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Listing; For KW family, etc
Topic Started: Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:36 pm (90,312 Views)
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[ *  *  *  *  * ]
hello guys :) Since lots of our KW Families are too big for our sigs, I suggest we post them here, so anyone who wants to be in our family can see them. And to put them in interests is also not the greatest thing, I find .-.
ONLY post your families, DO NOT start dicussions on anything here, you can do that in the family thread. Because if we post so much then later members can't find the families anymore @_@ :(
EDIT: oh, and please just edit posts when your family grows, don't post them again, okay? :)

Edit by Sakon: Also, when you post you can copy the direct post URL to have it directly link to your signature if you wish, (Alternately edit the post, submit the change, and it will regenerate the direct post URL and copy it down). This great idea is also now pinned, thank you Selli! :)

FAMILY *__*~
WIFE: Kaon :heart:
HUSBAND: nasser
Mother: Miho
Father: Lord_Dragon
Mother: Da Qiao
Sons *__*: Zhao Yun The Dragon, Spirited, BuddHA0991, Red Knight, bloodywolf, Sun Wukong, battle flowers, Taigong Wang Mystic
Daughters *___*: Jandi Rose (princessmarthajandiofheaven), XiaoChan, greebo~warrior~, shodrive (deepdrive), EmpressWu87, The Ghost Of Da Qiao, LittleMonsterSakura
Best Friend: Mitha~chan *__*~
REAL BROTHERS: Sanada, SilVerNaZ, Prince Laharl, Lu Bu Jr
REAL SISTER: Xion (Yachiru, Ichigo, Amu)
Adopted father: Genma King
Adopted mother: Lizaveta Vath
Adopted brother: Oda Nobutada
Aunt: l0v3l1kew1nt3r
Twin sisters *___*~: makito, Sally (yay :3)
Sisters: Sxc Me, DwLover, Kimmy, Sally, ~*Cherry*~, Manji_Ninja, empresszhen, Kicho, Xiao Qiao~, Amu (Yachiru, Ichigo), Lady Cha Cha, HarunoSakura, Manager_Ranger, Momo, kuni_izumi, Lady Ishida, Dia, Bai Xue, Silvy, Retainermori, Hikutetsu, Tira, Crimson_Fang31, Xiao-Qiao2007, Princess Sima Yi (KoeiPrincess), Chii (Rikku), Days_of_Darkness, Dark Witch, Kohaku (Katara), SAMURAIWARRIOR 2010
Sun Ce Crazed Sister: Jiahe
Hanbei Crazed Sister: Yukari
Little Sister: Spirited Bellflower
Clone Brother (Brother who is also my clone XD): Sanada
Brothers: wu_tiger, SilVerNaZ, LittleDragonKHM, zhang he kuwait, Sanada, great-zhuilex, gtowneupho1, Gorgutz123, TheUNdying, quocthai, drewthedude, bain_nick, Legacy Warrior, Prince Laharl (Sieg Wahrheit), Prince Of Wei, Sol-BadGuy, Mr.Honda, Ziedrich (Lu Bu Jr), Oblivion - Kurokaze (Oblivion94), Sonic (Xaldin, Jasonic), Encerta, Crimsondramon, Hitsuaya-taicho (Hiruko), Nevfx, sad555, Genma Mitsuhide Oda, Avuneon, Kai, Shu, Burning Skulls, Ruka (Yoshitsune Minamoto, Cloud), Lubu5176, HustlerxXXx, general toxin, Sinis, Danieru, Han Hyuga, Tempest, mcgooglestron9000, Miyazaki, shadow ninja
Uncles: TheRyanHimself, AmbitiousConquerer, Black Star303, Sei You, Judau (Cao Pi), LenKagamine_Append
Huggable Neighbour: strategist_jeffo
Dowager: T.e.n (tennoarashi)
Childhood Friends: Devil Shimazu, Tactician
Commander: G. O. W.
Grandsons: Zhou Xako, Demon Chevalier (theman91, Kaiser von Bunnies, Lt Cdr. Kinashi), Lord of the Sanada, Celestial, morph as, zhenzhou
Grandson-in-law: Devil Ashikaga
Grandaughters: demonic-princess44, Enma, Kitsune, Nel, yuesunsx
LovehonourjusticerighteousnessomgwtfBarbeque granddaughter: Cousin Vinny (VicenteValtieri__x, Shinju)
Nephews: zenkokuku, Sun Ce, Fayt, Hanzo_The_Scorpion, NigelCollins24, Ai Dahka (Ariya)
Nieces: Shadow (bbeckyb888), Shizu, Zero Kuran, FireDancer
Cousins: Zhen Ji~, Jodosendo Jikari, Qing Wong, The Hero, Benzod (Benzod, Musuko Iemori), Divine Remnant, TrasH
Close Friend: Cloudberry
Hyperactive "Enjoy All The Time" Friend: Ishida's Dawl
Sworn Brother: Eski Moe (Astus)
Sworn Sister: Nocon (but first and foremost I'm her bodyguard XD)
Daughter-in-law: Shizu
Sons-in-law: Gorgutz123, God-like Phoenix
Long lost friend: Socc3r4
Brother-in-law: Jsun
Ex-daughter-in-law Q_Q: ~Akane~
Personal Santa of: Ruka
Bodyguard of: Nocon/The Noble Conflagration (don't you dare harm her! Q_Q)

(waiii, thanks, all of you Q_Q *___*~)

I LOVEEEE MY FAMILY!!! (and everyone not in it as well ^_^ ) :heart:

Talim in Sol-BadGuy's Soul Calibur cast
Flonne in Prince Laharl's Disgaea cast
Cait Sith in Lu Bu Jr's Final Fantasy VII cast
Lady in Nasser's Devil May Cry cast
Sunny in Crimsondramon's Metal Gear Solid cast
Ellen in Sanada's Kingdom Under Fire cast
Invisible Woman in morph as's Marvel Alliance cast
Legolas in Nasser's Lord of the Rings cast
Shantotto in Ruka's Dissidia Final Fantasy cast
Gen Fu in TasH's Dead or Alive cast
Keiji Maeda in Kaon's Samurai Warriors cast
Wei Yan in Demon Chevalier's Three Kingdoms cast
Wei Yan in Sally's DW6: Empires cast
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Maou Oda Nobunaga
Member Avatar
[ *  *  *  * ]
Exwife: greebo~warrior~
Ex wife-Lizaveta Vath
best friend and childhood friend:Red Knight
Brothers: Legacy Warrior
Sons:JodosendoJikari,Oda Nobutada master_zuo_ci,Mokia,Liu_Shay.Mr.Shimazu,Tekshou,derryb, C. J. McIntyre, Sieg Wahrheit
Sisters: Lunar_seal,LingLing,Gracia
Daughters:Laura,Da Qiao,Xiao Qiao,Rikku, demonic-princess374,
Cousins:Zhau Ja,moonstar flower, Lu Bu Jr
Daughter in law:empresszhen
Grandsons: shadowdun,bonkd1nk,gtowneupho1,The Man,The Hero
Great grandson:Lord Of The Sanada
Granddaughter:l0v3l1kew1nt3r,bbeckyb888 , EmpressWu87
great granddaughter:?????
great great granddaughter:Dwlover
great great grandsons:Gorgutz123,drewthedude,Zenkokuku
great great granddaughter:Kimmy
Great Great Great Great Grandson:Zhao Yun the dragon
Great great great great great grandson:Zhou Xako
sons in law:Sei You,Red Knight
Adopted sons:Zhou Yu
Adopted daughters:Selli,lord mitsunari
Nephews:Astus,Marwaha,Nevfx,zhang he kuwait
Shudo: Moonstar Flower
Most lolyaled retainer:Venom66 :D

