: Yes. The rebels are holed up there. If the rebels are to be crushed, you are to go there and reinforce the Hokkaido branch of EFA.
Kusuha: But is this really necessary, sir?
Kenneth: What did you say?
Excellen: I mean, come on, sir. Didn't you send the Aggressors there already?
Kyosuke: I have to agree. The Aggressors are handling the rebels at Hokkaido evenly. If anything, perhaps we...
Kenneth: Don't question me, Kyosuke Nanbu! Your power is needed for the EFA there or are you saying that you are afraid to go battle there?
Kyosuke: I didn't mean that.
Excellen: Don't you think the Aggressors will be enough? You know they're of no slouch as well, sir.
Kenneth: The Aggressors? Do I need to repeat it? I do not trust them, at all! The ODE Incident has proven on just how poor the new team is...
Kusuha: I object, sir! If you are thinking that they were performing badly because they were captured by the Bartools, you should also put the blame on me as well! I was...
Kenneth: That's enough talk! You got your orders, now get moving!


Excellen: And there he goes again... He could use a little bit more love and everything won't go as hectic as this...
Kusuha: ... Lamia must've had rough days with him.
Excellen: Lemme guess... she got blamed because she was the acting captain of the Aggressors during that day?
Kusuha: Yes. But it wasn't really the Aggressors' fault alone, isn't it? Nobody expected that the Bartools would...
Kyosuke: It's no use musing about the past, you two. Right now we should go as ordered...
Excellen: That's no fun.
Kyosuke: There's nothing to be joked about. Also... the Hagane and the Hiryu Custom have yet to arrive, so I guess we'll have to be content with Taussendfuessler.

[????, near Hokkaido]

????: (Where am I...? Could this be his handwork?)
????: Hm!?
[Sounds of gunshots could be heard]
????: (They're here. Who would've thought they'd come this quick?. No matter, I might as well as I investigate)



[A battle has erupted, between the EFA and the rebels. The rebels ride mechs in similar designs of Ash Saver... the Soldifar.]

Rebel soldier: Down with EFA! Glory to the rebels!

[Rebel soldier shot down the EFA Soldier]

EFA Soldier: Ugh...!

[Taussendfuessler appear]

Kyosuke: So they've begun.
Kusuha: I don't see the Aggressors here...
Excellen: See? I told that Kenneth they're doing fine. I bet in another place, they'd have gunned the rebels down in their hideout!
Kyosuke: There's also a chance of them being captured.
Kusuha: Lieutenant!?
Kyosuke: It's one of the possibilities of the outcome...
Excellen: 'Always prepare for everything, from best to worst', right?
Kyosuke: Yes.

[Kyosuke, Excellen and Kusuha deploy in Alteisen Riese, Rein Weissritter and Grungust Type 2]

=BGM SET: Steel Beowulf=

Kyosuke: This is Lt. Kyosuke Nanbu of the ATX Team. We're here to help.
EFA Soldier: ATX Team!? We're saved!
Kyosuke: Excellen, Kusuha... Let's do it.
Kusuha: Yes, sir!
Excellen: Right back at ya!

-And they fought. After the rebels were down...-

Kyosuke: I guess that takes care of it...
????: Fufufu... So pathetic.
Excellen: Huh? Kusuha? Did you hear something?
Kusuha: I heard it too. It sounds ominous...

-The Shura machines arrive, and easily destroyed the remaining machines of EFA and also ravaged the section of Hokkaido they're fighting at. A blonde man entered in a grey lizard-ish machine entered the scene.-

Kyosuke: !!
Kusuha: It's them...!
????: I thought this could serve as a warm up, but this is just very pathetic.
???? Soldier: Sir Arion, what shall we do with this place?
Arion: ... Burn it to the ground.
Excellen: Now just a minute here, boy! Burning a city to the ground just because they failed to live up to your expectations? That's no good at all. No-good!
Kyosuke: Shura Gods...
Arion: So it's the ATX Team... are you here as the rescue party of these... weaklings?
Kyosuke: What?
Arion: We've fought all these soldiers before you arrive.
Excellen: Oh, no, no. We've been here before you came into us.
Kusuha: And besides, why is it so important?
Arion: Huh, isn't that obvious. I want to know if you're willing to fight us or not. It doesn't matter, though. Whatever your answers are... I'll make you join these weaklings in death!
Kyosuke: Wanna bet on it?
Arion: Interesting... At least you got guts. Be grateful that you will now witness the Great Shura General Arion in his full glory. Show me what you got.

[Kyosuke vs Arion]
Arion: As I would expect, Kyosuke Nanbu, you are the most experienced. This is going to be interesting.
Kyosuke: I don't have time for trivial stuffs... Your call, Arion!

[Excellen/Kusuha vs Arion]
Arion: No mercy, even for women!

[After several Shuras have been defeated]

Shura Soldier: Ugh! They're certainly stronger than the previous ones we fought beforehand.
Arion: Fufu... Of course. It is the ATX Team. They're as strong as rumored...
Excellen: You act tough... but with that kind of attitude, I bet you're a shy admirer of us! Here, if you want some autograph, I'll gladly paint mine on your mechs.
Arion: Silly woman!
Shura Soldier 1: This isn't good... They say the ATX Team used to have another member that utilizes a tiger-dragon-like machine and and angel-like machine.
Shura Soldier 2: If with this much members, we're having trouble... Lord Arion! We should regroup and...
Arion: Silence. Where is your pride as the Shura? Are you running away with your tails wagging behind?
Shura Soldier: ...!
Arion: Basically you've got two choices here... Die fighting your enemies, or die by my hands!
Kusuha: That's cruel! What do you see in your subordinates!?
Arion: It's none of your business! Now... which will it be, men?
Shura Soldier: T... the first one, sir!
Arion: Good. Now show me what you got and finish them.
Kyosuke: ... (He doesn't seem to be related with the rebels... But that was certainly a way to improve morale)
Kusuha: !! I'm detecting another unidentified machine coming this way!
Kyosuke: What of its allegiance?
Kusuha: Not on either side!

=BGM SET: Crimson Fighting God=

-Enter Folker Albark and Ialdabaoth-

Kyosuke: (It's him...!)
Arion: You...!
Folker: As I thought. The energy signatures. It is you... Arion.
Arion: Well, if it isn't Folker Albark...
Folker: So are you still continuing this pointless fighting? Didn't you see how different this world is with ours?
Arion: Fighting is everything for a Shura. No matter where, no matter when. But a traitor of our ideals like you would never understand...
Folker: Such things no longer interests me.
Arion: What are we left with, without fighting? You said such stupid things, no different than alien concepts!
Folker: I was just coming up to a realization. Now... where's the king?
Arion: Another stupid line said by the traitor who will die by my hands.
Folker: Go ahead and try, then.
Arion: Ha! You're no match for me!
Excellen: Hey, hey, excuse me, you two! How about you two cut this chit chat leaving us in the dark?
Folker: ATX Team... Humph, if you don't want to die, leave this place at once. This is my battle.
Kusuha: What!? That's our line! You are the one interfering our battle!
Folker: I must get them to tell me some informations. If you get in my way... I won't hold back.
Kyosuke: That's some nerve coming from one who came into this battle uninvited. If you're trying to attack Hokkaido as well, we will not hesitate to return fire.
Folker: Have it your way.

[The next turn]

-Several Shura mechs appeared alongside another Shura machine resembling Folker's Ialdabaoth... The Valefor, piloted by Fernando Albark-

Fernando: At last I caught up with you... Folker!!
Folker: Fernando!
Fernando: I'll make you pay for the disgrace you gave me beforehand!
Folker: Don't you see the futility of this endless fighting?
Fernando: Don't you ever shut up!? I will definitely send you to Hell!
Kyosuke: (They're at odds...) So, it would appear that you're having an internal conflict.
Folker: It's a bit complicated, but I do not think he has any intentions to help you.
Kusuha: As in, he's in that Arion's side?
Folker: Yes.

[Arion defeated]

Arion: Unbelievable... I lost...?
Excellen: Too baad! But big sis Excellen is still here if you want some more love tips... *heart*
Arion: Tch... I underestimated the strength of the ATX Team, just because they're missing some members.
Folker: So you still intend to continue on fighting, Arion?
Arion: Fighting is everything to us, Folker. Kyosuke Nanbu... ATX Team... I look forward for the day to fight you again.

-Arion retreats-

Kusuha: He's running away!
Kyosuke: No need for pursue. We should continue on our objective in reclaiming Hokkaido from the rebels.
Excellen: But Kyosuke, there's still some more enemies left!
Kyosuke: ... Right, after we clean these up.

[Fernando defeated]

Fernando: Geh...!
Folker: Fernando, listen to me.
Fernando: Folker... I told you I'll make you pay for the disgrace you brought to me...
Folker: That's not what I intended.
Fernando: I'll be back... but remember this, Folker! I'll be the one to kill you so don't you dare getting killed by someone else!

-Fernando retreats-

Kyosuke: ...
Excellen: Kyosuke?
Kyosuke: ... It's nothing... (Somehow, the interaction between those two reminds me to my first encounter with Axel Almar. This won't end well for one of them.)
Folker: Fernando... I...

[When you clear up the enemies in 6 turns total (from the start), you get a Skill Point]

Kusuha: What are those things? Why are they so hell bent on fighting?
Excellen: How about we ask Folker?
Folker: Don't bother me...
Excellen: Oh, no. You owe us some explanation about these Shura that attacks this town.
Folker: It has nothing to do with you.
Kusuha: Aren't you friends with that Arion?
Kyosuke: Were you trying to invade this world as well?
Folker: I have no intention such as foolish conquests. I have other businesses, and I need informations about them.
Kyosuke: We need all the information we can get about these. Perhaps these Arion and Fernando aligned themselves with the rebels and that's something we have to take account.
Folker: Does this mean you will fight me to force the information out?
Kyosuke: If necessary, we'd like to avoid it.
Folker: (They don't seem to desire pointless fights... different from the Shura) Very well, I'll talk to you.
Kyosuke: Thanks for your cooperation, Folker Albark.
Excellen: Compared to our last encounter, you seemed... different.
Folker: You spoke about rebels?
Kyosuke: Yes.
Folker: Then you should know that I have no allegiance with anyone.
Kusuha: Were you fighting the Shura army alone?
Folker: Yes.
Excellen: I wonder what are they up to, attacking Hokkaido while we're here. Do they have some strategy that requires the elimination of the ATX Team?
Folker: No. You know fighting and winning is everything for the Shura. They love every bits of it.
Excellen: Oh whoa! Now there's some army that never think of strategy and always charging blindly ahead! Good thing Kyosuke doesn't do that often or I'll grow wrinkles quicker than I thought!
Folker: Is that enough information?
Kusuha: Can't you tell us everything about the Shura and what they're planning now?
Folker: I can't.
Kyosuke: Loitering around alone will raise suspicion to even the EFA, especially with that unidentified machine of yours. I suggest that you stick with us for awhile.
Folker: Why should I? I was your enemy.
Kyosuke: I take that you need informations about this Shura army's movements as well. And on the top of it all, you helped us out.
Folker: Tch... fine. It looks like I'm up for an interrogation.


[Inside Taussendfuessler]

Folker: I'd rather not talk a lot about the Shura.
Kusuha: Why not?
Folker: I told you this is MY problem. I have to solve it myself, you don't need to know.
Kyosuke: And you plan on taking the Shura army alone?
Folker: Yes. And from the look of it, this doesn't look like the world of the Shura.
Kusuha: World of Shura? But we're in Hokkaido, Japan, in Earth.
Folker: I never really noticed the names of places in Earth...
Excellen: Whoa, slow down, boy. First off, where is the Shura World? Are you saying it's the same as the... Einsts or Shadow Mirrors?
Folker: If it's Shadow Mirror you're talking about... you're right. But I request that we do not talk about them.
Kyosuke: Guess you are a dimension jumper, then.
Folker: Not really. When I fought the Shura back in my world, everything went white and the next thing I know... here I am.
Kyosuke: Then you were sent here against your will.
Folker: Probably.
Kyosuke: How many Shura troops made it here?
Folker: If I know, I would tell you. But I don't know. Well then, I'll take my leave.
Excellen: Hey, wait a second! I still have lots of questions for you?
Folker: Huh? Well I don't plan on...
Excellen: I mean, I wanna know what type of girls do you like, and do you already have a girlfriend or something like that!
Kyosuke: So you were finally thinking to get rid of...
Excellen: Just kidding, Kyosuke. I mean, he could be a potential successor of Bullet.
Kusuha: (Bullet...)
Kyosuke: ...
Folker: I'll just say that as long as the Shura is here... I'll fight. I've said my words.
Kyosuke: Wait just a minute.
Folker: What?
Kyosuke: You're pretty daring that you want to find your enemies in the midst of the world unfamiliar to you.
Folker: !!
Kyosuke: We, the ATX Team, are part of the Earth Federation Army.
Excellen: Uh huh, if there's crisis around the world, we're the ones who know the fastest and respond the quickest.
Folker: I know where this'll end... You want me to join up with you in exchange of giving me informations about the Shura?
Kusuha: Yes. And besides, if the Shura is causing chaos here in Earth, we'll be more than willing to stop them. And I don't think from the first time you faced us you have intentions to wipe us out.
Kyosuke: Well, what do you say, Folker Albark?
Folker: Tch... fine.
Kusuha: Well, come this way, Folker. Let me show you around.
Folker: Wait a moment. That Kyosuke... is really Kyosuke Nanbu, isn't he?
Kusuha: Yes. What about it?
Folker: (Could it be.... him?)

-Folker left the room, accompanied by Kusuha-

Excellen: Kyosuke, is this what you meant the 'successor of Bullet'?
Kyosuke: Yes. Though he's a former enemy, I can't deny that his fighting skills are extraordinary and he could fill up the parts that Bullet left. We'll just have to report this to the HQ later. For now he'll be with us.
Excellen: Oh geez, you tend to come up with the wrong idea.
Kyosuke: What do you mean?
Excellen: I was talking about how he could be someone like Bullet, you know, easily flustered with teases and things like that...
Kyosuke: Very funny, Excellen. Also contradicting.

[Hokkaido outskirts]

Arion: Fernando, wait up.
Fernando: Arion, I'm not in the mood so you better shut your trap if you don't want to be six feet under.
Arion: I've got an information regarding on Folker.
Fernando: What!?
Arion: The ATX Team has captured him.
Fernando: What the!? That traitor was captured!? Even someone like him was too strong for that!
Arion: Maybe I used the wrong word. I mean, Folker willingly joined them.
Fernando: So he thought he couldn't beat us alone and joined forces with them?
Arion: Yes. Now, this is getting interesting, aren't they?
Fernando: No it isn't. It's so sickening, to see someone like him sink so low.
Arion: Remember you were acquaintances with him. And it's impossible for you to take him on AND the ATX Team at one time.
Fernando: The hell are you planning, Arion?
Arion: What do you say if you... take on Folker, while the ATX Team is mine to prey?
Fernando: Haha... I like the sound of that, Arion.
Arion: I've garnered more Shura Troops. Also, our contacts have received the response from them. Looks like another attack is in order.

Aggressors Story: Chapter 1

With Graien Grazman as the current head of the Earth Federation, the Earth is experiencing an extreme militaristic government environment.
Every funds of the Earth Federation are used to fund military tools, ignoring the pleas of innocent citizens not willing to be involved in war
Protests after protests, the Earth Federation ignored all of them.
Surely, it is enough to incite a rebellion, demanding a change to the government system.


[Isurugi Industries main office]

Viror Sunda: Ah... so you're here.
Mitsuko: Hello there, Mr. Sunda. I'm the CEO of the Isurugi Industries, Mitsuko Isurugi. Is there something we could help you with?
Viror: Have you ever heard of the situation of the Earth Federation these days?
Mitsuko: Oh? What was it?
Viror: The cries of the innocents, oppressed by the overly militaristic government. They couldn't take it anymore, and have risen to overthrow Graien. With Mao Industries in contract with the EFA, we seek your help to provide us the weapons necessary to succeed in this rebellion.
Mitsuko: I see. The Mao Industries have always been our bitter rival company. If it means to spit on them, the Isurugi Industries will gladly provide you the weapons you need to battle them...
Viror: ... I wonder what you meant with that pause.
Mitsuko: Oh, silly me. But I wasn't finished yet. We will provide you the goods... as long as you paid us the money.
Viror: We're supported with the finances of our mistress. Here's our first advance payment.
Mitsuko: My! That's a lot of money. Very well. We will send you the designs of our weapons soon to you. Just sign our contract here.
Viror: Very well... We will throw down the unjust government... for the sake of the people. I expect your full cooperation.
Mitsuko: With pleasure...

-Viror left the office-

Mitsuko: For the sake of the people, hmm? That's such utter nonsense. As long as it will provide good business, I will gladly join any side. Isn't that right... Alastor?
Alastor: Hmm... At least my prediction will come true.
Mitsuko: I hope it is just as you said. I do not wish to miss out this chance of infinite fortune.
Alastor: Of course... With poor government like this, a huge war will surely escalate. And that is the chance... And choose any side which will provide the best opportunity.
Mitsuko: For that... I've prepared this contract as well.
Alastor: Hoo... if the performance of the rebels are not doing well, you would gladly switch sides. As I would expect.
Mitsuko: It's just good business after all. It's like war, betrayals are amuck.
Alastor: And you would betray anything if it means to provide you more fortune.
Mitsuko: That is... correct.
Alastor: (Hahaha... With people like her, the reign of Shadow Mirror can be rebuilt. It's just too bad I'll have to use real humans as a ploy, but it's a small sacrifice I have to pay, for Master Vindel's ideals to be brought back into reality.)

[Another Flashback]

[Izu base]

Lamia: And that concludes our report.
Kenneth: What... is that your report!?
Lamia: Yes.
Kenneth: And you call yourselves Aggressors!? I expected more than that!
Latooni: But, sir, it's...
Kenneth: Silence! All you did during the ODE Incident were nothing but tarnishing the good reputation of the Aggressors! If the previous Aggressors were here, they'd be extremely disappointed!
Seolla: Nobody expected that the Bartools would go berserk, even us! We're only...
Kenneth: Humans!? Not especially you, Lamia Loveless! What were you doing there, weren't you the acting captain of the Aggressors in place of Kai Kitamura!? Why can't you prepare for anything during the incident!?
Lamia: .... (Maybe I could prepare something, if the W Series were equipped with a clairvoyance system... Unfortunately, they weren't.)
Kenneth: Anyway, it is clear. Your poor leadership brought nothing but disgrace towards the Aggressors Team!
Arado: Don't speak such thing if you didn't even know how much Lamia suffered at the incident!!
Latooni: Arado...!
Kenneth: What's that!?
Arado: Have you even noticed on how she almost lost her free will once again, being possessed and having her life endangered!? While all you did was just... relaxing on your chair, and you didn't even bother to look at the exhibition site to see what actually started it all!?
Kenneth: You little...!
Seolla: Arado, that's...
Lamia: Enough, Arado.
Arado: But...
Lamia: No need to get fussed. It was my folly alone, so if Sir Kenneth would like to blame on someone, you may blame me.
Kenneth: At least you still have the guts to admit your mistakes!
Lamia: I apologize for my ineptitude, but we will not let such incident to occur again.
Kenneth: Hmph!

[Present, in a Taussendfuelsser, near Hokkaido]

????: Lamia? Lamia?
Lamia: Huh? Oh... Major Kai.
Kai: These days, it seems that you are having a lot of pressures in your mind. Are you sure you'll be okay?
Lamia: I'm fine, Major.
Radha: We know what you experienced during the incident, but don't let it get over you.
Lamia: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
Radha: Of course, if you're still worried, maybe a little bit of yoga exercise could soothe your mind...
Lamia: I'll pass on that one, Miss. Thank you.
Latooni: We're approaching Hokkaido in a moment.
Arado: Man... being sent for some sort of grunt's job...
Seolla: Why don't you stop complaining!? They say the rebels here isn't just any normal rebels, you know!
Arado: But I bet it's going to be less exciting than fighting other beings like those aliens, you know? The Inspectors, the Einsts...
Seolla: Oh, just quit it.
Arado: Or maybe that Kenneth just distrusts us so he sent us Aggressors for this kinda missions?
Lamia: ....
Seolla: Arado! Look at what you've done!
Arado: Oh, uh... Did I insult you in some way, Lamia? I'm sorry...
Lamia: It was nothing... Try to forget that incident for awhile. It could be a burden to our mission. (But why can't I forget it...?)

-A blonde woman entered-

????: Ah, there you are, everyone.
Arado: Huh? Who are you?
????: I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself. I'm Aisha Ridgemond. Sir Kenneth sent me along to this ship to participate in this battle and help you.
Kai: Do you have any battle experience?
Aisha: I haven't. But rest assured, I have received sufficient training. I'm confident enough with my skills.
Radha: That's very reassuring. What do you say, everyone?
Seolla: ...
Lamia: ...
Kai: No complains? That's good. We look forward for your assistance.
Aisha: Thank you!
Latooni: ... (Something... is amiss)


Lamia: (I should prepare for the battle to come... Hm? What's this?)

-Lamia saw an Elbulls docked-

Lamia: ... (The design of mech... It could be similar to the wings of Angelg. How did she get it?)
Aisha: Are you inspecting my mech?
Lamia: This is your mech?
Aisha: Yes. Well it doesn't look humanoid, but it can hold on its own.
Lamia: Where did you get this mech?
Aisha: Oh... that. I stole it from a rebel that assaulted me. But, I don't want to talk about it.
Lamia: (Her tone is getting a bit suspicious, but I can't find anything to prove that she's some sort of double agent. I'll just have to keep my eyes on her)
Aisha: I didn't get your name...
Lamia: Lamia Loveless. I take that you're new to the army?
Aisha: Yes. That's why I don't remember in details on the Aggressors' members. Anyway, nice to meet you, Lamia.
Lamia: ... Yes.

[Hokkaido, rebels' base, simulation ground]

Brad: And the finishing blow! Here goes!
*dodge sound*
Katz: Oh no you don't!
Brad: What!? Damn it, that was rough!
Katz: Don't let your guard down!
Brad: GAAAHH!!!
Viror: That'll be enough! Good job, both of you.
Katz: Brad, even though that was just a training, your abilities was off. That kind of mistakes could cost your life if it's real battle.
Brad: I know already, stop the constant lecture, will ya?
Katz: (This kind of reckless, silly boy is said to be on the level of me, the rebels' ace?)
Viror: Katz is right, Brad. Remember to always keep the guards up, or you'll never beat the EFA.
Brad: Yeah... I know. There's no way I could forget what they've done to my former family...
*Alarm sound*
Viror: Hm? Let me see...
*Viror runs off*
Brad: What the? As if we're going to get attacked?
Katz: Could be...
Brad: Ouch...!
Katz: What the hell?
Brad: Katz, you didn't attack me too hard, didn't you?
Katz: What do you mean? I'm always serious...
Brad: Oh great. Then this dislocation of my arm must've been...
*Viror comes in*
Viror: This looks like trouble, boys. It looks like the EFA sent the Aggressors to retake this base.
Brad: Man! What a timing to have a dislocated arm!
Katz: I'll go, Master. Brad, don't be a burden in a battlefield and stay here.
Brad: WHAT!!
Katz: What are you going to do with that dislocated arm while piloting the Earthgain? Patch yourself up. I will be more than a match to them.
Brad: You show off...!
Viror: Just as a warning, Katz, do not get too overconfident. Or it would be your downfall.
Katz: Understood.
Viror: Also... listen to me.


[Taussendfuessler arrived and deployed Gespenst Mk II S, Schutzwald, Angelg, Wildwurger, Wildfalken, Fairlion S and Elbulls]

Kai: Looks like we got in first.
Latooni: Careful. They seem to be planning to ambush us.
Arado: Ah, just bring them all out! That way it'll be more exciting.
Seolla: Arado, don't get too cocky! What if you got shot down again?
Arado: What?

-An army of Svanhilds appeared-

Rebel 1: They're here! The EFA!
Rebel 2: Send them away! We must defend this place!
Arado: Bring it on, ya rebels! I'll get you down in a swift move or my name is Odara Agnalab... And it's not!
Seolla: Gee, how original. You just spelt your name backwards...
Arado: Don't ruin the mood, Seolla!
Lamia: ... Those designs...
Radha: Indeed. Those are similar to the Laz Angriff Yuuki used to ride.
Aisha: It was the Valkyrie series produced by the Isurugi Industries.
Latooni: How did you know about that, Aisha?
Aisha: Well, I did some research. I do know that currently the Isurugi Industries are providing weapons for the rebels.
Lamia: (But there must be someone in the Industries providing the blueprints of the Shadow Mirror units. Could it be... him?)
Kai: Here they come...!

-And they do battle. Eventually, more Soldifar units appeared. Leading them is Katz inside the Virose-

(Katz will arrive in turn 4. If you can force him to appear before turn 4 by eliminating all enemies, you get a Skill Point)

=BGM SET: Sailing! Towards the Skies (SRW 64 Male Super Robot Route theme)=

Katz: Tch! Looks like I'm a bit too late. The first blow has been dealt.
Kai: !!
Latooni: Katz Folneus... According to the database, he's known as one of the aces of the rebel forces.
Katz: I'll just make this simple, you EFA bastards... You are not ruining this world anymore with your militaristic oppression! You Aggressors will be the first to fall!
Seolla: Don't take us lightly! And first of all, why are you even causing more chaos even if it's already known that there could be a threat from the outside!?
Katz: Humph! Is your sight blinded with those huge breasts of yours?
Seolla: W... what!? How dare you!!
Arado: An enemy to joke about Seolla's big assets. Now that's a first.
Seolla: Arado!! Don't butt in into this!
Aisha: My, but he was only stating the truth. You do have some... nice assets.
Seolla: You too!
Lamia: ... I've analyzed the data about the mech. VR-01 Virose... Major Kai, we'd be best be careful. As much as I do not want to admit it... perhaps the Shadow Mirror is not yet destroyed for good, and could be helping the rebels.
Kai: I understand. Everyone be careful with that mech!

[Seolla vs Katz]
Seolla: How dare you speak about my breasts in the midst of battle! I'll never forgive you!
Katz: With a huge temper like that, you'll never beat me. The next stop of my Virose's foot will be your butt!
Seolla: Hah! Try to keep up with and kick my Wildfalken if you can, then!

[Lamia vs Katz]
Lamia: (Compared to Vysaga, the Virose is more specialized in feet battle and kick attacks... If this is truly the predecessor of Vysaga...)
Katz: What's the matter? If you're not going to make the first move, I will.
Lamia: I'll be making the first move, and that will eliminate you.

[Katz defeated]

Katz: Tch... not doing good. Guess I underestimated the new Aggressors...
Arado: Well, you better don't! We're strong, you know.
Katz: ... This is only a greeting, Aggressors.

-Katz retreated-

[End Battle]

Aisha: This area is clear from the enemies. And the path to the main rebel headquarters in Hokkaido is in front of our eyes.
Kai: There will be more battles to come. Let's return to the ship for now.


[Inside Taussendfuessler]

Radha: Miss Aisha, I've looked into your battle data.
Aisha: Oh? So, how was my debut in real battle?
Radha: You did... well enough.
Aisha: Really? I'm flattered...
Kai: Don't get overconfident just because you did well for this battle. I'll not tolerate it if you suddenly become our Achilles' Heel in the next battle.
Aisha: I'll keep that in mind, sir. Thank you.
Kai: Other than that... good job.
Radha: Also... are you interested in Yoga?
Aisha: Yoga? I've never tried it. Can I try?
Radha: Of course. Come this way.
Kai: ...
Lamia: Major... you called?
Kai: Yes. So you noticed that the designs of the units used by the rebels are similar to the Shadow Mirror units?
Lamia: That's right. I noticed that they're using similar designs with the Laz Angriff, Ash Saver and recently... Vysaga.
Kai: The Isurugi Industries provided the battle units for the rebels. Perhaps we should take more notice towards the Industries.
Lamia: Yes. The worst case is that the remnants of the Shadow Mirror may be there.

[Seolla's room]

Seolla: That Katz Folneus! He may be an ace pilot or something, but I can't believe he'd mock me about my breasts!
Arado: Well there's nothing wrong with that, right? I mean, every guy of that age would be aroused seeing those huge knockers...
Seolla: What!? Stop making it worse!
Arado: Making it worse? If you want something worse, you may try Lt. Excellen's suggestion with the bunny suit. Wait, that's not something worse. That'll be something be-- OUCH!
Seolla: Why are you bringing that topic again!? And you look like you're going to enjoy it! Pervert! Idiot! You're the worst!!
Arado: Boo hoo hoo... me and my big mouth...
Seolla: ..... (But militaristic oppression? I don't know, but it looks like that in a way, Katz might be telling the truth...)

La Gias Story - Masaki: Chapter 1

After the ODE Incident, Masaki Andoh could finally return to La Gias, his second home.
However, as he returned, he found out that La Gias has been embroiled by war
The Shutedonian army has invaded the former Langran Kingdom
And the Holy Knights of Karx Zan Valfarbia were also making its move, conquering the lands of Langran one by one...

[Ramond, State of Ruzark]

Masaki: Whew! At last we are approaching it to Ramond. 30 Kms left to the north...
Kuro: And don't get lost again, meow.
Masaki: I know! I know! So shut up.
Shiro: You think Karx has conquered this area?
Masaki: No way. Last time I heard it, they're fighting the Shutedonian army in Troy.
Kuro: Yeah... but I still think we need to gather some information...
Shiro: Masaki, I'm detecting some contacts to the nearby mountain, meow!
Kuro: 10 km out! But the spirit power was so low we couldn't get more informations about it.
Masaki: Must've been some bandits. Oh well, at least we could ask them some questions and I could use some training.


[Ramond mountains]

-Bandits riding on 4 Masouki machines appeared, and so does Cybuster-

Bandit 1: Oh damn it! It's the Cybuster!
Bandit 2: We're doomed!
Bandit Leader Gold: What are you doing!? Get back here! Cybuster or whatever, we'll take it down!
Masaki: Man... Jumping towards the prey without thinking ahead... that follows the bandit's code perfectly... Idiocy.
Kuro: But you also jumped towards directions before thinking ahead.
Masaki: Stow it! Guess I'll just begin my training then!

[Masaki defeats the bandits rather easily...]

(If you can clear the enemy forces in 2 turns total, you get a Skill Point)


Masaki: All right you bandit punk! I want some informations right now, so fetch it up!
Gold: Ugh... Such threat will not work against me...!
Masaki: What!? You better speak up or I'll cut you to shreds with my Discutter!!
Gold: Wha!? Ugh! I... I'm sorry! Spare me! I'll speak!
Masaki: That's more like it! (Can't believe that kinda threat works that easily...) Now tell me about the movements of Karx's army and the Shutedonian army!
Gold: I... don't know such thing! How about the movements of Feil Lord's army??
Masaki: Feil Lord...!? He's alive!?
Gold: Yes. He's leading the battle against the Shutedonians on Regg Island, in the stat of Sizet.
Masaki: How do you know such thing!?
Gold: Because I was a former Shutedonian defense battalion leader...
Masaki: Why aren't you working with your lord now?
Gold: I was... kicked out because my wife came from Langran... I only ended up here because they killed my wife...
Masaki: Those bastards...!
Gold: I beg you... please, take me along! I must avenge my wife.
Masaki: Stay here.
Gold: What!?
Masaki: Are you going to send your men to the oblivion just because of your revenge!? That's just selfish!
Gold: ... You... you're right.
Masaki: I'll take account to your story, and carry on your revenge. Rest assured.

[Somewhere near the battleground]

Masaki: Now let's see... If I remember right, to get into Regg Island, we should go through Naburo...
Shiro: No way, Masaki. That area is totally under the control of Shutedonian army.
Masaki: Well, then what do you suggest!?
Kuro: How about we go north and head through the Tolman region?
Masaki: That's a good idea! Let's go!
Shiro: You sure you won't get lost, meow?
Masaki: Of course I won't! I've known La Gias like the backyard of my home!
Kuro: Ooh, and to think that you got lost this much the first time you arrive here, meow...
Masaki: Shut up!

(To be continued next post)
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La Gias Story - Lune: Chapter 1

Months has passed since Lune Zoldark fought the Mironga.
However, on one occasion of a lone patroling mission, she received a severe headache and lost consciousness.
When she could open her eyes, she found herself in a new world, unfamiliar with the environment.


[La Gias. Valsione arrived]

Lune: Ouch... My head... Wait a minute, where's this?

-Shutedonian army arrived-

Shutedonia soldier: It's there! The unidentified machine! Destroy it!!
Lune: Huh? Hey! They're attacking me!? Wait a minute, I think you got the wrong person!

-Yang Long, piloting Granveil arrived at the scene-

=BGM SET: Martial Artist of Fire=

Ranshao: Hm!? That woman-shaped mech seems to be targeted by the Shutedonian army.
Yang Long: We'll have to help her. Let's go!

-Granveil approaches Valsione-

Lune: Right! If you want a fight, then bring it on!
Yang Long: (The pilot is a woman...) Calm down.
Lune: What!? Are you their allies?
Yang Long: No. I am a mercenary under Lord Karx. The name's Hwang Yang Long.
Lune: Oh... So, you were hired to dispose me?
Yang Long: I never said that. I'm helping you.
Lune: Great! Hey, wait a minute... are we in China?
Yang Long: That's a long story. Well... uh... your name?
Lune: Lune Zoldark.
Yang Long: Well, Lune. If you don't want to die, I suggest you fight back... or if you want, run while I hold them off.
Lune: Hold on a minute!! Running away would be the last thing I'd do. I'll help you out.
Yang Long: Very good.

[Granveil's first attack]

Yang Long: Taste the power of Granveil, the Elemental Lord of Fire!
Lune: Elemental Lord!? Wait a second...

(Skill Point is acquired if you clear the map in 3 turns)


Yang Long: They were only small fries. Disappointing.
Lune: They seem to be hostile even to you. Why is that?
Yang Long: Because it is war. Langran, after losing its lord, is now under oppression of the Shutedonian army, the one we fought before. That's why Lord Karx opposes them...
Lune: Karx?
Yang Long: He's the leader of the Holy Warriors of Langran, and could be the only one that could unify La Gias... though compared to Lord Feil, they differ in views.
Lune: La Gias... Now just a second here. You mentioned 'Elemental Lord'. Could it be... you and Masaki...
Yang Long: You know Masaki Andoh?
Lune: He's my boyfriend, how could I not forget?
Yang Long: (What a clueless girl...) All right, I'll admit. I'm a fellow herald of the Elemental Lord.
Lune: Then this place is what he call... La Gias?
Yang Long: Yes.
Lune: How did I end up here?
Yang Long: It is Lord Karx. To win this battle, he used a technique to summon soldiers from the surface world.
Lune: Surface?
Ranshao: La Gias is a subterranean world.
Lune: Eek! A talking panther!
Yang Long: Oh, I forgot to introduce you. This is Ranshao, my familiar.
Lune: As in like... Kuro and Shiro to Masaki?
Yang Long: You could say that. Now, where was I... Oh, yes. Your arrival here is probably the result of Lord Karx's technique.
Lune: What? Are you saying that some of the people here are also from the surface?
Yang Long: The pilots of the Elemental Machines are from the surface, but these days, you'll find those who are piloting something else being dragged here.
Lune: So that explains why some of those guys vanishes. They must be here. Is there some way to bring us back to the surface?
Yang Long: Well there are 3 people capable of doing so... High Priest Ibun, Silver Mage Katekis and Prince Feil. Now if you'll excuse me.
Lune: Hey wait! Where are you going?
Yang Long: Returning to Lord Karx. I've done my part here and I will have to report back.
Lune: Hey, how about if I tag along?
Yang Long: Huh?
Lune: I mean, I'm kinda worried of some people I know might also be in here. It's better to go with some direction rather than wandering without any clear destination.
Yang Long: Miss Lune. You do know that there is a chance of you being involved in this war, right?
Lune: This is Masaki's home, and as his girlfriend, I'll help to defend his homeland!
Yang Long: ..... Very well. You may tag along.
Lune: All right!
Ranshao: (Master, it would seem that she was unaware of the presence of Miss Wendy...)
Yang Long: (Yes. Best to keep quiet about it, though)

La Gias Story - Joshua: Chapter 1

After the ODE Incident, the Wong Heavy Industries has begun a more careful projects, not to repeat the incident anymore.
Acquiring facilities within the Asteroid XM-1314 'Xingzhou' and South Pole, they have begun a steady comeback.
Two siblings, Joshua Radcliff and Cliana Rimskaya, were first located at White Star, but recently they were summoned by the scientist Cliff to the South Pole facility.
Little do they know that they would be involved in a grand scheme regarding to the world's safety.

[Area north of South Pole]

Joshua: Summoned at this time by Cliff... wonder what he has to speak about?
Rim: Maybe it's about Dad?
Joshua: Nah, probably not. Plus, Dad never cares about me. Thing is, I don't like being separated from the Xingzhou Facility, now with the Earth Federation acting this oppressive.
Rim: You mean... about the militaristic things there?
Joshua: Yep. No doubt that they will mess up with the Wong Heavy Industries.
Rim: I still wonder why you are so distant to dad, Joshua. You two used to be helping each other.
Joshua: Look around, Rim. Look at what happened to you during the L5 Campaign. If it wasn't for those technicians, you would never came to this condition.
Rim: *personality split* What!? You're saying you don't like this personality of mine!?
Joshua: Oh, um... no, not at all... I mean, I can accept you perfectly, but what of the other people think?
Rim: *personality restored* I see. But just being protected by you is enough. At least I am still with my memories of you, unlike that redheaded amnesiac pervert...
Joshua: Oh, him? Outside of occasional perverted stuffs, he still gets along fine with everyone. At least he never experienced what it's like to be a lab rat...
Rim: Lab rat?
Joshua: Yeah... You see, when I first pilot this Ganador... I felt happy to protect dad, but when I realized he was just testing the unknown system of the machine, I felt really disgusted. Really, who would've thought my own father treats his own son like some sort of disposable lab rat?
Rim: ...
Joshua: Well I don't want you to suffer such thing. Your personality disorder is just enough casuality.
Rim: *personality split* Well don't worry about that! I like it better with you, Joshua!
Rim: *personality restored* Yeah... even though this body contains two personalities, both of us are happy enough, even though we had to join the Industries. But I still like Dad...
Joshua: Ah well... we're nearing the facility.

[Wong Industries facility, South Pole]

Joshua: Knowing Cliff, I'm pretty sure he's doing some research of some lost tecnologies and wonders.
Rim: Including this Ganador?
Joshua: Yep. Something like this Schupaldia system installed here in this machine. I still don't know what exactly this thing does.
Cliff: Ah there you are. Joshua, Rim.
Rim: Hello, Cliff. Good to see you.
Cliff: Ah, I'm doing fine here. Let's go to the guest room.

[Guest Room]

Rim: I'll prepare some coffee then.
*Rim goes away*
Joshua: So... well, why did you call us in?
Cliff: Oh. That. Well, you see, your father told me to summon you, because he knew you won't reply if he summoned you himself.
Joshua: Oh great... So in the end, I came here because of HIM.
Cliff: Then, what are you gonna do? Just buzz off with Rim and your Ganador like that? Not a decent course of action in front of your friend here.
Joshua: All right, all right! But first off all.. where's Dad?
Cliff: Well, Felalio has been gone in an excavation and he never called me back...
Joshua: I wonder if he's all right.
Cliff: See? As much as you dislike him, you do show worry about him.
Joshua: Knock it off!
Cliff: Well... how was it in Xingzhou facility?
Joshua: So far so good. The successor of Bartool has been put into development, and this time, no more ODE. They'll make the main unit to be manned, and the mass-produced ones to be controlled by the network. And no more using humans as a power source.
Cliff: Whoa... That sounds good so far.
Joshua: Thing is, I don't think the choice of the pilot for the main unit to be a good one.
Cliff: What's the problem?
Joshua: He's a flirt, goofy and irresponsible. His piloting skills may be superb, but... well, his personality could use some work.
Cliff: You and Rim must've had some rough days with him...
Joshua: Yeah, rather rough. But we get along fine.
Cliff: Speaking of which... how was Rim's condition? I'm speaking about her split personality...
Joshua: I told you I don't want to speak of that in details. Since the L5 Campaign took away mother, Rim was traumatized and developed a split personality.
Cliff: Bet the truth is far more complicated... Anyway... to the main reason why I called you here.
Joshua: Oh yes, we've gone far off-topic. So, what of it?
Cliff: It's about the Fabra Forest. You know your dad tends to study there.
Joshua: Was he there the last time you contacted him?
Cliff: I didn't know...
Rim: The coffee's ready! Careful, it's hot.
Joshua: Great. Thanks, Rim...

-Alarm starts ringing-

Cliff: Huh!? Someone is attacking this facility!?
Joshua: Great... just when I was about to have some delicious coffee.
Rim: Could it be the rebels?
Joshua: Whoever they are... I'll go greet them!


=BGM SET: ???? (Joshua's Normal Attack theme in SRW D)=

-Joshua deploys in Ganador... facing several Demon Golems-

Joshua: Let's see... analyzing the enemy data... Enemies not in database!? What could this be...!?
Joshua: Let's try communicating. *transmission* This is Joshua Radcliff of the Wong Heavy Industries. Do you copy? Hello?
Demon Golems: Grr...
Joshua: No response... and the way they act, they don't look like humans. I'll just have to do what I can for now.

-Joshua fought off several Demon Golems, but eventually more come. Just then... Rim deploys in Strega-

(Rim deploys if you can defeat 5 Demon Golems or at Turn 3. To get the skill point, you need to finish 5 Demon Golems before she arrives)

=BGM SET: ???? (Rim's Normal Attack theme in SRW D)=

Rim: Joshua! Are you all right?
Joshua: Rim!? What are YOU doing there!?
Rim: I'm here to help you!
Joshua: No way, if you get into battle, you're putting yourself in danger!
Cliff: Come on, Joshua, you taught her some piloting skills back in Xingzhou Facility, didn't you.
Joshua: Oh, um... yes.
Rim: And I didn't do that bad either! I want to sometimes fight alongside you, not always being protected!
Joshua: Rim...
Cliff: Besides, this mech, Strega, is also one of the reasons why I called you here.
Joshua: What!?
Cliff: Yep, the Industries has approved the sister mech of Ganador. We're now developing further improvements, but we must test it out first.
Joshua: All right, all right, we'll talk about this later! Rim, be careful!
Rim: I got it!

-Joshua and Rim fought off the Demon Golems, until a few remains however...-

Cliff: Joshua! Rim! Can you hear me!?
Rim: Yes, we can! What is it, Cliff!?
Cliff: I'm detecting an energy build up down at the excavation site! Hurry up and finish them off, I need your help to evacuate everyone!
Joshua: Got it!


Rim: Everyone, hurry!
Cliff: Looks like everyone made it safely. Thanks you two.
Joshua: Yeah. It was a tiring effort.
Rim: ... I'm going back.
Joshua: What!?
Rim: The excavation site where Dad was missing is here!
Joshua: You overheard us!?
Rim: And I'm not going to abandon Dad!
Joshua: Wait, Rim! It's too dangerous to go alone!
Rim: I don't care! I'm not like you, Joshua, who hated Dad!
Joshua: That hurts. But I didn't mean you're not allowed to go!
Rim: Huh?
Joshua: I'll protect you on the way.
Rim: So...?
Joshua: Yes. Just this time I'm going to help him... for you.
Rim: Thank you, Joshua.
Cliff: Wait. I'll go as well.
Joshua: Huh?
Cliff: Felalio is my friend, and I am not some bastard who'd abandon a friend just to save his own hide.
Rim: All right! Let's get going!
Joshua: Get on Ganador, Cliff. I'll carry you there.
Cliff: Got it.

[En route]

Joshua: Just how far are we from there!?
Cliff: We should reach it in one minute!
Rim: Huh!? What's that?!

-They're enveloped in light-

Rim: EEEK!!
Joshua: Ugh..! M... my head... hurts..!
Rim: !?

[Rim saw Ganador being absorbed to ground. But she lost consciousness before she could witness anything else]

[Moments later]

Rim: Uh... huh? What happened here? I was trying to get Dad back... but... this is a dead end...
Rim: Joshua? Huh?

-She realized that she's standing in Strega alone. Ganador was nowhere in sight-

Rim: Oh no! Joshua! Cliff! Father!? No... no... This can't be!!

Other Forces Story - Zengar: Chapter 1

The Machine Cells... The self-replicating and regenerating technology, intended for the revival of Earth Nature.
However, misused by Dr Egret Feff, they become a threat to Earth, with the Machine Children as a proof.
During the previous war, the Machine Cells were buried alongside Earth Cradle in the ensuing battle.
But the Machine Cells are not inherently evil. When used with careful thinking and not with malice, they will prove to be a great help for humanity.
For this reason...


Ratsel: Welcome aboard, Doctor Sophia Nate, Doctor Eri Anzai.
Sophia: Greetings, Sir Ratsel.
Ratsel: Shall we go? The others have been waiting for your arrival.
Eri: Of course.

[Kurogane Bridge]

Carla: What!? You are going to re-excavate the Earth Cradle?
Eri: Yes.
Sophia: The Machine Cells were originally created for the purpose of the regeneration of nature. However, after it was taken into the hands of Egret Feff... It was instead misused for a selfish reason.
Gilliam: And I assume that you want to use it for its original purpose?
Eri: That's right. We will not fail this time. But we will require assistance.
Yuuki: Yeah. Can't say it's safe to excavate such thing when the state of the government is so militaristic.
Gilliam: The worst thing that could happen is that the EFA would use it for its own purpose, and thus rekindling the birth of another Machine Children.
Zengar: And it will be our duty to make sure Dr Nate's expedition is a success, and protect it from the current EFA.
Sophia: I ask the people of Kurogane once again. Will you all help us?
Zengar: You need nothing to worry about, Doctor. We will gladly lend our hands to you.
Ratsel: And the Kurogane is not directly tied to the Federation, so we can go anytime.
Sophia: I thank you for your assistance.

[Kurogane, en route to Africa]

Yuuki: Doctor Anzai.
Eri: Yes, Yuuki. Can I help you?
Yuuki: I wonder what happened to the sentient machines RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh...
Carla: Yeah. I heard the Earth Federation suddenly declared it dangerous... I wonder if it's going to be okay.
Eri: Don't worry. Bullet has taken it upon himself to protect it.
Carla: Really? That's a relief, then!
Eri: At cost of resigning from his position in the ATX Team.
Yuuki: What!?
Eri: It was a necessary act. Otherwise, he won't be able to dedicate himself to protect them... That's what he said.
Yuuki: Bullet... why did you have to go that far...

[Sophia's Room]

Zengar: Dr. Nate.
Sophia: Ah. Zengar. Is there something you'd like to talk about?
Zengar: Are you sure you're not overworking yourself?
Sophia: I'm doing fine. Do not worry.
Zengar: ...
Sophia: But that was very considerate of you, Zengar. I'm grateful.
Zengar: It was nothing. Back when I was in DC... and in Earth Cradle, I've vowed to be your sword. That vow still stands now.
Sophia: Zengar... Do you believe that the Machine Cells could be the next hope of humanity?
Zengar: If you believe that it is, then I will as well.


Operator: We're picking up signatures of several unidentified mechs...
Gilliam: Unidentified. What are their allegiances at least?
Operator 1: Unknown and hostile!
Operator 2: They're closing in! They're attacking us!


Gilliam: Ugh! At times like this...!
Ratsel: Try to accelerate the speed. Maybe we can outrun them.
Operator: Impossible, sir! The engine took damage, we can't do it with maximum speed!
Zengar: Can we still use the hangar?
Ratsel: You don't mean...
Operator: The hangar is available! But in this condition, we can only deploy one unit! It...
Zengar: That'll be enough. Prepare to deploy Daizengar.
Sophia: Zengar...
Zengar: Never fear. I will protect you and the ship.
Ratsel: Well if you've decided, I know you will accomplish it. I wish you good luck.
Zengar: Hm.


-Kurogane appears, being shot down by some mysterious units as it moves. And suddenly, Daizengar deploys-

-Daizengar scatters the enemy away and the Kurogane moves away-

Zengar: Now! Move it!

-Kurogane moves away, only to get ambushed-

Zengar: Continue on to the original direction! I will be protecting you!
????: This is one persistent unit!
????: Who the heck is piloting it? He's got a dangerous skill...
Zengar: Who is piloting this, you asked?
????: !!!

=BGM SET: Aku O Tatsu Tsurugi=

Zengar: I am Zengar Zombolt. The Sword That Cleaves Evil!! Any of you who dared to endanger the Kurogane... will fall by my blade!!

-Zengar fought off the invaders and the Kurogane slipped away-

Zengar: Good... They've made it.
????: Fufu... I see that they unleashed a strong one.

-More similar units deployed, along with the Magarga, piloted by Kukuru-

Kukuru: That way, this will get more interesting...
Zengar: Who are you!?
Kukuru: I am Kukuru... agent of the Ruina. So, you are that Zengar Zonbolt.
Zengar: Ruina? What are those?
Kukuru: It doesn't concern those who are going to die!

-The Ruinas surround Zengar-

Zengar: What!?
Kukuru: Now show me your strength that protects the ship that fled beforehand!
Zengar: You don't need to ask that! I will defeat all who stands in my way!!

-Zengar defeats the Ruinas easily-

Kukuru: Such skills. As I expected.
Zengar: I don't have time to waste here. I must...
Kukuru: Catch up with your friends? I'm afraid that I can't let you!

-Kukuru struck Zengar with her Magarga-

Zengar: Ugh!
Kukuru: Didn't I tell you... you are not leaving this place alive!

-Zengar fought Kukuru altogether with the Ruina army-

(The next event occurs if Magarga is down to 30% HP. To get a skill point, destroy it)

Kukuru: Even when surrounded like that you still put up a valiant fight...
Zengar: You're pretty good as well...
Kukuru: What? I was expecting somewhere along the line 'How unfair'...
Zengar: Because they are not significant enough to be an interruption!
Kukuru: Is that so... Well then there's no holding back!!

-Kukuru struck Zengar accurately that Daizengar became stunned-

Zengar: Gah!!
Kukuru: It looks like I win. Your funeral day is nigh, Zengar Zombolt!
Zengar: Damn it! Not like this...!


-Kukuru was shot down, though she didn't fall-

Kukuru: What's that!?