Posted Image

I'm Vexen in Organization XIII

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Onimusha Cast list:

Oda Nobunaga - Genma King
Toyotmi Hideyoshi A.K.A Hashiba Hideyoshi A.K.A Kinoshita Tokichirou - Damrod
Guildenstern - Gorgutz
Jujudormah A.K.A Jujuran - Venom66
Shima Sakon - Crimsondramon
Yagyu Munenori - Sanada

Akechi Samanosuke - Lu Bu Jr
Yagyu Jubei - Oblivion94
Jaques Blanc - Sad555
Soki A.K.A Yuki Hideyasu - Shadow
Jubei Akane Yagyu - *~Evil Lina~*

Posted Image

Genma king

Yunalesca's Aeons:
Final Aeon - The Advent-Child

Genma king's secret Aeon:

Yunalesca's gaurdians:
2-Toshiro Hitsugaya
3-Moonstar flower
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[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Videos = Ronaldo(MG) ||| Van Der Vaart(MG) ||| Real Madrid(YT) ||| Only One Ronaldo

NOTE: Instead of following that crappy way my dad said, just click on "POSTED" at the top left of your post and you'll get the link :P

KW. family:
WIFE: Selli :wub:
REAL Cousin: Yachi
Brother: Liu_Shay ,Marwaha ,Astus ,C. J. McIntyre , Crimson_Fang , Obelisk ,Sun Wukong , Yoshitsune Minamoto , general toxin ;)
Young Brother: Taoh Ren ;)
Father: Fayt :)
Mom: Kimmy (like I'll use Yashakim :P ) :)
Mother in law: Da Qiao
Father in law: Lord_Dragon
Annoying Cousin: Shimazu (Damrod) <_<
Son-in-Law: Gurgutz, God-Like Phoenix ,Kaiser Von Bunnies and Genma King
Cousin:SilVerNaZ, Lizaveta Vath ,Kaiser Von Bunnies, Oda Nobutada , Encerta and Mcgooglestron9000
Son: Zhao Yun The Dragon,Spirited,BuddHA0991, Red Knight ,bloodywolf and Taigong Wang Mystic :)
Food taster: Sanada
Sworn Brothers: Bonkd1nk, Gtown and [email protected];)
Brother in law : Little DragonKHM, Zhang He Kuwait, Oda Nobutada and bain_nick
Twin: l0v3l1kew1nt3r, Prince of Wei
Time Splitters Brother : Lu Bu Jr.
Rockstar Brother : TrasH
sister: Sxc me ,Zhen Ji~ ,empresszhen , Lady Ishida and Gracia
Sworn sister: The Noble Conflagration
Nephew: Sanada, Nevfx, zenkokuku ,Black Star303 , Prince Laharl , Genma Mitsuhide Oda ,Burning Skulls ( Both BSes are my nephews >=D) ,Eni and Ryu
Grandaughter: demonic-princess44 and yuesunsx
Grandson: Zhou Xako
Best Friend: NeneMeia
Night Party Partner: The UNdying
Child hood friend: great-zhuilex
Daughter: Jandi Rose, XiaoChan,greebo~warrior ,deepdrive and EmpressWu87 ^_^
Daughter in Law: ~Akane~ , Shizu , Lady Ishida and Silvy
Niece: Shadow ,kuni_izumi ,Rikku ,Sun Ce ,Enma and Princess Sima Yi
Uncle:Sei You , AmbitiousConqueror and Sean
Sister in law: makito
Great great great grandfather: Genma King
Metal Gear Sold Series Teacher: Crimsondramon
The guy with the password = Venom66
Dowager= tennoarashi
Pal of the annoying marbles: Encerta
Mischievous Fox-Sister: Kitsune
Nonsense Dude : The_French_Guy
Football Mate: Ishida Dawl

War Clan

Master: Sanada :ph43r:
Allies: SilVerNaZ, Sei You, Black Dragon Clan,AmbitiousConqueror
Enemies: Genma King , King Of Wei and Jin
Heir: Lord of the Sanada
Head of Infantry and Picture Combat: Shu
Cavalry Soldier: Sanada Yukimasa
Head Of Ninja: Nasser
Bodyguard: Shadow
Ninja:Lord of the Sanada, BuddHA0991
Chief Engineer: Gorgutz

Apprentice: Lord of the Sanada
Mutual Enemy: Gtown
Student: wu_tiger
Rival: Lady Ishida
Easiest Victom: King of Wei <_<
Guy with the password : Venom66 B)
"Violent" Ass kicking Partner = Sanada

EG gang: EG9

DMC List
**Awesome People Only**
Dante = Nasser
Nero = Jasonic
Trish = Sxc Me
Jester = Venom66
Arkham = Damrod
Vergil = Sanada
Lucia = Yodo-gimi
Nelo Angelo = Prince Laharl
Sparda = Lu Bu Jr.
Credo = Crimsondramon
Berial = Encerta
Lady = Selli
Kyrie = Evillina
Argosax = Jodosendo Jikari
Nevan = Zhao Yun The Dragon
Arius = Free
Agni = Free
Rudra = Free
Echidna = Free
Eva = Free (Dante's mom, Trish was made to look like her)
Mandus = Free
Agnus = Free
Beowulf = Sun Wukong
Gloria = Free
Matier= Free
Beal = Free
Blitz = Free
Dante's Shadow = TrasH
Guy with the password = Cao Pi
(Maybe there are some I'm missing)

Lord Of The Rings Listing
Aragorn = Nasser
Eomer = Sanada
Legolas = Selli
Gandalf = Crimsondramon
Galladriel = Avuneon
Merry = Red Knight
Pippin = Silvy
Faramir = Jasonic

Tenchu Listing
Onikage = Nasser
Rikimaru = Lu Bu Jr.
Ayame = Princess Sima Yi
Princess Kiku = Ghost of Da Qiao

All Videogames Characters
Dante (Devil May Cry Series , Vewtiful Joe and Persona) = Nasser
Ryu Hayubusa (Ninja Gaiden Series) = Sanada
Solid/ Old Snake (Metal Gear Solid) = Crimsondramon
Ratchet = Jasonic
Captain Placeholder = Avuneon

In the MGS List, I'm Naked Snake, the bestest snake of em all! (acctuly, just the most one I played as :lol: )
In Disgaea List, I'm Adell. The cool guy :P
In Kingdom Under Fire List, I'm Lienheart, The awesome vampire! :P
In Ratchet& Clank List, I'm the Plumper! yeah, he is here too :D
In the Sacrifice list, I'm 'Lord Surtur' guy I dunno.
In lubu5176's army, I'm Musashi Miyamoto. Just the best of SW
Posted Image
(^ There wasn't anyone else that's cool ^ )

Thanks to all and looking for more.
Edited by Pride, Sat Jun 26, 2010 4:25 pm.
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Rawr !
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
So far i remember.....