=BGM SET: Trombe!=

-Aussenseiter appear from the direction of Kurogane's retreat point-

Ratsel: I'm afraid I cannot let you kill this man.
Zengar: Ratsel...
Kukuru: That's the Aussenseiter... So it is you, Elzam von Branstein.
Ratsel: I'm sorry, miss. But my name is Ratsel Feinschmeker. Nothing more, nothing less.
Kukuru: Calling people, even my enemies, with any other names than their real names... is beyond my honor!
Zengar: Ratsel, why are you here!?
Ratsel: Well I didn't know what took you so long, so I surmise that these enemies are no normal grunts of anything. I need to have the hindrance of our journey eliminated as quick as possible, no?
Kukuru: It doesn't matter then. Both of you will die!
Ratsel: I'd like to see you try and kill us. Let's go, Trombe!

-Ratsel goes on to battle Kukuru. Until eventually...-

Zengar: System recovery complete!
Ratsel: I've been waiting for this!
Kukuru: What!?
Zengar: Behold... the power of the Dynamic General Guardian!!
Ratsel: Friend... it is time to combine our strength!
Zengar: Indeed!

-Ratsel threw Aussenseiter's cape towards the Magarga, blocking Kukuru's view-

Kukuru: What the...!?

-And the next thing she saw was... Daizengar riding a black mecha horse-

Zengar: The horse and the rider... are one! Prepare yourself, Kukuru!!
Kukuru: That is some flashy display. But is effective against me?
Ratsel: You won't know if you don't try it out yourself...

-And Aussenseiter gallops to Magarga, Daizengar slashes it sideways and threw it upwards. And Aussenseiter leapt upwards as Magarga plummetted to the ground...-


-And Daizengar cleaved Magarga to the ground, creating a great explosion-

Ratsel: Nothing can...
Zengar: ... Stand in our way!

(A/N: In short, all these could be explained with just 'Zengar and Ratsel executes the Tatsumaki Zankantou to Kukuru'. But my fanboyism get in my way)

-Magarga was only reduced to critical condition, not destroyed-

Kukuru: Gah!! Strong... as rumored.
Zengar: Now you have witnessed the truth. Do you still wish to fight.
Kukuru: ... No. Because I've served my purpose here.
Ratsel: Purpose...!?
Kukuru: Fufufu... How foolish of you. Two of the strongest mech to guard the Kurogane... leaving the one to be guarded... In the end I shall have the last laugh!
Zengar: You...! Yooouuu!!!

-Zengar tried to attack Kukuru again but she whisked away-

Kukuru: Our battle will not end until one of us die, Zengar Zonbolt! We will meet again!
Zengar: Wait!!
Ratsel: Now is not the time, Zengar. If what she said is true...
Zengar: The Kurogane... Dr. Nate!! Ratsel, we must hurry!
Ratsel: Yes.


Other Forces Story - Ibis: Chapter 1

As soon as the ODE Incident is over, Project TD resumes once more.
Sleigh Presty returned to her brother, and two units designed for the purpose of Project TD were handed.
The first is Altairlion, handed down to Ibis Douglas, and the second is Vegalion, handed to Sleigh.
However, shortly after, a tragedy struck and the project would abruptly cease all its activities...

[Tesla Leicht Institute]

Filio: Very well. Let the demonstration begin then. Ibis, Tsugumi, you two ready?
Ibis: I'm ready!
Tsugumi: Me too.
Filio: That's good... Launch the Altairlion and the practice models now!

-Altairlion deploys, along with some AI-controlled tanks-

Ibis: All right, I'll show you the results of my training!

-Altairlion perfectly shot the AI-controlled tanks-

Filio: My. How Ibis has grown.
Sleigh: ...
Filio: Sleigh, what do you think of her performance?
Sleigh: Very good, I have to say...
Filio: Sleigh, are you feeling okay?
Sleigh: ... Ibis was trying really hard, didn't she. At this rate, she can finally be my partner.
Filio: Yes.
Sleigh: And all I did...
Filio: Sleigh, I told you I do not wish to hear such depressing talks like that. We're through with that, and it doesn't bear any ill-wills within us.
Sleigh: That's not all, brother. Somehow... I think this project has strain away from our original purpose.
Filio: You're right. All we want is just to travel to the space.
Sleigh: If only that rotten Mitsuko Isurugi didn't try to mingle with our project...!
Filio: ...
Sleigh: Anyway, mind if I go out for awhile?
Filio: Yes. But why?
Sleigh: Our refrigator is a bit empty. I think I'll go buy some food.
Filio: Oh, please do. There's nothing better than a good snack to please an empty stomach after a rigorous test training.
Sleigh: Of course. I won't forget to grab some of Ibis' favorite cheesecakes. And... I'll also get some more medicine for you.
Filio: My! How could I forget about that...
Sleigh: All right, I'm off.

-Sleigh leaves-


Tsugumi: We're about to use the Maneuver GRaMXs. Ibis, go for it!
Ibis: ... But last time I failed.
Tsugumi: Come on, Ibis! Where is the spirit you showed me just at the beginning at this training?
Filio: That's right, Ibis. It's not like you.
Ibis: Filio... All right, I'll do my best. Tsugumi, watch me!
Tsugumi: Got it!

-Altairlion executes the Maneuver GRaMXs-

Ibis: Here goes... No, this isn't right! Why isn't the maneuver working!?
Tsugumi: Ibis! Stop the Altairlion now!
Ibis: I'm trying, I'm trying! ... No good... this is no good!
Tsugumi: I'll stop it myself then! ... What...!? Even I can't stop it!?
Ibis: !? A message from Filio...
Tsugumi: Let me read it! It says... 'Push the eject button'!?
Ibis: And abandon the Institute where Altairlion is going to crash!?
Tsugumi: ... We have no choice. We just have to hope that Filio will be all right... Dear God, please protect Filio...!
Ibis: Damn.... DAMN!!

-Ibis pressed the eject button, ejecting her and Tsugumi-

-The Altairlion crashed to the institute-

[On the outside]

Sleigh: A crash!? She still have time to fail... Oh no. Brother!

[Back in inside]

Ibis: Is everyone all right!?
Tsugumi: Filio!? Sleigh!?
Sleigh: ...
Ibis: Sleigh?
Sleigh: *teary eyes* He... he's dead... no more...
Ibis: What... what do you mean?
Sleigh: Get away from me!
Ibis: Sleigh! What's happening!?
Sleigh: Last time it was out of pride... but this time it's personal! You will not get away with this, murderer!!

-Sleigh runs off-

Ibis: Wait a minute, Sleigh! I don't...
Tsugumi: NOOOO!!
Ibis: Tsugumi!? What is it!?
Tsugumi: Filio... Filio...! He...
Ibis: Filio...?

-Ibis saw Filio... dead-

Ibis: No... This can't be. This is only a dream... get up, Ibis Douglas, get up... It's only a dream... dream... Filio...
Tsugumi: ...
Ibis: *crying loudly* FILIOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


Tsugumi: What...!? You're ceasing all activities of the Project TD?
Mitsuko: Indeed. With Filio Presty dead, I see no purpose of the project.
Ibis: This cannot be...!
Mitsuko: I've got other projects to run, it's the most economic way...
Ibis: ...
Mitsuko: What with the remnants of the project has no intentions of supporting the business of the Isurugi Industries. If I put my money on this project... I'll be making loss and I do not want that...
Ibis: ... You...
Mitsuko: What's the matter, little miss murderer? Remember, if you weren't there, Filio Presty wouldn't have lost his life...

-Ibis attempts to punch Mitsuko, but Tsugumi restrained her-

Tsugumi: Ibis, no! Calm yourself!
Ibis: If it wasn't for you, Project TD would never turn out like this!! And Filio... Filio won't...!
Mitsuko: Fact is fact, Ibis Douglas. You killed him, end of question. You are lucky enough that the Earth Federation acknowledges this incident as pure accident. But further assault like this... I will not have it tolerated.
Ibis: What!?
Tsugumi: Calm down, Ibis... it's all right...
Ibis: But... but... I... *sob!*
Tsugumi: Very well then, Miss Isurugi. I guess this is good bye...

-Both leaves-

Mitsuko: Good bye... I wouldn't worry if you can't find another purpose in your life along with that worthless mech of yours...

Afterwards, Ibis and Tsugumi moved to space and opened a space transport service.
However, those tragedies continue to haunt Ibis...

[Space Transport Service Shuttle]

Ibis: ...
Tsugumi: Ibis? Here's some tea.
Ibis: ...
Tsugumi: What's the matter, you look so down...
Ibis: Tsugumi, I...
Tsugumi: Yes?
Ibis: I... I'm sorry, Tsugumi!! If it wasn't for me...
Tsugumi: There, there. How many times have you gone through this? I have already forgiven you.
Ibis: But... he was... he was your fiancee, wasn't he!?
Tsugumi: As I told you, it was not your fault. Anyway, come on... we've got another order.
Ibis: Order... All right. Where do we go?
Tsugumi: That's more like it! Anyway, we're going to the Ashalley Kreutzer's Facility, to deliver these supplies...

[Ashalley Kreutzer's Facility, Testing Grounds]

Operator 1: Testing is over. Performance of the machine is... excellent.
Operator 2: That's a great job, as we expected from the White Lynx herself!

-A woman came out from the test machine-

Director: Thank you for your cooperation again, Miss Calvina!
Calvina: It was nothing.
Director: You really are something, aren't you. Talented, cooperative, and beautiful...
Calvina: Thank you for the compliments. But I do not think your second term was true...
Director: Oh yes... you were here because the Troye Unit demoted you for your lack of Cooperation... but you are working together with us just fine!
Calvina: I see... thank you, then...


Calvina: What!? What went wrong here!?
Techincian: We... we're under attack! By the...
Calvina: By the...!? I'll go take a look!

-Calvina goes out and saw a strange mech-

Calvina: What is that...?!

-More explosions-


Calvina: Ugh... what happened here...
Calvina: This place... is already in ruins... So I am the only survivor... Hm!?
Calvina: This is... Bellzelute? Al-Van's gift... it protected me...?
Calvina: Al-Van... everyone... This... cannot be...


-On the course to the Ashalley Kreutzer's Facility, Altairlion deploys-

Tsugumi: We're almost there, Ibis!
Ibis: Hey, Tsugumi... this is a bit strange, but... Why can't the radar pick up anything on the location of the Facility?
Tsugumi: Hm? Well that's strange, indeed... Ah! It picked up something!
Ibis: Is it the facility??
Tsugumi: ... Oh no...

-A lot of Lestrail units piloted with Artificial Intelligences were deployed-

Ibis: What are those things!?
Tsugumi: They're not in the database as well! Their direction... Earth!!
Ibis: Is this another alien invasion like the L5 Campaign!?
Tsugumi: I don't know!

-One Lestrail attacked, but Altairlion dodged-

Ibis: Whoa!
Tsugumi: They're attacking us!?
Ibis: Ugh... Looks like we've got no choice... Tsugumi, prepare the Altairlion for combat!
Tsugumi: Eh...!?
Ibis: If we don't do something, they're going to kill us!
Tsugumi: Ibis... (I know even though you act this tough, you are suffering more than I am...) Very well!
Ibis: Come on...!

-They battled the Lestrails, but when they destroyed some of them, more comes with several Grassidow Ryus-

Ibis: And there's even more!
Tsugumi: We're surrounded! It'll be hard to get out of this...!
Ibis: So this is it...
Tsugumi: Ibis!?
Ibis: ... How ironic... I dreamt of travelling to space... and that I would die in space... Then again, guess this is my punishment for what happened to Filio...
Tsugumi: Ibis!! Get a hold of yourself...!

=BGM SET: Revenger=

-Bellzelute suddenly is deployed from the direction behind-

Calvina: There's someone under attack there...? A survivor?
Tsugumi: I'm picking another signature from behind!
Ibis: ...
Tsugumi: This one doesn't look hostile!
Ibis: Eh!?
Tsugumi: It's sending us a transmission!
Calvina: Do you require some help?
Tsugumi: Help? Thank God!
Calvina: I'm on my way... (And I've got nothing better to do anyway...)

-Calvina then cooperated with Ibis and Tsugumi to fend off the Lestrail and Grassidow Ryu-

(To get a Skill Point, you need to defeat all enemies 2 turns after Bellzelute arrives)

Tsugumi: There are no more enemies in this place.
Calvina: That's good. Where can we talk?
Ibis: Let's just go to the facility and talk there.
Calvina: I'm afraid you can't do that.
Ibis: Why!?
Calvina: The facility is no more. It was... destroyed.
Tsugumi: Eh!? What happened!?
Ibis: Tsugumi... maybe we should take her to our shuttle.
Calvina: Shuttle?


[Space Transport Service shuttle]

Calvina: This is your shuttle?
Ibis: Yes, it's not much, but please make yourself at home.
Calvina: Before I start, I'd like to be more acquaintated with you two.
Tsugumi: My name is Tsugumi Takakura.
Ibis: I'm Ibis Douglas.
Calvina: Tsugumi... Ibis... My name is Calvina Coulange.
Ibis: Calvina!? Wait... could you be THAT Calvina?
Calvina: Huh?
Ibis: The White Lynx! Sleigh and Leona used to tell me such stories... about the beautiful genius member of Troye Unit named Calvina Coulange, nicknamed White Lynx...
Calvina: The Troye Unit... I was part of the unit, but it was no longer part of my life.
Tsugumi: Why?
Calvina: It was my own foolish pride... That I became too stubborn and refused to cooperate with my fellow teammates. In the end, I was demoted from that position and I moved to the Ashalley Kreutzer Corporation and was currently assigned on that facility.
Tsugumi: Speaking of the Facility, what happened there?
Calvina: It was attacked by some mysterious mechs and destroyed. I was the only survivor...
Ibis: Do you remember what kind of robot that attacked it? Is it the same that attacked us?
Calvina: I... ugh...!
Tsugumi: Calvina! Are you all right!
Calvina: It's nothing... Just a minor headache.
Tsugumi: So... Who attacked it?
Calvina: I... I can't remember it...
Ibis: What...? Is it amnesia?
Calvina: No. It's not amnesia... I can still remember my past all right. It's just that... it looks like I lost the memory of that attack... I know I was attacked, but I don't know who did it...
Tsugumi: Amnesia...
Calvina: Judging from the direction of those that attacked you... it looks like they're heading on Earth. Perhaps those who attacked me also heads there... Maybe I should go and warn the Earth Federation for this...
Ibis: Wait...
Calvina: Hm?
Ibis: With the current condition of Earth Federation... I don't think going to the main force of the Earth Federation will be a good idea.
Calvina: Oh, yes. I almost forgot about the current militaristic management of the Federation.
Tsugumi: Well, then we'll take you there. We know those who will surely listen to you. But for now, you must be tired. Feel free to take a rest.
Calvina: .... Thank you.
Tsugumi: (Her eyes... They're full of sadness. She seems to be suffering a similar ordeal like Ibis... )


Ibis: Back to Earth, huh...
Tsugumi: Ibis? Is something wrong?
Ibis: No, nothing.
Tsugumi: Remember, Ibis... I'll always be here with you, whenever you feel troubled... You can always ask for advice from me.
Ibis: Tsugumi... thanks...


All right, that's the first chapters. I admit I've been using some less-known units such as Ellbulls, Virose, Lestrail, etc... They're from other SRWs. I'll be sure to put some reminders of those unfamiliar mechs.

And the next chapters will be posted arc-wise. So, we'll go through the ATX chapter 2, which is ironically a bit merging on the Aggressors chapter 2.
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Well done. I feel like I'm reading a real game's script. And good job at the humors as well, LOL

But anyway, maybe you should put the stories in separate posts and link them to a table of contents in the first post?
Example: Table of Contents

ATX Team
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

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For the next chapters I will focus on the ATX Team first. But the second chapter of the ATX Team mingles with Aggressors' 2nd chapter. So I'll just post'em right away.

ATX Team Story: Chapter 2 (Also Aggressors Team Story: Chapter 2)

[ATX Taussendfuessler, Hangar]

Excellen: Wow, this robot sure is neat! As that Folker got the looks, so does the robot!
Kyosuke: You called it Ialdabaoth?
Folker: Yes.
Kusuha: For some reason it reminds me of RyuKoOh...
Kyosuke: There's no weapons attached as well. Perhaps it relies more on hand-to-hand combats...
Folker: As a warning, don't get too close. It may just absorb your strength and that'll spell trouble for my controls.
Kusuha: Eh?? Then why are you piloting such dangerous robot?
Folker: It's simple. To move a Shura God, you give your own power. It's just that simple. So I take that your robots are of different designs here?
Kusuha: Yes. Most of our PTs and units utilize Tesla Drives to fly, and reactors to move around normally.
Kyosuke: Except Alt... in this form, it's using Tesla Drive to even move.
Folker: If this Tesla Drive if your means to fly... then that's a risky move to use this robot, Kyosuke.
Kyosuke: I don't mind betting on the tough odds on that. Besides, the firepower of Alt is not to be overestimated.
Kusuha: So what kind of power source to move the Shura God, Folker? Or perhaps you're a Psychodriver?
Folker: We know nothing of Psychodriver in our world. We use different sources other than reactors.
Excellen: Whoa. So you use some sort of Ki or something?? Or maybe Prana, like Masa always told me??
Folker: No. You give your life force to the Shura God for it to move...
Kusuha: What!? So that means... you will have a shorter lifespan, Folker?
Folker: Do you have a problem with that?
Kyosuke: You really are prepared for the worst, aren't you.
Folker: Those who ride the Shura God accepts the fact that they will die on battlefield, or survive and die in a shorter lifespan. No big deal, since if you die on battlefield, your depart from this world quicker than the shorter lifespan.
Excellen: Oh... even I have a hard time imagining it...
Kusuha: That's horrible! Have you no respects on life at all?
Excellen: Kusuha!
Kusuha: Why are you throwing your life that easily!? Life is something precious that should not be thrown away like that!
Folker: That's some talk. Now why are YOU in this war when your personality is quite that pacifist?
Kusuha: I'm not a pacifist, Folker. I'll fight whenever necessary...
Folker: But otherwise, you abhorred it? Sounds like the same to me.
Kyosuke: Right now, the EFA is having several internal strifes. With the current militaristic management of the Federation, I'd say for someone like Kusuha, it's safer here within the military and the ATX Team.
Folker: Then you say being inside a warship like this is the safest place?
Kyosuke: We're fighting to make sure every place for everyone is safe, not this warship for us only.
Excellen: And we like being in team as well. We're friends, for friends we help each other. The ATX team is like a family, you know! With the Aggressors and the SRX team as neighbours...
Folker: ... Family... friends... I see. Are you the person in charge here, Kyosuke?
Kyosuke: Yes.
Folker: I'll stick with you.
Kyosuke: You just seemed like you had a change of heart. Last time, you were against us.
Kusuha: Perhaps he does? Anyway, I think it'll be good.
Folker: There's... something I have to find out on my own from you guys. Maybe I've fought you beforehand, but... are you willing to put that aside?
Kyosuke: Yes. But we will not hesitate to shoot you down if it turns out you're betraying us. Do I make myself clear?
Folker: Yes.
Kyosuke: Very good... We will see how you go then.
Folker: Fine by me...
Kyosuke: However, as we do not know the exact location of the Shura, we will have to move along like usual, so we might not meet up with your expectations immediately. Still okay with that?
Folker: I'm fine with that. Consider this a tour about this world.
Kusuha: When we know something about the Shura, we'll let you know first.


Kyosuke: How far is it before we reach our destination?
Operator: We'll be there in a moment.
Kyosuke: I see, best to prepare ourselves immediately then.
Excellen: Kyosuke! I got a message from HQ!
Kyosuke: What does it say?
Excellen: We're said to give support to the Aggressors who will be attacking the headquarters as well.
Kyosuke: I guess I was mistaken about Kenneth, after all. He wanted us to pincer the headquarters, this is surely a good strategy.
Excellen: I wouldn't think that way.
Kyosuke: Hm?
Excellen: You forgot? Ever since the ODE Incident, Kenneth has always been distrusting towards the Aggressors, especially Lamia.
Kyosuke: So... we're the countermeasures?
Excellen: Yep. Man, I'd wish he could be more forgiving. You would forgive me if I make mistake, right, Kyosuke?
Kyosuke: ... That depends on what kind of mistake you commit.

[Aggressors Taussendfuessler]

Seolla: Oh, hi, Lamia.
Lamia: Hello, Seolla. You seen Aisha somewhere?
Seolla: Aisha? She was in Radha's room...
Lamia: Radha? Wonder what she's doing...
Seolla: Probably being offered some yoga treatments...
Lamia: I see. Thanks.

[Radha's room]

Aisha: Ar... are we done yet, Miss?
Radha: Please be patient. It'll be over soon...
Aisha: Owww...
Radha: All right, now unbend your arms and legs and we're done! How do you feel?
Aisha: Hmm... Wow, I feel more relaxed a bit. Though... my arms hurts.
Radha: That's good. You should do this more often, a calm mind is a powerful force in battle too.
Aisha: I... don't know about that.
Lamia: Am I disturbing something?
Radha: Ah, hello Lamia. Are you here for some...
Lamia: Sorry, but I'm not here for some Yoga, Miss... I'm here to talk with Aisha.
Aisha: Huh? Is there something you need?
Lamia: Well...


Lamia: Well I guess the talk can wait. It looks like it's time to deploy.


-Aggressors Taussendfuessler deploys: Gespenst Mk II S, Schutzwald, Angelg, Wildwuerger, Wildfalken, Fairlion S, Ellbulls-

-Virose deploys along with Soldifars-

Katz: We're cornered...
Seolla: Giving up already? Just say so to make this end quicker!
Katz: Over my dead body, giant breasts.
Seolla: W... what!? What's that again!?
Katz: Giant breasts.
Seolla: You... you...!!
Arado: Seolla, calm yourself! Or...
Seolla: All right, all right I've calmed down...
Kai: This is your last chance, rebels. If you do not agree to our commands, then we have no choice but to attack.
Katz: Didn't I tell you? Over my dead body.
Lamia: Guess you wouldn't mind being destroyed.
Aisha: Please. If possible, I don't want to cause unnecessary bloodshed. I'd prefer that you surrender.
Katz: ...
Aisha: Huh? All silent?
Katz: (Where have I seen that face before... and that angel-wing-like plane...) Guys, I don't want to force you here. If you don't want to die in this hopeless battle, you can run.
Rebel 1: We're not going anywhere, Katz!
Rebel 2: We'd rather die than living under those oppressive EFA bastards!
Katz: That's more like it... All units, hear me. We must defend this place at all cost!!
Latooni: Are you done?
Lamia: !! Everyone, proceed with caution. I'm sensing something strange around here...

[Seolla vs Katz]
Seolla: I am definitely going to give you a good dose of beating for what you said!!
Katz: It was your own folly to fall for that! Where's your brain located anyway? Your behind?
Seolla: Grrr!!
Katz: You left yourself open!!
-At this point, Seolla will be more vulnerable/easier to hit with Katz' attack-

[Aisha vs Katz]
Katz: (This blonde face... could it be...!)
Aisha: What's the matter? Are you petrified?
Katz: Shut up. How about you attack me instead of asking me?
Aisha: My, that's a daring challenge. I accept.
Katz: Not that I'm going to just stand here, though!

[When the amount of enemies are decreased]

Seolla: Heh! Guess all you have are just talks!
Katz: ...
Arado: Hey, you! Are you going to make your last stand here?
Katz: Heh heh heh...
Seolla: What's so funny!?
Katz: This is why I said your sights are hindered with those huge breasts of yours, you giant-breasted girl!
Radha: !! Enemy signatures...!

[Enemy Svanhilds appear alongside with Viror inside Earthgain]

Viror: You held out pretty good, Katz. Now we got'em where we want'em.
Katz: Indeed, master.
Arado: What the!? This means...
Katz: Yes. You fell for the ambush! I never thought my feint could work...!
Viror: Looks like the rumor is true after all. The Aggressors have been declining.
Lamia: ...
Radha: This looks bad. We're completely surrounded.
Kai: But we're not done yet, everyone!! We must hold out, show them that the Aggressors are made of!
Lamia: Yes.

[Kai vs Viror]
Viror: Kai Kitamura... being the only remnant of the old Aggressors, it must be hard for you to see unworthy successors such as them, aren't you?
Kai: They're not unworthy... just unfortunate. But I am proud of them.
Viror: I see... It's always an honor to battle against one of the legendary Aggressors member. Viror Sunda... going!
Kai: My age means nothing in the battle, I'm just as good as these youngsters! Come here!!

[Lamia vs Viror]
Lamia: (Earthgain... predecessor of Commander Axel's Soulgain... It seems to be more armed than its successor.)
Viror: What are you looking at, woman? Come and show me what you got.