My Queen: Haru. :shifty:

Mother:l0v3l1kew1nt3r, Miho =3 =3 =3
Son: Zenkokuku.
Neighbor: Kicho
Long Lost Friend: Selli.
Cousins: Rikku, Yachiru
Brain-Eating Cousin Twice Removed: Totoro.
Uncle: Sanada, Oda Nobutada
Brothers: wu_tiger, Gorgutz123 , Sei You(?), Blask Star303, Toshiro, theman91, Bain_Nicky, TrasH
Brain-Eating Brother: shadow ninja
Brain-Eating Ninja Dood of Death From The Past Brother: Hanzo_The_Scorpion
Sister: Zhen Ji~(?), Nenemeia, Kimmy, DwLover
BrainIce cream-loving Ninja Sister of Randomness: Nocon
Rival/S.Brother: Lord of the Sanada
Master: Mitha~Chan
Brother-in-Law:AC, Astus
Nephew: Zhao Yun The Dragon
Brain-Eating Snow-Cap Wearing Glomping Agent Of Death Nephew: Xanxus
Niece: Xiao Qiao
Grandfather: Genma King
Grand-daughter: makito
secret lovers of love:Cloudberry. Shhh

EG Number 7.
Edited by .Phones, Sat Mar 5, 2011 11:20 am.
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[ *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Posted Image

Boyfriend: Shiki :heart:
Fellow Sima Yi Fan Husband: strategist_jeffo :3
Ex-Husband: Fayt (I'm really sorry, you just don't come on anymore :( )

Father: Shimazu
Mother: Beautiful Thief

Sons: zenkokoku, The Mighty GuanYu
Bossy Son: Nasser >3
Daughter: Zhen Ji~
Grandaughters: Sxc Me, EmpressWu87, deepdrive
Grandsons: BuddHA0991, Spirited
Special Grandson: Xanxus

Brothers: Sanada, Sin, Gorgutz, Zhau Ja, Sei You, Tekshou, Tactician, Prince of Wei, zhang he kuwait, Zhou Xako, Benzod, Zeidrich, Taigong Wang Mystic, Setsu, TrasH, Solsephka25
Sisters: Selli, ~*Cherry*~, XiaoChan, Kunoichi~, spellbinder
Twin Sister: Princess Sima Yi
Sworn Brothers: AmbitiousConquerer, Yoshitsune Minamoto
Sworn Sisters: Mitha~chan, makito

My Deadly Ninja Assassin Brother: Hanzo_The_Scorpion
Fellow Mitsunari Fangirl: Ishida's Dawl
Sun Quan/Ce/Jian/Motochika/Seifer Almasy Crazed Sister and Twin: Jiahe :3
Firion's wild rose who happens to be my sister: Avia
Saix-loving, Kunai-wielding, Gamer Sister of Randomness: Nocon
Nate Drake/Guan Ping/Toshiie/Kaihime/Kingdom Hearts Crazed Brother: Zhen-kun
My Fangirling Partner In Crime: Shiki
Secretly Bad Brother: Eni

Uncles: gtowneupho1, Lord_Dragon, Black Star303
Aunts: Jandi Rose, *~Evilina~*
Nephews: Mushashi Miyamoto, Lord of the Sanada, Eni
Nieces: ~Akane~, Kicho

Father-in-law: SilVerNaZ
Mother-in-law: DwLover
Step Son: Zhao Yun The Dragon
Cousins: Taoh Ren, Nevfx, Kaiser Von Bunnies, Ichigo, Lady Cha Cha, Roxas

Great great grandfather: Genma King
Great great grandmother: Lizaveta Vath
Great grandfather: Oda Nobutada
Grandfather: Sun Wukong

Childhood Friend: Astus
Bestfriend: empresszhen

I am morph's Cook :3

*PM me about family if you want to be in it or if I have missed anyone out =)

And sorry I don't know all the name changes D:

Axel in the Org XIII Fan Listings!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Presents from Cao Pi:
Edited by Kimmy, Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:21 pm.
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Animate me
[ *  *  * ]
My KW family:

Father: Rival. (Damrod.)
Real Cousin: Yachiru (Ichigo)
Brothers: zenkokuku, Socc3r4 morph as.
Half-Brother: Kaiser Von Bunnies.
Sisters: Yashakim, Selli, Dwlover.
Sworn Sister: Lady Ishida.
Neice: Zhen Ji~, EmpressWu87, Dia.
Nephew: Zhao Yun The Dragon, Sieg Wahrheit.
Uncle: Black Star303, AmbitiousConqueror, Mr.Honda. :o
Aunt: Sxc me.
Evil Cousin: Makito.
Cousins: Sei You, C. J. McIntyre, quocthai, Prince of Wei, Bain_Nick, Ichigo.
Great great grandfather: Genma King.
Great Grandfather and Evil Best Friend: Oda Nobutada.
Great great grandmother: Lizaveta Vath.
Sworn brother:Lord of the Sanada.
Sworn brother who should just die. D:: Sanada
Best friend: great-zhuilex, Lord of the Sanada.
Sworn brother: Occult.
Friend: BuddHA0991.
Protectee: Miho.

War Thread

Army Emblem: Posted Image

Ally: TrasH
Devious Strategist: Demon Chevalier
(Evil) Retainer: Overlord THE_FRENCH_GUY
Head of Science: Gorgutz
Engineer: Gorgutz

Org. 13 Fan listing.[/b]

1. Xemnas- The Superior: Lu Bu Jr.
2. Xigbar- The Freeshooter: Oblivion94
3. Xaldin- The Whirlwind Lancer: Jasonic.
4. Vexen- The Chilly Academic: Genma King.
5. Lexaeus- The Silent Hero: Zhao Yun the Dragon.
6. Zexion- The Cloaked Schemer: Gorgutz.
7. Saix- The Luna Diviner: *~EviLina~*.
8. Axel- The Flurry of Dancing Flames: Yashakim.
9. Demyx- The Melodious Nocturne: Shadow.
10. Luxord- The Gambler of Fate: Lady Ishida.
11. Marluxia- The Graceful Assassin: zenkokuku.
12. Larxene- The Savage Nymph: Miho.
13. Roxas- The Key of Destiny: Dia.