[Around two turns later]

-Reinforcements came in form of Alt Eisen Riese, Rein Weissritter, Grungust Type 2 and Ialdabaoth-

(You get a Skill Point if you wipe out at least 10 enemies before reinforcements arrive)

=BGM SET: Steel Beowulf=

Kusuha: The battle has already started!?
Excellen: Looks like we missed some portions of the party!
Lamia: Lt. Kyosuke? Miss Excell?
Kyosuke: Major Kai, Lamia, everyone. Are you all right!?
Kai: That was a good timing, Kyosuke.
Viror: Hoo... so it's the ATX Team as well. Kyosuke Nanbu, isn't it.
Kyosuke: Viror Sunda... head of the rebel. I never thought I'd meet you this early.
Viror: I will gladly help my subordinates if I can... Never compare me to other criminals such as Vindel Mauser or Wendolo...
Excellen: You sure is knowledgable on the previous war, old man.
Arado: Hey... where's Bullet?
Seolla: Yeah. Instead, why is that Shura God with you!?
Folker: That can be explained later. But for the record, I'm at your side. So either cooperate or... get out of our way.
Arado: Wha... But... I don't think he's lying.
Excellen: By the way, Lamia... Did your Angelg duplicate its wings or something?
Lamia: That's not the case, Miss Excell. It's the Elbulls.
Kusuha: Elbulls? That's news to me...
Lamia: It's piloted by a soldier ordered to support us.
Aisha: Aisha Ridgemond here. I'll be helping you for now.
Kusuha: For now??
Lamia: ... You.
Folker: What?
Lamia: You do not have plans to return to your superior, do you?
Folker: Do I have to answer such thing?
Arado: Hey! That's some rude answer, you know!
Folker: Stow it. It's just my personal business.
Arado: Why you...!
Seolla: Arado! Calm yourself, will you! We're not here for bickering!
Arado: Says the girl who bickers with her enemy...
Seolla: Bickering with enemies with weapons is acceptable!! So... uh, sorry. We're in the middle of battle, as you can see...
Viror: There are times when we use AI that do as ordered to control our units. But now is not the time.
Folker: A world where fighting is composed of ordering some machine? I'll have to see it to believe it.

[Defeat Viror]

Viror: Ugh... So even I can't stop them.
Kyosuke: We'll be taking over this territority. If you want to surrender, now is the time.
Viror: Ha... If I surrender this quickly, I'll be betraying all who trusted me. You may have Hokkaido for now, but mark my words... We're not done yet! Katz! We're retreating!
Katz: Yes, master.

-Viror retreats. If Katz survived, he retreats as well. Defeating Katz will not yield a special dialogue-

[Battle End]

Latooni: This area is clear. We've regained control over Hokkaido.
Excellen: All right, way to go!
Kyosuke: We better discuss on our conditions here.


[Hokkaido Base]

Kai: Well met, Lt. Kyosuke.
Kyosuke: You too, Major. How are the Aggressors doing?
Kai: We're doing fine. There's no need to worry!
Excellen: You sure? What of the pressures from Kenneth?
Kai: ... So you knew.
Aisha: Pressure? I'm sorry, but I do not follow.
Excellen: Oh, you must be that new pilot. And your name...
Aisha: It's Aisha... Aisha Ridgemond.
Excellen: I'm Excellen Browning. Nice to meet ya!
Aisha: Yes. So... can anyone tell me about this 'pressure'?
Kai: Thing is, Kenneth has distrusted us Aggressors since the ODE Incident.
Aisha: What...? But you are a fine team! Why is that? What happens during the ODE Incident?
Kyosuke: Do you know about the Bartools?
Kai: She's new to the military. So she didn't know.
Kyosuke: Very well I'll make it brief. Basically, during the ODE Incident, the Wong Heavy Industries were promoting their new PTs called 'Bartools'. The Aggressors team were present there.
Kusuha: Only a few, though. Major Kai and Miss Radha did not attend the exhibition, and I was there as the representative of the ATX Team.
Excellen: Since Kusuha was there, maybe we should leave the storytelling to her.
Kusuha: Anyway, the Bartools went berserk and attacked the civilians. And before we could deploy our robots, we were attacked with a gas that solidified us and taken to the Hellgate Facility.
Aisha: ... Hellgate... Facility.
Kusuha: Yes. We were captured, and used as the source power of Bartools. But in the end, the ATX Team and SRX Team rescued us. But afterwards, Kenneth considered the Aggressors' Team performance there pitiful and considered the new team as... failures.
Aisha: ... Many good deeds were forgotten due to one mistake, they said...
Kusuha: But, still, he should've taken account to the accidental factors. Yet, he blamed the team, especially the acting captain during the exhibition, Lamia.
Aisha: Lamia was blamed for all that!? That's very unfair...
Kyosuke: That's the way EFA runs now, since Graien Grazman took over. But we have to endure it.
Excellen: Kusuha, why did you miss out the part about Bullet rescuing you? That's like the most romantic part for you and it's a crime to skip that out!
Kusuha: *blush* Because that part wasn't necessary to sum up the event!
Kyosuke: Why do you fight, then, Aisha?
Aisha: I... I need to save someone from the rebels.
Kyosuke: Really? Well let's not get into that for now.


Folker: ...
Lamia: ...
Folker: ...
Lamia: Why are you staring at me like that?
Folker: Still suspicious at me?
Lamia: What are you? The last time we met, you were fighting against us. But now.
Folker: Let's just say I have issues with my race and left at my own will.
Lamia: ...
Folker: But if you don't want to trust me, that's all right with me.
Lamia: Wait. I... will trust you for now.
Folker: For now... Right, that suits me just fine. I've met the team several times beforehand, but I only met you once.
Lamia: That's because during the ODE Incident I was abducted.
Folker: ODE... Better not dwelve into such details. I didn't get your name.
Lamia: W1... No, that's not my name. I am Lamia Loveless.
Folker: You can't lie to me. W1... What are you?
Lamia: So it slipped... I am one of the W series created by the Shadow Mirror.
Folker: Shadow Mirror? (Wasn't that the organization that he...)

[Ground Shakes]

Folker: !? Earthquake!?
Lamia: This is a severe one...!

[Several Minutes later, somewhere else]

Kyosuke: Looks like it stopped.
Kai: At times like this, an earthquake?
Radha: It was a good thing nobody was hurt...
Arado: OWWW!!!
Aisha: What was that?
Latooni: I'd surmise that due to the quake, Arado lost his balance and probably fell inbetween Seolla's chest. And now she's probably venting her rage out of embarassment.
Excellen: Sometimes you could get naughty too, Latooni. Are you taking lessons of that? I could teach you how to get naughty... especially with Ryusei later...
Latooni: Um...
Kyosuke: Just what kind of naughty things were you thinking?
Excellen: Just pranks and stuffs! But, I'd be more than willing if you get naughty on me, Kyosuke...
Kyosuke: ... *sigh* Anyway, we're done in this place. We should be returning to Izu soon.

[Several days later, in Izu... Both ATX and Aggressors leaders were called by Kenneth]

Kenneth: So, there you are, teams. This time I've got a new job for you, and it's an important one.
Kyosuke: We're ready anytime.
Kai: As do we.
Kenneth: The Hagane and Hiryu Custom have returned from their patrols. However, several members of both ships has gone missing.
Kyosuke: Missing?
Kai: Who attacked and captured them?
Kenneth: I'm not finished yet! We've also received reports that we lost contact with the SRX Team as well. No more details was given. They didn't say they were attacked or something! Those incompetent bunch!
Kyosuke: Even Ryusei too...
Kenneth: Now I want you ATX Team to rendezvous with the Hagane and conduct a search for those who went missing!
Kyosuke: I see... and what of the Aggressors?
Kenneth: You don't need to concern about such lowly team!
Kyosuke: ...
Kenneth: Anyway, for the Aggressors Team, your duties do not change. Quell the rebels!
Kai: I see.
Kenneth: I'm being generous so I'll let you rendezvous with the Hiryu Custom. Make use of the Octo Squad as well!
Kai: Perhaps you meant 'cooperate'?
Kenneth: Shut up! To think that even the Aggressors needed the help of the Octo Squad as well!
Kyosuke: Nothing is perfect... Even great men need helps at times...
Kenneth: Nobody asked for your opinion! You did well on retaking Hokkaido, but that's because the ATX Team helped you! Next time, there will be no helps!
Kai: Understood...
Kenneth: That's it. Dismissed!

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Octo Squad = Katina, right? This is getting interesting... :)
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The focus of the ATX Team will not switch into Katina. But you'll get to her later in another route...

ATX Team Story: Chapter 3

[Hagane Bridge]

Kyosuke: It's been awhile, Captain Tetsuya.
Tetsuya: It has, Kyosuke. You doing okay?
Kyosuke: Of course. But I'd rather get on with the point.
Tetsuya: About the missing people, isn't it? Well we've got our share of troubles as well.
Kyosuke: What do you mean?
Eita: We've lost contact with Ryoto and Rio ever since the quake.
Excellen: Them too? So the SRX Team isn't alone in this.
Kyosuke: Where have you searched?
Eita: We were in Langley Base when we lost contact with them. We've searched there before returning.
Excellen: Oh. Anyone else got missing?
Tetsuya: Yes. Lt. Katina of the Octo Squad was also missing, as does Lune Zoldark.
Excellen: That's gotta be a blow for us...
Kusuha: I'm worried about them... Where shall we start looking for them?
Kyosuke: We should start searching here in Japan for first clues.

[Hours later]

=BGM SET: Blue Blue Sky=

Eita: !! Detecting a unit signature, coming from the north!
Tetsuya: Identification!
Eita: Unknown! It's in form of... a Dragon!?
Kusuha: A dragon...!? Is it RyuKoOh?
Eita: No, it isn't! It's shaped like a pure blue dragon, no traces of tiger-like features!
RyuOhKi: Kusuha Mizuha...
Kusuha: !!
Folker: Kusuha?
Kusuha: It's... speaking to me telepathically...
RyuOhKi: I am RyuOhKi. You once fought alongside me and KoOhKi...
Kusuha: KoOhKi...? You mean...
RyuOhKi: Yes. Combined, we are the RyuKoOh, or the KoRyuOh.
Kusuha: It's good to meet you again, then. How are you?
RyuOhKi: Not doing good. My persecutors are right behind me, and KoOhKi...
Kusuha: KoOhKi... wait, does this mean, Bullet...!
RyuOhKi: There's no time... I will require your assistance once more... so please...
Kusuha: I will lend you my help...! Captain, please open the hangar now!
Tetsuya: Eh!?
Kusuha: And pick up that dragon-like mech as well, please.
Tetsuya: What's that dragon, by the way?
Kusuha: It's RyuKoOh... separated into pure dragon form, forming the RyuOhKi.
Eita: Captain...
Folker: She's serious. You'd be best to open the hangar... or whatever it's called.
Tetsuya: !?
Kyosuke: I'm positive she's not up with pranks. Captain.
Tetsuya: I see... Open the hangar!


Eita: Didn't that RyuKoOh got hidden by Bullet?
Excellen: If it's coming back here, there must be something dangerous around.
Tetsuya: Speaking of which, Kyosuke... Why is he here?
Folker: Are you speaking to me?
Kyosuke: We had a run in, but right now he seemed to be fighting against the Shura himself. I decided to keep him in so we can exchange informations about the Shura.
Folker: If it comes to me betraying you, you're free to shoot me down and I will not resist. You have my words.
Tetsuya: I see. Then... good to have you aboard, Folker. I'm the Captain of the Hagane, Tetsuya Onodera.
Eita: Captain! Another unknown signatures!
Tetsuya: Eh...? Is that the Tiger one...
Kusuha: That's KoOhKi.
Eita: No! It's an army of unidentified mech! They're attempting to attack us!
Kyosuke: What!?
Tetsuya: Then we'll greet them right on! All units, prepare for battle!


[Hagane deploys, along with Alteisen Riese, Rein Weissritter, RyuOhKi and Ialdabaoth]

[Ruina units deployed]

Excellen: Even more weirder robots here! Hey, Folker. Think you know them?
Folker: I've never seen Shura Gods of those forms.

-The Ruina units began attacking buildings-

Kusuha: How cruel! They are involving innocent civilians!
Folker: Such act of destruction is sickening...
Kyosuke: Then that act can stop right now!

-Kyosuke charges forward and shot out the Claymore Avalanche to the Ruina. But they dodged with ease and countered Kyosuke... HARD-

Kyosuke: Geh...!
Excellen: Kyosuke!
Tetsuya: Are you all right? If you're heavily damaged...
Kyosuke: No, this is nothing. But these enemies... it's like as if their powers are unnatural.
Folker: They are not giving up their life force. Their robots seems to draw from other power.
Kusuha: They're coming here...!
Kyosuke: Defensive formation, NOW!

[Clear up some enemies]

Eita: I'm detecting another unit signature coming from the south!
Kusuha: Enemies...!?

-Strega appears from the South-

=BGM SET: ???? (Rim's Normal Attack theme in SRW D)=

Rim: Eh...!? There's a battle even here!?
Excellen: Wow! That huge robot is piloted by a girl. Here I thought it would be piloted by some huge guy.
Rim: E... excuse me. Are you with the EFA?
Kyosuke: The ATX Team, Assault 1 here. I'm Kyosuke Nanbu. Who are you?
Rim: I'm Cliana Rimskaya. Please, I need your help!
Folker: As you can see, we're in the middle of battle. Are you in cahoots with these... things?
Rim: I don't know what you're talking about!
Kusuha: Looks like she's not an enemy or something.
Tetsuya: Miss Cliana, we'll help you after we finish this battle. So...
Rim: That's all right, I've decided to help you.
Eita: Eh...?!
Kyosuke: Can you really pilot that robot?
Rim: It's all right, I've piloted this for combat. I won't be a burden.
Folker: Well, then you'd be best to prove it.
Rim: Thank you. Oh, and just call me 'Rim'.
Kyosuke: Rim... be careful out there.

-More reinforcements came from the enemies' direction-

Excellen: Hey, Rim! You think you know these enemies?
Rim: I told you, I didn't know a thing!
Kyosuke: Then just take them out as they come.

-They fight some more and wiped the enemies out. However... even more comes and started wrecking the land-

Kusuha: What are they up to!? They're making more people suffer!
Folker: Their strength are increasing... could it be...!
Kyosuke: Careful... here they come!

-Several Ruina attacked Ialdabaoth and Strega-

Folker: Argh...!
Rim: Kyaa!!
Excellen: Folker! Rim! You two all right?
Folker: This is nothing... but they certainly became even more powerful after attacking those not involved...
Rim: If this continues... maybe they'll reach a level where they could be way more powerful than us.
Kyosuke: A normal bee that quickly evolves to the strength of a queen bee...

-A Ruina attempted to attack RyuOhKi-

Kyosuke: Kusuha!!
Kusuha: AAAH!!!

-But it was deflected back and several strange units appeared. They drove back the Ruina units. Leading them was... a tiger-like mech-

Folker: Just then... what was that?
Kusuha: That's...!

-That's the KoOhKi... Piloting it was... someone wearing a mask.-

Kyosuke: Who's that?
Excellen: That's some cool mask!
????: ... Traitor...!
Kusuha: !! That voice...

-KoOhKi attacks RyuOhKi-

Kusuha: It's Bullet...!
Excellen: That's Bullet!? Kusuha, you sure!?
Kusuha: Yes. Even if he's wearing a mask... I recognized that voice! Bullet!
Bullet: ...
Kusuha: Please answer me!
Kyosuke: Looks like he wasn't listening.

-KoOhKi attacks RyuOhKi again-

Kusuha: AAH!! Bullet, why are you attacking me?? Don't you know who I am!?
Bullet: ... Traitor......!
Kyosuke: That'll be enough!
Folker: No escape!

-Alteisen Riese attacks KoOhKi, and supported by Ialdabaoth-

Kyosuke: Bullet, calm yourself! Have you lost your mind!?
Bullet: ........... You will... pay for... your....

-KoOhKi retreats-

Excellen: Ah, he got away!
Kusuha: Bullet...
Tetsuya: That was... him?
Rim: ... What's going on here?
Kyosuke: He was our former ally. I wonder what was he doing with those new unidentified robots...
Folker: There's a lot of hatred coming from that guy. Such a pitiful man, fighting for such thing.
Kusuha: Bullet is NOT that kind of person!!
Folker: !! (She... I can't believe that pacifist girl even yelled at me...!)
Excellen: She got you there, Folker.
Folker: Right, my mistake...

(If the battle is cleared in 4 turns, you get a Skill Point)



Eita: The unit repairs will take time, but nothing was damaged seriously.
Kyosuke: That's a relief...
Folker: Now with the battle over, maybe we should ask something to this girl.
Rim: So you say you're the ATX Team?
Kyosuke: Yes.
Rim: Can I just meet the President of the Earth Federation...?
Excellen: I wouldn't do that if the condition is like this.
Rim: Eh?
Excellen: I don't think they're going to listen to you.
Rim: But this is an important matter! My brother... my friend... was missing!
Kyosuke: Missing!?
Excellen: Hey, Kyosuke... you think they are victims of these 'Quake-vanishing' things?
Rim: Quake? Well... there was a quake when I last saw my brother...
Folker: Did you remember what happened to your brother before he vanished?
Rim: He and his robot... are like being sucked to the ground...!
Kyosuke: There's one more thing I'd like to confirm. Where are you from, that you could get a hand of such robot?
Rim: I'm from the Wong Heavy Industries.
Tetsuya: No wonder. I've heard that other than the successors of Bartools, they are working on a new set of robots.
Kyosuke: I'll continue. Where did you see your brother vanish?
Rim: We were testing our new weapons in our facility in South Pole...
Excellen: That's our cue! Thanks for the hint, Rimmy!
Rim: Eh?
Folker: (What a flamboyant woman. It could grate on normal people's nerves...) Well then... what are you going to do from now on, then?
Tetsuya: Looks like we know where to search then. I'll report this to the HQ and hopefully, we'll be able to investigate South Pole.
Kyosuke: Please do, Captain.
Tetsuya: I'll also note that Rim should be coming with us, as our guide to these incidents.
Rim: Thanks. That's what I was going to suggest...
Folker: Perhaps the Shura could be located in the South Pole, though I know they do not mingle with sucking people to the ground.
Kyosuke: But from what Rim said, there's no confirmation that it IS the Shura.
Folker: Yes. Nobody knew more about the Shura except me...

[Kusuha's room]

Kusuha: Bullet...
Excellen: Kusuha.
Kusuha: Oh, Lt. Excellen.
Excellen: You look really down. Want me to make you laugh?
Kusuha: Oh, no no. That's not necessary...
Excellen: I know. I was surprised that he'd attack us. But there must be some reason behind it.
Kusuha: Yes.
Excellen: Hey wait a minute! I remember...
Kusuha: Eh?
Excellen: When I looked at Bullet's eyes, it felt rather empty.
Kusuha: Yes. It's as if he's...
Excellen & Kusuha: Brainwashed.
Excellen: Oh my! What a twist of fate! Now it's time for the princess to rescue the prince!
Kusuha: I understand now. Thank you, Lieutenant.
Excellen: Now this I gotta tell the others. Also, Kusuha... cheer up, okay? Nothing good will come from being so down all the time.
Kusuha: Yes... I mustn't be so down.
Kusuha: (Bullet... you saved me during the ODE Incident. Now it's my turn. Whatever is controlling you, I will free you from it!)


Well that's about it on the 3rd chapter of the ATX Team. You get a glimpse on what happened to Bullet, and Rim from SRW D joins the team, though not as an ATX team member.
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Well suggestions are welcome, but your suggestion disrupts the stuff. I have other plans for the Furies (possible sequel, maybe?). Anyway, since I'm suddenly getting more feedbacks, might as well as posting Chapter 4.

Now don't kill me for the plot twist I present you in this chapter and the next one.

ATX Team Story: Chapter 4


Excellen: Hi, Rimmy. There's something I'd like to ask you...
Rim: What is it, Excellen? Or should I call you with title?
Excellen: Just Excellen is fine. Or maybe you want to call me Miss Excell, like Lamia?
Rim: Oh, um... Excellen suits me just fine. So... what is it?
Excellen: Well you said your friend and your brother are the ones you saw missing. So tell me... how's it going between you and your friend?
Rim: Eh??
Excellen: Aw, she's getting a bit too shy. You know, if you have troubles with love, you can always ask for advice from me! Big Sis Excellen is always here for love-relationship counseling, so don't worry!
Rim: But... but...
Excellen: With that kind of shy attitude, I bet any boy would fall heels over you! So tell me, how many...
Rim: *personality split* You're getting the wrong way here! I wouldn't 'date' Cliff, he's far older than me!
Excellen: Ehhh??
Rim: *restore personality* Well... that was it.
Excellen: ....
Rim: Excellen?
Excellen: You... just moments ago, your personality seems to turn 180... in one flat second!
Rim: Oh... that. Well, you see... During the L5 Campaign... I lost my parents. I was so sad that I developed another personality and soul within my body. At first it came out more or less randomly, but as time passed, I learnt how to change at will.
Excellen: Wow.
Rim: My brother took me in and protected me. So it's all right. But lately... I feel like I can't change my personality more often than usual...
Excellen: Brother, took in?
Rim: Oh, um... Joshua isn't exactly my biological brother...
Excellen: Great! Have you been making... moves to him?
Rim: N... no! It's not like what you think!
Excellen: Aw... that's so cute.
Folker: You find enjoyment in such teasing?
Excellen: Folker!? I didn't notice you were there!
Rim: Um... you're Folker?
Folker: Yes.
Rim: Why are you always frowning?
Folker: I am not frowning...
Excellen: That frown won't suit a pretty boy like you. Have you ever laughed?
Folker: No... I never find any occasion to laugh.
Rim: That's a pity. I think you'll look really good when you laugh.
Folker: ... I am more interested in your prowess in the previous battle.
Rim: Eh? So... am I just a burden to you?
Folker: You're not too bad. Your skills are tolerable and still have rooms for improvements.
Rim: Thanks. I'll do my best.
Excellen: Hey, Rimmy... wanna do some test?
Rim: Eh?
Excellen: You think Folker look really good when he laughs? Force him to laugh... tickle him!
Rim: Really? But...
-Folker was nowhere to be seen-
Rim: He's gone...
Excellen: Man, he needs to lighten up once in a while. Even Kyosuke learns to lighten up at times...


Eita: Captain, we're approaching the South Pole soon enough.
Tetsuya: South Pole, huh...
Eita: Captain?
Tetsuya: Oh. Sorry about that. Maintain speed, but beware of any surprise attacks.
Eita: Roger that.
Kyosuke: South Pole... That was also the location of one of EFA's branches.
Tetsuya: Yes. But it was ruined since Shu Shirakawa's attack during the testing of Granzon.
Kyosuke: Shu...
Tetsuya: Yep. He's one wild card all right, one time he's helping us, another time he's attacking us.
Kyosuke: (I wonder what makes Masaki utterly hate him. He never told us in details.)
Eita: Captain! Unidentified robots detected around the shores! They don't seem they are welcoming us...!
Tetsuya: Damage report!
Eita: Luckily we're able to dodge it so it's not a fatal hit!
Kyosuke: It's time for the ATX Team to deploy. Your order, Captain?
Tetsuya: Indeed. All units, deploy!


[Hagane deploys alongside Alteisen Riese, Rein Weissritter, RyuOhKi, Ialdabaoth and Strega]

[The enemies consist of Shura Gods]

Kusuha: It's those things again!
Kyosuke: The Shura...!
Folker: That's strange.
Excellen: What's strange? I thought you were going to get like 'All right, the Shura is here! Time to kick their butt!'...
Folker: No. Shura soldiers commonly move with a leader. But... I don't see any. (If Arko was here, I would've known exactly. But this...)
Rim: They're coming at us! What do they want from us?
Kyosuke: Guess we'll find out after we beat them to scrap!
Folker: Captain... Tetsuya. Careful not to get caught in the middle of this.
Tetsuya: What?
Folker: The Shura delights nothing more than battle, once it catches its target, it usually never lets go until the target is destroyed.
Kyosuke: The Hagane is vital to our operation. Please do your best not to get caught in uneccesary battle. Leave this to us.
Tetsuya: Got it. We'll provide backup when necessary. Other than that... good luck.

[They wipe out some Shura Gods... and then... more comes from the ocean behind]

Eita: Enemies detected from behind!
Kyosuke: Leave them to me.
Excellen: Kyosuke! Careful!
Kyosuke: No need to remind me.

[Wipe out more... and... more comes from the sides]

Kusuha: They're trying to surround us!
Kyosuke: Split into groups and take care of them!
????: I do not think splitting will be necessary. Unless it's your robot split into two.
Kyosuke: !!!

-Enter a familiar unit... another Alteisen Riese!! Except it's colored blue and looks a bit like a Shura God-

????: It's time for you to perish, Kyosuke Nanbu...!
Kyosuke: You are...!