Posted Image
Edited by Gorgutz, Fri Aug 7, 2009 2:22 pm.
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♥ cashima ♥
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
My KOEI Warriors Family
Posted Image

Significant Others
Spoiler: click to toggle

Spoiler: click to toggle

Spoiler: click to toggle

Spoiler: click to toggle

People Whom I Annoy
Spoiler: click to toggle

My Young Ones
Spoiler: click to toggle

War Thread Family
Spoiler: click to toggle

All dragons have been set free.
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Resolute Warrior

KW Family
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Wife: XiaoChan
Father: (Old) Cao Pi
Mother: Zhen Ji
Parents: Cao Pi and Zhen Ji :lol: :lol:
Godfather: Lord_Dragon
Brothers: Sanada Yukimura, Sanada Yukimasa, SanadaFlame, shadowdun, Black Star303, Rikimaru, Damrod (Shimazu), SilVerNaZ, Motochika-max, wu_tiger, Fayt (Sakon Shima), zhang he Kuwait, LittleDragonKHM, Moonstar Flower, Sei You, Zhau Ja, Astus, Insp. Chin!, mitsuhide oda(?), Kyon (Ts'ao Ricky), The Hero, roxas, Oblivion - Kurokaze(Oblivion94), sad555, Prince Laharl, battle flowers, alpha(general toxin), Taigong Wang Mystic, strategist_jeffo
Twin Brother: God-Like Phoenix
DDD Brother: Pingpat
Crazy Random Artist Brother: zhenzhou
Comrade Brother: Ariya
Sworn Brothers: Willxdiana, G. O. W., Gundam Axel, Genma King, Nevfx, Shu, heavyweapons, Musashi Miyamoto, Gorgutz, Tactician, great-zhuilex, Gtown(gtowneupho1), Ziedrich(Lu Bu Jr), Mr. Honda, Crimsondramon, Lubu5176, Zhou Yin
Mellow Brothers of Mellowing: Chibi Saru
Weird Smiley Brother: Smily man
Sworn Brother who wishes my Demise: Gorgutz
Brothers-in-law: Taoh Ren, Zhao Yun The Dragon
Sisters: Sxc Me, l0v3l1kew1nt3r, Shizu, Selli, Kimmy, ~*Cherry*~, *~EviLina~* (lunar_seal), Xiao Qiao~, Yodo-gimi(Lady Cha Cha), Manager_Ranger, strawberry_shinya, Dia, Kairi, Xiao-Qiao2007, Shadow, Princess Sima Yi, Divine Remnant, Kaon, Nel, The Noble Conflagration
Twin Sister: Xion(Amu(Ichigo(Yachiru)))
Sun Quan Crazed Sister: Jiahe
Generic Sister: yuesunsx
Sworn Sisters: DwLover, Zhen Ji~ , N. Meia, Bai Xue
Sisters-in-law: greebo~warrior~
Cousins: Mitha~chan, LingLing, Wretched_Demon, Subaku, Tekshou, TheUNdying, BuddHA0991, Prince of Wei, Jandi Rose (princessmarthajandiofheaven), Lt Cdr. Kinashi (Kaiser Von Bunnies(theman91)), Legacy Warrior, Qing Wong, Hinomoto(DJ_Roxas), HarunoSakura, Gracia, kuni_izumi, Sonic(Jasonic), Sun Wukong, Silvy, Eni(Danieru), Enma, Ghost Of Da Qiao, Dragon Warrior
Annoying Cousin: Zhao Yun The Dragon
Evil Cousin: Oda Nobutada
Second Cousin, Twice Removed, but Childhood Friends who lost touch for two years, then got back together, and are quite chummy again: Avuneon
Sworn Cousin: Takahashi Fella Rox
Sons: Lord of the Sanada, Hitsugaya-taicho(Hiruko), Prince Laharl... :mellow:
Daughters: ♥~Akane~♥, deadly angel, Kicho, Hinamori, Days_of_heros
Grandson: Zhou Xako
Granddaughters: Dragon, Spirited Bellflower
Sons-in-law: GoW(G. O. W.), THE_FRENCH_GUY
Daughter-in-law: spellbinder
Ex-son-in-law: Zhao Yun The Dragon
Goddaughter: makito
Godson: Burning Skulls
Nemesis: GoW(G. O. W.)
Rivals: Ifrit(Shimazu), Mr. Honda, Red Knight, alpha(general toxin)
Uncles: Nasser, Tekshou, AmbitiousConqueror, Musuko Iemori(Benzod), Sol-BadGuy, Obelisk
Aunts: Lizaveta Vath, Manji, Xiao Qiao
Nephews: drewthedude, Socc3r4, zenkokuku, The Mighty GuanYu, Kai, Sinis, Solsephka25, Itachi (Hanzo_The_Scorpion)
Nieces: Chii(Rikku), empresszhen, Sun Ce, Sally
Mellow-Infected Niece: Kitsune
Friends: EmpressWu87, shodrive(deepdrive), Jason-Voorhees
Old Friend: Han Hyuga
Evil Companion: TrasH
Sworn Enemy: Ling Xing Shuo
War Buddy: Cloud(Yoshitsune Minamoto)
Sign Eating Dowager: tennoarashi
"Awesome" Ass Kicking Partner: Nasser
Getaway Driver: Benzod
Last Rival: Paulinos

Posted Image

My Dragons

Apocalypse (tamed)
Nightmare (mainly tamed)
Armageddon (partially tamed) Royal
Sariel (willing to be tamed) - Royal

Dragon Tamer Gear


Dragon Abilities

Apocalypse - Fire Breath, and a destructive fireball.
Nightmare - A ball of Dark Energy that can decompose all matter in its way.
Armageddon - Can raise the dead and use gravity abilities, can use poisonous gas, that can easily kill, and can leak in wounds.
Sariel - Can use Earth, Water, Lighting, mist and light attacks.
Tenryu - ?
Pike - ?

Newest War Thread
Army Emblem: Posted Image

Nemesis: GoW
Rivals: Mr.Honda, Shimazu

Allies: TrasH, Zhou Yin
Devious Strategist: Demon Chevalier
(Evil) Retainer: Overlord THE_FRENCH_GUY
Head of Science: Gorgutz
Kunoichi: The Noble Conflagration
Engineer: Gorgutz
Unknown: Cloudberry

Kingdom Under Fire Cast

Regnier - Sanada
Leinhart - Nasser
Devald - Gorgutz
Urukubarr - morph as
Darhoka - ?
Jubal the Black Anvil - ?
Gerald - Damrod
Ellen - ?
Glen - TrasH
Rupert - ?
General Hughes - ?
Walden - ?
Paroth - ?
Kendal - Lu Bu Jr
Sir Duane - ?
Thomas - ?
Walter - ?
Justino - ?
Ebbard - ?
King Saul - ?
Lucretia - ?
Cirith - ?
Morene - ?
Rithrin - ?
Valdemar - ?
Curian - ?
Celine - ?
Richter - ?
Keither - ?
Moonlight - ?
Amaruak - ?
Luriana - ?
Lilith - ?
Russelant - ?
Gernot - ?
Lord Demitrich - ?

(some characters appearance and brief description of are listed here)

War Thread
Posted Image
Allies: SilVerNaZ, Sei You, Black Dragon Clan, AmbitiousConqueror
Enemies: Genma King, King of Wei, Jin
Sexy Kunoichi Bodyguard: Shadow :ph43r:
Head of Infantry and Picture Combat: Shu
Head of Cavalry: Sanada Yukimasa
Head of Ninja: Nasser
Chief Engineer: Gorgutz
Elite Swordswoman: Hinamori

Army Emblem: Posted Image

Nemesis: GoW(G.O.W.)
Rivals: Damrod(Shimazu), Mr.Honda

Old War Thread (really old)
Allies: SilVerNaZ, Sei You, Jodosendo Jikari, Black Dragon Clan, AmbitiousConqueror
Enemies: Genma King, King of Wei, Jin
Heir: Lord of the Sanada
Retainer: Monkia
Head of Infantry and Picture Combat: shu
Head of Cavalry: Sanada Yukimasa
Cavalry Soldier: Zhen Ji~
Head Of Ninja: Masanari Hattori
Ninja: nasser, Lord of the Sanada
Kunoichi: bbeckyb888, Kimmy, makito, deadly angel
Strategist: Sakon Shima (Fayt)
Archer: spellbinder
Chief Engineer: Gorgutz123
Nemesis: G.O.W.
Rivals: Shimazu, Mr.Honda

Ex-Ninja Gaiden Cast List

Ryu - Sanada :ph43r:
Ayane - The Noble Conflagration
Momiji - Shadow
Rachel -
Sonia - Miyazaki
Kureha -
Muramasa -
Doku -
The Holy Vigoor Emperor -
Alma -
Marbus -
Murai -
Gamov -
Joe Hayabusa - Gorgutz
Genshin - TrasH
Alexei, Graceful Ruler of Lightning - Cloudberry
Volf, Invincible Ruler of Storms - Jasonic
Zedonius, Malevolent Ruler of Flame -
Elizbet, Ruler of Blood -
Dagra Dai - Solsephka25
Vazdah, the Archfiend -
Sanji - Zhen-kun

(any missed out that you want, PM me and I'll add you as them)
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[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]

See Lord_Shimazu for my family stuff, bottom of the first page.
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Tzar DwL
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KW Family

-Last Husband-Encerta
-Last Last Husband-BuddHA0991
-Last Last Last Husband-SilVerNaZ
-Partner All-Around- Ruka
-Mother-Beautiful Thief
-Father-in-laws-Lord_Dragon,Jodosendo Jikari,Nasser
-Aunts-Lizaveta Vath,~*~Evilina~*~
-Uncles-AmbitiousConqueror,Black Star303,Ryuzaki
-great grandfather-Genma King
-Sons-Fayt, wu_tiger,StrikeForce9, Totoro, Oblivion, Lubu5176
-Daughters-Alegretto,Kunoichi~,Miho,Dark Witch
-Daughters-In-Laws-Kimmy,Zhen Ji~
-Sisters-N.meia, Selli,~*Cherry*~,Rikku,Shizu,Yachi,Gracia,Haruhi_15
-big bros-ChieChan, Prince of Wei, Jsun, zenkokuku
-little brothers-DrewTheDude,Gorgutz
-righteous half twin-Will
-sworn brother-Sanada
-sworn sister-AnotherAlias
-cousins-Naoe Kanetsugu,TheUNdying,Zeus,Nocon
-nieces-Jandi Rose,kraziaimz,Zero Kuran
-nephews-GuardianAlexio,Musashi Miyamoto,Kaiser Von Bunnies,C. J. McIntyre,Avuneon,TrasH
-grandsons-ZYTD,Marwaha,Tekshou,The Mighty Guan Yu,zhenzhou
-great grandson-Zhou Xako
-best friends-Shadow
-trainee-deadly angel
-sworn friend-BuddHA0991
-PetTiger Kitten-Mits
-Ninja Bodyguard-Wu Song
-The Personal Assassin of- Frenchy

Dragons Owned:

~War Thread~

Tzar DwL is currently a Ronin. She would definitely be willing to help an army with her divine skills if they pay her a small fee.
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Ninja girl =)
[ *  *  *  *  * ]
Nice idea, twinnie! ^_^

Koei family :)
Husband: Lord_Dragon
Son: Lu Bu Jr
Nephew: Jsun
Brothers: zenkokuku, The Mighty GuanYu, Wretched_Demon, Damrod, God-Like Phoenix, Toshiro Hitsugaya (Tenko), PoW, Kaiser Von Bunnies, gtown, LittleDragonKHM, So Pi, Jasonic, Yoshitsune Minamoto
Lil bros: Tekshou, Zhao Yun The Dragon
Sis-in-law: Zhen Ji~
Grandfather: Socc3r4
Godfather: Sanada
Uncle: AmbitiousConqueror, GuardianAlexio
Twin sister: Selli
Fraternal Twin: Qing Wong
Sister: Rikku, Xiao Qiao
Sworn sister: Kim
Sworn brother in-law: Fayt
Evil cousin: Gorgutz123
Evil cousin's wife: XiaoChan
Cousin: Taoh Ren, Oda Nobutada, Spirited, BuddHA0991
Long lost cousin: Absoloution
Childhood friend: Astus
Best friend: Sei You
ex-husband: quocthai, Black Star303
Rival: DwLover

War Thread:
Posted Image
My lord: Sanada
Allies: SilVerNaZ, Tactician, Sei You, Jodosendo Jikari, Black Dragon Clan, AmbitiousConqueror
Heir: Lord of the Sanada
Retainer: Monkia
Head of Infantry and Picture Combat: shu
Cavalry Soldier: Zhen Ji~
Head Of Ninja: Masanari Hattori
Ninja: nasser, Lord of the Sanada, BuddHA0991
Kunoichi: bbeckyb888, Kimmy, makito, deadly angel
Strategist: Sakon Shima
Chief Engineer: Gorgutz123
Nemesis: G.O.W.
Rivals: Shimazu, Mr.Honda

Bro PoW gave me a cookie and a cake!

Duko, Puff and Freezil

Animal army ^-^
2 bunnies
1000 penguins
5000 hamsters
2000 gerbils
500 chipmunks

yay! my grandpa added me! <3333
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Sakon, has left the topic.
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Posted ImagePosted Image

My KOEI Warriors Family

Grandfather: Lord_Dragon
Grandmother: Qing Long
Mother: DwLover
Father: SilVerNaZ
Aunt: l0v3l1kew1nt3r, Selli
Rich Aunt: Rikku
Uncles: Black Star303, KOEI Lover
Brothers: Astus, LittleDragonKHM, Sanada
Long lost twin brother: Mr.Honda
Brother in law: Prince Of Wei
Sisters: Alegretto, *~EviLina~*, Xiao Qiao~, Yachiru, Yodo-gimi
Step Brothers: bonkd1nk, Sei You
Sworn Brother: Damrod, Lu Bu Jr
Sworn Sister in Law: makito
Cousins: N.Meia, GuardianAlexio
Fav (only) Daughter: Zhen Ji~ :P
Sons: zenkokuku, Nasser, Zhao Yun The Dragon, Marwaha, The Mighty GuanYu
Son in law: Sun Wukong
(Evil) Nephew: derryb
Nephews: Musashi Miyamoto, Kaiser Von Bunnies, Crimsondramon
Nieces: Bai Xue, Sally, Xiao Qiao. Divine Remnant
Grandson: Prince Laharl, Oblivion94
Granddaughters: shodrive, Shadow
God son: God-Like Phoenix
Rival: BuddHA0991 :ph43r:
Student: Lubu5176
Apprentice: Cloud
Wife: Kimmy! ...I think

*If you want to be added in some form, PM me and we'll see where you fit!