-This new Alteisen Riese attacked Kyosuke's-

Kyosuke: Ughh...!
Rim: Kyosuke! Are you...
Excellen: Oh God... I don't believe this!
Folker: ...
Kyosuke: ... Another Alt... colored blue!?
????: Fufufu... I thought the supposedly 'other me' was this good. But this is just pathetic...
Kusuha: This can't be! Major Gilliam made sure that no other dimension jump will be possible!
Eita: Captain... that's...!
Tetsuya: I don't want to believe it either. But if it's true, then we're in trouble. This guy is...
Kyosuke: ... My other self in the Shadow Mirror world...!
????: The name Kyosuke Nanbu is no longer mine. It is yours.
Kyosuke: !? Then...
????: Yes. The Shadow Mirror believed that they fought Kyosuke Nanbu with the codename 'Beowulf'. But that's not true. My true name... is Beowulf!!
Kyosuke: So you're the one Axel Almar was obsessed to defeat and in turn turned to me for practice, only to die in battle.
Rim: (Axel...? Did he say Axel??)
Beowulf: Humph... I thought that Shadow Mirror officer was dumb. But this is beyond stupidity. To lose against someone like you? It's a disgrace.
Folker: (He lost those markings... perhaps it has something to do with the elimination of the Einsts...) If you're here, then I guess Mizal has something else up to his sleeve.
Beowulf: Fancy meeting you here, Folker Albark...
Folker: Then did he order about sucking people to the ground?
Beowulf: I've got no orders as stupid as that sound!
Rim: You know each other!?
Kusuha: No! You can't be, Folker... you can't be...
Folker: For the record, I am here on my own will. I am NOT spying in any form. And I'm telling the truth.
Beowulf: I've heard from Fernando. How low have you sank... have you forgotten your pride as a Shura?
Folker: If your definition of pride is 'To continue fighting until death', then I have thrown away that foolish pride.
Kyosuke: Folker...
Beowulf: I'll deal with you later, traitor. First things first, Kyosuke Nanbu... We'll see who will prevail... this strength of mine or that inhuman luck of yours!
Kyosuke: ... You want to bet on it? The ante is...
Beowulf: Our lives.
Excellen: And he even said the same thing like that time with Axel! Although he claims his real identity is this 'Beowulf', they really mirror each other! Whew... one Kyosuke is enough trouble for me, and now I have to deal with two... What to do... what to do...
Folker: Fight him, of course.
Rim: The Hagane is a bit open, everyone! I'll go and cover it!
Kusuha: Me too!
Kyosuke: Excellen, Folker, eliminate all the other Shura's!
Folker: Sure.
Excellen: How about you?
Kyosuke: I have to deal with this 'other me'.
Beowulf: We'll see about that... Now, our showdown begins!

[Kyosuke vs Beowulf]
Kyosuke: (His strength is really extraordinary. It's like I'm fighting my own self, only a more powerful version.)
Beowulf: Kyosuke Nanbu, you've drawn your joker card with that!

[Folker vs Beowulf]
Beowulf: The alternate EFA was so pathetic they have to depend on me to defeat the Shadow Mirror. Even Axel Almar alone was far tougher than them!
Folker: That's why you took that world over?
Beowulf: Of course. It is as Mizal planned. Now tell me, Folker, they say the EFA here defeated the Shadow Mirror. Are they as strong as their accomplishment proved, or those are just bull?
Folker: .... See for yourself, after you survive this!

[Excellen vs Beowulf]
Excellen: Even you got the same face!
Beowulf: You got guts to face me, woman. What's your name?
Excellen: That's Excellen Browning. What do you want to know next? My three sizes?
Beowulf: No. I just want to see if you are as strong as that woman with the same surname as yours there!
Excellen: Talking about Lemon, aren't you? Don't worry. We are equally strong, but I am more gorgeous, though!
Beowulf: Cease that nonsense and prepare yourself!

[Beowulf HP diminished to 50%]

Beowulf: I see you are not as pathetic as you are in that world...
Excellen: Contradiction alert there! If you do come from the Shadow Mirror world... doesn't that mean you are calling yourself 'pathetic'?
Beowulf: I'm not talking about Kyosuke Nanbu. I'm talking about the whole EFA in general. Still... this will prove to be interesting. To fight those who put an end to the Shadow Mirror... Heh heh heh...!
Kyosuke: Running away?
Beowulf: This is only a greeting thus far. We will meet again, Kyosuke Nanbu!

-Beowulf retreats-

(You get a Skill Point if you destroy Abaddon, instead of having it retreat with HP remaining)

*BATTLE END (after all other enemies are beaten)*


Tetsuya: That was very hard to believe... The 'Beowulf' described by the Shadow Mirrors to arrive here.
Excellen: Yep. To think that there will be things from the Shadow Mirror to come here after Major Gilliam basically prevented any of them to come again.
Kusuha: But Lieutenant, if he was fighting for the EFA... why is he against us?
Kyosuke: It looks like we can get an answer right away.
Folker: ...
Kusuha: Oh, I get it...
Excellen: Yes, yes!
Folker: ... Why are you looking at me like that?
Tetsuya: Folker, there must be an explanation about this.
Kyosuke: And that Beowulf is rather familiar around you. What's the meaning of this? Another mystery of the Shura you want to know?
Folker: That's no longer a mystery. It's one of those Shura strategies for their takeover.
Kusuha: Takeover?
Folker: The purpose of the Shura is to continue fighting and make all worlds bow down to their might. That being said, they don't care how dirty they are politically, as long as they follow the code of Shura.
Kyosuke: Mind telling us about the origin of this Beowulf? Is he a Shura?
Folker: Yes... well, not fully Shura, though. Let me explain...
Tetsuya: ...
Folker: In the Shadow Mirror world... Kyosuke Nanbu and Excellen Browning suffered an accident of a shuttle crash.
Excellen: Well I know the rest. The other me died there and recreated as Lemon Browning, right?
Folker: That's what the Shadow Mirror perceived. The truth is, Kyosuke Nanbu... he was dying and if left alone, he would die.
Kyosuke: !!
Folker: It was then he was struggling that he'd sell his soul to anything as long as he would be allowed to live again. That's when the Shura came in. There are more struggles about what happened, but I'll not go deep into that.
Kyosuke: (My fate there... mirrors with Excellen's here?)
Folker: He was taken there and ressurected, being taught with the way of Shura and eventually christened with the name Beowulf. Eventually, he's assigned to a mission to the world he originated. To scout on the strength of the world the Shura would be invading and see how hard it would be to conquer them, as a measurement of future invasion.
Eita: Just a second there. So if you could access the world of Shadow Mirrors...
Folker: Yes, the Shadow Mirror isn't the only one with dimension-traveling abilities. We, the Shuras, also possessed such thing. As well as the race known as the Einsts...
Excellen: So that's why they were so mad on this world...
Folker: I'll continue. At first, they were sure that the Earth there were weak enough for easy invasion. However, one obstacle stands in the way...
Kyosuke: The Shadow Mirror.
Folker: Yes. The Shura advisor Mizal conducted a plan to make sure that Beowulf would be aligning themselves to the EFA and fight together to get rid of the Shadow Mirror. So, he goes back there, returning to use his former name Kyosuke Nanbu.
Tetsuya: And when it comes to naming his squad...
Folker: Yes. He named it after his christened Shura name. And when they drove away the Shadow Mirror, Beowulf showed his true nature and called forth the Shura army. Betrayed by their own ace... the EFA stood no chance and eventually the world was conquered by Shura. But it was only just one world for Shura. They will want more.
Kusuha: You sure know a lot for this plan...
Folker: I was still following the path of Shura during this operation. If I'm asked to do such thing again, I'll refuse.
Kyosuke: I see. Thanks for telling us, Folker.
Excellen: It was reassuring to see that the mystery cleared. I mean I could go crazy if suddenly I find out that Gilliam was lying...
Kyosuke: Don't worry. I'll end your life if you get crazy because of it.
Excellen: Wow you sound like you're so serious about that... *heart sign*
Folker: But knowing Mizal, don't think this will be over. He'll scheme something else for this world...
Excelln: You mean that purple headed guy?
Folker: Yes.
Kyosuke: (I wonder what he's got in stores by sending Beowulf here...)

[Rim's room]

Rim: I'm fine. Now stop that flirting or I'll cut the line right now!
????: Sorry, sorry. I thought asking a welfare of a beautiful friend like you is considerate...
Rim: That depends on the situation! So... you'll be coming here to Earth?
????: Yep. Well I'm told to rendezvous to the Izu. Along with these Gestalts, that is.
Rim: That's good...
????: Say, where are you right now?
Rim: South Pole. We're investigating on the disappearance of Joshua.
????: That Joshua? Man, that was too bad. You sure you don't need some protection?
Rim: Don't worry, I'm currently with the ATX team...
????: ATX Team!? All right, I've decided!
Rim: Eh??
????: I'll go to South Pole first before going to Izu.
Rim: But what about...
????: They also sent him there. Don't worry about it, he'll do just fine. Plus, I've been wanting to meet the ATX Team, that is.
Rim: Hey, but that wasn't in the order...
????: See ya soon, Rim! How about you wear a nice swimsuit later to greet me there! I'll be grateful!
-Line closed-
Rim: In hell I will! Who'd want to freeze herself to death here in South Pole just because someone asked her to!?
Kusuha: Um... what are you yelling about, Rim?
Rim: Oh, Kusuha. Well I got a call from a friend.
Kusuha: A friend? Who's that?
Rim: He'll be coming here soon... I think.
Kusuha: I see... but the yell?
Rim: Well you see... he could be a little perverted. (Little is such an understatement...)
Kusuha: All right. I'll... look forward on seeing him.
Rim: (But could this be coincidence? Or maybe Kyosuke mentions a person with different name...?)

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I think I might just know who that ???? is... :P
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Yep, guess your prediction does come true.

ATX Team Story: Chapter 5

[Excavation Site Entrance]


[Hagane deploys with Alteisen Riese, Rein Weissritter, RyuOhKi, Ialdabaoth and Strega]

Rim: Everyone, we've arrived.
Tetsuya: This is the site where you saw your brother vanishing, right?
Kyosuke: It looks like as if nothing happened. No signs of quake casualties...
Rim: Please believe me. I'm not lying.
Excellen: I'll not lie on how cold this region is!
Kusuha: Well... it IS South Pole...
Folker: Wearing such minimal clothes when you have your jacket. It's your own fault.
Excellen: Thankfully Kyosuke's love kept me warm so I'm still alive.
Kyosuke: I've got another way to keep you warm without me. Kusuha.
Kusuha: M... my energy drink!?
Excellen: Geez! Kyosuke, how could you be so mean to my fragile, innocent heart?
Kyosuke: Innocent... yeah.
Eita: Wait a minute... what's this!?

-Shura Units appeared, led by Fernando-

Fernando: Finally got'em!
Folker: Fernando...
Fernando: I've got you trapped, Folker! This snowstorm will be your grave...
Kyosuke: I don't see that other gray haired friend of yours.
Fernando: Arion? As much as he wants to fight you ATX... he has other business to do. But it doesn't matter because you shall all fall here.
Folker: That'll be enough, Fernando. I... don't want to fight you right now.
Fernando: What have become of you, Folker? A coward!?
Folker: No. I'm just saying that now isn't the time. And besides... all these are foolish.
Fernando: Nothing is more foolish than backing away from a fight for a Shura! Folker! You can only deny that if you can defeat me!!
Folker: You really are persistent, aren't you...
Fernando: I'm ready now. I will destroy you, and the rest will come as well!!
Kyosuke: Don't take us that lightly, though... Shura.

[Folker vs Fernando]
Fernando: I've improved since our last encounter, Folker... Prepare yourself!
Folker: ... Fine, let's see your new strength.

[After several turns... Shura reinforcements came]

Excellen: Hey... I think there's no end to this.
Fernando: You got that right, woman. When I said this will be your grave, I'm serious!
Kusuha: We won't give up that easily!
Fernando: Say what you will, but the result will be the same! Now then... Folker!!

-Fernando attacked Folker-

Folker: Gah!! That's... defintely stronger than before.
Fernando: I'll finish you right now!

-More attack-

Folker: ARGH!!
Kusuha: Folker!!
Fernando: This is the end...!
Eita: Signatures detected! Identifying... it's the Wong Heavy Industries!
Kyosuke: Wong Heavy Industries!?
Rim: He's here at least!

-Bunch of Gestalt units appeared, they resemble Bartool/Mironga-

=BGM SET: Dark Knight=

Excellen: Hey, that's...
Tetsuya: Bartools!?
????: Hey, is this the Hagane?
Tetsuya: Identify yourself!
????: Whoa whoa, easy there. I'm here to meet up with you, but it looks like you're having trouble, that is.
Tetsuya: What...? Then you're...
????: The Wong Heavy Industries have been an ally with the EFA, right? Then I'll help you. This'll be also part of the demonstration of the Gestalt, that is!
Tetsuya: Well... all right then. But first, you have to...
????: Later! Watch me go kick some butt!
Tetsuya: Wait! (Where have I heard that voice before?)
Rim: You came... but wasn't your order to go to Izu?
????: I already told you before, haven't I? I wanted to meet the ATX Team, but looks like it'll have to wait. Besides, I bet they're doing okay in Izu!
Excellen: A fan of us?
????: That can wait until later.
Fernando: Newcomer... You got guts to interrupt my battle.
????: I'll take that as the compliment. Now... I think it's a battle custom to greet each other. What's your name?
Fernando: Fernando... of the Shura. Stay out of this battle, creep. You are no match for me.
????: Say so after you destroy this Gestalt... piloted by me, Axel!!
Kyosuke: !!!! (Axel... he said!?)
Kusuha: Lt. Kyosuke... he could be...
Kyosuke: The details can be dealt later! For now we'll just have to cooperate! Axel... is it?
Axel: Huh?
Kyosuke: If you're here to help... we'll gladly accept it.
Axel: 'Course. Leave it to me.
Fernando: So it looks like I'll be fighting you. Very well! I guess there's nothing wrong testing the power of those who fought him before!
Folker: (Is he speaking of Beowulf...?)

[Axel vs Fernando]
Fernando: Don't get in my way, you small fish!
Axel: It's not decided if I'm a small fish or not, that is!

[Fernando defeated]

Fernando: ...!
Axel: So? How's that, Fernando? Well I guess that wasn't fair, but this is part of the demonstration of the Gestalt System. Y'see... It's equipped with a network system to let me control the behavior of these mass-produced Gestalt. But I can control them and beat you just fine...
Fernando: I'm not here to listen to your babblings!
Folker: But the fact is, you challenged the rest of us and lost, Fernando.
Fernando: Agh! This is uncalled for... I will return later! At least you kept your promise not to get killed before I kill you, Folker...

-Fernando retreats-

Folker: ...

(Your Skill Point here is to destroy Valefor in 2 turns after Axel arrives. Not a big deal, since the reinforcement will arrive before Valefor makes its move (it sits in position))

[Enemies wiped out]

Eita: All enemies cleared from this area!
Tetsuya: But that surprise attack was uncalled for. I have to admit if it wasn't for Axel... we might've been wiped out,
Axel: I accept your thanks no problems, that is.
Kyosuke: ...
Axel: Say... I think I need to tune up my Gestalt first before I get to Izu...
Rim: I think this facility is still functional. We can use it to tune up our robots here and prepare for the excavation. How's that sound, everyone?
Kyosuke: ... Sounds good.


[South Pole Facility]

Excellen: I'm surprised that Rim could also handle technician things... Such as repairs.
Kusuha: Well she told me that before she started piloting, she got trainings about repairing robots.
Kyosuke: I'm more worried about this Axel, though.
Tetsuya: Yeah. The worst case is that Axel Almar is not dead yet.
Axel: Hey! How'd ya doing here?
Kyosuke: !!
Axel: Huh? You look as if you are seeing a ghost...
Kyosuke: Nothing, really... (That face... it is truly him). But aren't you...
Axel: Whoa... sis, you're... how should I say it... uh... Gorgeous!
Excellen: Eh...?
Kusuha: Wait a minute!
Axel: Oh, don't worry. You're cute too. And... nice racks, both of you.
Kusuha: W... what did you say!?
Axel: So you guys are the ATX team...? I'm Axel. Nice to meet ya!
Kyosuke: (Guess we should play along for now) I'm the team leader Kyosuke Nanbu.
Axel: (Kyosuke...?)
Excellen: I'm Excellen Browning!
Axel: (Browning...?)
Kusuha: I'm Kusuha Mizuha. Um, nice to meet you.
Folker: Folker Albark. Though... I'm just temporary.
Axel: I'm honored to meet such a strong team. Not to mention the girls are cute and gorgeous.
Excellen: ...
Axel: Say, Big Sis Excellen. I heard you're in some expedition. Maybe you'd like to treat me with dinner when everything is over?
Excellen: Wait, I may have other plans.
Axel: Then I guess you don't mind if... OWW!!!
Rim: Axel!! How many times have I reprimanded you not to hit any random girl you see?
Axel: Sorry, sorry. I know you're jealous...
Rim: That's not the point! And I am NOT jealous on anyone! And don't you think you should be tuning up your Gestalts instead of hitting on Excellen? I thought you're here to meet the ATX Team personally, not to woo its girls!
Axel: Right. You'll be going back to Izu later, right?
Kyosuke: Well, yes.
Axel: Well I'll be heading there. I'll see you guys and girls when you return, that is!

-Axel left-

Excellen: That... was Axel?
Tetsuya: He certainly is... different.
Rim: That's just the usual him. Flirt...
Kusuha: Rim?
Rim: I must apologize. It's Axel's tendency to think that he's a God's gift to women. Ever since we met him six months ago, he's been always hitting on practically any beautiful girls or women he met.
Excellen: Well you didn't look bad yourself, Rimmy. Wait a minute, don't tell me you and this 'adopted brother' of yours are THAT close so Axel has never hit on you! Gee, your brother must've been a scary one.
Rim: Um, Joshua isn't scary looking... He's kind and always looks out for my safety...
Kyosuke: Wait, did you say six months?
Rim: Yes... what of it?
Excellen: Wasn't that we destroyed the Stern Regisseur?
Kyosuke: You're right. If that's the case... Rim, where did you meet this Axel?
Rim: We found him in our Xingzhou Facility at Asteroid XM-1314.
Kyosuke: How did you meet him?
Rim: Well, I and Joshua were assigned in that facility that time...


[Xingzhou Facility]

Joshua: All right, we're here. Looks like a decent place for new testing machines.
Rim: You sure? This Mironga and Bartool seems rather dangerous enough...
Joshua: Well I know, but I'm sure we'll be able to promote a better successor instead this one failed. I, for one, doesn't quite trust that Dr Juergen.
Rim: He lost his family during the war, didn't he. I pity him.
Joshua: Yes. But to redesign the ODE into such thing due to emotional strife? I don't think that's going to end well... Anyway, that's enough talk. Let's get in.


Joshua: (Cliff got sent to South Pole...? Well that's a pity. I could use some of his advices here...)
Joshua: What was that...!?
Rim: Joshua! Joshua!!
Joshua: Huh? Rim!?

[Rim's location]

Rim: Look! This robot...
Joshua: Whoa. This thing is ruined real bad. Maybe we should let the researchers check on this and see if this can be repaired and used for later...

-That robot was in fact the ruined Soulgain. The cockpit opened and Axel fell to the ground-

Rim: There's a man inside!?
Joshua: How long have he been inside there? Such toughness...
Rim: Hey! Please wake up, sir! Wake up!
Axel: Ugh... ah... here?
Rim: Wong Heavy Industries' facility at XM-1314 'Xingzhou'... May I know who you are?
Axel: Who am I? ... I'm... damn... can't remember... Why am I here...?
Joshua: All right, you can cut this joke.
Axel: I'd say sillier things if I want to joke...
Rim: Then maybe...
Axel: Damn... looks like I got an amnesia...
Joshua: Well at least his grammars are stil fine.
Rim: I'm Cliana Rimskaya, and this is my adopted brother, Joshua Radcliff. You sure you can't remember your name?
Axel: Maybe I'll remember my name if a beautiful girl like you kisses me...
Rim: Eh??
Joshua: You sure you are suffering amnesia? You sound like some pervert trying to trap some innocent girl. Good thing Rim doesn't easily fall for that.
Axel: Just kidding... But it's true that I don't know who I am...
Rim: Well that's no joke.
Joshua: Think we should ignore him?
Rim: No. It's a miracle he survived this far, and even I don't know how long he's been here. We should get him to safety.
Joshua: One last time. You sure you don't know anything.
Axel: Wait a minute... I think I... Axel...
Rim: Your name is... Axel?
Axel: Yeah. I don't know anymore, though. Like family name...
Joshua: Only first name.
Axel: But I'd be in heaven if I find out that my mother is some hot babe...
Rim: Right, I was thinking to treat his wounds, but looks like he's asking for me not to treat him. Let's go, Joshua.
Axel: W... wait a minute! That was just another joke! Please take me in! I'm... hungry.
Rim: Right, we'll take you in. But, no skirt-chasing, okay?
Axel: I'll... try.
Joshua: (Try, huh.)

[End Flashback]

Rim: That's how he met Axel. The first time we introduced him with the Wong Heavy Industries robots, he quickly adapts to it. He's also been looking for his memories, but it hasn't been progressing well...
Kyosuke: What about the robot you found behind him?
Rim: Well I don't know the details. But it has some bluish design... oh I think it has some sort of moustache on its face... Also, it was ruined beyond repairs that even the Wong Heavy Industries could never repair it. It also didn't do good to Axel's memories... In the end, we had no choice but to discard it to the space...
Kyosuke: ...
Excellen: This could be... that Axel.
Rim: Eh? What's with Axel?
Excellen: Listen, Rim. During the previous war, we fought a fierce enemy called Axel Almar.
Kusuha: Yes... If it's true that he was previously on a blue robot and possibly a moustache... Then it was Axel's robot, the Soulgain.
Kyosuke: And looking at this 'Axel' of yours, there's a possibility that this Axel you found was Axel Almar.
Rim: It can't be... Axel was once your enemy!?
Kyosuke: Yes.
Rim: That's a lie! Axel can't be from the enemy! Yeah, I know he's a pervert or something. But he's got a good heart and never misses the chance to help people in need, no matter who they are!
Kyosuke: But I wasn't saying 100% that he IS our enemy Axel.
Rim: Huh?
Tetsuya: That Axel Almar who fought us originated from the world where the Shadow Mirror existed, the one that Beowulf conquered.
Kyosuke: We haven't confirmed anything about the Axel Almar from our world. So perhaps you only found the Axel Almar from this world.
Rim: But he never said his surname is Almar.
Kyosuke: He only remembers his name as 'Axel'. Rim, please listen to me.
Rim: Yes?
Kyosuke: Whatever you do, do not let Axel know about all our conversation here. If he was Axel Almar from Shadow Mirror, and he is to turn back to his old memory of being our enemy, things could turn bad.
Rim: I'll do my best about it. As perverted as he is, he's still one of my friends and I will not let him go.
Excellen: Kyosuke... Do you remember when we fought the rebels in Hokkaido?
Kyosuke: What of it?
Excellen: Their weapon designs are very similar to those used by the Shadow Mirrors.
Kusuha: I noticed that too. Could this mean that the Shadow Mirror might not be gone for good?
Kyosuke: Well then that'll be another reason for us to keep an eye on Axel.
Folker: Why is that? If he is to turn into your enemy inside your force...?
Tetsuya: If the Shadow Mirrors still exist, they could find him, restore his memories and turn him back against us. If we blatantly get him out of EFA because he was an enemy... That could happen.
Kyosuke: Folker, maybe you never fought him, but Axel was definitely someone you wouldn't want to fight head-on.
Folker: The Shura may get very interested to fight him that way...
Tetsuya: Anyway, if he's heading to Izu, he might meet up with the Hiryu Custom. I think it's the best to tell them about this Axel.
Kyosuke: Yes, please do, Captain. We'll have trouble if suddenly they act without knowing what might be in stores with this man.

[Izu Base]

Nibhal: Greetings there, Sir Kenneth Garret.
Kenneth: Nibhal Mubhal himself coming here? What is your business here?
Nibhal: Well I have come to give yourself some... distressing news.
Kenneth: What distressing news? The EFA branch in Izu never received problem when I'm in charge.
Nibhal: I wouldn't be so sure if you see this video. It was captured just recently, but unfortunately suffers in color quality, thus you'll have to stand it with just black and white.
Kenneth: ...


Kenneth: WHAT!? That was Kyosuke Nanbu and the Alteisen!? What is he doing there in Hiroshima!?
Nibhal: Well, as you can see. Perhaps the ace of ATX needs some re-shaping. Hiroshima was left in ruins afterwards.
Kenneth: And he said he's going to South Pole...! I'll have him to come here, and he is NOT going to escape!

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Wow, no replies, eh? Oh well.

Since I think the 6th chapter of the ATX Team is rather... anticlimatic. So I'll just go on with the next story arc right away, in the next post.

ATX Team Story: Chapter 6


Excellen: About time we can go! This is getting exciting...
Kyosuke: Hm, but I'm curious about the robot Axel is riding... They call it Gestalt?
Rim: Yes, Gestalt. It was designed as the successor of Bartool.
Kusuha: ...
Rim: Huh? Why do you look so down, Kusuha?
Excellen: Kusuha was a victim during the ODE Incident. Though... unlike Lamia, she suffered less. But those were still painful memories for her.
Rim: Lamia...?
Kyosuke: Former ATX Team member, now she is in the Aggressors. You'll meet her soon enough...
Excellen: More than that, how about a brief introduction to this Gestalt? How is it compared to the predecessor?
Rim: Well... For starters, the head of Wong Heavy Industries learnt about the ODE Incident. Though he pitied Dr. Wilhelm Juergen's loss, he made a firm decision that if they are making a successor to Bartool, they will not use the ODE System, or something like that anymore.
Kusuha: But... isn't the main purpose of the VTX Series to form network-controlled PTs?
Rim: As long as there's one man to control and manage it... Everything will be fine. The Gestalt is divided into two types, one normal type and the mass-produced. The mass-produced Gestalt will be controlled with network control under the main unit. There's only a few main units created.
Kyosuke: So that's why Axel came with a lot of Gestalt. He was controlling them.
Folker: And he still held out pretty well against Fernando while doing that. A truly skillful man.
Rim: He'd be a perfect pilot if he wasn't that much of a womanizer...
Kyosuke: What acts as the engine of the mass-produced Gestalt? Is it...
Rim: No. It's no longer feeding on humans. It was one of the components of Bartools that was considered too dangerous.
Excellen: So... basically, take the good things of Bartool and discard the bad things, and you have the Gestalt?
Rim: Well, actually Bartool has its predecessor as well, the Mironga. Basically, the Gestalt is made of taking the good points of Mironga and Bartool, and then combine them.
Kyosuke: Simple, but effective...