Posted Image
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Zhen Ji~
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-KW Family-

Twin-Zhen Ji(Friend), TheUNdying(Twin Brother)
Fathers-Sakon Shima
Mother In-law-DWLover
Father In-law-SilVerNaZ
Sis In-Law-Makito
Aunties-Rikku, Lady Cha Cha
Sworn Brothers-Sanada,G.O.W.
Cousins-zenkokuku,bbeckyb888,Selli, Lizaveta Vath,princessmarthajandiofheaven,XiaoChan, Haruhi_15,empresszhen, LingLing, deepdrive, lunar_sea, Yachiru, Silvy, Dia
Brothers-Tekshou,TheUNdying,Taoh Ren, The Mighty GuanYu,Oda Nobutada,Tactician,Sei You, theWU,Lord of the Sanada,Socc3r4,nasser,Sunao, Prince Of Wei, theman91, Jodosendo Jikari,Sieg Wahrheit, morph_as, Shimazu, Benzod, LittleDragonKHM, Legacy Warrior, Zhou Xako, Sanada Yukimasa, C. J. McIntyre, The Hero, BlackStar303, Jsun
Neighbor-Cao Pi
Nephew-AmbitiousConqueror, ZYTD
Uncle-Genma king,Gorgutz123
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Prince of Jiang Dong.
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Wife: Makito
Older Brother: Zhao Yun The Dragon
Little brother: Tekshou, Sei You, Spirited, Lu Bu Jr
Little sister: Selli, Zhen Ji~, bbeckyb888, princessmarthajandiofheaven, Xiao Qiao.
Rival: zenkokuku, prince of Wei.
Sworn Brother: TheWu, The Mighty GuanYu.
Adotp Parent. Rikku and TheUNdying.
Sworn Sister: Kimmy.
Uncle: Shimazu
cousin: Gorgutz123, theman91
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Kaiser Von Bunnies
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Love doesn't fail, people do.
[ *  *  *  *  * ]
KW Addict banners ^_^

Posted Image
Posted Image

My KW Family
Posted Image
^ my most favoratest bunny girl sig, made by Ghostie :)

btw, S= step and A= adopted and G= god ^_^

Wife- Spirited Bellflower
Haojile Waigong- Lord_Dragon, Chuko Liang
Sofu- genma king, ambitiousconqueror
Sobo- selli, Mitha_Chan
Motto toi- oda nobutada
Haha-oya- empresszhen
Masume- *~EviLina~*,(S) Xiao Qiao~,(A) ireth001,(G) DJ_Roxes, Kraziaimz, Zhang He, (G) Sun Ce, Kuni_Izumi, FoxGirl2010, empress_Cairina13
Musuko- Akatsuki01, Miho, Encerta, Cerebral Assassin, SmitanSaxon, NigelCollins
Otoko no mago- Dachshunds and ninjas
Ani/Ototo- zenkokuku, wasted emo, shimazu,Socc3r4, mitsuhide oda, lagecy warrior,Benzod, Ts'ao Ricky, KOEI lover, C.J. MaIntyre, Hiruko, Astus, Great Zhuilex, sad555, Oblivion94, Crimsondramon,Obelisk, Yoshitsune Minamoto, LuBu5176, General toxin, Taigong Wang mystic, Burning skulls, Evil Cao Pi, TraSH, [email protected], Mcgooglestron9000, Zhenzhou, Kaiosuke37
Foxish rival and brother- Strategist_Jeffo
Ane/Imoto- makito, haruhi_15, Zhen Ji~,spellbinder, nenemeia, Yachiru, HarunoSakura, Momo, Dia, Kasumi, XiaoChan, Sally, Days_of_Heros, Dark Witch, The Noble Conflagration, LiuXian, Another Alias, Lord Da Qiao, FireDancer, VincenteValtieri_X, Baikan, Ishida's Dawl, LadyTerra, Hikutetsu, Aimie, LittleMonsterSakura
Grandsons- Xuan Zhongda, Shadow Ninja
Great great grandsons who is very much alive- Sonic,Chibi Saru
Grand Daughters- Loura-chan, Katara
Sun Quan crazed sister- Jiahe
Hanbei Crazed Sister- Yukari
Soseiji- XiaoChan
Oji- Sei You, Cao Pi, Fayt, Gtown,G.O.W,Sol-badguy, Mr. Honda, L-Ryuzaki
Oba- Dwlover, l0v3l1kew1nt3r
Sworn Ani- Lu Bu Jr, zen master zuo ci
Sworn Ane/Imoto- Garcia, PinoyCruger
Itoko- PoW, rikku, sanada, quocthai, kimmy, bbeckyb888, LittleDragonKHM, Sera, sieg wahrheit, samurai master, Zhou Xako, Jin, Lady Cha Cha,gan ning #1, Shu, Silvy, Kairi, Retainermori, Pingpat, Fuurinkazen, Claire Farron
Biao Shu- Roxas
Mei- LingLing, Jandi Rose, Bai Xue, Kitsune, Zero Kuran
Oi- blackstar 303, Kusarigamajitsu, Bain_nick, Shadowdun, The Hero, Tsun Shuger, Nevfx
Grand Nephew- Azi Dahaka
Tomodachi- BuddHA0991, Korin, Han Hyuga, Kaon
ZYTD- Biao Qin/Zeng Sun
Nasser- Bao Qin/Ye
Gorgutz-Sworn Di Xiong/half Di Xiong
Bunny knights- Sir-bunny Emil(TrasH), Sir-bunny Steven (Avuneon)
Mystery Cousin- Artorias

Drinking buddies- Xanxus and Benzod :cool:

Three Kingdoms Cast
Bu Zhi (Zishan)-
Cao Ang (Zixiu)-
Cao Cao (Mengde)- Soul
Cao Chong (Cangshu)-
Cao Hong (Zilian)-
Cao Ren (Zixiao)-
Cao Shuo-
Cao Xiong-
Cao Xiu (Wenlie)-
Cao Zhi (Zijian)-
Chen Tai (Xuanbo)-
Chen Zhen (Xiaoqi)-
Cheng Pu (Demou)-
Deng Ai (Shizai)-
Deng Zhi (Bomiao)-
Dian Wei- TraSH
Ding Feng (Chengyuan)-
Dong Zhuo (Zhongying)-
Elder Qiao- MimmikoSempai
Empress Zhen Luo- Lady Emilie
Fei Yi (Wenwei)-
Fu Shiren (Junyi)-
Gan Ning (Xingba)- Avuneon
Gu Yong (Yuantan)-
Guan Yu (Yunchang)- Ruka
Guo Jia (Fengxiao)- Sanada
Han Dang (Yigong)-
Hua Tuo (Yuanhua)-
Huang Gai (Gongfu)-
Huang Yueying-
Huang Zhong (Hansheng)-
Jia Xu (Wenhe)-
Jian Yong (Xianhe)-
Jiang Qin (Gongyi)-
Jiang Wan (Gongyan)- Tuzi Wang
Jiang Wei (Boyue)- l0v3l1kew1nt3r
Lady Pan-
Lady Wang-
Lady Wu-
Lady Xie-
Lady Xu-
Li Tong (Wenda)-
Li Yan (Zhengfang)-
Liao Hua (Yuanjian)-
Ling Tong (Gongji)-
Liu Bei (Xuande)- Roxas
Liu Biao (Jingsheng)-
Lu Bu (Fengxian)- L-Ryuzaki
Lu Meng (Ziming)-
Lu Xun (Boyan)- Zhenzhou
Ma Chao (Mengqi)- Jasonic
Mi Fang (Zifang)
Nu Wa- Days of Darkness
Pang De (lingming)- Cao Pi
Sima Yi (Zhongda) Strategist_Jeffo
Sun Ce (Bofu)- Sun Ce
Sun Jian (Wentai)-
Sun Qian-
Sun Quan (Zhongmou)- Jiahe
Sun Shangxiang- LiuXian
Wang Fang-
Wang Lang (Jingxing)-
Wei Yan (Wenchang)- Selli
Wen Chou-
Yan Liang-
Younger Qiao- Cloudberry
Yu Quan-
Yuan Shao (Benchu)-
Yuan Shu (Gonglu)-
Zhang Fei (Yide)-
Zheng He (Junyi)- The Noble Conflagration
Zhang Liao (Wenyuan)- Cerebral Assassin
Zhao Yun (Zilong)- Zenkokuku
Zhong Hui (Shiji)- Yukari
Zhou Tai (Youping- Fuurinkazen
Zhou Yu (Gongjin)- Tzar DwL
Zhu Ran-
Zhu Rong-
Zhu Zhi-
Zhuge Liang (Kongming)- crimsondramon