[Hagane, several minutes later]

Eita: It's a dead end, Captain. With the exception of that weird altar in front.
Tetsuya: There's no clue about how to open it either.
Rim: Actually here is fine.
Eita: What?
Rim: This is where I last saw my brother and friend.
Kyosuke: Then I guess our search can begin here.


[The usual deployment: Alteisen Riese, Rein Weissritter, RyuOhKi, Ialdabaoth and Strega]

[After moving around for awhile...]

Kusuha: Nothing seems to look suspicious here...
Kyosuke: We'll keep on looking. Keep your guards up.
Tetsuya: Eita, is the radar picking up something?
Eita: No, captain. But I kept it on... wait a minute!
Tetsuya: What!?
Eita: Signatures coming from the ground!
Tetsuya: Ground!?

[Demon Golems appeared]

Rim: It's them...!
Folker: Them?
Rim: Before all these happened, these creatures attacked here, but thankfully we were able to fend them off!
Excellen: So you're saying these things could be... involved?
Tetsuya: If that's the case, I've got it how we could study about them. All units, fend them off, but capture one of them!
Kyosuke: The order has been given. Let's go!

[After wiping out some Golems, more appeared]

Rim: They keep appearing!
Demon Golem: Grrr....
RyuOhKi: Grr!
Kusuha: RyuOhKi!? What is it!? No... could they be...
RyuOhKi: ...
Folker: You look troubled. Were you thinking of this 'Bullet'?
Kusuha: How did you know?
Folker: Just guessing.
Kusuha: Yes. Even if I have to die, I have to do it. Bullet risked his life to save me during the ODE Incident, now it's my turn.
Kyosuke: Choosing yourself to die is not bravery, Kusuha. If that's your resolve, I suggest that you quit.
Kusuha: Lieutenant!?
Kyosuke: We're going to save Bullet... and live.
Kusuha: All right.
Folker: Choosing to die is not bravery... Well I may have been behaving like that before...

*BATTLE END, if the conditions are fulfilled*

(If the conditions is fulfilled in 3 turns, you get a Skill Point)

Kyosuke: All right, that's one thing captured.
Rim: I'll take it to the Hagane then.


Kusuha: So how was it, Rim?
Rim: Well, I don't know what to say about this one.
Excellen: Oh, you can tell us just fine.
Rim: Well, you see... It's as if that creature did not come from this world at all.
Excellen: Huh!? More things like the Shura? All right, Folker...
Folker: I'd recognize it if it is a Shura. But I didn't.
Excellen: So it's from somewhere else?
Kusuha: This Earth... has quickly become a place where beings from other dimension fight each other... How horrible.
Kyosuke: There's no confirmation about that.

[Bridge, several days later]

Kyosuke: We're returning to Izu?
Tetsuya: Yes, we got words from the base. It looks like Kenneth is displeased with you.
Kyosuke: ...
Tetsuya: I don't know what he meant, but I'll be sure to back you up. You all did a good job here.
Kyosuke: Thanks, Captain. I really appreciate that.
Excellen: Ah that's a bit too bad. I'll miss the moments you give me the warmth of your love against this cold, Kyosuke.
Kyosuke: ... Whatever.

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Aggressors Team Story: Chapter 3

[Hiryu Custom]

Kai: It's good to see you all sound and safe.
Sean: Likewise, Major. However...
Kai: However?
Sean: We cannot say that 'all of us are sound and safe'.
Lamia: What seems to be the problem?
Sean: Well, you see...
Russel: Lt. Katina has gone missing.
Arado: Eh!? Her!? Don't tell me she...
Sean: Yes. The moment the previous earthquake occurred, we lost contact with her.
Lamia: (It's just as I thought...)
Leona: Even without the Lieutenant, the Octo Squad must still operate.
Tasuku: Yep. And after much discussion, Leona has been appointed as the new leader.
Lefina: We've also begun the search for Lt Katina and the missing Hagane crews as well.
Seolla: Even the Hagane people as well?
Lefina: Yes. We've searched around North America, but...
Kai: Captain, I apologize, but as Sir Kenneth ordered... We are to go to North America again to quell the rebels there.
Lefina: Eh!?
Sean: It can't be helped. We have no choice but to obey.
Lefina: very well then. Good to have you onboard, Aggressors.
Kai: Likewise.
Lefina: To all crews, our destination is clear. We head back to United States!


Leona: You wanted to talk to me?
Lamia: Yes. Well, as you see. The Aggressors currently has a low reputation within the EFA. I was wondering if...
Leona: That's very silly, I thought you'd never ask something like that. But then again, that's the part of your 'humanization'.
Lamia: ...
Leona: Well don't worry about it. Even when Lt. Katina was around, she never once look down on you Aggressors, even after the incident. We will not prejudice you or anything.
Lamia: That's a relief.
Leona: But I wonder... ever since the incident, you looked more stressed out. Do you have any problems?
Lamia: ...
Leona: I don't know what's bothering you, but I can only say that you shouldn't let it get over you.
Lamia: I know. Thank you... (But still... those horrid memories still linger within my mind...)
Leona: If we've met earlier, without any links with the Shadow Mirror, you would be a great addition to the Troye Unit.
Lamia: You think so?
Leona: Of course. Your skills could even be comparable with someone like Troye's White Lynx herself.
Lamia: White... Lynx?
Leona: It's just an alias for someone.
Lamia: ... You're not saying this only for comforting me, are you?
Leona: If it's about comforting, I'd rather ask Tasuku to do it. I'm... complimenting.
Lamia: Sounds like something you'd do.
Leona: Right.


Arado: Hey, Lat! Have you seen Aisha somewhere?
Latooni: Aisha? She was no longer with us.
Arado: Eh!? Where'd she go?
Latooni: She was instated in another station. If I remember right, there has been no announcements that she's part of the Aggressors.
Arado: Oh... I see. Man, that's too bad. She's really a nice girl. If only Seolla would follow her example...
Arado: Ouch...!
Seolla: 'Need to follow her example', huh? Whatever you mean, Arado!?
Arado: Well that's a start! How about you stop hitting me in every possible opportunity!?
Seolla: Otherwise you won't stop doing stupid things! Like now!
Arado: How about you relax a little! I swear, your breasts are going to sag quicker if you're always this angry... Oops...
Latooni: ... *sigh*

[USA, Hamill residence]

Manami: All right, now stay still, Brad...
Brad: Owch!! Damn it, take it easy!
Manami: I'm going as easy as I could! Besides, it'll not be long until your arm is back in shape! How about a little patience?
Brad: Damn... To think some spoiled brat could do this to me.
Manami: Spoiled brat!? Fine! See if I care if you break another of your arms, I'm not going to tend to it anymore! While I'm at it, I guess it's better to leave off your arm like that.
Brad: What...!? Hey, wait! I'm sorry, Manami! Please look at my arm, otherwise I can't pilot my Earthgain anymore!
Manami: That's a good boy... Now then... All done!
Brad: Heh... Guess I owe you one.
-Door opened-
Lawrence: Good day, mistress.
Manami: Hello, Lawrence. Any news?
Lawrence: We haven't received any other news these days. But... perhaps you and your friend would like some tea?
Brad: Great! I've been thirsty all this time!
Manami: Well give it to Brad. I'm not thirsty.
Brad: Huh? But, Manami...
Manami: First of all, I really am not in the mood to drink anything. Not when the EFA runs like this, oppressing innocent people!
Brad: Well, but you never really had a break after treating me. I'd say...
Manami: No way, Brad. How can I even take a sip of tea, when the people around me suffer thanks to that jerk Graien!?
Lawrence: Well, but every humans must drink if they are to live. Perhaps you prefer... normal drinks?
Manami: That'll do. Thanks.
-Lawrence left-
Brad: But, really. Without you, we'd never be able to get this much information regarding the EFA. Wasn't your uncle...
Manami: Brad. Don't EVER speak of my uncle anymore. I can't understand what he's thinking, staying with the EFA, knowing fully how it oppresses people...
Brad: Manami...
Manami: If only the robot I ordered from the Isurugi Industries would arrive sooner, I'd be joining the battle and teach those Federation oppressors a lesson!
Brad: What did you order by the way?
Manami: That's a secret! But one thing I can say, it's going to be very S-P-E-C-I-A-L!
Brad: Oh... Bet it's something girly and not powerful enough compared to...
Manami: What did you say?
Brad: Nothing!
Manami: But... Brad. I know you're worried about me, but don't do anything rash.
Brad: What? Well... I'm not going to do rash things. Everyone held high expectations on me, I'm not going to let them down. And what was the 'worried about you' part about?
Manami: Oh... nothing.
Brad: Anyway, even to move out, we need to wait up for Master Viror and Katz to come back. How about waiting a bit longer?
-Lawrence entered-
Lawrence: Here's the water you've been waiting.
Brad: All right! Time to quench the thirst!
Brad & Manami: *glug glug*
Brad: Whew! Nothing like a better refreshment for my throat!
Manami: Yes. Thanks for the water, Lawrence.
Lawrence: It was no problem...
-Mansion bell-
Lawrence: Ah, it looks like there's some visitor...

[Guest Room]

Brad: Master! Welcome back!
Viror: Yeah. Did you get your arm patched up?
Manami: He's going to be okay. Just a little bit more and he'll be able to pilot again.
Katz: That's great...
Viror: Miss Hamill, I am sorry to make you wait so long, but on the way here, the Isurugi Industries contacted me. Please come to the hangar, and look at your surprise present.
Manami: What's that...?
Viror: It's the best to see it by your own eyes.


Brad: Whoa...! That's some style all right!
Katz: What is this...?
Viror: Behold, it's one of Isurugi Industries' newest Super Robots... Simurgh.
Manami: It's so great...! Finally I can start with...
Katz: Better stop thinking something crazy, Manami. It's for your own good.
Manami: Come on now, Katz! You know how much I hate the EFA!
Katz: I'm just worried about your safety.
Viror: Well, the problem is, it's designed to be piloted by two people.
Lawrence: Do not worry, sir. I'll take that position.
Manami: Lawrence!
Lawrence: I can't let my beloved mistress to be thrown into danger, can I?
Brad: Thanks, Lawrence. We'll be counting on you as well.
Lawrence: Of course. I may not look like it, but I've got my experiences as a pilot...


Viror: Hmm...?
Lawrence: It looks like it's the communication line monitor...

[Communication line]

Rebel: Hamill Residence! Please respond!
Manami: This is the Hamill Residence! Is something the matter!?
Rebel: The Manhattan branch...! We... trouble... AAAGH!!
Viror: Manhattan...!
Katz: Darn it! Just when Earthgain and Virose are in repairs!
Brad: And my arm has yet to recover...!
Katz: That has nothing to do with it.
Manami: Don't worry everyone! Leave this to me!
Brad: What!?
Katz: You!?
Manami: Yep! And this is going to be a great test run! Come on, Lawrence!
Lawrence: Milady, please wait...!
Viror: Once she made up her mind, nothing is stopping her, huh...
Katz: That's her...
Lawrence: All systems check. We are ready, Milady.
Manami: Simurgh, takeoff!
-Simurgh does take off...-
Viror: Brad.
Brad: Huh?
Viror: I don't think it'll be a good idea to send Manami alone. I'll be calling the rebels here to support her.
Brad: That's a good idea. I'm... getting worried on her.
Katz: ....
Viror: And when your arm recovered, you go catch up with her.
Brad: ... Yes, sir!



[Several EFA soldiers in Gespensts are fighting the rebels' Soldifar]

EFA Soldier: Why can't you even understand the need of strong military! Aliens can attack anytime!
Rebel Soldier: That doesn't give you excuse to oppress innocent people who had nothing to do with war!
EFA Soldier: What!? Where is your pride as an Earthling!? Are you this weak!?
Rebel Soldier: Is this a place where the Law of the Jungle are applied!? The Strong Lives, the Weak Dies!? Pfaugh! People has the right to decide the way they live, be it military life or normal life!!
EFA Soldier: I've had enough! If you're not following us, you're dead!
Rebel Soldier: Me too! If you're still oppressing us, you're dead!!

[Several short, automated battle... until...]

=BGM SET: Like a Scattering Flower Storm(SRW 64's Female Super Robot theme)=

[Simurgh is deployed... as an ally?!]

Manami: Oh dear... Even a battle has begun here!
Lawrence: It seems so, Milady. If this town falls, that'll be one more town succumbing to the oppression of EFA.
Manami: Ahem...
Lawrence: Milady?
Manami: Quiet, Lawrence! I'm thinking of some cool speech to mark my entrance!
Lawrence: I believe that can wait and be converted into 'cool speech to mark your victory'.
Manami: Sounds better!

[Simurgh moves into the middle of battle]

Rebel Soldier: Reinforcements! ... Eh!? Only one pilot!?
Manami: Don't worry, everyone! We'll wipe out these oppressors together!
EFA Soldier: What the!? It's just a little girl and his butler!
Lawrence: Hoho... Don't underestimate us.
Manami: Those numbers are... easy picking for me!
EFA Soldier: You got some nerve, brat!
Manami: Eat those words back, filthy oppressors!!

[And you control Simurgh to wipe out the EFA army...!]

Manami: That'll teach you a lesson not to mess with the people!
Lawrence: Good job, Milady.
Rebel Soldier 1: Thank you, young woman! May we...
Rebel Soldier 2: Hey, I know that face! She... she's the young mistress of the Hamill family... Manami Hamill!!
Rebel Soldier 1: You sure...!? Then... if it wasn't for her...
Rebel Soldier 2: We wouldn't be riding these things! Milady! Please accept our gratitude!
Manami: (Wow, I'm being treated like some queen. Ohoho...) Don't worry! You know I just can't stand still when I see my friends and people being oppressed, just because some Federation soldiers does a senseless aggression on them!

[Suddenly Simurgh and the rebels turned red (enemy) and Hiryuu Custom deploys, along with Gespenst Mk II S, Schutzwald, Angelg, Wildwuerger, Wildfalken, Fairlion S, Siegerlion, Giganscudo Duro, Gespenst Mk II M)

Kai: I believe someone said 'aggression'?
Lefina: Oh no, we're too late...
Leona: No need to worry. We'll just have to take it back from the rebels.
Manami: Oh great... now the Hiryu Custom and the Aggressors are here.

=BGM SET: Ash to Ash=

Lamia: Hm...!? That robot...
Tasuku: Yeah. Come to think of it, that robot looks like a wingless Angelg.
Lamia: (Simurgh... But it has yet to become the Splendid series. To become Simurgh Splendid, it needs...)
Lawrence: Milady. Please keep them busy... verbally.
Manami: Eh? You must've some plan.
Lawrence: Indeed.
Manami: Here goes... *clears throat* So the Aggressors have finally shown its face to me. I never thought you'd consider us rebels this threatening. But we will not stop until your oppression towards the innocents cease.
Russel: It's a woman!
Tasuku: Wow! Can't believe that they're led by a cute girl!
Leona: Tasuku...
Tasuku: Gulp...!
Lamia: How about you start introducing yourself? Seems like you got the knowledge about us.
Manami: Before that, you better tell me where you got that robot of yours! That's just like copying MY Simurgh, and adding up some angel wings! Have you no originality!
Lamia: That wasn't my question...
Lawrence: Milady... when I and Sir Viror looked through the catalogue of the Isurugi Industries, I could see that robot in it. It says... 'SMSC1-Angelg'. Its pilot... Lamia Loveless.
Manami: Lamia Loveless!? So... you were the acting captain of the Aggressors during the ODE Incident, which causes the decline of the team...
Lamia: It was an unfortunate mistake based only on chance. It has nothing to do with our performance.
Seolla: That's right! For rebels, you sure got eaten with some stupid propaganda from those you fought against!
Manami: I didn't mean that! I was only testing whether the rumors are true. But... I can already see that it's false.
Lamia: Back on the first question, introduce yourself, young lady.
Manami: Oh, very well, I'll tell you. My name is Manami Hamill.
Radha: Hamill...!?
Eun: Did she said Hamill?
Lefina: I will have to confirm it. Excuse, Miss Manami. But... what is your relation towards Kirk Hamill?
Manami: I'll not say one thing about that despicable man!
Arado: D... despicable!? But... I thought...
Manami: Oh, you thought the rebels kidnapped me, eh? That's the wrong answer! I joined the rebellion at my own will!
Kai: That's some story... But are you ready for the actual fight? We could get into the story anytime later.
Lawrence: Good job on the delaying, Milady. We're ready.

-Bunch of Svanhild units appeared-

Leona: So she was only delaying for the reinforcements to come!
Kai: That does not retract our objective!
Lefina: Indeed. If this city has been taken over by the rebels... we will have to reclaim it!
Manami: I'll beat you up... and make sure you will never oppress innocent people ever again!!

[Lamia vs Manami]
Lamia: Move away, young lady. This battlefield contains more horror than you can ever imagine.
Manami: The thought of seeing innocent people being oppressed... Those are far more horrid! But you military types would never care!!
Lamia: I have no interest in your moral code of 'justice' for now. But if you are my opponent, I will not hold back.
Manami: I won't, either!

[Manami defeated or at least Simurgh reduced to 40% HP]

(To get a Skill Point, you need to reduce Simurgh's HP into 10% or less, otherwise the events will be carried on)

Manami: Ugh... they... they're too strong...
Lamia: Maybe you have the skills. But not the experience. And that... is your downfall!

-Lamia attacks Manami-

Manami: AAH!!
Lawrence: Milady! We've got no choice! We have to retreat!
Lamia: We're not here for your life, but we've got some questions for you.
Manami: I... won't even say a thing, especially about that despicable man!
Lefina: (That's some intense hatred. I wonder what is wrong with her and Prof. Hamill)
Lamia: Very well then... This is the end!
Eun: Enemy signature coming from the east! It's...
????: MANAMIIIII!!!!!

=BGM SET: Sailing! Towards the Sky=

-Brad deploys in Earthgain and rushes to Manami as Lamia attacks her again... but Brad covered her-

Brad: Geh!
Manami: Brad!
Lamia: The Earthgain...!
Brad: Hey... you all right, Manami?
Manami: Brad... for me... you...
Brad: Hah! These? Don't worry! For Earthgain, it's just a plating wound!
Arado: You mean... 'flesh wound'.
Brad: Metals don't have flesh! ... Wait a minute, why am I speaking casually to the enemy!?
Manami: Brad... YOU IDIOT!!
Brad: Haah!? Is this the thanks I got from saving you against the enemies!?
Manami: You could get killed, you know! You don't know how worried I was when you took that hit!
Brad: Oh, come on. They don't call me the star of Buki Hakken Ryuu for nothing!
Manami: 'The Star'!? Katz also has the same title as you!
Brad: You worry too much anyway! Anyway, your robot isn't in the shape anymore, so you better leave the rest to me.
Lawrence: Sir Brad is right, Milady. We'd be best to retreat for now.
Manami: All right... Oh, and Brad!
Brad: What now?
Manami: ... Thank you.
Brad: ... Yeah.

-Simurgh retreats-

Latooni: It's the Earthgain. But piloting it is not the same Viror Sunda we fought in Hokkaido.
Brad: I'm glad you noticed. Maybe I'm not as good as my master, but my skills will be more than enough to kick your butts!
Arado: That's some talk you got there! Wait a minute, who're you?
Brad: What!? The name Brad Skywind doesn't ring a bell to you!? You got some nerve!
Arado: Right! Since you introduced yourself, I'll do mine. Have you ever heard of Arado Balanga of The School?
Brad: Never heard of it.
Arado: What...!?
Brad: And which school did you enter, anyway? Pre-School?
Latooni: ...!
Seolla: What nerve!
Brad: And that's enough introduction. If I am fighting the Aggressors, this will prove to be a great chance to prove myself!

-More Soldifar and Svanhild appear-

Tasuku: Whew! So he brought reinforcements too!
Leona: That's not very concerning to us. They will fall.
Brad: I will vanquish the evil Federation... WITH MY OWN HANDS!!!

[Arado vs Brad]
Brad: Bring it on, ya punk!
Arado: Punk!? How about you look at the mirror at yourself! You got that cross scar, gangster look, and you still call me a punk with that hairdo of yours!?
Brad: Well, your hair didn't do any better about the punk design! I want to know if you fight as good as you talk!
Arado: Fighting is the best thing I've got to offer! Oh... and eating a lot too.
Brad: Fine. Then my Earthgain will blow up your robot... and your fats!!
Arado: You better not underestimate this Wildwuerger!

[Brad defeated, or the only unit remaining along with 2 more rebel units]

Brad: Keh...! As Master said... You can't underestimate your enemy...
Seolla: That means you also fell for the propaganda?!
Brad: I was about to test it myself... And now I paid for the price! Damn, Katz is so going to laugh at me.
Eun: Captain! Enemy signals coming from the southeast!
Lefina: Could it be from the rebels!?
Radha: !! I sense evil intentions from the southeast...! Could it be...

-Gab-L appears-

????: ...
Tasuku: What is THAT!? It looks like some evil god...
????: ...

-Gab-L suddenly draws near Wildfalken-

Seolla: It's... fast!

-Gab-L attacks Wildfalken-

Seolla: AHH!!
Latooni: Seolla!!
Arado: Wha...? Hey! Seolla! Answer me!!
Seolla: ...
Lamia: She's unconscious.
Arado: Why you...!!!

-Wildwuerger attacks Gab-L, but it dodged and accurately counters-

Arado: GAAHH!!
Latooni: Arado! No!!
Leona: You've got some skill there... What!?
Tasuku: I can't believe it!!
Russel: This can't be! You vanished and now you turn against us. This can't be true, isn't it... Lt. Katina!!
Lamia: What!?
Lefina: It's the Lieutenant herself! What is she doing there!?
Sean: That certainly is not modeled after any Gespenst models. And it's not painted red...
Russel: But I know that face! It has to be her!
Katina: ....

-Gab-L retreats-

Rebel: Brad, looks like they're in the middle of confusion. How about we counter attack now?
Brad: Not this time. I'd rather attack them fully when they're ready. Right now they'd be tending to those two.
Rebel: But...!
Brad: Besides, this is a perfect opportunity for something else. But we gotta pull back for now.
Rebel: Roger that!
Brad: I'll leave you at this, for now. But mark my words... as long as evil exists in the Federation, this rebellion will NEVER END!!

-Earthgain and any remaining rebel units retreats-

Lamia: They're retreating...
Kai: That doesn't matter for now! Tending these two takes priority!


[Hiryuu Custom]

Latooni: Arado... Seolla...
Lamia: ... They'll be fine.
-Door opened-
Latooni: Ms. Radha! Are they...
Radha: Fortunately, they do not suffer bad wounds. They just need some rest.
Latooni: That's good...
Leona: But still... That mysterious assailant was no doubt the Lieutenant herself.
Russel: There must be something controlling her. I'm sure of it. We will rescue her.
Tasuku: Speaking of her betrayal, that guy said something about 'Evil in the Federation'.
Kai: ...
Radha: Major...
Kai: Well I do not want to speak about this in public. But the way EFA takes things, I am pretty sure that even you all have uneasiness about this.
Lamia: That Manami also spoke about 'Oppression of the innocents'.
Latooni: The EFA... was nothing like the one before this.
Lefina: Perhaps the coup during the war against Shadow Mirror proved to be effective in the short run. We did defeat the Shadow Mirror, Inspectors and Einsts. But for a long run...
Kai: But so far, we have no proof whether the rebels are protecting the innocents, or the governments are doing corruptions. Without proof, reckless actions such as sudden betrayal would be considered a treason.
Leona: And what do you suggest us to do, Major?
Kai: We'll just have to proceed like planned. But... for now, we will have to wait until Arado and Seolla recover. The Aggressors team are one, and we are not moving with our team members missing.
Tasuku: What!? Are we just going to stand like that, if the rebels were telling the truth?
Kai: No. We'll also have to be observant on the situation as well. On another topic... Lamia, Latooni, could you confirm what kind of robot Lt. Katina was using beforehand?
Latooni: No data matched in the database.
Lamia: It's like it belongs to another force, perhaps dealing with supernatural power.
Tasuku: No kidding!? Some alien force learns about our current situation and takes advantage of it?!
Lamia: It is a possibility.
Lefina: At any rate, we'd be best to be careful...
Sean: Captain? If I may...
Lefina: Yes...?
Sean: We will have to contact Prof. Kirk Hamill. We need to learn about his relation with Manami Hamill.
Lefina: Oh... Indeed. I, for one, can not believe that she seems connected with the Professor, and she seemed to hate him very much.
Sean: Yes. If she turned out to be someone important to him, yet misunderstood, we wouldn't want to bring harm to her, no?
Lefina: I see.


Well more SRW 64 originals coming up. And Gab-L was supposed to be Katina's original mech from the Trading Card Game. The rest of its features will be explained later.
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Interesting. You got to play as the rebels first before the usual heroes arrive.

And yeah, looks like ATX's last chapter is a bit rushed.
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All right, after much writer block, I finally moved my ass to put up the 4th chapter...

Aggressors Team Story: Chapter 4

[Hamill Residence]

Viror: So... you came back, Brad.
Brad: Master... how is Manami?
Katz: She's doing fine. But shouldn't you report why you left Manhattan and came here instead? Don't tell me... you failed?
Brad: I was retreating, but I'm not done with the attack yet!
Katz: Not done yet? You came up with a plan? (Well I doubt he'll be able to make up one...)
Brad: Well yeah. When I fought the EFA, they were attacked by a mysterious robot. They seemed to be the type that awaits their friends to recover first, and my troops at that time won't be able to do much. That's why I came here as fast as I could and so...
Viror: ... Swift counter attack, isn't it?
Brad: That's right, Master! If we do this at this time, I'm sure even the Hiryu Custom would be confused!
Katz: Wow... for once you could think of something great.
Viror: Then we shall not waste any other time. I will prepare the Ashcleef right away...
Brad: All right!
Viror: This'll be a grand, deciding battle.
Katz: But, Master. You were more proficient with Earthgain. Why are you choosing to pilot an Ashcleef?
Viror: Katz... I'm seeing potential with Brad and the Earthgain. Besides... he was...
Katz: Hopeless unless he's with Earthgain?
Brad: I heard that, Katz!
Viror: I'm always ready with any robots. After all, I used to be one of the EFA soldiers, surviving a lot of heavy skirmishes.
Katz: (That's right, but he was only a normal grunt... Master Viror should've received more recognition than he deserve, even before this rebellion... But to be able to pull such move without high reputation...)
Viror: Of course I still remember the days I spent serving President Brian Midcrid.
Katz: President Brian.
Viror: Yes. I hope you two would never forget the purpose of our rebellion. We are not here to create unnecessary chaos. We are here to bring the former President Midcrid in his rightful position. We wouldn't resort into this force if the Grazman faction didn't have their way too much on the innocents.
Brad: Yes. We are the protectors of the innocents. Isn't that right?
Viror: Brad... you may thought that justice must be served at all cost. However, 'Justice' may differ in other point of view. For example...
Brad: I know, I know! The EFA may think what they're doing is justice, but in truth it is injustice for the innocents, because they're trampled with the military, right?
Viror: That's right. Our final aim is to create a world where the people are equals with the government and the military.
Katz: No alien forces shall be able to withstand the power of humanity and their willpower, as long as they are united. That is what we all believe.
Viror: *cough!*
Brad & Katz: Master!?
Viror: This is nothing... You two, prepare yourself with your own robots. We'll... drive the Hiryu Custom from North America together!
Brad & Katz: Yes, sir!

[Hiryu Custom]

Lefina: All right. It's done.
Eun: Captain, what are you doing?
Lefina: Judging from our current position, we'll be a bit vulnerable for any surprise attacks. I was thinking that we would need reinforcements.
Sean: To acknowledge one's flaw is important. That's a good move, Captain.
Eun: I also heard that they're done showcasing the new successor of Bartools in Izu, didn't they?
Lefina: Yes. And unlike last time, it went smoothly.
Eun: Whew, that's quite the relief. So, the reinforcements would be...
Lefina: I don't know for sure, but they said they're going to send those successors...
Sean: Immediately into the practical use, eh? Sounds interesting.

[Dream Sequence]

Seolla: Prepare yourself, Arado Balanga!!
Arado: Seolla!? What's with you!? Did that old hag do something to your head again!?
Seolla: Don't you dare speak that against my dear mother! I will kill you, and bring Lat back to us!!
Arado: Seolla! No... No!!


Arado: Seolla! Eject now! It's not too late!!
Seolla: I couldn't... even bring Lat back... nor defeat her captor... Ouka... Mother... Forgive me...
Arado: Seolla...! Wait, I'll...


Arado: No... no way...! Seolla...!!

[End Dream, Medical Bay]

Arado: SEOLLA!!!!
Kai: That was a loud comeback, young man!
Arado: Ah? Huh?
Kai: You got yourself into a nightmare, huh?
Arado: Seolla... Where's Seolla!?
Kai: She's over there...
Seolla: Ugh... aaagh... damn...
Latooni: She seemed like she's having a nightmare...
Arado: Same like me, huh?
Kai: What? What did you dream of?
Arado: Remember last time I met Seolla again after I'm with you guys?
Latooni: Yes. Her mind was modified by Agilla Setme and she kept saying that you were my kidnapper, didn't she?
Arado: Well... yeah, in my nightmare, she never did recover from that modification... And when I was about to save her... her Falken exploded...! And I was too late to do anything...!
Kai: It's just a dream. You shouldn't worry about it too much.
Arado: I know. But I've dreamed about it around 9 times in this slumber!
Latooni: What... 9 times!?
Kai: Maybe it has something to do with that attack from Katina...
Seolla: ARADO!!!!
Arado: Wha!! Wait a minute, that's not an angry yell...
Latooni: Seolla! You woke up!
Seolla: Lat... Arado... where's Arado...?
Latooni: He's over there...
Seolla: Arado...
Arado: Um... what? Hey, why are you holding my hand!?
Seolla: Don't leave me...
Arado: Heeh!?
Seolla: Just... don't leave me and do anything stupid... that costed your life...
Arado: I see. It must be a nightmare... did you dreamed about it many times?
Seolla: A... about 5 times...
Arado: (I lost again...) Well... what is it about? You can tell me...
Seolla: When... you protected me in Izu... the second time you did it... You exploded... and your dead body was found... I... I was so scared...! *sob!*
Arado: Yeah, I know I got scary dreams as well. But... yeah, a dream is just a dream, right?
Latooni: That attack must've triggered this.
Kai: We will need to gather more information about this one. As for you two... It'll be a little while until you recover, so if there's any upcoming battle, I suggest that you rest.
Arado: What the... OW!!
Latooni: Don't worry. We're not going to leave.
Kai: If we're to leave, it's just to defend this place.
Lamia: Exactly what you said, Major.
Kai: What is it, Lamia?
Lamia: The rebels are attacking this place again. Their main troops have arrived.
Kai: What!? Then we have no choice! Let's get a move on!
Lamia: Roger.
Arado: H... hey wait! Oh, um... Seolla? You can let go of my hands now...
Seolla: ....
Arado: Guess there's only one way to snap her out of this... Here it goes...
Seolla: .... !!! Where are your hands going to!?
Arado: Why of course going to your...
Seolla: Breasts!? You pervert! I can't believe you'd stoop this low, taking advantage of my sadness! You're the worst, Arado!!
Arado: T_T... (At least she's back to her fiery self...)
Radha: Ah, you seem to be doing fine.
Arado: Miss Radha?
Seolla: Oh... don't tell me it's another yoga!?
Radha: Oh not at all. Yoga is used to cleanse one's mind, not to cure wounds. I'll be taking care further of your wounds. Besides, the faster they heal, the faster you'll be able to help your friends, right?
Seolla: Of course!
Arado: Man... I can't wait...


[Enemy Svanhilds and Soldifar appeared, surrounding the base. Ashcleef, Earthgain and Virose also deploys]

Viror: To all my fellows, this will be the day we drive these vile EFAs from North America. Remember that things are not over after we drive them out from here. Therefore, do not throw your lives away so easily!
Brad: Go! Go and bring down those EFA bastards! For great justice!!
Katz: Not the time to show off, Brad. Get serious.

[Hiryu Custom deploys, alongside Gespenst Mk II S, Angelg, Fairlion S, Siegerlion, Giganscudo Duro, Gespenst Mk II]

Kai: We've secured this area, and there's no way we'll let them get retaken!!
Brad: Huh? I didn't see that purple-headed punk.
Katz: Yeah. That giant breasted woman isn't here as well.
Viror: Is it, Aggressors? So you would make your final stand here?
Kai: Captain Lefina! Any news of reinforcements?
Lefina: Uh...
Sean: Hm, there hasn't been any orders from HQ... Wait a minute. Here is the message...
Lefina: Let me read it. 'Reinforcements have been sent. I can't believe how the Aggressors have become so weak that they need reinforcements even after they got the help of the Hiryu Custom and the Octo Squad! -Kenneth Garret'... Huh??
Sean: That Kenneth was really prejudicing the Aggressors, wasn't he.
Lefina: Whatever it is, we must tell them. To the Aggressors and the Octo Squad! Reinforcements will arrive soon! Until then, we must hold out!
Lamia: Well, how long will it be?
Lefina: We haven't received such information...
Eun: Captain! We received another message! It reads... 'Reinforcements will arrive in 5 minutes'!
Kai: That's more than enough! All right, everyone. We'll show them our valor!

[Kai vs Viror]
Viror: My men must have a smooth road ahead. For that... I will win!!
Kai: We could've been great friends if we met on a different condition. But that is not happening now!

[3rd turn]

=BGM SET: Ace Attacker ver. W=

[Schutzwald, Wildwuerger and Wildfalken deploys]

Arado: Ressurected!!
Latooni: Arado, Seolla... Are you feeling okay?
Seolla: I haven't been better, Lat!
Radha: See? Good things come to those who wait.
Viror: Oh... Now the Aggressors are complete.
Brad: Hey, purple-headed punk! It's time I repay the debt from our previous fight!
Arado: Try and do it if you can, red-headed punk!
Brad: Red-headed... punk!?
Katz: Well, that kinda suits you. If you act too recklessly, maybe I should reconsider calling you that.
Brad: Katz! Don't get involved!
Katz: At least it sounds better than the boob-demon over there!
Seolla: Wait... who're you calling boob-demon!?
Katz: Who else but you? You could learn to be more patient like that other big-breasted woman.
Lamia: ....!
Seolla: Why you...!
Lamia: I've been silent for this time, but... I am a woman as well. I will not let you insult my body any further.
Viror: My, my. Even with our enemies, we have a bit of a bond. But that does not matter. We'll see who raised their children best... Kai Kitamura...!!
Kai: I couldn't say anything better than that, Viror Sunda!

[5th Turn]

(If you can beat 15 enemies before this turn, you get a Skill Point)

[Several mass-produced Gestalts arrived as well as Elbulls]

Leona: They're here! The reinforcements!
Tasuku: Whoa... it really looks like those Bartools.
Latooni: It really is them.
Russel: Wait... what's that wing-shaped plane doing there?
Aisha: So we meet again, everyone!
Lamia: Aisha Ridgemond...!
Katz: Ugh what was it...
Brad: Hey. That wing-shaped plane... Wasn't that the Elbulls?
Katz: Elbulls...!? I see... So it was you!
Aisha: Eh?
Katz: You've got guts showing your face against us after you stole that Elbulls from us and attacked me, woman!
Aisha: I was doing it on self-defense! And I've got no choice at that time!
Katz: Shut up! Self-defense my foot, you were doing it as if you were going to kill me!
Lamia: ......
Aisha: Does it matter now!? At least you're alive today!
Katz: Right, it doesn't. Because you are going to fall today. But first of all... what's your name, woman?
Aisha: Aisha Ridgemond.
Katz: Then you better remember my name... Katz Folneus. The one that will send you to Hell!!
Lamia: ... These Bartool-like robots seemed unmanned.
Aisha: Oh, that's because they're being controlled from a distance. The controller said she'll be here in a moment.
Leona: That's all right. These will be enough to push the rebels back.

[Aisha vs Katz]
Aisha: I do not understand what you mean about attacking you!
Katz: You better drop your act or else...!
Aisha: I'm telling the truth...! But if you refuse to listen... Then I will be serious.
Katz: Was that a mock? Then you'll regret it!

[After clearing some enemies]

-Demon Golems started appearing out of nowhere-

Arado: Heh!? What are these things?!
Latooni: ... Unable to identify...!
Lamia: They're unnatural beings... much like me.
Brad: Master, what are these!?
Viror: I do not know. But if they get in our way, we'll just have to eliminate them as well!!

[Defeat Viror]

Viror: Urgh... No... I can still go on.
Kai: This battle is over.
Viror: What... showing mercy towards your opponent? That's such a shameful act for an EFA soldier like you. Didn't your Kenneth order you to kill any rebels you come across?
Kai: That was the order... but I will not do it.
Viror: What...?
Lamia: There is a reason behind your rebellion. For someone like you... you wouldn't pull a rebellion just because you feel like it.
Viror: .....
Lefina: Tell us, please. Perhaps we could help.
Viror: That's strange. I never thought the Aggressors would stoop so low. Perhaps you were fed up with the rumors about your decline?
Lamia: It's true we are pressured with it, but that is not our reason.
Viror: Have you ever... looked back before the Grazman faction ruled over the Earth Federation?
Kai: I clearly remember. It was a slow, but steady recovery.
Viror: Yes. We believe that that age can also withstand alien invasions. But...
????: That is enough talk, old man.

[A Gestalt appeared and attacked Viror's Ashcleef]

Viror: GAAH!!
Brad: Master!!
Katz: You wench...!
????: Shut up, you!

[The Gestalt attacked the Virose as well]

Katz: Gah!
Brad: Katz! Damn it, at this rate... We'll have to fall back, Katz!
Katz: What!? Turning our backs in front of this opportunity!? Have you gone mad, Brad!?
Brad: That's MY line! You're not worried about Master!?
Katz: Master...!? Y... you're right.

[The rebels retreated]

????: You are not running away!
Lefina: Wait! We shouldn't chase after them!

(If there are still Demon Golems left)
Aisha: There are still some hostile units left, we'll need to take care of them!

????: Tch... Talk about letting criminals go away...

[Defeat all enemies]

Radha: All clear, there are no enemies left.
????: These Gestalts sure is powerful. In hands of mine, it will be a great addition towards this war...
Tasuku: Who're you to talk like you did it all yourself!?
????: What did you say, boy!?
Aisha: Ah, I'm sorry I forgot to introduce you. This is Lt. Almina Enfield.
Kai: Enfield...!?
Lefina: It can't be... Sis!?
Almina: Well well, if it isn't Lefina. So this second-rate sister of mine now commands a battleship as her captain? Ha...
Seolla: You watch your mouth!!
Lefina: Please, let me speak to her. Sister... so you were commanding these Gestalts.
Almina: Yep. I was recommended by President Graien and Sir Kenneth themself to come and join your crews in Hiryu Custom and destroy these rebels.
Lefina: But these rebels seemed to have another intention. They are not doing this for the sake of chaos.
Almina: Stow it! Rebels are rebels, and they must be eliminated!
Arado: What!?
Almina: Have I made myself clear!? All who opposes the EFA must be destroyed!
Kai: Will you STOP! Your are not behaving as your position implies, Lieutenant Almina!
Almina: Who dares question me!?
Aisha: Almina, stop it! This...
Almina: Shut up, I do not need to be reprimanded by someone of the lower rank like you!
Aisha: I'm telling the truth, he is Major Kai Kitamura! Please, calm down, Almina, before you get into trouble!
Almina: Major!? Oh... then... I apologize.
Leona: Well well, looks like the argument has ended.
Kai: We'd be best to resupply.
Almina: Oh, and Major. I am carrying a message from Sir Kenneth himself. I'd like to meet you personally later.
Kai: Roger. I'll keep that in mind.

[Hiryu Custom]

Seolla: I never thought I'd see those Bartool-like robots again. It brought back some memories...
Aisha: ...
Lamia: You look down, Aisha. What's the matter?
Aisha: Those Bartools must've given you some rough time even until now, haven't they, Lamia?
Lamia: That's just the past, nothing to worry about. I'm more interested on how it's being built on again.
Almina: That's because it's the successor of Bartool, not some rebuilt concepts.
Seolla: Rebuild?
Almina: Yep. VTX-002 Gestalt. It combines the good features of Mironga and Bartool. It is the ultimate Personal Trooper.
Lamia: That means... you are from Wong Heavy Industries.
Almina: You catch on quick, Aggressor. Now tell me your name.
Lamia: It's Lamia Loveless.
Seolla: My name is Seolla Schweitzer. Other than the two of us, there's also Arado Balanga and Latooni Subota.
Aisha: I could say that they are a strong team...
Almina: Ha! I don't believe so. Ever since the ODE Incident, all I heard was nothing but bad performance by the Aggressors.
Seolla: What...!? That was only a rumor!
Almina: But it is true, isn't it? The fact is, if you weren't declining since the incident, you would be able to drive the rebels away from North America, quickly!
Aisha: Almina, nobody's perfect. Even if they're the Aggressors, they make mistakes as well...
Almina: But they made so many mistakes! I'm starting to wonder if it should be disbanded...
Seolla: ...
Almina: Bah... I feel like I've wasted my time dealing with you.
-Almina left-
Seolla: What a nasty woman!
Lamia: I can't believe she's Captain Lefina's sister. They're like... opposites.

[Lefina's room]

Lefina: Hm? Oh. It's you, sis. How have you been?
Almina: Lefina... You've grown, haven't you.
Lefina: I do?
Almina: But the only thing that have grown is your body. The way you commanded the ship, it's still pitiful.
Lefina: !?
Almina: The late Captain Daitetsu Minase appointed you as the captain due to some special treatment, didn't he? I can't believe he'd resort to such lowly things. He should've given the position to someone more skillful!
Lefina: Almina... I... I'm doing my best ever since his departure...
Almina: You call this your best!? You're only spitting on the Captain's image! You should be more aggressive, unforgiving, and strict!
Lefina: I... can't go to such extreme path. It is not right.
Almina: That is why you will never be better than me! To think they'd pick such an inferior girl to captain such an important ship! This is unbelievable!
-Almina left-
Sean: That was some bitter sister you have there, Captain.
Lefina: XO...
Sean: Was she always like this?
Lefina: Almina... Ever since we're little, she was always the superior one compared to me. She's got the looks, friends, skills and confidence. I was nothing compared to her.
Sean: Hm. A tale of childhood memories? Intriguing, please continue.
Lefina: Well it all changed when I met someone who encouraged me to be proud of myself. I did, and thus I studied and practiced hard and eventually gained my own friends, developed my own skills although it's still nowhere on her level. But she was never once proud at my achievements. Whenever I graduated, she didn't even attend to any of my graduation ceremony.
Sean: So I take that she's upset that she's not chosen as the Captain of the Hiryu Custom, but you, whom she considered inferior, became the captain.
Lefina: I think that's the way it goes. Am I wrong to be sitting in the seat of the captain?
Sean: No. Captain Daitetsu made the right decision. The outcome of the DC War, the L5 Campaign and the previous war would be far different if our captain isn't as charming as you. We're always behind you.
Lefina: XO... you still have time to joke around... But, I'm glad you wanted to support me.
Sean: It is all right, Captain.
Lefina: By the way... Has the message from Prof. Kirk arrived?
Sean: Yes. He said he'd like to meet up with us here in North America. Guess he is worried about his niece after all.
Lefina: Yes. We must find out the source of Manami's hatred to him.
-Aisha came in-
Aisha: Manami...? Did anyone said Manami?
Lefina: Oh, hello there, Aisha.
Aisha: Captain.
Sean: Well, yes we were talking about Manami.
Aisha: How is she?
Sean: You do care a lot about her. But don't you know that she is siding with the rebels?
Aisha: WHAT!?
Lefina: Why are you so shocked, Aisha?
Aisha: Manami... with the rebels...!? I... I just can't believe it!
Lefina: What could be your connection with her?
Aisha: She... she's my cousin!
Lefina: !! Then who is your father? Is it Professor Kirk Hamill?
Aisha: No. I'm from the branch of the Hamill family. But this is certainly... distressing.
Sean: We will try to solve this problem without conflicts. Aisha, you may relax, nothing will go wrong.
Aisha: All right, I will try...

[Space, Isurugi Industries Transport Ship]

Alastor: Watch me, Master Vindel... Soon... soon I shall make your dream world come into fruitition in this world. And those who caused your death... shall never get away with it...!
Shadow Mirror officer: S... sir, you're talking to yourself, Sir.
Alastor: Shut up! Can't you see that I'm praying to OUR Master Vindel, who art in heaven right now!?
Shadow Mirror officer: Well, yes. But we've got a report to give to you...
Alastor: Well, is it about the goods transport from Wong Heavy Industries?
Shadow Mirror officer: Yes. The full report is...


Alastor: I see. Guess everything go smoothly for that Mitsuko. (Hah... for a money-grubbing woman like her... If we promote war, she'll continue to supply us with weapons, as long as it's business and generates money. Not a pleasant woman in public, but that'll prove beneficial for the ressurection of the regime of Shadow Mirror...)
Shadow Mirror officer 2: S... sir! There's an alert in the bridge, sir!
Alastor: What is it now!?


Operator: Look... floating on the space!
Alastor: ... It can't be... It's... it's the EG-X Soulgain!!
Operator: Soulgain!? Then could Commander Axel Almar be...
Alastor: What are you waiting for!? Retrieve it immediately!


(Apparently Alastor managed to get the junkyard man to retrieve Soulgain to him)

Mechanic: It is ruined heavily...
Alastor: And the Commander was nowhere to be seen. But... with this, it gave me hope.
Mechanic: What?
Alastor: I can feel it. Axel Almar lives, but he must be in another place... The fact that Soulgain was here could only mean he survived the destruction of White Star.
Mechanic: But it's been almost like 6 months since the defeat of Master Vindel. How could the commander...
Alastor: This must be another of his ploys. He'd go into hiding again... But that's another story, hurry up and repair this robot!
Mechanic: Yes, sir!
Alastor: (Commander Axel... You will greatly help us again in our new campaign. Please be safe. I will repair the Soulgain for your return...)

-Bridge, as the ship approaches-

Operator: Unidentified mechs approaching!
Alastor: Well, we'll just have to greet this guest. With force or not, we shall see..
????: You got that exactly right, human...
Alastor: !?


And the plot thickens. Who is this new mysterious guy Alastor met...?
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Hmm... nice to see Sean still having his sense of humor towards women. LOL
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Aggressors Team Story: Chapter 5

[Hiryu Custom, Room]

Aisha: That is all...? All right. I'll continue with the plan.
Lamia: Who're you talking to?
Aisha: AH! Oh, it's Lamia. I was talking to a friend who called.
Lamia: 'Friend', huh.
Aisha: What about it?
Lamia: This is war. There is always a chance that your trusted friend could be your worst enemy.
Aisha: I know, I know. It's worst possible horror of war. I certainly do not wish that to happen.
Lamia: Horror of war? For someone who is new to the army, you sure knows a lot.
Aisha: I heard that on the stories from my father.
Lamia: (She's hiding something... I'll have to keep my guards up). If you met such 'trusted friend turned to the enemy', what will you do?
Aisha: Of course I'll eliminate them immediately! We can't afford to have...
Lamia: I see. That's what I used to thought beforehand. If I were you... I will dwelve further on the background of that 'traitor' and there's a chance that I will forgive them.
Aisha: Is it? How can you be so forgiving?
Lamia: Nothing good stems from unnecessary retribution. At least that's what the ATX Team, SRX Team and the Aggressors Team taught me.
Aisha: I... see. (So... when the time comes, I will...)


Tasuku: *sigh* And here, I thought a day without Lt Katina was heaven.
Leona: You were saying?
Tasuku: Wha! Oh geez, you startled me!
Leona: Were you complaining for the lack of the Lieutenant? If that's your attitude, I'll have to tell her later that you no longer...
Tasuku: W... wait a minute! I wasn't badmouthing behind her! I was talking about this Almina...
Leona: What of her?
Tasuku: Well, yeah. She's hot and all, but...
Leona: What was that about her again?
Tasuku: I wasn't finished! You know, I never thought I'd meet someone so stuck up like her! I mean, everywhere she goes, as long as Major Kai wasn't around, she'd go on bossing us, demanding authority here and there.
Arado: Huh? Hey, that's what I was going to say!
Leona: Since when you were here?
Arado: Oh, um. I just... innocently walk here?
Tasuku: To make it short, she's like treating herself like a God's Gift to the Aggressors and Hiryuu and demands to be respected, while her personality says otherwise...
Arado: That's right! To the top of that... having her aboard is like having that Kenneth aboard too!
Leona: What?
Arado: Well, she looked down on the Aggressors in the same way Kenneth did. Man... I thought this mission is going to be fun, but...
Tasuku: Does Major Kai knew about this?
Arado: Well, Seolla and I did report once. He shared our stress, but he said that immediately expelling her from Hiryuu would be a bad idea.
Leona: That's a sound decision. We can't afford anymore internal backlash.
Arado: And to think that woman is Captain Lefina's sister... Man, she must've had some rough time.
Tasuku: Yeah... That's why I said I thought a day without Lt Katina was heaven, but now comes a devil worse than her!
Almina: You said something!?
Arado: Gulp! Uh... Nothing!
Tasuku: Yeah! We're talking about our battle performance.
Almina: Good. Keep up your talk and maybe you can come up with something better than your pathetic performances.
Leona: (That's some Lieutenant...)