Car Club/Racing Crew


Ford GT
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT

'99 Lamborghini Diablo VT
Aston Martin DBR9
Ariel Atom 500
Mazda 6
Nissan 370Z

Dango Daikazoku
KVB- Light Blue
Vinny- Light Orange
Bethy- Light Purple
Noumin- Light Green

Actual War Thread stuffs
My Lord- Jia Wen
Ally- TraSH


which kingdom i belong in
which shu officer i am
which wei officer i am
which wu officer i am
which female officer i am (and its my favorate DW female aswell :wub: )
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Pink-Eyed Cyborg
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My KW Addict Banner
Posted Image

[size=4]My Koei Warriors Family[/size]

Lovely Wife: spellbinder :wub:
Great Grandpa: Genma king
Grandpa: Lord__Dragon
Grandma: l0v3l1kew1nt3r
Fathers: SilVerNaZ, BuddHA0091
Mother: DwLover
Uncle: drewthedude
Brothers: gtowneupho1, Sakon Shima, Sanada, Shimazu
Sisters: Selli, Rikku, XiaoChan, makito, LingLing, Zhen Ji~, Xiao Qiao~, HarunoSakura, kraziaimz
Sworn Brother: Willxdiana
Brothers-in-law: nasser, Prince Of Wei
Sister-in-law: Kimmy, bbeckyb888
Nephews: Zhao Yun The Dragon, zenkokuku, GuardianAlexio, Tekshou, Black Star303
Nieces: Manji_Ninja, Xiao Qiao, empresszhen
Cousin (boy): theman91, Sieg Wahrheit
Cousin (girl): Yachiru

Btw if you want to join my family, just PM me! :)
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[ * ]
Koei Warriors Family:
Best Friend-Zhen Ji~
Mommy Dearest-DWLover, Sxc Me(lol I got 2 moms)
Daddy Dearest-Black Star303

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Prince Of Wei
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[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
My KW Family!! ^_^

My Beloved Wife - Deepdrive
Sworn Brother - Astus
Cousins - Sanada & Gorgutz123 & Theman91 & Empresszhen & Zhang He Kuwait & Qing Wong & Sieg Wahrheit & Lady Cha Cha & Lord Mitsunari & The Hero & Gtowneupho1 & Ts'ao Ricky & Shimazu & C. J. McIntyre & Sol-BadGuy & Mr. Honda & Cao Pi & HarunoSakura
Sun Quan Fan Crazed Cousin - Jiahe
Nephews - Socc3r4 & Lord Of The Sanada
Brothers - Zenkokuku & Zhao Yun The Dragon & Tactician & Kusarigamajitsu & Legacy Warrior & Benzod
Twin Brother - Nasser
Rival - Quocthai
Uncles - Lu Bu Jr & Sei You
Aunty - demonic-princess44
Sisters - Kimmy & Zhen Ji~ & Haruhi_15 & Makito & Rikku & Nenemeia & Xiao Qiao~ & Yachiru & Selli & DwLover
Brothers In Law - Sakon Shima & LittleDragonKHM
Godfather - Oda Nobutada
Father - Black Star303
Step-Brother - Genma King
Unidentical Twin - Bbeckyb888
Friend - BuddHA0991
Mothers - Empresswu87 & Greebo~Warrior~
My Dragons - Melancholy & Spectral & Starshire & Valentine

I havent changed the names since the name change thing so everyone still has their previous names in my list lol :P
Edited by Prince Of Wei, Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:57 am.
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[ *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]


Dear Beloved Wife - Mitha~chan
Mother - Miho
Sons - Crackz0r, Astus
Daughters - Shizu
Mother-in-law LingLing
Older Brothers Wretched_Demon, MitsunariIshida
Older Sisters - Rikku
Younger Brothers - Ishida Mitsunari Sakichi, Cao Pi
Younger Sisters Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao, l0v3l1kew1nt3r, Kunoichi~, Yachiru
Brother-in-laws - Sukabu, Black Star303, Lord Dragon, Zhou Yu
Uncles: The Mighty GuanYu
Aunts: Zhen Ji~
Nephews: Sanada, zenkokuku, C. J. McIntyre, Gorgutz123, nasser, BuddHA0991
Nieces: Sxc Me, Selli, DwLover, makito
Sworn brothers - shadowdun, Shimazu
Sworn sisters: Kimmy
Grandfather-in-law - Willxdiana
Son-in-laws - Zhao Yun The Dragon
Older Cousins - Jsun, gtowneupho1
Younger Cousins - Zeros
Godmothers - Lizaveta Vath
Step-Uncles - SlickSlicer
Fellow War Monger - Genma King
Sidekicks - nenemeia
Servants - ColonelCool

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History will bow before me...
[ *  *  *  * ]
My KW Family^^
Lovely Wife- demonic-princess44
Father in law- Genma King
Brother in law-Sieg Wahrheit
Step brother-Sakon Shima
Grandson- Benzod
Best Friend- makito
Cousins-Gorgutz123, Lu Bu Jr
Sisters-Zhen Ji~,Kimmy, XiaoChan, Rikku, Yachiru
Nephews-nasser,Taoh Ren, Lord of the Sanada, Prince of Wei, theman91
Sister in law-bbeckyb888
Nieces-Selli,deadly angel,empresszhen, lord mitsunari
Annoying little brother: Zhao Yun The Dragon
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Qing Long
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[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]

Posted Image

Jiejie (Elder Sister) : Lizaveta Vath
Meimei (Younger Sister) : Mitha~chan, Xiao Qiao~
Erzi (Son) : Willxdiana
Gege (Elder Brother) : Lord_Dragon
Sunzi (Grandson) : Fayt (aka Sakon Shima)
Baba (Father) : Black Star303
Biaojiemei (Cousin) : Yachiru
Didi (Youger Brother) : zenkokuku
Zhangfu (Husband) : EskiMoe (aka Astus)
Yeye (Grand Father) : Insp. Chin
Pengyou (Friend) : The Hero, Queen of Monkey (Nene)
Meimei ai Sun Quan (Sun Quan Crazed Sister) : Jiahe
Cousin / Ninja Master : Solsephka25

In fact, KW Forum is a very big family ^^
Please contact me by PM, if you want to add me in your family, thanks :)