[Hiryuu Bridge]

Kai: According to Lieutenant Almina, there has been activities of rebel supporters in Florida. We are to head there.
Almina: This information was relayed from a trustworthy source and the head of EFA, Graien Grazman himself. We should all do a good job there.
Lefina: Florida? But... that region wasn't always hostile, even with the rebellions...
Almina: What do you know about it, Lefina!? They are supporting the rebels! Therefore, they must be stopped!
Lamia: Stopped. If it's just stopping them, we can do it.
Almina: One more additional order from the HQ... 'If they proved to be too hard to handle... You may use force'.
Lefina: Use force...!? You mean...
Almina: Yes! If necessary, these rebels can die for all I care!
Arado: What?! Have you no respect at all in life in general!?
Almina: There are some that deserve respect and there are some who deserve hatred! You, who once worked with the Neo Divine Crusaders, have no rights to talk back at us pure EFA Soldiers!
Arado, Seolla, Latooni: !!!
Lamia: ....
Aisha: .... (Is it...)
Lefina: Sis, I think this is too much...
Almina: Your softness has always been your weakness, Lefina. How much are you going to contaminate the Hiryuu Custom crews with your weakness!?
Kai: Are we done here!?!?
Sean: ... (Whew)
Almina: Oh, I apologize. I got... carried away, Major. It's just that I...
Kai: I'll hold onto that later. At any rate, for now we'll have to head there and decide. But don't spill unnecessary blood.
Arado: (Yeah... I don't want to be someone like that Archibald...)
Seolla: (She's rough to us... but soft on the Major. Could she be plotting something?)
Kai: One more thing, Lt. Almina. Your sister holds a higher rank than yours. If you do not wish for further troubles, I expect you to show her utmost respect!
Almina: R... roger. On your command... Captain.
Lefina: Very well. Depart now! We head for Florida!
Operators: Roger!
Lefina: (But those eyes... Almina...)
Almina: (Damn it... being forced to bow towards someone inferior like her... I refuse to accept this...! But I will have to hold back my anger for now. Damn.)

[Hamill Resort, East Florida]

Katz: Lawrence. How is Master's Condition?
Lawrence: His wounds are fatal, but if he gets enough rest, he'll be fine.
Katz: Whew. Thank God.
Lawrence: But as things are going in right now, it would seem that his best option to live longer is... not to pilot any robots anymore.
Katz: That means he won't be helping us for awhile... But it's for the best...


Manami: Lawrence, there's something I do not understand about Simurgh.
Lawrence: Yes, milady. What can I help you with?
Manami: Hm... What's that huge slot on Simurgh's back? Looks like something can be attached in it.
Lawrence: Let's see... From what I heard in Isurugi Industries, they planned to have a wing attached in it so it can fly. But for some reason... that idea was discontinued. That's all I know.
Manami: I see. That was so disappointing! I want to fly sometimes...
Katz: You do really want to fly, don't you?
Manami: Yes. I want to fly, and see the world in harmony and peace from above. That'll be a very delightful watch. But then, of course those EFA jerks just got the urge to ruin everything!
Katz: ... Well flying alone like that are not 100% safe even in a liberated world... There's also dangerous alien forces. What if they kidnap and experiment many things on you?
Manami: Well... maybe you're right. But that is not an excuse for the EFA to oppress the innocents under the reason of 'defending from the aliens'!
Katz: Exactly what I'm saying.
Manami: Oh well, guess I'll take a shower. You seen Brad anywhere?
Katz: What of him?
Manami: Just needs to make sure he doesn't peek on me while I'm bathing!
Katz: Oh don't worry about him. Last I heard, he was intensively training in the simulation room, like usual. You know how much he loves training so much that he's a bit ignorant to the outside world.
Manami: Yeah... Well, I'll see you soon.

-Manami left-

Katz: (But... Brad... If he kept believing that he is weak, that will be his downfall. Should I...)
Lawrence: Excuse me, Mr Folneus. But... you look pale. Would you like some...
Katz: No, thanks. I'll grab the drink myself.


[After sending Viror to be treated]

Brad: ... Master...
Katz: Perfect chance, huh. If you could expect those ambushes, Master wouldn't end up like this. He's way too trusting.
Brad: What the hell, Katz!? Why are you suddenly blaming Master!?
Katz: If there's anyone to blame, it's you, Brad! Your poor insight caused Master to receive this wound!
Brad: What...!? You were there as well, didn't you!?
Katz: If the Master did not insist, I wouldn't suggest on doing that counterattack.
Brad: Grr...!
Katz: You said you are going to be strong, want to protect the weak from evils. But a strong mind and brain are important for a strong skill. Your idealism is not supported with sufficient strength and skill. And that sickens me! And to think that you continue to train so much, ignoring the world and yet your skills didn't develop that vastly!
Brad: !!
Katz: If you are serious on your intentions, don't put up such weak front!
Brad: Right...! Right! I'll show you, Katz... next battle... I will show you that I am true to my words! I *want* to protect those I care about!!

[End Flashback]

Katz: (The way he trains now, he looks serious. But, well the future can never be predicted)


Brad: Huff... huff... Not enough... I'm not strong enough... Damn it... if I was stronger, and smarter...
Brad: This couldn't have happened to Master! Argh! Damn!!
-Brad hits the wall-
????: EEEK!!
Brad: Huh!? That voice came from the inside?

-Brad immediately opens the nearby door... only to find out that he's getting into the bathroom, and saw Manami wrapped in towel-

Manami: .... Brad?
Brad *flustering, almost nosebleeding* : Oh... uh... Manami?
Manami: ...
Brad: ...


Brad: Ow! Ouch! Ouch! Stop stomping at me!!
Manami: Then why did you go inside!? Trying to peek on me!?
Brad: N... no, no, that's not what I meant! I heard someone screaming from the inside so I rushed in without thinking...
Manami: Yeah, right, that was ME screaming! Because someone punched so hard to the wall and I felt like the room shaking, so I screamed because I was startled!
Brad: All right, all right! Just consider that an accident, okay!
Brad: Owww!! Stop it! Stop itt!!!

-Main room-

Katz: Well I just got a call from the West Florida rebel base here. They say that the EFA are at it again, and now makes it worse. They begun attacking people who are against us, but not fighters... Before I continue, may I know what happened to your face, Brad? And Manami, what about you? Did something... happen?
Brad: No. Nothing to worry about, Katz...
Manami: Nothing's happening.
Katz: Oh well, in that case I take that you've learned to be able to take more hits caused by the impacts when you get attacked. Anyway, at this rate, we'll have to go there without Master. Sure you can go there?
Brad: Hah, that's fine for me. I'll make up for Master's absence.
Katz: Right. But don't act too recklessly.
Manami: I'm going too.
Katz: Manami...
Manami: Until when are you going to treat me like some spoiled brat!? I'm going and that's final!
Brad: But that's what spoiled brats said when they can't get the things done their way...
Manami: Want me to add more bruises on your face?
Brad: N... no! No thanks!
Katz: Well, that's clear. Let's go.
Manami: Lawrence, please take care of Master Viror, all right?
Lawrence: Please wait.
Katz: What?
Lawrence: The Simurgh must be piloted by two people at once. Otherwise, it will not be as effective. If we all leave...
Brad: Oh, yes... Master Viror will be...
Katz: *sigh* Very well. I'll stay.
Brad: You sure, Katz?
Katz: Yeah. Now go and do a good job there, don't disappoint me! Also... protect Manami.
Brad: Don't worry. I promise I will.
Katz: And you better keep it.


[West Florida]

[Hiryuu Custom deploys along with Gespenst Mk II S, Schutzwald, Angelg, Wildwuerger, Wildfalken, Fairlion S, Siegerlion, Giganscudo Duro, Gespenst Mk II M, Elbulls, Gestalt & Mass Produced Gestalt]

[Artillery units appeared]

Kai: It looks like the main force has yet to arrive.
Rebel Supporter: Go away! You're not welcome here!
Lefina: Please wait! We're not here to hurt you!
Kai: Correct. We're here to talk...
Rebel Supporter: Ha! As if! You've done a lot against our brethrens, don't think this will be over easily! We are not going to forget it!
Aisha: This bloodshed is unnecessary. You'd be best to stop or there will be consequences...
Rebel Supporter: Shut up! We act or keep quiet, the result is the same! You'll oppress us! Anyone who disobeys will be killed in sight! The Federation has sunk into tyranny, and therefore the rebels are our only hope!
Lefina: Killed in sight...?
Leona: Now this I have just heard today.
Lamia: ...
Almina: Until when are you going to talk like that!? Now you just shut up before I lose patience!
Rebel Supporter: We're not just gonna stand by like that! Annihilate the EFA! Men, DESTROY THEM!!

*Rebel Supporters fire to the Hiryuu Custom*

Lefina: AAH!! Damage report!
Eun: Nothing major!
Sean: Well it would appear they underestimated the Hiryu Custom. But if this continues...
Almina: ... Captain, what are you doing...!?
Lefina: I wouldn't expect such thing...

*More shots to Hiryu Custom*

Lefina: AAH!!
Lamia: This is madness. All of you, STOP!
Rebel Supporter: Make us! We'll destroy you and bring peace back to Earth!
Lamia: I am not sure and couldn't care less about who's right and who's wrong. But this course of actions are just blind and stupid. Stop it. Now.
Rebel Supporter: We are justice! We will protect the innocents from you EFA Tyrants!
Almina: Captain... requesting permission to return fire...!
Lefina: No. There must be a way! Perhaps if we can endure their attacks without fighting back, they will understand...
Almina: Captain... ARGH! That does it, Lefina!! I can stand this no more and if they are not going to stop, then I WILL make them!!
Aisha: Almina, stop!!
Lefina: Sis! No!!

[Almina's Gestalt and the mass produced units rushes and began attacking the rebel supporter]

Rebel Supporters: AAAHH!!!
Eun: This... this is horrible...
Lefina: (Sis... what have become of you...!)
Aisha: Almina...
Arado: Stop... STOP!!!
Almina: What's wrong with eliminating those who opposes the EFA!? We've got our hands full on anticipating alien attacks already!
Seolla: But that doesn't give you the excuse of going on a rampage killing everyone who stands in your way!
Latooni: Reinforcements... for the rebels! Approaching!

[Svanhilds and Soldifars appeared]

Kai: Almina Enfield, we will talk about this later! But for now, we will have to defeat the reinforcements!
Almina: Annoying rats... I'll just put an end to your life!
Kai: You do another rampage like that again and I'll shoot you down for real, woman!
Almina: !! Y... yes, Major.

[After clearing out, enemy Soldifars and Svanhilds, along with Fylgias and Sorpresas appear. Leading them are... Earthgain and Simurgh]

Brad: We're too late...!
Manami: My God...! This is horrible...
Lawrence: This massacre...
Brad: You.... You EFA bastards...! I can't believe you inhuman, evil beings are running the Earth!
Almina: Hah... It is you again, boy. This time, I won't miss. You will die along with these fools who dare to oppose EFA!
Brad: I'll make you pay for what you did to Master!! This I swear!!
Kai: Almina!
Almina: This one is strong, Major. If we are to kill him, it will be a big blow to the rebels. If we don't... he may be the one killing us!
Kai: But still...
Almina: It's self-defense. And aren't we going to talk about this soon? Leave the details later!
Lamia: Way to go to escape from the subject.
Almina: What!? Shut up!
Lawrence: Milady! That's...
Manami: What's wrong, Lawrence?
Lawrence: That winged plane... I think I've seen such model in the catalogue of the Isurugi Industries. If I remember right, in the description, it was written that this was supposed to be able to combine with Simurgh, but the feature was omitted.
Aisha: Let me check the enemies... Wait... that couldn't be...!
Latooni: Is there something wrong, Aisha?
Aisha: That red robot of the rebels... Who is piloting it?
Latooni: Oh her? That's... Manami Hamill. Your cousin... You don't have to fight her if you don't want to. But we will not bring harm to her.
Aisha: No... it is my duty. I've learnt that in battlefield, relationship means nothing. I will try to persuade her, but if it fails... Then I will be the one to put an end to her.
Latooni: (She claims to be new towards the battlefield, but she seemed experienced enough)
Aisha: Manami...! It's been awhile.
Manami: Huh? Do I know you?
Aisha: It's been 3 years, you've grown.
Manami: 3 years...! Wait a minute, you couldn't be...!
Lawrence: Then that must be Viscount Ridgemond's...
Manami: Yes... my cousin. Aisha Ridgemond...!
Brad: Haah!? I... I never thought you're Manami's cousin! Wait a minute, if he's your cousin, then maybe we can...
Lawrence: I doubt it'll be easy to persuade her as well.
Aisha: It is true. Elbulls... I got it from you rebels after it was confiscated by you.
Brad: Wait, that time... so you're the one who stole Elbulls in front of us! No wonder Katz were so mad!
Manami: That's not the point! Why are you in the EFA, Aisha!?
Aisha: I've been looking for you, Manami! I thought you might be taking refugee with your uncle, but what are you doing here!? You betrayed your family and joined these rebels!
Manami: Betray!? Can't you see that it's the EFA who betrayed us and the innocents people and alike!? You were there during this massacre... or... or don't tell me you participated in it as well!
Aisha: I would never sully myself by committing such act! One last chance, Manami. Leave the rebels, and come with me.
Manami: I told you you're wrong, Aisha! Why don't you leave EFA and join the rebels instead? Or you'd rather see more innocents suffer?
Aisha: It looks like you can't be persuaded easily. In that case, I have no choice. Manami Hamill... prepare yourself!
Lamia: That's some talk you have. And here I thought you were only a casual, shy woman.
Aisha: This is my personal battle. And I have to be strong about it.
Brad: ... Manami.
Manami: Well, it looks like I have no choice. Brad, don't interfere between me and Aisha.
Brad: All right, I understand. But don't overwork yourself!

[Aisha vs Manami]
Aisha: I'm sorry, Manami. This is all for your own good.
Manami: Aisha, why are we fighting together? We are family, correct...?
Aisha: This is the way of the world, we must adapt to it or be swallowed.
Manami: And you'll even fight your cousin for that!? That is just horrible!

[Almina vs Brad]
Brad: Because of you, Master is now gravely wounded! You will pay for what you did!
Almina: Ha! If he dares rebel against the Earth, it's death for him! And you will also die!

[Defeat Manami]

(You need to defeat her the last, because the stage ends afterwards. If you do beat her the last, you get a Skill Point)

Manami: Aagh!
Aisha: For a moment, I thought you were serious about killing me.
Manami: Aisha... I will make you understand! That we are doing the right thing!

-Manami recovers HP and attacks Aisha-

Lamia: !!

-Angelg covers Elbulls from Simurgh's attack-

Aisha: Lamia!!
Lamia: There's still much that I want to know about you. I cannot let you die.
Manami: Please stand aside...
Lamia: I won't... let you... harm my friend...
Aisha: (Friend...?)
Radha: !! What... What is this evil presence!?
Tasuku: Miss Radha, what is it!?
Radha: It's like... like when we are in Manhattan...!
Lefina: That must be Lt. Katina! Search for her location!
Eun: No signatures detected, Captain!
Russel: Wait! Up there!
Brad: Huh? What's that!?

-Gab-L suddenly appear and chain attacks both Angelg and Simurgh, since they're standing in a line-

Lawrence: Ugh!
Manami: AAH!!
Lamia: Ggh...!! Aah...!
Arado: Lamia!!
Latooni: She... she's not acting normally inside her cockpit.
Kai: This is bad. If this continues, she will be vulnerable to attacks!
Lefina: Very well! Pick Angelg up and get it to the hangar for repairs! And get Lamia to the sick bay!
Sean: Roger that.

-Angelg undeployed, while Gab-L suddenly retreats-

Russel: Lieutenant! ... She got away again.
Aisha: ....

-More rebel units appeared, far overwhelming the Hiryu Custom, though not surrounding-

Rebel: We've been sent here by Katz! How is everything...?
Brad: Manami, get a hold of yourself!
Arado: Oh darn it! When we're in a mess like this!
Kai: We're surrounded at times like this...!
Almina: These are nothing! Bring'em on!
Lefina: We're retreating!
Almina: What!? Are you turning your back against the enemy!?
Lefina: Our team's morale is in a mess, sis. If we continue, it will be us who would be destroyed!
Seolla: Besides, the rebels still haven't deployed that Katz Folneus! If he's here while we're in this condition...
Almina: You... you fools...!

-Hiryu Custom retreats-

Rebel: We... we drove off the EFA! Hooray!!
Brad: There's no time for celebration!! Bolster our defenses here, and help me carry Manami back to her resort!
Rebel: I... I understand.


[Hiryu Custom, Bridge]

Lefina: How was Lamia?
Sean: Well, when she was brought here, she was acting as if she wasn't herself. As if she's walking while viewing a nightmare. As a result, we were forced to tranquilize her, and now, she's sleeping soundly in the infirmary.
Lefina: Nothing fatal to her health, is it?
Radha: Compared to what she told us about what happened in the ODE Incident, her physical conditions seems to be all right. She just needs rest, much like what Arado and Seolla experienced.
Latooni: When Arado and Seolla woke up, they said they were like having a nightmare...
Russel: Then... Lt. Katina struck them with nightmares?
Sean: More like, her robot did.
Latooni: A robot that can induce nightmares with its attacks...
Eun: We got a message from the Hagane, Captain.
Lefina: From the Hagane?
Sean: Gee, I wonder if Captain Tetsuya finally couldn't take it anymore and sent you a love message, Captain.
Lefina: XO!
Sean: It was only a joke. Let us read it...

[Later, Bridge]

Arado: What the...!? That Shadow Mirror guy... lives!?
Kai: From what was described by the Hagane... Yes. It could be this Axel Almar.
Tasuku: Wait a minute. We destroyed White Star, right? How could he survive that? Man, if that's true, Lt Kyosuke's luck must be contagious even to the enemy.
Leona: That's another mystery for us to solve.
Seolla: What do we do if he comes here? He couldn't think of...
Lefina: ... Let us trust what was described in the message and welcome him.
Eun: Captain!?
Lefina: What they said about him being the Axel of this dimension may be true. We cannot blindly follow our rage.
Leona: ... Indeed.
Lefina: By the way, where's my sister?
Kai: Almina? Well I did reprimand her about going into a rage. But afterwards, she proposed to leave Hiryu. She said she received new orders from Kenneth himself and required her to work somewhere else.
Tasuku: Whew...
Arado: (That's less troubles for us!)
Lefina: ... She was definitely disappointed with the decision of retreating, wasn't she.
Latooni: She definitely was.
Kai: Also it would seem that this Axel was another representative of the Gestalt demonstration unit sent to help us in place of Almina, as proposed by the EFA.
Lefina: The Hagane said he was going to Izu. I suppose there has been a change of orders from the Izu base.
Tasuku: Huh? Almina was formerly from the Wong Heavy Industries? How come she's Lieutenant all of a sudden?
Kai: She was lieutenant first before being sent to the Industries.
Leona: Well, let's hope this Axel could find us here.

[Several hours later]

Eun: Captain! I'm picking up a unit signature heading here! Receiving incoming transmission...
Axel: Yo! Is this the Hiryuu Custom?
Lefina: This is the Captain of Hiryu Custom, Lefina Enfield speaking. Please identify yourself.
Axel: Axel of Wong Heavy Industries. The Industries sent me to board your ship. Mind if I load myself in?
Lefina: Of course. Please enter.


(They probably already introduced themselves)

Axel: Well, nice to meet ya all.
Kai: ...?
Axel: Well, tell ya the truth, I was going to Izu. But then, there's this change of orders, telling me to rendezvous with the Hiryuu Custom in North America. But I have no regrets... Not to mention this ship is also filled with cute girls.
Lefina: Eh...?
Leona: (Where did he develop the Tasuku personality? From dangerous to potentially annoying...)
Tasuku: (This... feels different than the usual violent Axel we fought. Perhaps the Hagane is right)
Axel: So they say you're going to subdue the rebels here in North America. In that case, I'll help you guys.
Kai: Very well. We'll keep an eye on you.
Axel: Keep an eye on me? Why? Because you fear the boys may complain if I ended up charming the girls?
Lefina: ...
Seolla: ...... (This is REALLY different.)
Kai: What was that again?
Axel: Forget it, it was a joke.
Kai: Very well. But know that in here, you are committed to follow the rules set in Hiryu Custom. There will be punishment for disobediance, understood?
Axel: Sir, yes, sir.
Kai: ... No need to put up an army-like gesture.
Axel: Army... uh...
Latooni: Is there something bothering you?
Axel: Oh, um. Nothing... You see, I got an amnesia, and I don't know but... The term 'army' seems to ring a bell... What does it have to do with me...
Lefina: Well, this is a warship.
Axel: Warship... ow... I think I better take a walk around this ship.
Leona: Don't get lost.
Axel: All right, all right.

-Axel Left-

Sean: Amnesia, he said.
Radha: Perhaps that explains his change of attitude.
Seolla: Wait a minute. What if he comes back to his old self?
Kai: That is where Hagane's message comes into play. We are to prevent it for happening.
Arado: Wow! This means, there's a chance that a new person will be born out of him?
Tasuku: If we're lucky, he may even become a better person than the Axel we fought!
Lefina: That's right. Let's make sure he doesn't know the secret... until the time comes.

[Dream Sequence]

Manami: ... Where am I...? Huh...? Isn't that...

[Funeral site]

Young Manami: ... Father... *sob*... Mother...
Young Aisha: ......
Young Manami: Lawrence... what of Uncle Kirk? Didn't he said he's coming... He was
Lawrence: Oh... um... that...
Young Aisha: Wait, I got this message from uncle... He... he said he couldn't come...
Young Manami: What...!? But... but he said he would come...!
Lawrence: Milady... Your uncle is a very busy man... I'm sure he...
Young Manami: So busy that he didn't even want to attend to his siblings' funeral!? What kind of uncle is he...! He is here on the Earth on a special occassion, but he won't even give time for his family!?
Young Aisha: Manami, but...
Young Manami: Fine! If he's not coming here, I'm making him!
Young Aisha: Manami, where are you going!?
Lawrence: It's... all right, Miss Aisha. Milady will be back soon...

[EFA Facility]

EFA Soldier: Sorry, kid. No unauthorized entry allowed!
Young Manami: My uncle is here! And I have to tell him the news!
EFA Soldier: You should've made an appointment. Professor Hamill is a very busy man. You know how little time he has before returning to the Mao Industries.
Young Manami: But it's a matter of...!
EFA Soldier: Shut up, brat! You're getting on my nerves!
Young Manami: No! Let me through!!
EFA Soldier: GET OUT!!!
Young Manami: NOO!!! LET ME IN!! LET ME IN!! WAAAAHHH!!!
Manami: *sobbing* (Why... why, uncle... why did you abandon mother and father...! ... I hate you... I... hate... you...!) AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

[End Dream Sequence]

[Hamill Resort, East Florida]

Manami: AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!
Brad: W... whoa!!
Manami: Huh? ...Brad?
Brad: Oww, for one second, I thought I'd be doomed to lose my ability to hear...
Manami: ....
Brad: Hey... what's the matter? There's a lot of tears on your eyes.
Manami: Brad... *sob!*
Brad: ... Hey, what are you...
Manami: Don't leave me...!
Brad: Huh? What the hell are you talking about? We're not leaving, until we crush the EFA, aren't we?
Manami: I... I know... It's... it's just that I don't want anyone to abandon me again... First my uncle...
Brad: You never told me why you hated your uncle. Why?
Manami: He... My parents cared about him, but he's too absorbed in his work... So much that he... he never attended to my parents' funeral...!
Brad: ... It's all right. We'll never leave you.
Manami: Really...?
Brad: Of course. Me, Katz, Master Viror and Lawrence. We're all here for you. And I also promised Katz to protect you. I'm sure he promised himself to do the same as well.
Manami: ... You really look like a bad guy, but... I know you're a softie in the inside.
Brad: What's that supposed to mean??
Manami: I don't know. But... thank you...
Brad: It's all right...
Katz: ........

(Lawrence probably has been tended by Katz)

[Isurugi Industries]

Alastor: Miss Isurugi, I have returned.
Mitsuko: Ah, welcome back, Alastor. Is the business running smoothly?
Alastor: Why, yes. The goods have arrived well...
Mitsuko: This'll be a great fortune, but I think there's something that has been bothering me...
Alastor: What is it?
Mitsuko: After much thinking, if we let the rebels win... I'm sure they would establish peace.
Alastor: And what of it?
Mitsuko: There won't be much war, and that will not bode well for the industries and me. We sell products used for war, and if the rebels won, it's more than likely that there will be no more internal wars like this! There will be no more chances!
Alastor: Really? I could see that in this current weak government. If they are to be left in power, more internal wars will escalate.
Mitsuko: Why yes. And that way I can generate more fortune using the war! But now, they are losing it...
Alastor: Well, in that case... I've known another place to pledge your services to.
Mitsuko: What'll that be?
Alastor: The EFA.
Mitsuko: You sure it's going to work?
Alastor: Of course. Just admit to the main EFA branch that you were unsatisfied with the rebels, that they had forsaken you. With people like Graien Grazman or Kenneth Garret... they'd fall for crocodile tears. And didn't you have a past relationship with Graien?
Mitsuko: It was only business relationship. Nothing else. But it might work... Fufu...
Alastor: Yes. With the current un-supported government, if you side with them and continue to bring them victory with your products... more rebellions like this will occur and they will continue to look for your products. That'll be...
Mitsuko: An endless source of profit! This is a good idea, maybe I should attempt it quickly...
Alastor: Now is not the time, please wait for my signal to do so. I'll find a perfect time for our 'defection'.
Mitsuko: But... how do you know that EFA will be a good place to sell our products?
Alastor: I had my contact over there...


Almina left... for now. But Axel comes. Which will turns out to be worse?

In the future, I may just put the table of contents right away.
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Well, I could see a TetsuyaxLefina going on too. :P

...say, have you considered posting this at a SRW community forum as well? Just wondering.
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