Thanks to everyone :P :wub:
Spoiler: click to toggle

Thanks for the edit & sorry for the trouble, Sanada :s
Edited by Qing Long, Mon Dec 7, 2009 12:52 am.
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Troll Lolita
[ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ]
Great Great Great Grandfather - Genma king
Great Great Great Grandmother - Lizaveta Vath
Great Great Grandfathers - Oda Nobutada, Mten
Great Great Grandmother - Lady Ishida
Great Grandfather - Lord_Dragon
Grandfathers - SilVerNaZ, Rival
Fathers - Fayt, Sin, Miho
Mothers - Kimmy, ~*Cherry*~
Father In Law - bain_nick
Adopted Father - Avuneon
Adopted Mother - Shadow
Uncles - Dragon Warrior, DrewTheDude-Dono, Sanada, EskiMoe AmbitiousConqueror, Nasser
Aunts - Selli, empresszhen
Wife - Sun Ce
Imouto - Kaon
Son - TrasH
Daughters - Dia, Kasumi
Right Hand Man - Richie408
Sun Quan Crazed Sister - Jiahe
Elder Brother - Kai
Elder Sisters - Qing Long, Chi
Younger Sisters - DwLover, Kitsune
Tekken Crazed Buddy - The Noble Conflagration
Ultimate Brother - Chuko Liang
Destined Brothers - shadowdun, akatsuki01, Jin, Cloud
Destined Sisters - skyfirefly, skybutterfly, Chosokabe Motochika, EmpressCrystal, battle flowers, Princess Sima Yi
Twin Brothers - Benzod, morph as
Twin Sisters - *~EviLina~*, shodrive, LingLing, Sxc Me, Enma
Super Brother - Lone Wolf
Cloned Brother/Best Friend - Crimsondramon
Brother/Rival - God-Like Phoenix
Brothers - ZYTD, Tekshou, The Mighty GuanYu, Wretched_Demon, Musashi Miyamoto, Taoh Ren, GuardianAlexio, Gorgutz, Spirited, Cao Pi, Lord of the Sanada, Legacy Warrior, Hitsugaya-taicho, Prince Of Wei, Lt Cdr. Kinashi, Prince Laharl, KOEI Lover, Samurai Master, Encerta, Dark Alpha, Lubu5176, Black Dragon, Yosei, roxas, Yankumi-kun, Omega Zero
Brother In Law - Taigong Wang Mystic
Sisters - makito, XiaoChan, Xiao Qiao, Yuurei, Haruhi_15, Melody, HarunoSakura, Gracia, kraziaimz, Hinamori, Retainermori, Bai Xue, Crimson_Fang31, Sera, Schwarzwind, Kairi, Hikutetsu
Sworn Brothers - Wu Fei, Ricky, wu_tiger, Koeiman, Obelisk
Sworn Sisters - Tsuki No Ren, Lady XiaoQiao
Adopted Sister - Sally
Destined Cousin - Ziedrich
Cousin/Best Friend - BuddHA0991
Cousins - TheUNdying, Zhen Ji~, great-zhuilex, Black Star303, theWU, Jsun, Shizu, N.Meia, Kicho, Amu, Yodo-gimi, Genma Mitsuhide Oda, Mr.Honda
Evil Cousins - derryb, Sonic
Nephews: Zhou Xako, C. J. McIntyre
Great Nephew: T.e.n
Niece: Silvy
Best Friends - Oblivion - Kurokaze, Burning Skulls, Jason-Voorhees
Nemesis - sad555, L-Ryuzaki
Destined Rival - Chibi Saru
Super Rival - The Monkey King
Rivals - Nevfx, quocthai, King Of Wei, alpha, Eni, Shu
Guardians - Sanada Yukimasa, Lu Su
Unknown Stranger - Gatto
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Black Star303
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Charging alone into the war of life.
[ *  *  *  *  *  * ]
[size=7]My KW Forum Family[/size]
Cousins:Cao Pi,Seruso,Gundam Axel,gtowneupho1,zenkokuku,Zen Master Zuo Ci,Kyon,kraziaimz,Shu
Sworn Brothers:SanadaFlame,great-zhuilex,Yoshitsune Minamoto
Sisters: LingLing,Mitha~chan,nenemeia,~*Cherry*~,Lizaveta Vath,Rikku,Zhen Ji~,Lady Cha Cha
Brothers: Sanada,shadowdun,Jodosendo Jikari,Shogun, Subaku,Sanada Yukimasa,Toshiro Hitsugaya,Socc3r4,LittleDragonZ,GoldenSummit,Guan Yu's apprentice,Genma king,bugg333,Miho,Insp. Chin,SilVerNaZ,superDioplus,Sieg Wahrheit,quocthai,Mr.Honda,gan ning #1,Encerta,Jasonic,Crimsondramon, Lu Bu Jr, Obelisk
Father:God-Like Phoenix
Brothers in-law:AmbitiousConquerer,Shimazu
Nephews:Sakon Shima,Zhao Yun The Dragon,Gorgutz123,The Mighty GuanYu,BuddHA0991,mitsuhide oda,Sun Ce
Sons: G. O. W.,Nevfx,derryb,heavyweapons,Wretched_Demon,Tactician,Taoh Ren,Prince Of Wei, Zhou Tai50,Samurai Master,Kusarigamajitsu,DW6FAN,The Hero
Daughters:bbeckyb888,Kunoichi~,Manji_Ninja,Qing Long
Uncles:LittleDragonKHM,nasser,Legacy Warrior,Kaiser Von Bunnies
Unknown Stranger-Korin.
Grandfather-Sun Wukong
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My Koei Family

Father - gtowneupho1
Mother - Sera
Brothers - Sanada Yukimasa, zenkokuku
Sister - l0v3l1kew1nt3r
Grandfather - Jodosendo Jikari
Great Grandfather - Genma king
Aunts - DwLover, nenemeia
Uncles - SilVerNaz, Koeiman11, LittleDragonKHM, Oda Nobutada
Cousins - Sakon Shima, bonkd1nk, wu_tiger, LittleDragonKHM, Alegretto
Nephew - Zhao Yun the Dragon
Niece - makito

Yeah...thats it...

Still need a wife...
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Koei Warriors Family
Brother:Sanada,master_zuo_ci,SilVerNaZ,Red Knight,Hidden-Tactics,Toshiro Hitsugaya,TheRyanHimself,LittleDragonKHM.Taoh Ren,The Mighty GuanYu,Oda Nobutada,theman91,Lu Bu Jr
Sworn Brother:Monkia,Sakon Shima,AmbitiousConquerer
Loyal Retainers:Mr.Honda,Sanada Yukimasa
Sister:Sxc Me,Sally,Lizaveta Vath,Zhen Ji~,Makito
ons:Socc3r4,wu_tiger,drewthedude,gorgutz123,Sei You
Godfather:Genma King
annoying Cousin:Nasser,bbecky888
Nephew:God-Like Phoenix,Bonk1dnk,gtowneupho1,Astus,quocthai,
C. J. McIntyre
Grand General:SanadaFlame
Sworn Brother:Zhau Ya
Adopted son:Sanada Yukimasa
Childhood friend:Selli
Great Grandson:Zhao yun the Dragon,Zenkokuku
Brother in law:Black star 303

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